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NOTE: The only Counts with an "A" prefix are A-1. John & Mary Magdeline Counts, Counts with a "B" prefix are John & Mary's children, Counts descendants with a "C" prefix are John & Mary's grandchildren; etc. The same is true of other families, Brooks, Dyer, Edwards, Grizzle, Kiser, Owens & Sutherland.

NOTE: Where there are no corrections or additional materials to materials in JOHN COUNTS Volume 1 & Volume 2, on a person or their descendants, they and their descendants are not included in this document.

NOTE: Corrections & additions are underlined.

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&:and App:Appendix b:was(were)born at (in) (on) BHC:Bristol Herald Courier

Br:Branch bur:was(were)buried(burial) in ca:about Cem:Cemetery ch: child(ren)of Co:Company Coll:College Com:Community Corp:Corporation Cr:Creek CVT:Clinch Valley Times d:died at(in) dau:daughter(s) DicStar:Dickenson Star div:divorced FA:funeral arrangements by FH:Funeral Home or Funeral Service Fk:Fork grandch:grandchild(ren) gr-grandch:great-grandchild(ren) Hwy; Highway Hosp:Hospital HS:High School m;married Med:Medical Mem:Memory or Memorial Mt:Mountain obit:obituary(s) PSo:Primary Source PO:Post Office Rd:Road Rt: Route s:son(s) So:source Stepch:stepchild(ren) St:Street Univ:niversity w:widow or widower

BucCo:Buchanan County DicCo:Dickenson County RusCo:Russell County TazCo:Tazewell County WashCo:Washington County WiseCo:Wise County


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A-1 JOHN COUNTS m Mary Magdeline Summers. Mary Magdeline's maiden name "Summers" has not been verified. On 03/11/2011 C.C. Counts of 16 County Rd 112, Corinth, MI 38834, counts@dixie-net.com wrote "'DNA studies show that' JOHN COUNTS of Glade Hollow's ancestors are in HAPLO Group R1a1 which originated in what is now the Ukraine about 10,000 BC and is a mutation from C. C. Count's HAPLO Group R1a which originated in the Russian Steppes west of the Caspian Sea and North of the Black Sea.

B-2 MARY "MOLLIE" COUNTS m Jacob Rasnake. Ch:

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C-1. JOHN RASNIC (ca 1786;ca 1848) ca 1805 m Rachel Fields. Ch:

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D-2. JACOB RASNICK (b ca 1850) m Elizabeth "Betsy" Hobbs. Ch:

E-12. ELIZABETH "BETSY" RASNICK m M'Nelius (Manelius?) V. Glass . Ch:

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F-7. JAMES FRANKLIN GLASS m Mary A or Marian Newberry. Ch:

G-23. EMMA "EMMER" BANNER GLASS m Henry Marshall Walden. Ch:

H-12. VIRGINIA ARZELIA WALDEN m (2) William Brown Kinser. Ch:

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I-13. GLADYS EMMER KINSER (1923:) m Eugene Donald Stewart. Ch:

J-21. SARA JANE "SALLY" STEWART m David Nelson Smith (I-12--KEYSER App). Ch: K-25. SHANNON DAVID SMITH (1973;) m Jeni Nelson. Ch:

L-5 KASSIDY REYNA SMITH So: J-21 Sara Smith.

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C-2. JACOB RASNAKE (b ca 1788;d ca 1866)... m Judith Finney. Ch:

D-8. ELIJAH RASNAKE m Martha "Mattie" Hobbs. Ch:

E-36. JAMES HARVEY RASNAKE ca 1863 m (1) Martha Jane Tiller. Ch:

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F-51. ELIJAH RASNAKE 12-27-1889 in RusCo m NANCY JANE SKEEN. Ch:

G-47. WILLIAM JASPER RASNAKE m MARGARET OWENS (F-2020). See F-2020 for Ch & obits:


F-58. JOSEPH "JOE" RASNAKE (m (1) Lucy Jane Stevens div; & m (2) Nettie Causby Harmon (mother of VERNARD JOSEPH). Ch:

G-61. GENEVA m Tom Vance; G-62. VELMA m Taft Owens {possibly G-2687 of (F-2015 v1p283)}; G-63. OAKLEY IRENE; G-64. DONALD; G-65. BILL; G-66. MILLARD; G-67. EMORY S (ca 1913;); G-68. RUTH ELAINE (ca 1916;) m (1) ? Bruce & m (2) SAMUEL SKEEN (G-307) s of JOHN B & Alta Miller SKEEN (F-62a v1p34); G-69. CLAUDE B (ca 1919;) & G-70. AUDREY RASNAKE (May 1935;) m ? Gilbert & lived Cleveland, RusCo 2010;

G-71. VERNARD JOSEPH RASNAKE (04-05-39;02-07-2010) on 02-15-1963 in RusCo m CHRISTINE OSBORNE (I-108) ('47;). VERNARD b BucCo; lived Cleveland, RusCo, VA; retired from Clinchfield Coal Co; member U M W A; member & former Pastor Ivy Ridge Chapel Church; d @ home; bur Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood, RusCo; FA Combs FH, Lebanon, RusCo. So: BHC obit 02-08-2010. Ch:

H-47a. ANTHONY WAYNE RASNAKE m Kim ??? & lived Mendota, VA 2010. Ch: I-27a. CANDANCE RASNAKE.

H-47b. GARY JOSEPH RASNAKE & fiancee Diedra Dowling lived Fletcher, NC 2010. Ch:

Daniel Dowling.

Danielle Dowling. Ch: Dakota & Destiny Day.

H-47c. DONNA RASNAKE m Arthur MacBurney & lived FL 2010.

G-72. ALICE FAY (06-20-1941;04-15-1998) m ? Castle & d Bluefield, VA; & G-73. JIMMY MILLIE RASNAKE (1945;) m Shelia ??? & lived Cleveland, RusCo 2010.

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F-58b. ROBERT RASNAKE delete, this is a repeat of F-59d. ROBERT RASNAKE.


G-91. BILLY ca 1959 m Barbara Morelock (;04-21-2008) So: Rasnake Newsletter Summer 2009


G-100. WILLIAM VIRGIL (;before 2005); &

G-101. NELLIE MAE RASNAKE (;before 2005) m (1) Lacy Barton & m (2) ??? Edwards. Ch: H-47d. DON BARTON

G-102. HATTIE RASNAKE (ca 1924;07-15-2006) m Hardin Viers. She b DicCo; lived Birchleaf, DicCo; was a housewife; was of the Baptist faith; d Maple Grove Nursing Home, Lebanon, RusCo, VA; FA Haysi, DicCo, VA FH; bur Russell Mem Cem, Lebanon; & survived by 7 grandch & 2 gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 07-19-2006. Ch: H-47e. LARRY KELLY lived Abingdon 2006; H-47f. ROBERT WAYNE RASNAKE lived Lebanon 2006; H-47g. MARK KELLY lived Abingdon 2006; & H-47h. JEFF KELLY lived Rogersville, TN, 2006.

G-103. THURMAN RASNAKE lived Stanton, VA 2006.

G-104. CRELLIS "C.J. or "BUSTER" RASNAKE (09-27-1927;03-22-2005). He b Duty, DicCo, VA; in 1949 joined US Army & served in Germany; after this tour of duty returned to work in VA; in 1951 re-enlisted in US Air Force; served for 22 years in Japan, Germany, England and many US bases; retired at Pope Air Force Base, NC; worked for Appalachian Power Co 1976-1989; opened his own small engine repair shop; d Salt Lake City, UT; FA Combs FH, Lebanon, RusCo, VA; & bur with military honors by Lebanon VFW Post 9864 in Mem Chapel Mausoleum, Ketron Mem Gardens, Lebanon. So: BHC Obit 03-27-2005. Ch:

H-47i. DEBRA RASNAKE m David Cronshaw & lived Salt Lake City. Ch: I-27b. EVAN HUNTER CRONSHAW.

H-47j. CYNTHIA RASNAKE m ??? LEE & lived Bristol, VA. Ch: I-27c. BRITTANY & I-27d. CODY LEE.

H-47k. DONNA RASNAKE m Matt Scully & lived Yorktown, VA. Ch: I-27e. LORI ANN & I-27f. MATTHEW L SCULLY.

G-105 LORRAINE RASNAKE (;before 2005)m ??? Hypes.

F-59d. ROBERT RASNAKE (05- -1892;), age 25 on 03-01-1917 m LUTISHA RASNAKE (ca 1900;) dau of Henry & Frances ? Rasnake. They lived Cleveland, VA.


G-106a. AGNES RASNICK (;before 2007)

G-106b. WILLIAM ROSS "BILL" RASNICK (ca 1925;08-27-2007) ca 1951 m Christine Mullins. He was WW-II Army veteran serving in the European Theater, received Bronze Star & Purple Heart; life-time member DAV Chapter #35 & Clintwood, DicCo, Church of Christ; retired from Pike Electrical Contractors; d Norton Com Hosp; FA Clintwood FH; & burial Temple Hill Mem Cem, Castlewood, VA, with military services by Dickenson County Honor Guard. So: DicStar Obit 8-29-2007 & Rasnick Family Newsletter. Ch:

H-47l. LUTISHIA RANICK m Mike Skeen & lived Clintood 2007. Ch: I-27g. JAIMIE & I-27h. JORDAN SKEEN

H-47m. PAM RASNICK m Greg Hamilton & lived Pound, VA, 2007. Ch: I-27i. WILL & I-27j. WYATT HAMILTON

G-106c. DELMER (;before 2007); G-106d. EDITH (;before 2007) m ???? Earls; G-106e. CARL (;before 2007);; & G-106f. HOBERT lived Tombstone, AZ, 2007.

G-107. SHIRLEY JEAN RASNAKE m WILLIAM ROGER JOHNSON (G-434-KEYSER App) (12-13-1937;03-25-2005). So: BHC obit 03-27-2005. He born RusCo, VA; a retired coal miner; member U.M.W.A; lived Cleveland, RusCo; d home; FA Owens FH, Lebanon, RusCo; & bur Temple Hill Mem Gardens, Castlewood, RusCo. GrandCh: I-27k. HEATHER; I-27l. ERIC; I-27m. TRAVIS; I-27n. RICKY, JR; & I-27o. ELIZABETH JOHNSON. Ch: H-48 RICKY LEE JOHNSON (;before 2005) m Tamma Dishman (G-165--SUTHERLAND APP); H-48a. WILLIAM ROGER "RUSTY", JR m Teresa ??? & lived Cleveland 2005; H-48b. JERRY NEIL lived Cleveland 2005; & H-48c. JOHN DAVID JOHNSON lived Kernersville, NC, 2005.

E-37. JULIANA RASNAKE m John Smith Duty. John Smith Duty m (2) Martha Taylor(mother of last 7 ch).

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Ch of John Smith Duty & Martha Taylor:

6. Benjamin Harrison Duty m Mathilda Deel. Ch:

a. Jessee (;before 2008), b. Russell (;before 2008), c. Martha (;living 2008), d. Pearl (;before 2008) & e. dau Duty (;before 2008),

e. Laura Evelyn Duty (;08-10-2008) m Alfred O'Quinn. Laura lived Clintwood, DicCo; was member Georges Fork Freewill Baptist Church & a life long resident of DicCo; d Bristol, TN, Regional Hosp; FA Clintwood, DicCo, FH; burial Duty Family Cem, Bee, DicCo, & survived by 3 grandch, 6 gr-grandch & 2 step grandch. So: DicStar obit 08-13-2008. Ch: a. Danny (;before 2008), b. Jack m Barbara ??? & lived Clintwood 2008 & c. Billy O'Quinn m Peggy ??? & lived NC 2008.

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E-42. STEPHEN RASNAKE m Sara Elizabeth Kiser (E-178--KEYSER App). Ch:


G-198. ROMA THORNE RASNAKE (04-08-1916;09-20-2005) m CHALMERS HAYES RASNAKE (1915;living 2005) (G-208). So: BHC obits 09-22-2005 & 07-13-2006. ROMA b RusCo, VA; lived Dublin, VA; d Pulaski, VA, Com Hosp; FA Stevens FH, Pulaski; bur Highlands Mem Gardens, Dublin, VA; & survived by 6 grandch & 7gr-grandchildren. So: BHC 09-22-2005 & 07-13-2006. Ch: H-89. BARBARA LEE (1938;before Sep 2005), H-92. WILMA m Chuck Spooner & lived Goodyear. AZ, & H-93. BETTY RASNAKE m Wade Fanning & lived Pulaski.

G-199. THELMA IZETIA RASNAKE (02-11-1918;11-23-2005) m Nathan M Minton. She b RusCo, VA; was of the Baptist faith; d at home in Kingsport, TN; bur RusCo Mem Cem, Lebanon, VA; FA Oak Hill FH; & survived by 34 grandch & several gr-grandch & gr-gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 11-26-2005. Ch: H-94. CURTIS m Murriel White & lived Gate City, VA; H-95. MARGARET m Charles Poteat & lived Cleveland, TN; H-97. TIVES m Wanda Tweed & lived Huntsville, AL; H-98. ROY m Patricia Wheatley & lived Chattanooga, TN; H-99. STEVEN m Flo Stapleton & lived Nickelsville, VA; H-100. LOLA Dean of Kingsport; H-101. ROSA m Fred Harrison & lived Bristol, TN; H-102. LARRY JOE m Wanda Hayes & lived Chattanooga, TN; H-103. NETTIE ELAINE lived Kingsport & H-104. DEBRA MINTON. m Tony Chapman & lived Kingsport.

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G-201. LESLIE REMIRE RASNAKE (1922;before 2007) m Edith Spears (12-23-1922;01-29-2007) dau of William & Martha King Spears. She b WiseCo; d @ home in Abington, VA; retired after 30+ years from Statzer-Stout Café; buried Forest Hills Mem Garden; FA Faris FH, Abingdon; & survived by 15 grandch & 19 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 01-31-2007. Ch:

H-107. ROBERT m Dolly McMillian & lived Abingdon, VA, 2010; H-108. RONALD (;before 2010) m (2) Mary Heath Skew (;before 2007) & lived Abingdon 2010; H-109. CURTIS m (3) Diana ??? & lived Abingdon 2010;

H-110. SHERRY RASNAKE (ca 1955;02-23-2010) b Richlands, TazCo; life long resident of the Abingdon area; member Impact International Church; d Johnston Mem Hosp, Abingdon; bur Forest Hills Memory Gardens Colonial Chapel Mausoleum; FA Frost FH, Abingdon; survived by 4 grandch. So: BHC obit 10-25-2010. Ch:

I-44. WILLIAM ROBERT ROOPE II & fiancé Patty Wiese of Abingdon.

I-45. HOLLY ROOPE m ??? Sproles & lived Abingdon.

H-111. DANNY m (2) Nancy ??? & lived Abingdon 2010 & H-112. GINGER RASNAKE m Preston Holmes & lived Damascus 2010.

F-60e OTIS RASNAKE m Causby Ann Murdock. Ch: G-205a. DONALD CURTIS RASNAKE (ca 1936;04-26-2006) bur Gunnings Cem. So: RASNAKE Family Newsletter No 11, Summer 2006.

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F-60j. CORA RASNAKE m (1) ??? Vance & m (2) m LEONARD RASNAKE (E-268) (see E-268 for RASNAKE ch). So: BHC obit 01-21-2006 (see F-422e ALICE RASNICK BREEDING). Ch: G-205b. MAYNARD G. VANCE (;before 2006).

E-43. CHARLES RASNAKE m WINNIE BREEDING (05-22-1857;07-04-1944) (E-74). Ch:

F-60l. CARRY RASNAKE m (1) J B Shell; m (2) Mel Hollins; lived in Sterling, CO.

F-60m. W. FRANK RASNAKE (;before 2010), age 21, on 06-30-1913 in RusCo m BEAUTY RASNAKE (;before 2010). Grandch (living 12-25-2010) H-119a. JIM m Shelia ??? H-119b. TIM m Debbie ???; H-119c. GENEVIA m Benny Wallace; H-119d. BRENDA m Neal Frasier & H-119e. TISH DAVIDSON. Ch:

G-205c. MAXIE IRENE RASNAKE (09-24-1927;12-25-2010) m Tolbert Rasnake (;before 2011). MAXIE b Cleveland, RusCo, VA, member Cleveland Baptist Church, d Maple Grove Health Care Center; FA Combs FH, Lebanon, VA; & bur Russell Mem Cem, Lebanon, VA. So: BHC Obit 02-07-2010. Ch: H-119f JIMMIE RASNAKE m Lois ??? & lived Johnson City, TN, 2010. Ch: I-45a. TRACY RASNAKE m ??? Gallardo. Ch: J-27a. CHRISTOPHER & J-27b. ZACHERY GALLARDO.

G-205d. GORMAN (;before 12-25-2010); G-205e. CON (;before 2010) & G-205f. THELMA "SIS" RASNAKE (02-14-1926;09-14-2008) ca 1946 m Odell Kiser (;living 2018) of Cleveland, VA. THELMA taught in Russell School System & bur Russell Mem Cem. So; Rasnake Newsletter.


G-207. HATTIE RUTH RASNAKE (;before Jan 2006) m ROSCOE BRADY BREEDING (H-3007) (;before Jan 2006). Ch:

H-119g. JAMES SPENCER BREEDING (; before Jan 2006)

H-119h. LARRY JACKSON BREEDING (ca 1942;01-17-2006) m Linda Gail Rogers. He retired from Lebo Mining Inc after 35 years in mining; d at his son's home, Lexington, KY; bur Wise, WiseCo, VA, Cem; FA Sturgill FH, Wise; & survived by 2 nieces; I-45b. LESLIE m D J Hatfield & lived Faber & I-45c. SUSAN m Shane Coleman & lived Lebanon, VA. So: BHC obit 01-20-2006. Ch: I-45d. Dr LARRY TODD BREEDING m Valerie ???? & lived Lexington. Ch: J-27c. OLIVIA, J-27d Madeline, & J-27e. JACKSON BREEDING.

H-120. OLLIE GAIL BREEDING (1946;living 2006) m Lester Watson & lived Lebanon 2006.

F-60o. FLORENCE RASNAKE m George Stevens. Ch:

G-207a. FONNIE STEVENS (07-30-1902;09-27-1929) m William G. Brooks (05-12-1894;01-28-1939) (E-39--BROOKS APP). So: Shirley Garrett Fields (G-37--BROOKS APP) 2008. FONNIE & William bur Stevens Family Cem, Sandy Ridge, DicCo/RusCo?. Ch:

H-120a. MCNEIL BROOKS (09-17-1922;10-21-2003) m Ruth Marie Dishman. Ch: I-45e. MCNEIL, JR; I-45f. DAVIE GLENN; I-45g. MARCELLA & I-45h. CHRISTOPHER LEE BROOKS.

H-120b. CARLYS BROOKS (03-27-1920;02-18-1943) m Beatrice Rose. CARLYS killed in mines.

G-207b. MAUDE KATHLEEN STEVENS (08-13-1904;08-08-1989) m William G. Brooks (05-12-1894;01-28-1939) (E-39--BROOKS APP) (who previously married MAUDE's sister FONNIE (G-207a.). So: Shirley Garrett Fields (G-37--BROOKS APP) 2008. MAUDE & William bur Stevens Family Cem, Sandy Ridge, DicCo/RusCo?. Ch: H-120c. WILMA; H-120d. VERLIN; H-120e. HERMAN & H-120f. JERRY BROOKS.

G-207c. EMILY BELL STEVENS (1913;1986) m Avery Brooks (04-15-1903;02-26-1955) (E-43--BROOKS APP) (whose brother William m EMILY's sisters FONNIE (G-207a.) & MAUDE (G-207b). So: Shirley Garrett Fields (G-37--BROOKS APP), 2008. EMILY, Avery, George & Jefferson bur Stevens Family Cem, Sandy Ridge, DicCo/RusCo?. Ch: H-120g. LOIS; H-120h. JANICE; H-120i. MARY ANNIS; H-120j. MEREL; H-120k. WAYLON; H-120l. George Kermit (1933;1934) & H-120m. Jefferson Delmon Brooks (1935;1939).

G-207d. SAMUEL "DOCK" STEPHENS (ca 1915;12-27-2007) m (1) Clara ??? (;before 2007) m (2) Betty ??? (;living 2007). He b RusCo; lived St Paul, WiseCo; was a retired coal miner & member UMWA Local # 1256; deacon St Paul Assembly of God for 26 years; d Wellmont Hospice, Bristol, TN; FA Castlewood, RusCo, FH; burial Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood; & survived by several grandch, 13 step grandch & 1 step gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 12-29-2007. Ch: H-120n. SAMUEL (;before 2007) m Belvia ???; H-120o. DARIUS (;before 2007) m Jean ???; H-120p. INEZ (;before 2007) m ??? Williams; H-120q. KATHLEEN m Tom Hewitt & lived Portage, IN; H-120r. EVELINA m Bert Palmer & lived Dungannon, VA; & H-120s. SUE m Danny Baker & lived Coeburn, VA. Stepch: (1) Sherry Marker & lived Castlewood; (2) Loretta m Carlos Hale & lived Castlewood; (3) Margaret m Ted White & lived St Paul, VA; & (4) Brenda m Heribeto Martinez & lived St Paul.

F-60p. CAMPBELL RASNAKE m Flora Stevens. Ch: G-208 CHALMERS HAYES RASNAKE (06-12-1915;07-11-2006) m ROMA THORNE RASNAKE (G-198) (08-08-1916;09-20-2005). So: BHC obits 09-22-2005 & 07-13-2006. He b RusCo; was member Dublin Baptist Church; retired from RAAP with 26 years service; d Highland Ridge Rehab Center, Dublin, VA; bur Highland Mem Gardens, Dublin; FA Stevens FH, Pulaski, VA; & survived by 6 grandch & 7 gr-grandch. Ch: See G-198.

D-9. GEORGE RASNAKE (02-22-1817;09-16-1897) m Nancy Wallis (Wallace?). Ch:

E-46 JACOB WILLIAM RASNAKE. He joined Co G, 22nd VA Cavalry in RusCo in 1862; served until the end of the "war between the States"; & applied for a pension "for Disability by Reason of Disease of the Infirmities of Age" on 04-25-1908, under the act of the General Assembly of VA approved 04-02-1902. So: Rasnick Family News Letter Winter 2004.

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F-61b. ROBERT LILBURN RASNAKE in RusCo m Mary Ann Musick. Ch:

G-214. ROBY KERNAN RASNAKE RusCom (1) Zona Estella White (mother of 1st 6 ch).

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H-132. BEULAH MARIE RASNAKE (08-17-1917;03-28-2004) m Clyde Anderson Patrick. She was member Bethany Baptist Church of Big A Mt; Countiss Rebekah Lodge, Honaker; Sword's Creek Senior Citizens; d RusCo Med Center, Lebanon, RusCo, VA; FA Honaker, RusCO, FH; bur Ketron Mem Mausoleum, Lebanon. Other gr-child J-30a. MICHELLE LYNETTE JACKSON SHAW J-30b. MELANIE DAWN JACKSON SHAW; J-30c. JASON RAYMOND BELCHER; J-30d. ERICA ASHLEY HICKS; J-30e. MEGAN CORINNE HICKS BROWN; J-30f. HILLARY ERIN HICKS; J-30g. RICHARD ARNOLD ANDERSON HICKS & J-30h. NOAH ANTHONY HICKS. So: Rasnick Family Newsletter #7 Summer 2004 & I-50, FRIEDA DAVIDSON 2006. Ch:

I-48. Dr. ALFRED LLOYD PATRICK m Peggy Ann Barrett lived Richmond, KY. Ch:

J-31. GREG BARRETT PATRICK (01-29-1963;03-20-2004) m (1) Denise Connaway (mother of MATTHEW & MARINDA) & m (2) Dr. (Major US Army) Marsha Brenno (mother of AMANDA & AUBRIE). He b Farmville, VA; graduated Model Laboratory School; member Parkhills Baptist Church, San Antonio, TX; served 15 years in US Army included service at Office of the US Army Chief of Staff, Pentagon, Arlington, VA; medically retired 1998; d suddenly at home of an undiagnosed heart arrhythmia, San Antonio; bur Ketron Mem Gardens Mausoleum, Lebanon, VA with military grave side services by VFW Post 9864, Lebanon. So: Rasnick Family Newsletter #7 Summer 2004 & I-50 FRIEDA DAVISON. Ch: K-28a. MATTHEW GREGORY of Houston, TX; K-28b. MARINA JADE of Houston; K-28c. AMANDA MORGAN of San Antonio; & K-28d. AUBRIE ANNA PATRICK of San Antonio.

J-32. PAMELA DAWN PATRICK m Dale Meskimen & lived Lakeland, FL 2004. Ch: K-28e. BRITTANY DAWN & K-28f. HEATHER ANN MESKIMEN

I-49. PATRICIA ELANE PATRICK m John David Van Dyke & lived Williamsburg, VA. Ch: J-33. DAVID PATRICK VAN DYKE m Ruth Smith. Ch: K-28g. KYLE JOHN & K-28h. THERESA ELAINA VAN DYKE.

I-49a. MICHAEL JAMES JACKSON m Pamela Johnson; I-49b. SHIRLEY ANN m Raymond Belcher & lived Honaker 2004 & I-49c. JOYCE m Eugene Salyers & lived Pound, WiseCo, 2004.

H-133. AMBROSE JACKSON RASNAKE (02-02-1919;) m Martha Alice Callaway (ca 1916;09-14-2007) dau of Charles & Rhoda Cloud Callaway. She b MingoCo, WV; was member Graham Christian Church; 40+ beautician @ Elizabeth's Beauty Shop, Bluefield, VA; avid bowler; d Asheville, NC; burial Grandview Mem Gardens. So: Rasnick Family Newsletter. Winter 2007.

H-134. WARNER SAMUEL RASNAKE m (2) Vera Kurotschka (01-15-1929;02-28-2004). Vera b in Ukraine; active for many years in her Sunday School Class, Hickory Grove Baptist Church; d NC; bur beside WARNER in White Cem, Roman Ridge, Honaker, RusCo, VA; & survived by sons: I-54. SANDY SEAN, I-55. MARTY ROBIN, & I-56. LUKE BLAINE RASNAKE. So: Rasnick Family Newsletter, Summer 2004 & I-50 FRIEDA DAVIDSON 2006.

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H-135. EVA IRENE RASNAKE m (2) James Smith lived Noblesville, IN, 2004 & in 2012 lived Harbour Manor Health & Living, 1667 Sheridan Rd, Noblesville, IN 46062. So: I-50 FRIEDA DAVISON 05-08-2012; H-138. MARY NADYNE m Carl White & lived Max Meadows, VA, 2004; H-139. RAYMOND KEMPER m Margaret ??? & lived Honaker 2004; & H-140. CARL EFFORD RASNAKE m Juanita ??? & lived Chesapeake, VA 2004.

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F-61d. PLEASANT SYLVESTER "VESS" RASNAKE m (1) Sophia Ellen Musick. Ch:

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G-238. JOHN EZRA RASNAKE (11-11-1898?;04-25-1982) m Golda Ellen "Goldie" Ball (04-08-1901;06-06-1991). Ch:

H-158. WILLIAM EDWARD RASNAKE (08-15-1930;09-30-1910) ca 1955 m Gladys Eller. WILLIAM b Clinchfield, VA; d son's home Johnson City, TN; lived in Bristol area most of his life; retired from Reynolds Metals; member Assembly of God Church; veteran U. S. Air Force; FA Weaver FH & bur Glenwood Cem (officiating - his brother Pastor SAM). So: BHC obit 10-02-2010. Ch: I-90a. ROGER WILLIAM RASNAKE.

H-159. JOHN SAMUEL m Gray ????; & H-160. FRED E RASNAKE (;before 09-30-2010).

H-161. MARILEE RASNAKE('36;before 09-30-2010)on 10-14-1954 m Carl Lawrence Trivette('34;) s of Ray C & Annie Trivette; lived in Knoxville, TN. Ch: I-91. MALEAH TRIVETTE ('56) m WILLIAM DAVID BAYLESS (H-833) s of DAVID & Patricia Underwood BAYLESS of (F-315 v1p65).

G-239 ADA RASNAKE (;before 2002) m Meredith Deel (;before 2002). So: BHC Obit 10-03-2002. Ch.

H-162. ASBURY; H-162a. ORBA (;before 2002) H-163. OPAL m ??? Whitaker & lived Memphis, TN, 2002 ; H-164. VIRGIL (;before 2002); H-165. MILDRED (;before Oct 2002) m ??? Milsap; H-166. DOROTHY m ??? Vaughn & lived Tallahassee FL, 2002; & H-167. SOFIA DEEL m ??? McClain & lived Kingsport, TN 2002.

H-168. JOHN "BUSTER" EDWARD DEEL (;10-01-2002) ca 1953 m Mona Ruth Hicks. He served in the Korean Conflict & received Purple Heart; was of the Baptist faith; attended Reedy Cr Presbyterian Church; spent much time looking for antiques @ local acutions & mingling with friends at Traders Village; retired from truck driving for Mini-Fibers, Inc in 1987; d unexpectedly of an apparent heart attack; FA by East Lawn FH; military grave side services by V.F.W. 3382 Charles DeWitt Byrd Post; & bur East Lawn Mem Park. So: BHC obit 10-03-2002. Ch:

I-91a. LISA DEEL m Bob Mescher & lived El Segundo, CA 2002. Ch: J-75a. BRIAN; & J-75b. AMY MESCHER.

I-91b. KATHY DEEL m ???? Pleasant & lived Baltimore, MD 2002. Ch:



I-91c. DEBBIE DEEL m Kenneth Boggs & lived Kingsport, TN 2002. Ch:


J-75h. MISTY BOGGS m ???? Neeley. Ch: K-30b. BLAKE NEELY.

H-169. SCOTTIE lived NC 2002; H-170. MAY DEEL (ca 1919;before Oct 2002) m ???? Cox.)

G-240. HARMON CROMLEY RASNAKE m Ibbie Taylor. Ch: H-173. HARRY HANCIL (1926;02-17-2007). He retired with 40+ years from Appalachian Power Co; was a Bronze Star decorated WW-II veteran, served 101th Airborne Div in Europe & 82nd Airborne Div; member New Bethel Baptist Church; d Holston Valley Med Center, Kingsport, TN; b Henry Fam Cem, Snowflake, VA with services by American Legion Hammond Post 3, Gate City # 265 & TN State Guard. So: Rasnick Family Newsletter Winter 2007.

F-61d. PLEASANT SYLVESTER "VESS" RASNAKE m (2) Henrietta Osborne. Ch:

G-242. CLARENCE ARTHUR RASNAKE (04-01-1911;05-05-1953) (twin) on 06-26-1932 in RusCo m Mertie Tiller (sister of Curtis who m G-245) dau of William & Maxie Stephens Tiller. Ch:

H-177. WILLIAM CAROL (;before 2009); H-178. BETTY SUE (before 2009); H-179. CURTIS SYLVESTER (1933;)(;before 2009) lived MD; H-180. PLEASANT JOHN (1935;) lived VA 2009; H-181. IDA IMOGENE (1937;) b RusCo & lived VA 2009;

H-182. HERBERT RAY RASNAKE (01-26-1940;02-23-2009) ca 1965 m Johnnie ?. HERBERT B Cleveland, VA; moved to Polk City, FL in 1962; d Lakeland Regional Med Center, Polk City due to cancer; owned Ray Rasnake Citrus Budding; was of the Baptist faith; bur Auburndale Mem Park, FL & survived by 8 grandch & 1 gr-grandch. So: Rasnake Newsletter Summer 2009. Ch: I-91d JIM of MD; I-91e KENNETH of Eagle Lake; I-91f RANDALL of Winter Haven & I-91g WILMA RASNAKE m ??? Shearer & lived Winter Haven.

H-183 BEECHER MITCHELL (1941;) m Edith ? & lived MD 2009; H-184 GOLDIE OLIVINE (05-16-1943; 11-29-1997) b Richlands,VA & d FL; H-185. MCCLURA LANE (1945;before 2009)); H-186. CLARENCE WAYNE (06-06-1948;05-08-1992) m Louise ? & H-187. CHESTER GORDAN RASNAKE (1949;) m Rita ? & lived Auburndale, FL 2009.

G-243 CAMPBELL ARNOLD RASNAKE (04-01-1911;11-23-2005) m (1) Virgie Whitaker (;before Nov 2005) & m (2) Blanche Burress (;before Nov 2005). He b RusCo, VA; was a retired coal miner and farmer; d Golden Age Retirement Home, Cedar Bluff, TazCo, VA; FA Singleton FH, Cedar Bluff; bur Greenhills Mem Garden, Claypool Hill, TazCo; survived by 15 grandch, 12 gr-grandch, & 3 gr-gr-granddau. So: BHC obit 11-25-2005. Ch:

H-188. CONNIE m Joel Lester & lived Cedar Bluff 2005; & H-189. TARA "TERRY" RASNAKE m ??? Newberry & lived Richlands, TazCo, 2005.

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H-190. ROY ARTHUR m Mary Elizabeth Zentmyer lived Essington, PA, 2005; H-191. LUCILLE m Jim Beavers & lived MI 2005 ; H-192. RUTH m Charles "Buck" Beavers (;before Nov 2005) & lived Cedar Bluff 2005; & H-193. MILFORD WOODROW "BUDDY" RASNAKE m Wanda ??? & lived Centerville 2205.

G-245. SARAH ELIZABETH RASNAKE (04-10-1913;before 05-29-2012) m Tivis Curtis Tiller.

G-246. FANNY RASNAKE (03-24-1916(;before 05-29-2012) on 07-22-1939 m Gona (Gonan?) Kelly.

G-246a. ELLEN (;before 05-29-2012); G-246b. ADA (;before 05-29-2012); G-246c. MYRTLE (;before 05-29-2012); G-246d. RIT (;before 05-29-2012); G-246e. JOHN (;before 05-29-2012) & G-246f. HARMON RASNAKE (;before 05-29-2012).

G-248. CARL RASNAKE (01-26-1920;05-29-2012) m (1) Ruby Fleming (;before 05-29-2012) & m (2) Cynthia Massie (;before 05-29-2012). CARL b RusCo; lived in Cleveland, RusCo, VA; was a life long resident of the area; attended United Methodist Church, Cleveland; member UMWA; retired coal miner employed by Clinchfield Coal Co; d RusCo Med Center, Lebanon; FA Honaker RusCo FH; bur Rasnake Cem, Sandy Ridge, VA & survived by several gr-grandch; step grandch & step gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 05-31-2012. Ch: H-208a. WILLIS (;before 05-29-2012); H-208b. RITA (;before 05-29-2012) m ??? Culbertson; H-208c. VIRGINIA m ??? Lambert & lived Cleveland 2012; H-208d. GARY m Sherrie ??? & lived Abingdon, VA 2012 & H-208e. LONNIE RASNAKE m Linda ??? & lived Cleveland 2012. Grandch: I-93a. CAROL; I-93b. KIMBERLY; I-93c. REGINA & I-93d. DOUGLAS. Stepch: (1) Lois Walls; (2) Edna Aldridge; (3) Charles Price; (4) Oscar Price; (5) Henry Price; (6) Tony Price & (7) Michael Price.

G-249. DELPHIA PIPPA RASNAKE (;1999) m Nolan Vester Ball (05-14-1927;03-20-2006) s of Teddy & Delpha Musick (;living 2006) Ball. He b Cleveland, RusCo, VA; served US Army WW-II; worked at Sparrows Point, MD, shipyard; employed by General Motors as assembly line worker retiring with disability after 14 years; member First Baptist Church, North East, MD; belonged to Sons of Confederate Veterans and Masons, Patapsco Lodge 183, A.F.& A.M.; FA Crouch FH, North East, MD; lived Elkton, MD, d @ home; bur Holly Hill Mem Gardens, Baltimore, MD; & survived by 7 grandch and 5 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 03-21-2006. Grandch: I-93e. Kimberly Ball (;before 2006). Ch:

H-209. TIMOTHY L. m Claudia ??? & lived Granite, MD, 2006; H-210. RONALD V. m Karen ??? & lived Bel Air, MD, 2006; H-211. DONALD L. (;before 2006); & H-212. RICHARD "RICK" NOLAN BALL, Jr lived Milford, CN, 2006.

Stepch: Michael (;before 2006); Karen Sue (;before 2006); & Donald Scott Willis m Judy ??? & lived Aurora, CO, 2006; & Charon Milberger lived Pueblo, CO, 2006.

F-61e. THOMAS JEFFERSON "TOM" RASNAKE m Sarah Emily Barton. Ch:

G-251. ANNIE RASNAKE m Robert Stevens. Ch:

H-219. EDGAR STEVENS (08-11-1914;01-27-2006) m BEULAH SALYERS (G-78) (06-20-1916;before 2006). He b RusCo, VA; served US Army WW-II; received Purple Heart; was a farmer; was of the Baptist faith; FA Honaker, RusCo, FH military graveside honors by VFW Post 9864 of Lebanon; bur Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood, RusCo, VA; & survived by 50 grandch, 87 gr-grandch, & 23 gr-gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 01-29-2006 & RASNAKE Family Newsletter No 11, Summer 2006. Ch:

I-95. ZELMA RUTH m Ballard Ball & lived Cleveland, VA, 2006; I-96. NANCY ALICE m Randolph Musick & lived Tazewell, VA, 2006; I-98. MARY ANN m (2) Douglas Crabtree & lived Meadowview, WashCo, VA, 2006; I-99. ALBERT m Jean Powers & lived Council, BucCo, VA, 2006; I-100. LILLIAN JEAN m Fred Somervell & lived Saltville, WashCo, VA, 2006; I-101. NELLIE m Kermit Musick & lived Marion, VA, 2006; I-102. BARBARA ELLEN RASNAKE m Carson White & lived Meadowview, 2006; I-103. JAMES STEVENS m Dorothy Brewster & lived Tazewell, 2006.

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I-104. BONNIE m (2) Joe White & lived Meadowview; & I-105. DOUGLAS ALLEN STEVENS of Tannersville.

H-221. CLAUDE STEPHENS m Ivanell Barton & lived Elkton, MD 2006;

H-222. DOROTHY STEPHENS m Edward Osborne & lived Cleveland, RusCo, VA 2006; Ch:

I-108. CHRISTINE OSBORNE ('47;) on 02-15-1963 in RusCo m VERNARD JOSEPH RASNAKE (G-71) (04-05-39;02-07-2010). See G-71 for ch.

I-109. RETHA JEAN ('49;); I-110. ROGER LEE ('51;) m Glenda Kay Boyd; I-111. Wayne (b&d 11-25-1952); I-112. SHARON EVELYN ('54;); & I-113. JOYCE ANNE OSBORNE (1957;).

H-224. EMILY VIOLA m John Crabtree & lived Lebanon, RusCo, VA; H-224a. MARY ANN m ??? Crabtree & lived Cleveland; H-224b. CARNELL m ??? Rasnake & lived Cleveland; H-224c. ETHEL m ??? Powers & lived Manassas, VA; & H-224d. NED STEVENS of Honaker.

G-252. SUSIE CATHERINE RASNAKE m (1) Beauregard Gibson & m (2) Robert Lee Street. Ch:

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H-225. BEAUREGARD GIBSON (;before 2008); H-226. MAGGIE KATHLEEN GIBSON m Howard Shoemaker & lived Nickelsville, VA, 2008. H-227. ELSIE IRENE GIBSON m Robert Dean Hall & lived New Port Richie, FL 2008; H-228. IDA LEE GIBSON (;before 2008) m Kermit Presley. H-229. TIVIS COLLEY GIBSON (;before 2008) m Mary Josephine Ramey.

H-230. EMMA GAY GIBSON (09-12-1913;06-28-2008) b Davenport, VA m Hurshel Edward Johnson (;before 06-28-2008). EMMA lived for the last year with her dau, DELORES; was a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Bristol, VA; served with her husband as missionaries in Madison, ID; taught primary Sunday School in Lima, OH for many years; retired in 1976 from Murphy's Dept Store, Defiance, OH; d Johnston Mem Hosp, Abingdon, VA; FA Faris FH, Abingdon; buried Forest Hills Memory Garden, Abingdon & survived by 12 grandch, 25 gr-grandch & 23 gr-gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 06-29-2008. Ch: I-122a. DELORIS m Cleason Farmer (;before 2008) & lived Abi2gdon 2008; I-122b. ROBERT B m Ruth ??? & lived Nokomis, FL 2008; I-122c. Sharon Wandalee (dy) & I-122d. MICKEY JOHNSON m Sue ??? & lived Nokomis 2008.

H-231. JOE EARL GIBSON m Muriel Page & lived NC 2008.

H-232. SYLVIA (;before 2008) & H-233. TOMMY GIBSONBee, VA, 2008.

G-254. JAMES W RASNAKE m (1) Hazel O'Quinn & m (2) Fannie Davis. Ch:

H-238. HAZEL (;before 2006); & H-239 EMMA GAY RASNAKE (;before 2006).

H-240. ERNEST RASNAKE (ca 1927;05-12-2006) ca 1947 m Bonnie Vandyke (;living 2006). He b Bee, DicCo, VA; lived Baptist Valley, VA, & later Conway, SC; was a retired bridge construction superintendent and member of Little Freedom Church, Deskins, BucCo, VA; FA Singleton FH, Cedra Bluffs, TazCo; bur Gibson Family Cem, Bee; & survived by 5 grandch & 7 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 05-15-2006. Ch: I-122e. MICHAEL ERNEST m Sandra Lynn ??? & lived Socastee, SC, 2006; I-122f. JAMES LORIN RASNAKE m Cindy ???? & lived Myrtle Beach, SC, 2006 & I-122g. JUDY LYNN RASNAKE (;before 2006) m ??? Moxley..

H-241. ASA "ACIE" lived Richlands, TazCo, VA, 2006 ; H-242. DEWEY lived Great Falls, VA, 2006; & H-243. GLADYS RASNAKE m ???? Baldwin & lived Triangle, VA, 2006.

G-256. IRA RASNAKE m Sarah Ercel Sykes. Ch:

H-245. LONA m Willie Bishop. Ch:

I-122h. VERTIE "ALICE" BISHOP (05-11-1942;08-06-2004) ca 1966 m Robert Smith. ALICE b BucCo; lived in Johnson City, TN & after 1970 in Orlando & Winter Park, FL; was a retired licensed practical nurse of 25 years with Orlando Regional Med Center; FA Collison's Howell Branch FH & burial Mt Home National Cem, Johnson City. So: Rasnake Family Newsletter, Winter 2004.

I-122i. DAVID; I-122j. MARK; I-122k. JOSEPH; I-122l. BARBARA m ??? Tipton; I-122m. DEBORAH m ??? Burkhart; I-122n. SHERRY m ??? Miller & I-122o. KAREN BISHOP m ??? Barksdale.

H-247. MARLENE RASNAKE ca 1959 m Elmer T. Breeding (ca 1934;04-02-2006) s of Eulis & Helen Keele Breeding. He b BucCo, VA; lived Davenport, BucCo; was US Army veteran; retired coal miner; member UMWA; member Breeding Primitive Baptist Church; d at home; FA Haysi, DicCo, VA FH; bur Ketron Mem Gardens, Lebanon, RusCo, VA; & survived by 6 grandch & 2 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 04-04-2006. Ch: I-122p. TIM m Mary ??? & lived Harrogate, England, 2006; I-122q. JIM m Regina ???? & lived Stoneville, NC, 2006; & I-122r. RHONDA BREEDING m Tim Ray & lived Vansant, BucCo, 2006.

G-257. ABRAHAM HOLLAND RASNAKE m Maudie Mae Street. Ch:

H-254. SARAH ANN RASNAKE (;before 04-23-2009)m ? Branham;

H-255. IMOGENE RASNAKE (07-20-1929;09-25-2009) m Carl Taylor (;before 09-25-2009). IMOGENE b in BucCo; lived Bee, VA, d Richlands, VA Hosp; bur Community Cem, Bee; FA Honaker FH & survived by 18 gr-grandch & 1 gr-gr-grandch. So: DicStar Obit 09-30-2009. Ch:

I-122s. ALLEN m Rita ??? & lived Bee 2009 & I-122t. LEEROY Taylor m Fonnie ?? & lived Bee 2009.

Grandch: J-99a. CRAIG m Cristy; J-99b. ANGELA m Michael Yonce; J-99c. STACY m Clinton Deel; J-99d. LEANNE m Kevin Deel; J- 99e. JARRODD; J-99f. AARON m Sara ??; J-99g BRADLY m Jennifer & J-99h. BRETT TAYLOR.

Gr-grandson K-34a. Colby Allen Younce (;before 09-25-2009).

H-256.EUGENE (;09-10-1997;before 04-23-2009); H-257. BERNARD (;before 04-23-2009); H-258. STEVE m Ilene ??? & lived Honaker, RusCo 2009 & 2011; H-259. Mary Magdeline (dy); H-260. GARMON (1936;) b BucCo m Phyllistene ??? & lived Davenport, BucCo 2011);

H-261. JUANITA RASNAKE (01-14-1942;04-23-2009) m Charles Gray Miller (05-03-1940;12-18-2005). JUANITA b BucCo, VA, lived Gaithersburg, MD & later Big "A" Mt section of Honaker, VA, d Lebanon, VA hosp; was of the Christian faith; FA Honaker FH & bur Street Cem, Rowe, VA. So: BHC obit 04-25-2009. Gray b MonroeCo, WV; lived at Gaithersburg, MD and for past 4 ˝ years near Honaker, RusCo, VA; was a retired Washington, DC water dept worker; member & knight, Knights of Pythias, Lodge 123, Gaithersburg; was of the Baptist and Holiness Faith; FA Honaker FH; & bur Street Cem, Rowe, BucCo, VA. Ch:

I-122u. DONNA ANNE MILLER of Honaker.

I-122v. CHARLES GREGORY MILLER m Regina ??? & lived Germantown, MD, 2005 & Gettysburg, PA 2009. Ch: J-99i. CALLIE ANN; J-99j. JULIA MARIE; J-99k. BENJAMIN LOUIS; & J-99l. TRISTA LEANNE MILLER.

H-262. PHYLLIS GAY RASNAKE (1943;living 2011) m Curtis Lee Bostic (08-20-1943;05-24-2007) s of Dewey Edward & Mary Elizabeth Osborne Bostic. He was lifelong resident of Bee, VA, area; coal miner for 25 years; d Richlands, VA, Hosp; FA Honaker, RusCo, FH; burial Frank Smith Cem on Big A Mt, VA. Curtis's sister, Thelma Edith Bostic, m H-328. WILLIAM COLE RASNAKE. So BHC obit 05-25-2007. Ch:

I-122w. REBECCA BOSTIC m Chris Wallace & lived Breaks, VA, 2007. Ch: J-99m. Cassie Elizabeth (;before 2007); J-99n. BRANDON; & J-99o. BLAKE WALLACE.

I-122x. JAMA BOSTIC lived Bee 2007.

I-122y. TONI BOSTIC m Terry Austin & lived Council, VA, 2007. Ch: J-99p. ALLISON & J-99q. MATTHEW AUSTIN.

H-263. SIDNEY CARROLL RASNAKE (08-17-1944;04-03-2011). SYDNEY was a lifelong resident of the Bee, VA area; d Pikeville, KY medical Center; FA Honaker FH & bur Gibson Cem, Bee. So: BHC obit 04-04-2011.

G-258. ELBERT FLOYD RASNAKE m Lura Mona Arrington. Ch:

H-264. BILLY RALPH RASNAKE (1931;05-01-2004)m Jean ???. He was b DicCo; lived Bee, DicCo, VA & later Hollister, FL; was US Army veteran Korean conflict; member VFW Post 10164, Interlachen, FL; of the Primitive Baptist Faith; trucked logs; later worked VA Dept Transportation 17 years until retirement; avid outdoor's man; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH; bur O'Quinn Cem, Bee; survived by 6 grandch & 1 gr-granddau; & preceeded in death by granddau: J-99r. Ashely Rasnake. So: Rasnick Family Newsletter Summer 2004. Ch: I-122z. FRANKLIN of Hollister; I-122aa. JOHNNY of Hollister; & I-122ab. RALPH RASNAKE of Interlachen. Stepch: Rita Powers of Bee.

H-265. NELLIE RUTH m ??? Jessie & lived Lebanon, RusCo, VA. 2004; H-266. FREDDIE NELSON (;before 2004); & H-268. PATSY SUE RASNAKE m ??? O'Quinn & lived Birchleaf, DicCo, 2004.

G-259. ALBERT TIVIS RASNAKE m Hattie Sullivan. Ch:

H-269. MARGARET FERN m James Royston & lived Richlands 2005; H-270. CONLEY GLENN m Arlene ??? & lived Madisonville, TN 2005; & H-271. EDNA MARIE RASNAKE (;before 2005) m Fred O'quinn.

H-272. GARNIE ELLEN RASNAKE m (1) WALTER WILSON COUNTS (H-3423) & m (2) Jorld Yates & lived Bee, DicCo, 2005. So: DicStar Obit 04-27-2005. Ch:

I-122ac. JEFFREY WILSON COUNTS (ca 1959;04-22-2005) was born DicCo; member Sandlick Primitive Baptist Church; mason; carpenter; former deejay of WMMT, Whitesburg, KY; lived at Rt 1, Haysi, DicCo; FA Haysi FH; bur Nathan Edwards Cem, Rt 1, Clinchco, DicCo. Grandch: K-34b. GRANT W. COUNTS. Ch: J-99s. BETHANY lived High Point, NC, 2005; J-99t. DANIEL lived Haysi 2005; & J-99u. JESSIE COUNTS lived Haysi 2005.

I-122ad. ALLEN KENT of Knoxville, TN; I-122ae. JESSIE ERWIN m Valeria ??? & lived Council, VA; I-122af. EMILY JANE m Kimrick Church & lived Birchleaf, DicCo; I-122ag. MELISSA JO m Harlis Yates & lived Haysi; & I-122ah. CATHY SUE m ???? Owens & lived Galax, VA; & I-122ai. JAMIE YATES (;before 2005).

H-274. SARAH EMILY m Bob Yates & lived Greenville, NC, 2005; H-275. GEORGE WASHINGTON m Jane Lloyd & lived Bee 2005; & H-275a. CARLOS RASNAKE (;before 2005).

H-276. MARY BELL RASNAKE (1948;05-19-2005) ca 1967 m Roger Von Deel son of Roy & Plina Deel. She was b DicCo, VA; was a homemaker; a tudor at SVCC; a member of the Clintwood United Methodist Church; lived at Birchleaf, DicCo; d at home; FA by Haysi, DicCo, FH; & bur Blankenship Cem, Rt 2, Haysi, DicCo. So: BHC Obit 05-21-2005. Grandch: J-99v. KAYLA SUESETTE DEEL; J-99w. MARINA ROSE DEEL; J-99x. BRANDON BRUMETTE & J-99y. COTY BRUMETTE. Ch:

I-124a. ROY ROGER m Penny ??? & lived Norton, WiseCo, VA, 2005; I-124b. JASON RICHARD m Tonya & lived Bristol, TN, 2005; & I-124c. ANGELA RUTH DEEL m Michael Schilenak & lived Phildelphia, 2005.

H-277. JOHNNY DAVID RASNAKE (;before 2005) ; H-278. KATHY SUE m Joe Williams & lived Madisonville, TN 2005; H-279. CURTIS SMITH m Donna & lived Greeneville, NC, 2005; H-280. ALBERT TIVIS of Bee; H-281. HETTIE NANCY m Alan McLaurine & lived Clinton, TN 2005; & H-282. CARMEL RALPH RASNAKE m Tonya & lived Greeneville, TN, 2005.

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F-61f. JONAS COLE RASNAKE m Mary Ann Presley. Ch:

G-268. WILLIAM EVERETT RASNAKE m (1) Minnie Stevens (mother of CLINTON) & m (2) Myrtie Ball (mother of other ch). Ch:

H-298. DELPHIA RUTH RASNAKE (1924;living 2007) ca 1943 m Homer Harmon Stephens (06-17-1923;10-10-2007 s of Floyd & Mary Boyd Stevens. He b Cleveland, VA; lived Rosedale, VA; was a lifelong resident of BucCo & RusCo areas; retired coal miner & member UMWA Local 1259; of Freewill Baptist faith; d at home; FA Honaker, RusCo, FH, & buried Russell Mem Cem, Lebanon, VA. So: BHC obit 10-12-2007. Ch:

I-124d. Wilma Sue (;before 2007).

I-124e. CARNEL STEVENS m Roger Bethke & lived Huntsville, AL, 2007. Ch:

J-99z. KIMBERLY BETHKE m Mike Collins & lived Huntsville, 2007. Ch: K-34c. MICHAEL & K-34d. MADISON COLLINS.

I-124f. JANICE STEVENS m Joe Milhorn & lived Fairview, NC, 2007. Ch: J-99aa. J.J. MILHORN m Kathy ?? & lived Highland Ranch, CO, 2007. Ch: K-34e.ERIKA MILHORN.

I-124g. HOMER GENE STEVENS m Eva Jean ??? & lived Rosedale, VA, 2007. Ch: I-124h. Ricky Allen Stephens (;before 2007)

G-269. JAMES RASNAKE m Laura Fuller. Ch:

H-305. FAY RASNAKE (1925;before 12-17-2010) m (1) Clarence Hess & m (2) Lawrence Ray.

H-306. EARL RASNAKE (1926;before 2005) m Ella Perkins (;living 2005). Ch:

I-129. GARY RASNAKE (12-20-1949;11-14-2005) m Linda "Lynn" Osborne dau of Lee & Dixie Osborne. He b RusCo, VA; lived Honaker, RusCo; lifelong resident of area; disabled coal miner (28 years with Island Creek Coal Co); member UMWA; attended Outreach Temple, Wysor Valley; d at home; FA Honaker, RusCo FH; & bur Ketron Mem Gardens Cem, Lebanon, RusCo. So: BHC obit 11-15-2005.

I-130. LINDA JOYCE RASNAKE m (1) Larry Baldwin & m (3) ??? Whited & lived Norton, VA, 2009. Ch: J-101a. BRAD BALDWIN (M.D).

I-131. LARRY m Mary Lou Perkins & lived Swords Creek, RusCo, 2009; I-132. PHYLLIS m (2) Terry Harrison & lived Pounding Mill, TazCo, 2009;

I-133. JAMES RANDALL "RANDY" RASNAKE (09-29-1958;01-08-2009). RANDY b Richlands, Tazco; was a lifelong resident of the area; of the Pentecostal Holiness Faith; d Richlands, VA Hosp; FA Honaker FH & bur Rasnake Cem, Drill, TazCo. So: Rasnake Newsletter Summer 2009 & BHC obit 01-09-2009. Ch: J-101b. KRISTEN RASNAKE m Felicia ??? & lived Honaker, VA 2009.

I-133a. Doris Gay RASNAKE (;before 2005).

H-307. RALPH RASNAKE (1928;before 12-17-2010) m Betty Ray.

H-308. MIKE O RASNAKE (12-25-1930;12-17-2010) b RusCo, m (1) Shelly ??; & in Honaker m (2) Peggy Y

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Dye (;living 2010). MIKE b Drill, BucCo; was a lifelong resident of the area; of the Baptist faith; was in the US Army & served in the Korean War; was a disabled coal miner; worked for Clinchield Coal Co; was a member UMWA; owned & operated Peggy's Grocery, Drill for over 30 years; d Lebanon, VA, Hosp; FA Honaker, VA FH & bur Rasnake Cem, Drill w Military Honors by VFM Post 9864 of Lebanon. Other Grandch: J-101c. LAKOTA RASNAKE; J-101d. CHAD WHITED; J-101e. BETHANY GODSEY &; J-101f. BRETT WHITT. Gr-Grandch: K-34f. ALI GODSEY; K-34g. LEXI GODSEY; K-34h. KYLIE GODSEY; K-34i. LUKE HELTON; K-34j. AIDAN RASNAKE & K-34k. IAN RASNAKE. So: BHC obit 12-18-2010. Ch:

I-142. BOBBY LEE RASNAKE (1955;) on 10-24-1975 in Honaker m Sharon Miller (1956;) dau of Morris & Anna Pearl Wells Miller. They & their ch were b Richlands, VA. Ch: J-102. HEATH AARON (1981;) & J-103. EVAN CHARLES RASNAKE (1987;).

I-143. DONNA JEAN RASNAKE (1958;) b Richlands & m Bill Mike "Chad" Whited & lived Honaker 2010.

I-143a. DEBORAH DENISE RASNAKE m Thomas Carlock & lived Elk Garden 2010. Ch:



I-143b. DAVID DYE m Katie ??? & lived Stinson Ridge 2010

H-309. JONAS COLE "JC" RASNAKE (1933;12-17-2010) in Lebanon, RusCo, VA m Edna Mae Hale (1936;) dau of Linkous & Lucy Harris Hale & lived Page, VA 2009. JC b Drill, RusCo, & ch b in Richlands, VA. Ch:

I-144. NANCY RASNAKE (1956;) in Mar 1973 m Roy D Horne & lived Cedar Bluff, VA 2009. Ch:


I-145. JAMES D RASNAKE ('58;) on 06-17-1982 m Kimberly Layne; in 1982 lived at Box 16, Rt 2, Oakwood, VA 24631 & lived Abingdon, VA 2009;

I-146. TERRY ALLEN RASNAKE (12-20-1967;06-24-2009) ca 1993 m Janice Ward. Janice lived Chesapeake, VA 2010. TERRY b TazeCo, VA; lived Page, VA & later Tapgallant Quay; was employed as a medical physicist at Outer Banks Cancer Center, Nags Head, NC; an assistant pastor & member of Higher Life Ministries, Chesapeake; actively involved in the young adults ministry; d Portsmouth, VA; FA Shortridge-Ramey FH, Grundy, BucCo & bur Greenhills Mem Gardens, Claypool Hills, VA. So: BHC obit 06-28-2009. Ch: J-105a. COURTNEY LEIGH; J-105b KAITLIN MCKENZIE & J-105c. JACOB BRAXTON RASNAKE all of the home.

I-147. BRIAN RASNAKE (1973;) m Suzanne ??? & lived Vansant, BucCo, Abingdon, VA 2009.

H-310. FRED RASNAKE (1934;before 12-17-2010) m Jackie Hall.

G-270. TAULBEE "TOLLY" RASNAKE m (2) Bertha Edna McGuire (mother of all ch). H-315. HOWARD EUGENE RASNAKE (;before 2005) m Edna Mae Shortt (05-10-1937;02-19-2005) dau of Terry William & Martha Jane Davis Shortt. She lived Lebanon, RusCO; was employed by Magic Mart, Lebanon; d RusCo Med Center; FA Combs FH; bur Ketron Mem Gardens. So: BHC Obit 02-21-2005. Ch: I-168. JEFFREY E RASNAKE m Kay ???. Ch: J-113a. SEAN E. & J-113b. KIMBERLY RASNAKE.

G-272. ELBERT RANDOLPH RASNAKE m Alta Mae Presley. Ch:

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H-326. ARBUTUS RASNAKE (1927;living 2006) lived Honaker, RusCo, VA.

I-180. ANNA MAE BALL (1947;living 2010) m Teddy Douglas Blankenship (08-25-1948;12-22-2010) s of Jay Hugh & Goldie Compton Blankenship. Hugh was b Page, VA; a lifelong resident of the Honaker area; disabled coal miner; member Rosedale Baptist Church; participated in the Rural Area Medical project, the S.H.A.R.E. Meal Program, Diabetes Kid Camp & the Local Health Fair; for past 13 years responsible for Russell County Diabetes Support Group & Southwest Virginia Star Kid's Christmas Project growing the program from 10 to 998 children; d at home in Honaker; FA Honaker FH; bur Frank Smith Cem, Big A Mountain, VA. So: BHC obit 02-07-2011. Grandch: K-34m. RAINE OWENS; K-34n. SAVANNAH; K-34o. MORGAN; K-34p. KRISTA; K-34q. DAVID; K-34r. KAITLYN & K-34s. BRANDON. Ch:

J-115. KEVIN JEROME ('71;) lived Honaker 2010 & J-116. AMANDA DELORIS BLANKENSHIP ('77;) m ??? Thomas & lived Honaker 2010.

H-327. MARY MADELINE RASNAKE (04-16-1930;03-06-2006) m Walter Ball (; before 2006), div. She b BucCo, VA; lived Council, BucCo; life long resident of area; seamstress with Honaker Mills & Lebanon Apparel for several years; attended Trinity Free Will Baptist Church; d Bristol, TN hosp; FA Honaker, RusCo, VA, FH; bur Ball Cem, Council. So: BHC obit 03-08-2006. Ch:

I-186. GLENDA CHRISTINE (1953;) m Conley Wilson & lived Council. Ch: J-125a. MICHAEL WILSON m Lindsey ??? & lived Christiansburg, VA. Stepch: Harvey Wilson m Daniela ??? & lived Kingsport, TN. Ch: Shane Wilson.

I-187. JAMES WALTER BALL (1957;) m Brenda Keen (;before 2006) & lived Council.

H-328. WILLIAM COLE RASNAKE m Thelma Bostic lived Honaker 2007. So: BHC obit 05-25-2007 of Thelma's brother, Curtis Lee Bostic who m H-262. PHYLLIS GAY RASNAKE.

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G-275. ROY RASNAKE m (1) Vernia Barton (mother of ARNOLD).

H-337. ARNOLD CLYDE "SHORTY" RASNAKE (;before 2005) m Blanche Ratliff (living 2005). Ch: I-207a. RANDALL C. RASNAKE m Freda Simmons. Ch: J-132a. Dr JONATHAN RANDALL RASNAKE (10-17-1979;12-09-2005). He born & lived Richlands, TazCo; 2001 BS graduate in biology & chemistry Univ VA; 2005 Dr of Dental Surgery graduate Med Coll of VA; employed Dental Office Dr Darrell Harman; d from auto wreck injuries near Abingdon, WashCo, VA; FA Singleton FH, Cedar Bluffs; bur Greenhills Mem Gardens, Claypool Hill, TazCo, VA. So: Bluefield Daily Telegram obit 12-10-2005.

G-280. ELLIS RANDELL RASNAKE (09-07-1911;02-25-1986) on 04-08-1931 in Jackson's Chapel m Edna Trula Jackson (06-21-1913;10-19-2008) dau of Rev. Charles & Alice Lou Taylor Jackson. Edna bur Crawford County Mem Gardens So: Rasnake Newsletter. Ch:

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F-61g. GEORGE WASHINGTON RASNAKE (1) Mary Belle Barton. Ch:

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G-294. SILAS A RASNICK (03-01-1916;06-18-2007) m Oma Stacy (;06-05-1973). SILAS b DicCo; lived Wolford area, Rt 3, Grundy, BucCo; served US Army 3 years & US Air Force 3 years; retired coal miner; d Buchanan Gen Hosp; b Willis Blankenship Cem, Main Knox, near Hurley, VA with Military Rites by John Ratliff Post 164, American Legion. So: Rasnick Family Newsletter Winter 2007. Ch:

H-385a. BETTY ANN RASNICK (ca 1951;04-17-2006) m Hobart Sparks. BETTY b BucCo, VA; life long resident BucCo; member Knox Creek Church of God; lived Wolford section, BucCo; d Univ VA Hosp, Charlottesville, VA; FA Grundy, BucCo, FH; bur Willis Blankenship Cem on Main Knox near Hurley, BucCo; & survived by 2 grandch. So: CHARLES RASNICK through MARIE FETZER & RASNAKE Family Newsletter No 11, Summer 2006. Ch: I-260a. DAVID m Angela & lived Pilgrim Knob, BucCo; I-260b. ERIC WESLEY lived Rt 3, Grundy 2006; & I-260c. RYAN SPARKS lived Rt 3, Grundy 2006.

H-385b. MARGIE m Robert Wood & lived Huntington, WV, 2006 & H-385c. JOHNNY RASNICK m Jennifer ??? & lived Alameda, NM 2006.

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D-12. JOHN M PRESTON RASNAKE m Margaret Smith. Ch:

E-53. JAMES HARVEY RASNAKE m Nancy Jane Breeding (D-23-Sutherland App). Ch:

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F-63b. FRANKLIN PIERCE RASNAKE m Elizabeth "Bessie" Cook Musick. Ch:

G-325. EDDIE RASNAKE (1903;before 2006) m Fred Perry (;before 2006). Ch:

H-473. JOSEPH (;before 2006); H-474. KATHLEEN m Grant Martin & lived Louisville, KY, 2006; H-475. DANIEL lived Somersville, TX, 2006; & H-476. RAYMOND PERRY (;before 2006).

H-477. BETTY RUTH PERRY (ca 1936;06-01-2006) m Carl B. Jessee. She b Cleveland, RusCo, VA; lived Bristol, VA, for past 52 years; co-founder, with her husband, of Bristol Sign Co; member Euclid Ave Baptist Church; FA Weaver FH; & bur Forest Hills Mem Gardens. Grandch: So: BHC obit 06-03-2006. Ch:

I-307a. PAMELA m Stan Hill & lived Bristol, VA, 2006. Ch: J-188a. AARON m Beth ????; J-188b. ISRAEL; J-188c. SUMMER; J-188d. EMILY; J-188e. REBEKAH; J-188f. NATHAN; J-188g. ANNA KAYE;& J-188h. ABIGAIL HILL.

I-307b. CARL B. "J.J.', JR m Bonnie ???? & lived Abingdon, WashCo, VA, 2006. Ch: J-188i. GABRIEL; J-188j. SAGE; & J-188k. JECHOLIA JESSEE.

H-478. JAMES PERRY lived Louisville 2006.

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D-16 GABRIEL LAFAYETTE RASNAKE (04-10-1832;ca 1871) ca 1858 m (1) Margaret ??? (02-09-1832;08-10-1862) (mother of WILLIAM) & on 08-10-1862 m (2) Harriett Virginia Patrick (ca 1846;ca 1923) (mother of other ch) dau of Andrew & Elizabeth Dennison Patrick. GABRIEL, Margaret, & Harriett b RusCo, VA. Margaret d RusCo. So: H-485b. HARRIET E. RASNICK KIRBY 03-20-2006 & 12-31-2006. Ch:

E-55d. WILLIAM RASNAKE (ca 1859;06-11-1862) b&d RusCo.

E-55e. JOHN MORGAN RASNICK (04-17-1865;09-27-1903) on 04-16-1884 in RusCo m Mildred Caroline "Milly" Harris (08-31-1866;02-12-1945) d of ??? Bowen & Addaline Harris of Tazewell, TazCo, VA. He d Cedar Bluff, TazCo. She b TazCo & d Cedar Bluff. Both bur Jones Chapel Cem, Cedar Bluff. Ch b TazCo. Ch:

F-63e1. JOHN ROBERT RASNICK (05-24-1902;03-03-1961) m Essie Clair Rose (09-09-1904;06-21-1968) dau of Charles & Charlotte Sizemore Rose. She b Hartwell, WV. They d N. Tazewell, TazCo & bur Maplewood Cem, N. Tazewell. Ch:

G-327a. JOHN ROBERT RASNICK, JR (10-01-1926;09-01-2003) on 11-13-1946 in Gratton, N. Tazewell m Betty Jane Porter (04-18-1928;02-26-2005) dau of Robert, Jr. & Harriet Lawrence Porter. He b War, McDowellCo, WV & d N. Tazewell. She b N. Tazewell & d Tazewell. They bur Maplewood Cem, N. Tazewell. Ch:

H-485a. LINDA SUE RASNICK (1948;) on 03-21-1967 in VA m (1) Willis Darrell Jessee (ca 1945;10-25-1984) s of Robert & Ellen Minton Jessee, she met (2) Eugene Stanley Kulas, on 11-05-1979 in Cleveland, OH m (3) Anthony "Tony" John Khuri, & met (4) Michael D. Webb (1948;) s of John & Mary Keys Webb. Willis b Amonate, VA, & d Kingsport, TN. Eugene b Poland, Tony b Beirut, Lebanon, & Michael b Toledo, OH. She b N. Tazewell. Ch:

I-307c. Eugene Stanley Kulas, Jr (07-02-1970;03-16-1971) b&d Nashville, TN

I-307d. IAN TRAVIS WEBB (1985;) b Shaker Heights, OH.

H-485b. HARRIET ELLEN RASNICK (1949;) on 05-19-1987 in RusCo, VA m Thomas Franklin Kirby (1955;). She b Goose Cr, N. Tazewell

H-485c. PATRICIA ANN RASNICK (1951;) m (1) Warren "Butch" Glover, m (2) Mike Hill, & m (3) Dallis Hollandsworth. She b Goose Cr, N. Tazewell. Ch:

I-307e. ROBERT CLAYTON GLOVER (1970;)b Las Vegas, NV.

H-485d. JOHN ROBERT RASNICK, III (05-09-1954;09-23-2006) m (1) Patricia Anne Puckett (mother of JAMEY), m (2) Sherry Horn (;10-06-1989), & on 06-22-1991 m (3) Barbara Sisco (1966;). He b Mundytown, N. Tazwell, VA, & d Winchester, KY. Ch:

I-307f. JAMEY MICHELLE RASNICK (1974;) on 07-25-1998 in Bluefield, WV m (1) Christopher Coty Johnson & m (2) Simon Durkee. She b Richlands, TazCo, VA. Ch: J-188l. SPENCER DURKEE (2003;).

H-485e. CLAIRA ESSIE "BUNNY" RASNICK (1956;) in Oct 1981 in Thompson Valley, TazCo m Billy Jack Crabtree, Jr s of Billy & Imogene ???. She b Mundytown. Ch:

I-307g. ERIC DUSTIN (1982;) b TazCo & I-307h. KENNETH EVAN CRABTREE (1983;) b Bluefield, WV.

H-485f. LAWRENCE PORTER RASNICK (1958;) on 08-04-1978 in Adria, N. Tazewell m Ellen Elaine Wimmer, dau of John, Jr & Lula Baldwin Wimmer. He b Mundytown, & ch b Bluefield, WV. Ch:

I-307i. LAWRENCE PORTER "RAZZ", JR (1980;) on 08-21-2004 in RusCo, VA m Laura Nicole Smith & I-307j. JOHN CHAD RASNICK (1985;) on 07-26-2004 in TazCo m Ke'la NaRae Coburn.

G-327b. JAMES LEONARD RASNICK (1928;) m Effie Lewis (11-23-1931;ca 1999) dau of Beecher & Leona Cook Lewis. He b Maxwell, TazCo. She b Sevierville, TN & d Rex, GA.

H-485g. JAMES CARROLL RASNICK (1952;) b Richmond, VA.

H-485h. DIANA LYNN RASNICK (1953;) on 10-28-1972 m James Craig Parsons (1953;) s of John & Edwina Murphy Parsons. She b Abingdon, VA & he b Jacksonville, NC. Ch:

I-307k. CHADWICK SHANE PARSONS (1973;) on 06-03-1995 m Rhone Faye Bennett (1973;) dau Robert, Jr. & Linda Coleman Bennett. He b East Point, GA. She b Dublin, GA. Ch: J-188m. ASHLEY MICKELLE (1998;) & J-188n. ALLISON BROOKE PARSONS (2001;) were b McDonough, GA.

H-485i. DEBORAH LEE RASNICK (1955;) m Issac Jones (1955;). She b Knoxville, TN. Ch:

I-307l. IKE DAVID JONES (1974;)m Sandy Telenko. Ch: J-188o. ELI JONES.

I-307m. LEIGH-ANN JONES (1982;) m ??? Cline. Ch: J-188p. BRENNON CLINE.

H-485j. PAMELA ANN RASNICK (1956;) on 11-26-1972 in Americus, GA m (1) Foy Meredith Walker, Jr (1946;) & on 10-26-1985 in Sevierville, TN m (2) Michael Dean Standard (1951;) s of Carl & Gladys King Standard. She b Chardon, OH. Ch b Cuthbert, GA. Ch:

I-307n. WENDY NICOLE WALKER (1972;) meet (1) Shane Lawshe (father of BRYTTANY) & meet (2) Doug Perry (1974;) s of Chris & Karin ??? Perry. Doug & BRYANNA b Americus, GA Ch: J-188q. BRYTTANY ANNE WALKER (1994;) & J-188r. BYRANNA CHRIS PERRY (1999).

I-307o. BROCK LEE WALKER (1975;) m Sarah Frey (1978;) dau of Doug & Nancy ??? Frey. She b Oroville, CA. Ch b Marietta, GA: J-188s. MADISON BELLE (2003;); J-188t. EMMA GRACE (2006;); & J-188u. LILY REAGIN WALKER (2006;).

H-485k. KAREN MICHELLE RASNICK (1959;) m (1) John Wayne Bradley (1958;) & m (2) Donald Poe Guthrie (1966;). She b Washington, DC. Ch: I-307p. JOHNATHAN SHANE BRADLEY (1979;); I-307q. BRANDON JACOB BRADLEY (1981;) & I-307r. DONALD BRYCE GUTHRIE (1986;).

H-485l. KIMBERLY RENEE RASNICK (1963;)m Thomas Hilton Findley (1955;). She b Birmingham, AL. Ch: I-307s. ZACHERY THOMAS (1994;); I-307t. JOSH; & I-307u. CODY FINDLEY.

H-485m. RICHARD RUSSELL RASNICK (1966;) m Kerri Jean Newton (1969;). He b Atlanta, GA.

G-327c. DONALD EDWARD RASNICK (1932;) on 07-30-1955 m Lennie Macie Gibson (1933;) dau Leroy & Ida Rasnake Gibson. He b McGuire Valley, TazCo. Ch:

H-485n. DONNA KAY RASNICK (1957;) m Joe Castleberry. Ch: I-307v. MEREDITH ASHLEIGH CASTLEBERRY (1982;) m ??? Disney. J-188v. CAROLINA GAIL DISNEY (2004;)

H-485o. THOMAS RAY RASNICK (1959;)

G-327d. THOMAS ALLEN RASNICK (07-06-1934;09-27-1988) on 09-21-1957 m Jane Calvin Pratt (1935;) dau of Samuel & Ruth Sloan Pratt. He b Newhall, McDowellCo, WV, d Meadowview, WashCo, VA, & bur Forest Hills Mem Gardens, Abingdon, VA. Ch:

H-485p. SUSAN LYNN RASNICK (1958;) b Norfolk, VA.

H-485q. THOMAS ALLEN RASNICK, JR (1962;) on 11-28-1980 in Meadowview, WashCo, VA m (1) Joyce Ann Belcher dau of Carl & Jane Glass Belcher & on 02-25-1995 in WashCo, VA m (2) Victoria Lynn Miller (1966;) dau of Vernie & Lynn Grady Miller. He b Newport News, VA. Ch b Abingdon, WashCo, VA: I-307w. DERRICK ALLEN (1987;) & I-307x. CODY ALAN RASNICK (1995;).

H-485r. JOHN STUART RASNICK (1966;) on 09-18-1990 in Glade Spring, WashCo, VA, m (1) Beverly Kay Gaylor, dau of Joseph & Sally Gaylor & on 06-21-1997 in Meadowview m (2) Dana Elizabeth McKenna, dau of Robert & Elizabeth DeBusk McKenna. He b Houston, TX. Ch: I-307y. JOHN REED RASNICK (1999;).

F-63e2. BERTHIA L. RASNICK (10-25-1885;04-12-1950) d Cedar Buff, VA.

F-63e3. JENNIE A. RASNICK (08-04-1887;11-30-1971) m Thomas Sam Raines s of William & Rebecca Burke Raines. She d Cedar Bluff. They bur Jones Chapel Cem, Cedar Bluff, VA.

G-327e. KYLE RAINES (01-28-1908;)

G-327f. THORNTON RAINES (05-05-1912;) m Carleen Griffith. Ch:

H-485s. CINDY RAINES m Jonas Tejero. Ch: I-307z. LISA & I-307aa. MITCHELL TEJERO.

H-485t. MIKE RAINES m ??? ???.

Stepch: James Steven Raines (1947;) on 07-29-1972 m Sandy Sue Cook (1952;). Ch: James Garrett Raines (1977;)

G-327g. SAM RAINES, JR (12-18-1915;) m Clara M. Kimball. Ch:

H-485u. DORA ANNE RAINES m M. Kimbell Strangein. Ch:

I-307ab. KIMBERLY ELIZABETH STRANGEIN (1971;) on 06-21-1997 m Jerry Cole. Ch: J-188w. KIMBERLY DARE ANNE COLE.

H-485v. LINDA m Bruce Nash & H-485w. SAM RAINES III m Frances Smith.

G-327h. HURBERT RAINES (01-24-1918;11-04-1994) m (1) Mary Helen White & m (2) ??? Maxie. Ch.


H-485z. BOBBY RAINES m Carol Myers. Ch: I-307ac. ROBIN & I-307ad. ASHLEY RAINES.

G-327i. ALVIN E. RAINES (05-31-1919;08-02-1998) m Virginia Tolliver. He d Richlands, TazCo. Ch:

H-485aa. KENNETH RANDALL RAINES m (1) Myra Lane dau Elbert & "Candy" Price Lane & m (2) Sherry Lee Mullins dau Gordon & Mary Breedlove Mullins. Ch I-307ae. ZACHERY KENNETH RAINES (1986;).

G-327j. WILLIE "JACK" RAINES (05-29-1922;12-26-1977) & G-327k. Joseph Raines (03-16-1930;03-21-1930).

G-327l. THURMAN RAINES m (1) Fair Lee McConnell (05-25-1915;12-10-1978) (mother of PATRICIA) & m (2) Lila Barrett. Fair Lee b ScottCo, VA & d Richlands, TazCo, VA. Ch:

H-485ab. PATRICIA RAINES (1946;).

F-63e4. ELMER MARGARET RASNICK (04-14-1890;06-20-1976) on 11-16-1910 in Canebrake, McDowellCo, WV, m Dock Johnson Sizemore (12-17-1887;08-24-1961) s of Clevelend & Mary Barrett Sizemore. She d TazCo. He b McDowellCo & d Bluefield, MercerCo, WV. They bur Grandview Mem Gardens, Bluefield, VA Ch b Hartwell, McDowellCo, WV. Ch:

G-327m. Thomas Sizemore (03-18-1910;07-18-1913).

G-327n. LOIS VIRGINIA SIZEMORE (09-15-1911;12-18-1988) m Bays Duncan. Ch:

H-485ac. BETTY JO DUNCAN (;ca 2003) m Robert Boyd Williams. Ch: I-307af. BARBARA & I-307ag. RICHARD WILLIAMS.

G-327o. Louise Beatrice (03-08-1913;07-18-1913) d Hartwell; G-327p. DAVID SEXTON (03-20-1914;07-26-1983) d Beckley, RaleighCo, WV, & m Eapher Williams; G-327q. CHARLIE DANIEL (01-09-1917;07-04-1945) d Levte, France; G-327r. JUANITA ELSIE (09-22-1920;04-07-2003) d Greensboro, GuilfordCo, NC; G-327s. MARGARET KATHRYN (03-07-1922;) m (1) James Jarrell & m (2) Rupert Bell; G-327t. William John (08-23-1924;06-01-1925); G-327u. THELMA YVONNE SIZEMORE (03-10-1927;07-18-1995) m Moses J. Clay & she d Greensboro, NC; & G-327v. JAMES LEE SIZEMORE (08-03-1933;) m (1) Anna "Patty" Compton & m (2) Barbara Boss.

F-63e5. Hattie Mae Rasnick (03-18-1892;08-18-1909) d Cedar Bluff.

F-63e6. ELLA S. RASNICK (01-21-1895;01-26-1978) m Tom Robinette s of John & Carolina Robinette. She d TazCo & bur Clinch Valley Cem, Richlands, VA. Ch:

G-327w. JAMES H. ROBINETTE (11-09-1914;) on 07-26-1934 m Minnie Belle Pilkins (04-18-1916;). He b Pounding Mill, TazCo, VA. Ch:

H-485ad. ELLA EVELYN ROBINETTE (1935;) m Raymond Cox (1936;). Ch: I-307ah. KENNETH COX (1972;) m (1) ??? & m (2) ???. Ch: J-188x.James E. (b&d 01-04-1993); J-188y. CHAD M (1995;); & J-188z. JUSTIN B. COX (1997;).

H-485ae. THOMAS A. ROBINETTE (02-10-1937;08-10-2006) on 02-18-1959 m Mary Elizabeth Fields (1931;). Ch: I-307ai. DEBORAH ROBINETTE (1960;) m Gary Lawson.

H-485af. JAMES H. ROBINETTE, JR (11-19-1938;12-03-1977).

H-485ag. SANDRA S. ROBINETTE (1948;) m Jay Burke. Ch I-307aj. EARNEST (1979;) & I-307ak. JAMIE C. BURKE (1986;).

H-485ah. ROGER ROBINETTE (1940;) on 12-08-1966 m Mildred Toney (1940;). Ch:

I-307al. ROGER ROBINETTE, JR. (1968;) m Gin Yorsh. Ch: J-188aa. PAULINA (1989;); J-188ab. DESTINY (1996;); & J-188ac. STEPHANIE ROBINETTE (1997;).

G-327x. ENDA MAE ROBINETTE (06-29-1917;) on 12-19-1935 m Sanders Bramble Pruett. Ch:

H-485ai. SHIRLEY L. PRUETT (1936;) on 10-05-1958 m Fred White. Ch:

I-307am. DANNY LEE WHITE (1963;) on 01-25-1986 m Trisha Lee Lambert. Ch: J-188ad. DANNY LEE (1986;); J-188ae. LAURA LEE (1988;) & J-188af. NICHOLAS LEE WHITE, JR (1990;).

H-485aj. DOUGLAS GREAR PRUETT (1939;) m (1) Sue Ellen Bennett & on 07-12-1986 m (2) Lynn Ann Pennetta. Ch:

I-307an. TIMOTHY DOUGLAS PRUETT (1962;) on 08-01-1987 m Cecelia O'Donnell. Ch: J-188ag. MATTHEW DOUGLAS (1990;) & J-188ah. CAITLIN O'DONNELL PRUETT (1996;).

I-307ao. SANDERS BLAKE PRUETT (1965;) & I-307ap. LANCE EDWARD PRUETT (1970;) on 10-03-1998 m Janet Grant.

G-327y. JOHN W. ROBINETTE (10-30-1918;02-16-1998) m Eunice E. Sublett (1921;). Ch:

H-485ak. JOHN W ROBINETTE, JR. (1942;) m Margaret Davidson. Ch: I-307aq. KEITH (1961;) m Elizabeth B. ???; I-307ar. JEFF; I-307as. JAMES WALKER; & I-307at. EDWARD DEAN ROBINETTE.

H-485al. WADE ROBINETTE (ca 1944;) m Juanita Eggers.

H-485am. WANDA YUVONRE ROBINETTE (1948;) m Franklin Poff. Ch:I-307au. FRANKLIN POFF (1975;).

H-485an. SHARON ROBINETTE (1954;) m Larry Turner. Ch:I-307av. CHRIS ZANE (1975;) on 07-11-1998 m Jamie Varney & I-307aw. WHITNEY NICOLE TURNER (1980;).

G-327z. EVELYN C. ROBINETTE (10-23-1921;06-29-1952) on 01-14-1943 m Trocy A. Laney. Ch.

H-485ao. TROCY ARTHUR LANEY, JR (1943;) on 04-04-1964 m Brenda Sue Terry (1948;). He b Pounding Mill, VA & she b McDowellCo, WV. Ch:

I-307ax. DAVID ALLEN LANEY (1965;) on 10-30-1992 m Lisa Jones (1961;). He b Bluefield, VA. Ch: J-188ai. ASHLEY PINNEY (1986;) & J-188aj. DANNY PINNEY LANEY (1987;).

I-307ay. TRACY DENISE LANEY (1967;) m (1) Danny Reynolds & m (2) David Hash. She b Bluefield, VA. Ch: J-188ak. ASHLEY SAMANTHA REYNOLDS.

I-307az. ROBERT LEE LANEY (1972;) m Jennifer Rebeca Crist (1978;). He b Richlands, TazCo, VA. Ch: J-188al. HALEY AUTUMN LANEY (1998;).

I-307aaa. TERRY DEAN LANEY (1975;) b Richlands on 02-07-1998 m Randi Large (1977;).

H-485ap. EDWARD LEE LANEY (1948;) m Ann Tatum. Ch: I-307aab. DRENNON H. (1978;) & I-307aac. LEIGH ANN LANEY (1981;).

H-485aq. BOBBY JOE LANEY m Naomi Waytt. Ch:

I-307aad. CRAIG LANEY (1970;) on 05-09-1998 m Tracy Lynn Boyd. Ch: J-188am. GARRETT REID ((2003;) & J-188an. GAVIN CHASE LANEY (2006;).

I-307aae. VALERIA LANEY (1976;) on 09-02-1995 m Shawn Keith Boyd. Ch: J-188ao. MAGGIE GRACE BOYD (2003;).

I-307aaf. CHRISTIE LANEY (1978;) on 08-17-2002 m Adam Varney. Ch: J-188ap. SAMUEL COLE VARNEY (2004;).

H-485ar. DALE E. LANEY (1950;) m Lila Mitchell. Ch: I-307aag. BRADLEY & I-307aah. BEVERLY LANEY.

G-327aa. Helen Marie (03-01-1927;07-01-1927) & G-327ab. MARGARET C. ROBINETTE (03-19-1929;08-17-1952) (twin).

G-327ac. WILLIAM JOSEPH ROBINETTE (03-19-1929;03-08-1990) (twin) m Osie Sheet. Ch:

H-485as. FLORIDA JO ROBINETTE (1961;) m William Darren Looney (1959;). Ch: She b Bluefield, WV. He b Grundy, BucCo, VA. Ch: I-307aai. CHARLES JOSHUA & I-307aaj. OLIVA HOLLY LOONEY (1991;) were b Richlands, TazCo, VA.

F-63e7. JAMES WALKER RASNICK (04-21-1897;01-18-1986) m Stella Gray Jones McGuire (04-10-1905;03-27-1979) dau of Francis & Nancy Griffith McGuire. He d Steelsburg, TazCo. She & ch b TazCo, VA. They bur McGuire Family Cem, Steelsburg, VA. Ch:

G-327ad. HATTIE GRAY RASNICK (1924;) m Ernest Oscar Roisch. Ch b TazCo, VA. Ch:

H-485at. SARA STELLA ROISCH (1950;) m Steve Slate.

H-485au. ERNEST OSCAR ROISCH, JR (1952;) on 11-09-1996 m Peggy Boothe. Ch: I-307aak. SARAH HATTIE (1998;) & I-307aal. ERNEST GRAY ROISCH (2000;).

G-327ae. NANCY MILDRED RASNICK (1926;) m Claude Allen Taylor. Ch b TazCo, VA. Ch:

H-485av. JAMES WILLIAM TAYLOR (01-26-1949;11-19-1998) m (1) Evelyn Sparks (mother of Jamie) & m (2) Kathy Ludlum. He d Durham, NC. Ch: I-307aam. JAMES "JAMEY" WILLIAM TAYLOR (1976;) b TazCo, VA.

H-485aw. CLAUDIA ANN TAYLOR (1952;) m (1) Charlie Thomas Reynolds (10-12-1949;05-27-1994) s of William & Gussie Lowe Reynolds & m (2) Goran Petrozski. Ch:

I-307aan. CHRISTOPHER MAURICE REYNOLDS (1972;) & met Alexandra S. Hamilton (mother of EDWARD) & m Sara Jill Sheets (1977;) (mother of CHARLIE) dau Ronald & Sharon Martinez Sheets. He & Sara b TazCo, VA. Ch: J-188aq. EDWARD TAYLOR MCCOY HAMILTON (1994;) b WashCo, VA & J-188ar. CHARLIE THOMAS REYNOLDS (1996;).

G-327af. JOHN "BUDDY" FRANCIS RASNICK (02-18-1928;06-14-2001) m Reba Evans. He d Bristol, TN.

H-485ax. ANITA LOUISE RASNICK (1958;) m Terry Clevinger. Ch: I-307aao. TERRY DEAN (01-25-1979;11-17-1995) & I-307aap. VICTORIA GRAY CLEVINGER (1991;).

H-485ay. JAMES ROBERT RASNICK (06-12-1960;05-30-2001) m Sandy Church. Ch: I-307aaq. CHRISTOPHER DALTON RASNICK.

H-485az. JUDITH LYNN RASNICK (1962;) m Ronnie Phillips. Ch I-307aar. JOHN NATHAN RASNICK (1982;) & I-307aas. JAMES AARON PHILLIPS (1989;).

H-485aaa. EUGINIA RASNICK (1966;) m Joe Presley. Ch: I-307aat. MISTY DAWN GRAY PRESLEY (1998;).

G-327ag. FAY I. RASNICK (1931;) m Bobby Lee Miller (05-09-1927;07-25-1989). Ch:

H-485aab. SUSAN ILENE MILLER (1950;).

H-485aac. PATRICIA ANN MILLER (1952;) m Jerry Stevens. Ch: I-307aau. PENNY LANE (1972;) & I-307aav. ANDREW JAY STEVENS (1986;).

G-327ah. JAMES WALKER RASNICK, JR (1934;) m Betty Jack Sawyers (1936;). Ch:

H-485aad. PETER CRAIG RASNICK (1961;) m Jill Powitzky. Ch: I-307aaw. ANDREW MORGAN (1987;) & I-307aax. EMILY ANN RASNICK (1990;).

H-485aae. JAMES EARNEST RASNICK (1966;) m Julia Ratliff. Ch: I-307aay. KHRISTIA MARIE (1987;); I-307aaz. KIMBERLY MICHELE (1990;); & I-307aaaa. JOHN WALKER RASNICK (1996;).

H-485aaf. MELISSA SUSAN RASNICK (1973;) on 08-22-1998 m Geoff Shepard. Ch: I-307aaab. CARLEIGH MARIE (2000;) & I-307aaac. CHRISTIAN WHITFIELD SHEPARD (2003;).

G-327ai. CATHERINE A. RASNICK (1937;) m Donald Bordwine (1939;). Ch:

H-485aag. MARK ALLEN RASNICK (1964;).

H-485aah. JANETTE LYN RASNICK (1966;) m George Hunt.

G-327aj. MARGARET ELIZABETH (1940;) & G-327ak. SANDRA LEE RASNICK (1943;).

F-63e8. DAISEY ELIZABETH RASNICK (10-31-1900;05-27-1973) m Newton Hughes. She d TazCo & bur Jones Chapel Cem, Cedar Bluff, VA.

E-55f ROBERT RASNAKE (ca 1866;)

E-55g MARY E. RASNAKE (ca 1867;) on 12-22-1883 in RusCo m Thomas F. McGraw (ca 1857;). They b RusCo.

E-55h MARGARET " MAGGIE" RASNAKE (ca 1871;) on 03-20-1890 in RusCo m Marion Mitchell Low (ca 1869;). They b RusCo.

C-3. ELIJAH RASNAKE m (1) Elizabeth Skeen. Ch:

D-20. STEPHEN RASNAKE m Winnie Artrip. Ch:

E-66. WINNIE RASNAKE m Lorenzo D Grizzle ((E-278 KEYSER APPENDIX) Ch:

F-67l. MARY ANN GRIZZLE m Frank Aaron Smith. Ch: G-342a. STELLA ANN SMITH (02-06-1931;04-01-2005) m Howard "Jack" Powers (;before 2005). She b Cleveland, RusCo, VA; member Cleveland United Methodist Church; d Johnston Mem Hosp, Abingdon, VA; FA Combs FH, Lebanon, RusCo; bur Russell Mem Cem. So: BHC Obit 04-03-2005. Grandch: I-307aaad. FRANK POWERS (;before 2005); I-307aaae. KEITH FARMER (;before 2005); I-307aaaf. THOMAS J FARMER; I-307aaag. MATTHEW POWERS; I-307aaah. PAMELA POWERS; I-307aaai. PHILLIP POWERS II; & I-307aaaj. JEREMY POWERS. Ch:

H-488a. TERESA m Phillip Blankenbeckler & lived Pulaski, VA, 2005; H-488b. RANZY D POWERS lived Cleveland 2005; & H-488c. PHILLIP POWERS m Christine ???? & lived Lebanon 2005.

C-3. ELIJAH RASNAKE m (2) Elizabeth Litton. Ch.

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F-80. CATHERINE NANNIE RASNAKE m Samuel Jay Elbert Laforce (E-153af--SUTHERLAND App). Ch:

G-348. HOWARD TAFT LA FORCE m (1) Mary Gilbert (mother of ch). Ch:

H-488d. Howard Taft Laforce, Jr.

H-489. MARGARET MARIE LA FORCE MOSER (1929;living 2007).

H-490. ARTHUR EUGENE LA FORCE (1931;02-28-2007) on 03-09-1953 in Kingsport, TN m Gladys Down. ARTHUR b ScotCo, VA. He lived Gate City, VA & buried Kiser/LaForce Cem, Dandy Ridge. So: Rasnake Newsletter Summer 2007. Ch:

I-309c. DALE EUGENE LA FORCE (1953;living 2007)

H-491. HAZEL ELIZABETH LA FORCE CHASEZ (1935;living 2007); H-491a. EVERETT LEE LA FORCE (1937;living 2007); & H-492. LOUISE COLUMBINE LA FORCE Robertson (1944;living 2007.)

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F-83. NAPOLEON BONEPARTE RASNICK m EDDIE ETHEL RASNICK (07-24-1902;06-28-1985) (F-196 v1). EDDIE d Johnson City, TN Hosp; FA by Miller FH, Clintwood; bur Phipps Mem Cem, Clintwood, VA. LeRoy Adams & son-in-law Doug Brown officiated at EDDIE's funeral. Grandson Glenn Anderson sang with the choir & was a pallbearer. So: obit. Ch:

G-364a. TILDEN BRADY RASNAKE (ca 1929;07-12-1911) ca 1964 m Kathleen Mullins (;living 2011) TILDEN was a lifelong resident of DicCO; veteran Korean Conflict; retired from Bethlehem Steel, Jenkins KY; d Norton, VA, Comm Hosp; FA Mullins FH Clintwood, DicCo & bur Columbus Phipps Mem Cem, Clintwood. So: DicStar obit 07-27-2011. Ch:

H-498a. AMY MICHELLE RASNAKE lived Kingsport, TN 2011.

H-498b. SELENA RASNAKE m James Smith & lived Kingsport, TN 2011. Ch: I-310a. ISABELLA; I-310b. ISSAC; I-310c. GABRIEL; I-310d. CHLOE; I-310e. SETH; I-310f. EDEN & I-310g. CONNOR PATRICK SMITH (;before 07-12-2011).

G-364b. HOWARD LEE (;before 07-12-2011); G-364c. BYRAN GREY (;before 07-12-2011); G-364d. ESSIE (;before 07-12-2011) m Hercel STALLARD (who lived Palatka, FL 2011) & G-364e. IDA BELL RASNAKE (;before 07-12-2011).

G-364f. MOZELLE m Bud Steffey & lived Clintwood 2011; G-364g. NILA m Doug Brown & lived Kingston, TN, 2011; G-364h. THEDA m Michael Reimann & lived Misenheimer, NC, 2011; G-365i. FRANKLIN m Lochiel ??? & lived Jefferson, TN, 2011& G-364j. GILES RASNAKE m Edith ??? & lived Clintwood 2011.

G-365. MARJORIE "MARGIE" RASNAKE m Frank Anderson & lived Clintwood 2011;

F-86. MARTHA ELIZABETH RASNAKE m Leonard M Sykes. So: Sykes Family by R C Sykes has more on them & their descendants. See note at end of this document. Ch:

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G-365a. THELMA SYKES (ca 1923;02-17-2009) m E. HAROLD HIBBITTS (ca 1922;01-13-2000)(G-2416) s of (F-1685 v1p245). So: BHC obit 03-01-2009. Ch: See G-2416 E. HAROLD HIBBITTS.

G-365b. ROBERT m DORIS MOORE (G-1048) dau of (F-676 v1p110); G-365c. JAMES "JIMMIE" (;before 02-17-2009) m BRENDA KISER (G-1058) dau of (F-679 v1p110) & lived Big Stone Gap[, VA 2009; G-365d. ALICE S. (;before 02-17-2009) m ??? Barnett & G-365e. CECIL M. SYKES Lived Oriental, N.C. 2009.

F-89. HENRY STUART RASNICK (11-13-1910;05-10-1997) m MANDY ESTELLE EDWARDS (05-13-1916;10-26-2002) (G-1736). So: DicStar obit 10-30-2002. Ch:

G-366a. JERRY S. lived Nora, DicCo, VA, 2002 & G-367. CARROLL DEAN RASNICK lived Clinchco, DicCo, 2002.

E-89 JAMES ROBERT RASNAKE m PIPPA DELPHIA SMITH (F-437) (see page 40 JCGHV1). Ch: So: H-502t. CHARLOTTE TILLER 07-21-2004.

F-105. LUCY RASNAKE (;1966)

F-106. JOHN BRANCH RASNAKE (02-07-1906;08-04-1960) on 01-12-1933 m HATTIE FAYE SINGLETON (12-13-1912;09-10-1993) (G-1483k). Ch:

G-367a. JANICE LUCILLE RASNAKE (1933;) on 02-10-1954 m Elmer Leon Kiser (possibly E Leon Kiser G-432--KISER APP) (;01-19-1997). Ch:

H-502a. Anita Sue (b&d 11-??-1956) twin; H-502b. Bonnita Lou (b&d 11-??-1956 twin); H-502c. TAMMY CHERYL KISER (1958;).

H-502d. GREGORY LEON KISER (1961;) on 12-26-1982 m Tammy Marie Hughes (1966;). Ch: I-310h. KIMBERLY MICHELLE (1984;); I-310i. KARAHANN HOPE (1987;) & I-310j. KAYLA NOEL KISER (1991;).

H-502e. JENNIFER KAYE KISER (1966;) m Jimmy Wayne Harkleroad, Jr (1965;). Ch: I-310k. HANNAH ELIZABETH (1994;) & I-310l. AMELIA HARKLEROAD.

G-367b. ELMER RENE RASNAKE (12-02-1934;08-?? -1993) m Sylvia Abrams. Ch:

H-502f. MICHAEL LEON RASNAKE m Candy ???. Ch: I-310m. VANESSA & I-310n. ADAM RASNAKE.

H-502g. ROBERT & H-502h. MARY ANN RASNAKE (;before Sep 2004)

G-367c. JAMES SILAS RASNAKE (11-12-1936;02-??-1976) in Nov 1958 m Kathy Morrison. Ch:

H-502i. JOHN WALDO RASNAKE (1960;) m Lory ????.

H-502j. JANICE RASNAKE (1961;) m (1) John Welch & m (2) Scott Wakefield. Ch: I-310o. JOSHUA JAMES WELCH (1982;); I-310p. JACOB WAKEFIELD & I-310q. KATHERINE "KATIE" JORDON WAKEFIELD.

H-502k. MICHELLE (1965;); H-502l. ALESIA (1968;); & H-502m. MARTHA RASNAKE (1972;).

G-367d. ANTHONY RAY RASNAKE (09-12-1938;09-14-1995) m April Betty Brumett. Ch:

H-502n. PATRICIA RASNAKE (1967;) m ??? Laskow. Ch: I-310r. JUSTIN (1988;); I-310s. JOSHUA (1989;); & I-310t. JOSEPH LASKOW.

H-502o. AMY RASNAKE (1973;) m Lenny ??. Ch: I-310u. GIRL ???.

G-367e. MARTHA LOU RASNAKE (1940;) on 11-06-1959 m Neil Calvert Tiller (1939;). Ch:

H-502p. TERESA LYNN TILLER (1960;) on 04-20-1996 m Gregory Allen Browning (1956;). Ch: I-310v. JULIE RENEE TILLER (1984;).

H-502q. GWYNN ETTA TILLER (1961;)

H-502r. BRETT CALVERT TILLER (1963;) on 11-06-1983 m Betty Sue McGlothlin (1963;). Ch: I-310w. ANDREA BROOKE (1987;) & I-310x. MARIE BETH TILLER (2002;).

H-502s. TREVER BERNARD TILLER (1966;) in June 1998 m Carey Pearson. Ch: I-310y. RENEE DANIEL (1997;); I-310z. ANDREW NEIL (1999;); & I-310aa. SAMUEL JOSEPH TILLER (2003;).


G-367f. EMILY KAY RASNAKE (1942;) on 01-04-1961 m Wilber Lannie Hart. Ch:

H-502u. DANE ALLEN HART (1962;) on 05-08-1982 m Stephanie Potts (1962;). Ch: I-310ab. AUSTIN JACOB (1985;); I-310ac. JENNILYNN NOELLE (1987;) & I-310ad. SHANE NICOLAS HART (1989;).

H-502v. BRIAN HART (1964;) on 07-06-2000 m Debbie Schuster. StepCh: Adam & Megan Schuster.

H-502w. REGINA LANEEN HART (1967;) on 05-11-1991 m Tim Leon Hill (1967;). Ch: I-310ae. RACHEL LAUREN (1999;) & I-310af. GIRL HILL.

G-367g. SAMUEL WAYNE RASNAKE (1944;) on 03-23-1967 m Sharon Rose Bowers (1946;). Ch: H-502x. LORA ANN RASNAKE (1969;) on 05-24-1997 m Scott Alvin Ingram (1969;). Ch: I-310ag. BLAISE (2003;) & I-310ah. GRANT SAMUEL INGRAM (2005;)(So: H-502t. CHARLOTTE TILLER 2005).

G-367h. BRENDA HAZEL RASNAKE (1945;) m (1) Joe Williams; on 07-29-1972 m (2) Richard Smith & in 1997 m (3) Rufus Greene (1945;). Ch: H-502y. JEFFERY DAVID WILLIAMS (1966;) & H-502z. KELLY MAE SMITH (1976;) on 02-14-1998 m Bradley Steven McNeil, Jr. (1977;).

G-367i. SHELIA ANNETTE RASNAKE (1948;) on 12-23-1968 m Harry Franklin Gilmer (1929;). Ch:

H-502aa. SHANNON LEIGH GILMER (1975;). Ch: I-310ai. CHASE LOGAN (1992;) & I-310aj. JACQUELINE DENISE (1994;).

H-502ab. JAMES HARRY GILMER (1978;).

G-367j. LARRY LEWIS RASNAKE (1949;) m Peggy Marie Canter (1950;). Ch:

H-502ac. LARRY STEVEN RASNAKE (1972;) m Erin Elizabeth Burgess.

H-502ad. STEPHANIE ELIZABETH RASNAKE (1975;) m Tracey Butts. Ch: I-310ak. KYLIE QUINN BUTTS (2004;).

G-367k. JUDITH LYNN RASNAKE (1951;) on 08-22-1970 m Jack Shutters (1948;). Ch:

H-502ae. RUSSELL SHUTTERS (1971;) m Shelia Taylor (1971;). Ch: I-310al. ASHTON LOREN (1997;twin) & I-310am. ERIKAH RILEY SHUTTERS (1997;twin).


G-367l. GARY DAVID RASNAKE (1953;) m Prudence Ann Bucchare.

F-107. FANNIE RASNAKE (1904;1986) m (1) Evans Rasnake (;1926); m (2) Taze Musick & m (3) Andy Skeen. Ch:

G-367m. COLLIER RASNAKE m (1) Ruth Brown; m (2) Ada ???; & m (3) Charlotte Pope. Ch:

H-502ag. RONNIE RASNAKE (1952;). Ch: I-310an. ROBBIE RASNAKE (1977;). Ch: J-192i. RICHARD MARKS RASNAKE (1998;).

H-502ah. PAMELLA RASNAKE m Dan Hill. Ch: I-310ao. ANDREW NORMAN (1990;twin) & I-310ap. ASHBY LOGAN HILL (1990;twin).

G-367n. Richard (1950;1951); G-367o. CLEO; G-367p. WILLIAM "BILL" RASNAKE m Norma Davis.

G-367q. LILLIAN CLAUDINE RASNAKE (1931;) on 08-01-1953 m Charlie David Mundy. Ch:

H-502ai. GARY DAVID MUNDY (1955;) m Margaret McCandless. Ch: I-310aq. GARY DAVID, JR; I-310ar. DANA ELIZABETH; & I-310as. DAYLE MCCANDLESS MUNDY.

H-502aj. LARRY WAYNE MUNDY (1958;) m Leslie Lyons. Ch: I-310at. NICHOLAS & I-310au. DAWN MUNDY.

H-502ak. LISA ANN MUNDY (1959;) m James Reaves. Ch: I-310av. LISA & I-310aw. JESSE REAVES.

F-108. ASA RASNAKE m Mildred Combs. Ch:

G-367r. VERNA IRENE RASNAKE (1930;) on 11-13-1950 m Robert Donald Bruce (03-19-1926;07-12-1988). Ch:

H-502al. JENNIFER DIANE BRUCE (1952;) on 05-11-1984 m Cary Luke Breckinridge (1951;).

H-502am. GARY DONALD BRUCE (1955;) m (1) Ellen Wall & on 05-25-1985 m (2) Frances Taylor (1958;). Ch: I-310ax. BRANDI ALEXANDRA (1983;) & I-310ay. CANDICE JENNIFER BRUCE (1985;).

G-367s. ILA JEAN RASNAKE (1932;) on 02-17-1951 m Arnold Byron Kitts (1930;). Ch:

H-502an. RHONDA KAY KITTS (1951;) m (1) Charles Samuel Wolfe (;1980) & m (2) Norval "Sonny" White Ryan III. Ch: I-310az. NORVAL PATRICK RYAN (1988;).

H-502ao. SHIRLEY JEAN KITTS (1954;) on 06-30-1971 m (1) Kenneth Frederick Hamilton (1950;) & on 06-15-1995 m (2) Derrick Russell (1959;). Ch: I-310aaa. JOSHUA SETH (1977;) & I-310aab. BETHANY ANN HAMILTON (1982;).

F-110. TOLBERT JOHN RASNAKE m Irene (Wheater) Rasnake. Ch: G-367t. JIMMIE RASNAKE m Lois Breeding.

F-110a. JOHN BONE RASNAKE m Amelia Rasnake. Ch:

G-367u. JOANN RASNAKE m Phillip Dalton. Ch:

H-502ap. PHILLIP DALTON, JR m Adinia Moore. Ch: I-310aac. ZACHARY DALTON.

H-502aq. MICHELLE DALTON m ??? Hicks. Ch: I-310aad. MATTHEW HICKS.


G-367v. EDDIE RASNAKE m Wilma Wright. Ch: H-502as. NATASHA; H-502at. CHRIS HARMON; & H-502au. ADAM RASNAKE.

G-367w. SHELIA RASNAKE m Ronald Dale Rasnake. Ch: H-502av. MICHALE RASNAKE m ??? Keen. Ch: I-310aae. THERESA CUMMINGS; I-310aaf. DENISE; I-310aag. LAWANDA WRIGHT; & I-310aah. OLIVIA KEEN.

F-112. BURL RASNAKE m Ann Smith.

F-113. ANNA MAE "SIS" RASNAKE m Con McGlothlin. Ch: G-367x. WANDA m James W. Dalton, Jr, & G-367y. CONNIE MCGLOTHLIN m James W. Boardwine.

F-114. SALLIE EDITH RASNAKE (1919;) m Herbert Clifton Artrip (1915;). Ch:

G-367z. PATTY ANNE ARTRIP (1941;) m Joe Ronnie Puckett (1938;).

G-367aa. NORMAN J "BUBBIE" ARTRIP (1943;) m Veronica Gwynn Kiser. Ch: H-502aw. NORMAN TRACY (1969;) m (1) Pamela Yates & m (2) Missy Barton; & H-502ax. April Dawn ARTRIP (b&d 03-02-1971).

G-367ab. PAUL DOUGLAS ARTRIP (1945;) m Virginia Sharon Parrott. Ch:

H-502ay. JOIE DENISE ARTRIP (1969;) m Scott Parrott. Ch: I-310aai. CARRIE ELAINE (1988;) & I-310aaj. RUSSELL SCOTT PARROTT (1990;).

H-502az. PAUL DOUGLAS ARTRIP, JR. (1971;) m Lora Ferris.

G-367ac. ANTHONY CLIFTON ARTRIP (1958;) m Linda Caputo. Ch: H-502aaa. JOSHUA BLAKE (1988;) & H-502aab. JESSICA BROOKE ARTRIP (1989;). Stepch: Nicholas A Martinez (1983;).

F-115. KENNY LETCHER RASNAKE m Arabell Smith. Ch: G-367ad. KATE m Edgar Grizzle; G-367ae. DELPHIA m Rodney O'Quin; G-367af. VERNIE m Ira Smith; G-367ag. BETTY R m James Peery; G-367ah. LINDA m Charles Brewer; & G-367ai. DARRELL RASNAKE m Gale Vance.

D-29 WILLIAM "HONEY BILL" RASNAKE (05-06-1843;12-25-1924) m Mary J Artrip (D-59 SUTHERLAND APP) (01-06-1846;02-05-1925). So: Rasnick Family Newsletter Summer 2004. They bur Rasnake-Vance Cem (Sink Holes) Ivy Ridge, Cleveland, RusCo. Ch: E-113 EMMETT RASNAKE (1870;1952) m ROZINA "ROSA" RASNAKE (1875;1934). They bur Rasnake-Vance Cem.


E-125. HENRY R. RASNICK m Zilla M. Kiser (F-26c-- KISER) dau of (E-32 v1p330)). Ch:

V-1 PAGE 42: F-122. CLAUDE HOLIDAY RASNICK (09-24-1925;before 1993) m June Wolfe (12-29-1925). Ch:

G-373. CHRIS RASNICK m Sandra Nash, dau of Harry & Helen Nash of McClure. Ch: H-503. LUKE CHRISTOPHER & H-504. KELLY ALEXANDRA RASNICK (1992;) KELLY named Virginia's Cumberland District girls basketball player of the year. So: DicStar 04-14-2010.

D-34. ELIJAH "BUNKER" RASNICK m Charity Crabtree. Ch:

E-136. BLANCHE ARMOUR RASNICK m Hugh Edward Davis. Ch:

F-151a. CECIL EDWARD DAVIS (11-19-1908;11-23-1976) m Eleanor V. Thompson. They had six children. So: G-377. BRENDA DAVID GREER 06-16-2007.

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E-138. IDA TRUELY RASNICK m (1) ? Rasnick & m (2) Hugh Edward Davis. Ch:

F-151f. HUGH PATRICK DAVIS (03-17-1921;07-25-1983) on 11-11-1940 in BaltCo, MD m Dorothy Lynette Edmonds. Ch:

G-381. NANCY PATRICIA DAVIS (;01-20-2007) on 11-11-1964 in Linthicum Hts, AnArCo, MD m Kenneth Lee Lambert. So: Rasnake Newsletter Winter 2008.

F-151q. OTTO CHARLES "RED" RASNICK (09-18-1910;10- -1966) m Minna Hess & d Bristol, TN. Ch:

G-397a. EDNA M RASNAKE (12-06-1932;04-27-2008) ca 1952 m Lewis Lynn Lindsey. She lived Bristol, TN; was 1952 graduate Holston HS; member American Legion Auxiliary; d at home; FA Weaver FN; & was cremated. So: BHC obit 04-28-2008. Ch:


H-510b. BETSY LINDSEY m Phil Martin. Ch: I-310aak. LINSEY MARTIN.

G-397b. JANE m Lawrence Lowe; G-397c. ALMA m ??? Elmore; G-397d. RONNIE m Ann ??? & G-397e. DAVID RASNICK.


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D-46 GEORGE FULLER (1819;08-08-1868) m Sarah Deel. So: I-2623 CHERYL DILLON BELLOTTIE. They & ch b in RusCo (now BucCo) VA. Ch:

E-181. PHOEBE FULLER m Welaby "WP" (Willoughby?) Deel. Ch:

Page 45

F-162c2. OCTAVIA "TAVE" DEEL m (1) John Willoughby Bailey s of Sparrell Hale & Nancy A. Bailey & m (2) Lewis Belcher. John Bailey on 03-05-1904 m F-162c5a PHEOBE FULLER (1887;1918.

Page 46

E-182 JACOB FULLER (1845) m Leah Compton. So: I-2623 CHERYL DILLON BELLOTTIE. Ch: F-162c3a SARAH F (1871;); F-162c3b JAMES H (1872;); F-162c3c RICHARD (1875;); & F-162c3d RHODA A FULLER (07- -1880;).

E-183 SQUIRE FULLER (1848;1915).

E-184 GEORGE WASHINGTON FULLER on 09-27-1877 in BucCo, VA m Margaret Jane "Peggy" Deel. So: I-2623 CHERYL DILLON BELLOTTIE. Ch: Ch b&d BucCo, VA

F-162c3e POLLY JANE FULLER (1878;1904) m James Parris Deel (1880;1946). He b&d BucCo.

F-162c4. GEORGE WASHINGTON FULLER, JR (02-15-1882;) on 01-03-1907 in BucCo m Louana Deel (04-13-1893;10- -1960) dau of David & Louisa Deel. She b&d BucCo. Ch:

G-413a. MARTHA (;before July 2006) m ??? Deel; G-413b. BERTHA (;before July 2006) m ??? McFadden; G-413c. PRUDA (;before July 2006) m ??? Blankenship; & G-413d. LOUISA FULLER m Beverly Yates & lived Tarpon, DicCo;

G-413e. PHOEBE MARGARET FULLER (01-27-1919;07-15-2006) ca 1944 m Barney Owens (;before July 2006). She b right fork of Greenbrier, DicCo, VA; lived DicCo & after 1981 in Abingdon, WashCo, VA; member Holston Old Regular Baptist Church; enjoyed gardening, canning, & making homemade quilts; d Johnston Mem Hosp, Abingdon; FA Haysi, DicCo FH; & bur Baily-Owens Cem, Haysi. Ch:

H-556a. POLLY OWENS (;before July 2006);

H-556b. MOLLY OWENS m Joel Samuel Taylor & lived Abingdon. Ch: I-359a. JOEL SAMUEL TAYLOR II livedf Johnson City, TN 2006; & I-359b. DAGNEY TAYLOR m Todd Gray & lived Kingsport, TN, 2006. Ch: J-213a. VIOLET GRAY.

H-556c. SALLY OWENS m Dillard Clark (;before July 2006) & lived Kingsport, TN, 2006. Ch: I-359c. David Simon Clark (;before July 2006). H-556d. SCOTTY OWENS m Deborah ??? & lived Vansant, BucCo, VA, 2006.

G-413f. LUCY (;before July 2006) m ??? Deel; G-413g. VINA m ???? Thacker & lived Gray Court, SC, 2006; G-413h. EARL lived Dungannon, ScottCo, VA, 2006; & G-413i. GARLAND FULLER (;before July 2006).

F-162c5. THOMAS LETCHER FULLER (12-10-1880;03-29-1929) in 1902 in BucCo m (1) Violet Owens dau of Jane Bostic & on 12-28-1907 in BucCo m (2) Pheobe Blankenship (10-18-1878;09-09-1962) (mother of ch) dau of Willoughby & Mary Blankenship Deel. Pheobe b&d BucCo. He d BucCo. Ch:

G-413j. PERRY FULLER (1907;) on 01-09-1928 in BucCo m Pearly Dales.

F-162c5a. PHEOBE FULLER (1887;1918)on 03-05-1904 in BucCo m John Willoughby Bailey (1866;1921) s of Sparrell Hale & Nancy A. Bailey. John b&d BucCo & also m F-162c2. OCTAVIA DEEL. Ch:

G-413k. ISAMINE; G-413l. NAN; G-413m. MAY; & G-413n. BASIL BAILEY m Alta Owens;

G-413o. EVANS BAILEY (ca 1913;10-03-1992) m Alta Deel. He native BucCo, VA; US Navy veteran WW II; retired coal miner; member UMWA Local # 7025, Harmon, BucCo; member Pilgrim Home Old Regular Baptist Church for 47 years; served as moderator & honorary assistant moderator of the Mountain Liberty Asso; lived Vansant, BucCo; d Grundy, BucCo Hosp; FA Virginia Funeral Home, Grundy; & survived by 18 grandch & 8 great-grandch. So: obit and I-359d DONNA MARIE ADKINS. Ch:

H-556e. JOHNNY of Vansant & H-556f. WILLOUGHBY BAILEY

H-556g. HANFORD BAILEY m Mildred Ann Justus dau of Woodrow & Laurine Payne Justus & lived Birchleaf, DicCo, VA 1992. Ch: I-359d. DONNA MARIE m Kenneth Evans Adkins & I-359e. RHONDA DEE BAILEY m Daniel Althoff.

H-556h. ARNOLD of Vansant; H-556i. EVERETT of Grundy; H-556j. MABLE m ??? Gibbs in 1992 lived Hurley, BucCo; H-556k. PANSY m ??? Hawkins in 1992 lived Vansant; H-556l. PEARLY MARIE in 1992 lived Vansant; H-556m. LEO of Vansant; H-556n. DONNA JEAN m ??? Turpin in 1992 lived Robinson Creek, KY; & H-556o. CONNIE LOU BAILEY m ??? McClanahan in 1992 lived Grundy.

G-413p WILLIAM EDWARD BAILEY(07-26-1915;07-31-1960)on 10-04-1937 in BucCo m Virginia Blankenship (1920:) he b&d BucCo.

F-162c6. PHERBY BESSIE FULLER (1892;1964) in 1913 in BucCo m William Riley Deel (1888;1958) (D-1aa--OWENS App) s of Isaac & Mary Owens Deel. They b&d BucCo. Ch: G-413q. ROMA m Melvin Kelley (02-19-1915;) he b BucCo; G-413r. ELLEN m ??? Cole; G-413s. LILY; G-413t. IDA; G-413u. MARGARET; G-413v. GERTRUDE; G-413w. THELMA m Ray Horn; G-413x. FRED; G-413y. BYRD; G-413z. ARNOLD; G-413aa. AUTIE; & G-413ab. TRINKLE DEEL.

F-162c7. STANFORD LEE "STAMP" FULLER (1890;1958) in 1910 in BucCo m Aritia Tennessee Coleman 1892;1988). They b&d BucCo.

F-162c8. LYDIA FULLER (1879;1963) in 1900 in BucCo m George Washington Deel (1879;1962) s of Alexander & Anna O'Quinn Deel. They b&d BucCo. Ch:

G-413ac. STEWARD m ?? Owens; G-413ad. BARNEY m Viola Coleman; G-413ae. SHANNON m ??? Owens; G-413af. ROBERT m Nancy Deel; G-413ag. VERSIE m Bernard Clevinger; G-413ah. FANNIE m Malcom Yates; G-413ai. ELSIE m ??? Yates; G-413aj. PERCY m Emeline ? (she b KY); G-413ak. ALFRED; & G-413al. LOUANA DEEL m George Deel.

G-413am. ROSA DEEL (12-15-1903;01-24-1994)on 09-07-1922 in BucCo m Cephas Blankenship (01-03-1902;07-02-1957) s of Basil & LouSandy O'Quinn Blankenship. They b&d BucCo. Ch (b BucCo):

H-556p. CEPHAS BLANKENSHIP, JR (09-08-1923;01-13-1988) (d Richmond, VA) on 12-16-1944 in BucCo m NANCY EMELINE FULLER (G-422). (See G-422 for ch).

H-556q. JESSE BLANKENSHIP (1925;) on 11-15-1952 in BucCo m Effie Looney;

H-556r. LAWRENCE BLANKENSHIP (1926;) on 04-03-1951 in BucCo m Delores Solt (05-03-1932;08-28-1987) (she b NJ & d BucCo). Ch: I-359f. RENEE (1952;); I-359g. LAVERNE (1953;); & I-359h. LAWRENCE BLANKENSHIP, JR (1962;)

H-556s. Raymond (12-04-1929;08-01-1931) d BucCo & H-556t. MELBA BLANKENSHIP (1931;) on 07-19-1947 in BucCo m Harold Browning (1927;). He b BucCo. Ch: I-359i. BILLY KEITH (1948;); I-359j. REX ALVIS (1951;); & I-359k. RITA CAROL BROWNING (1955;).

H-556u. KERMIT RAY (1934;) on 12-02-1958 in BucCo m Frances Gay Fuller; & H-556v. RALPH BLANKENSHIP (1943;) on 11-04-1970 in BucCo m Barbara Turner.

F-162c9. HENRY CLEVELAND FULLER (12-12-1893;04-03-1937) in BucCo m Hulda Blankenship. So: I-2623 CHERYL DILLON BELLOTTIE. They b&d BucCo. Ch: b BucCo

G-414. BRADSHAW FULLER (09-11-1918;12-26-1996) (d FL) on 01-19-1942 in BucCo m Ethel Flornia Wood (10-02-1923;12-10-1982) dau of Taz & Millie Baker Wood. She b&d BucCo. Ch:

H-556w. JERLENE (1941;) & H-556x. DORA FULLER (1945;).

H-556y. TERRY FULLER (1946;) on 12-03-1966 in BucCo m Theda Branham (1948;). They b BucCo. Ch:

I-359l. VANESSA FULLER (1967;) on 11-18-1990 in BucCo m Jason Morris (1965;). Ch: J-213b. MORGAN (1991;) & J-213c. LOGAN MORRIS (1996;).

I-359m JOYCE (1969;) in 1989 m Bill Whitney; & I-359n. LAURA FULLER ((1976;).

H-556z. CARTER (1949;); H-556aa. BERNARD (1951;); H-556ab. EDWARD (1955;); H-556ac. SONJA (1956;); H-556ad. HAZEL (1958;); H-556ae. PAM (1959;); H-556af. DEANNA (1964;); & H-556ag. DOUG FULLER (1967;).

G-415. LEONARD FULLER (06-28-1920;10-20-1975) on 06-28-1940 m Imal Owens (b BucCo) (1922;). She & ch (except PHYLLIS, VONDALE & KAREN) b BucCo. He d BucCo. Ch:

H-556ah. PHYLLIS JEAN FULLER (1942;) m Eugene Edwards s of Julie. Ch: I-359o. JEFFREY (1967;) & I-359p. JASON EDWARDS (1980;).

H-556ai. ROBY FULLER (1944;) m (1) Connie Smith (mother of RHODA) & m (2) Linda Hill (mother of JUSTIN. Ch: I-359q. RHODA (1968;) & I-359r. JUSTIN FULLER (1983;).

H-556aj. ALMER JOE FULLER (09-13-1945;03-13-1976) m Carolyn Massey. Ch: I-359s. MARSHA DENISE & I-359t. Ricky Joe Fuller (;03-13-1976) he b&d BucCo.

H-556ak. SANDRA ANN FULLER (1947;) m Bill Lengle. Ch: I-359u. MARC ANTHONY ENGLE (1967;)

H-556al. JUDITH GAIL FULLER (1949;) m Charles Lamkin. Ch: I-359v. MELLISSA (1973;) & I-359w. CHRISTOPHER LAMKIN 1975;)

H-556am. VONDALE FULLER (1950;). Ch: I-359x. AMY; I-359y. TRACY (1978;); & I-359z. KIMBERLY FULLER (1983;)

H-556an. MYRNA LOIS FULLER (1952;) m Billie Campbell. Ch: I-359aa. BILLIE; I-359ab. SAM; I-359ac. JOSHUA; & I-359ad. MARTIN CAMPBELL.

H-556ao. KAREN SUE FULLER (1959;) m Jeffrey Lane. Ch: I-359ae. DANA (1981;)& I-359af. NICHOLAS FULLER (1993;).

G-416. ORBA MARCUS FULLER (12-17-1921;01-05-1979) on 08-31-1946 in BucCo m Louanna Deel (1927;12-08-2009) dau of Richard & Ida Mae Clevinger Deel. He d BucCo Louanna b BucCo; was 1946 graduate Grundy HS; lived Old Greenbrier Rd; was a home maker; member Old Regular Baptist Church for 62 years; attended Little David Old Regular Baptist Church; d Select Specialty Hosp, Bristol, TN; FA Haysi FH; bur Richard D. Deel Cem, Greenbrier & survived by 12 grandchildren & 15 great-grandch. So: DicStar obit 12-16-2009. Ch b BucCo. Ch:

H-556ap. BERTHA MAE FULLER (1947;) m (2) Billy Larry Ford s of William & Dora Adkins Ford & m (3) Bruce Thomas Jones & lived Hopewell 2011. Ch: I-359ag. JODENE YVETTE FULLER (1967;) & I-359ah. RICHARD HENRY FORD (1971;).

H-556aq. BILLY RAY FULLER (1948;) m Barbara Jean Chafin d of Bernard & Geraldine Hart Chafin & lived Lebanon 2011. Ch: I-359ai. BRIAN CHRISTOPHER & I-359aj. BRADLEY KEITH FULLER.

H-556ar. BOBBY GEORGE FULLER (06-18-1950;12-31-1993) m (1) Diane Arnold & on 05-17-1975 in BucCo m (2) Tammy Owens. He d BucCo. Tammy b BucCo. Ch: I-359ak. APRIL FULLER (1976;).

H-556as. HENRY FULLER (1951;) on 05-30-1992 in VA m Janice Matthews & lived Gastonia NC 2011. StepCh: Cindy Marie Martin (1974;); & Tabatha Anne (1977;); Elizabeth Margaret (1978;); & James Glenn "Bubba" Walker (1980;).

H-556at. MABEL ANN FULLER (1953;) m (1) Elzie Yates & m (2) Gill Pelletier & lived Bristol. TN 2011. Ch: I-359al. ERIC (1970;) & I-359am. SHAWN YATES (1985;).

H-556au. ELIZABETH LEE FULLER (1955;) on 03-08-1975 in BucCo m John Henry Deel & lived Lawton, OK 2011. Ch: I-359an. EVAN JOHN (1977;) & I-359ao. AMANDA LEE DEEL (1983;).

H-556av. REBECCA SUE FULLER (1958;) on 08-17-1974 in BucCo m Jimmy Wayne O'Quinn (;06-25-1994) & lived Haysi 2011. He b&d BucCo. Ch: I-359ap. ASHLEY DAWN O'QUINN (1984;).

H-556aw. GREGORY CARL FULLER (1960;04-16-2011) m (1) Angela Deel (mother of BRANDI) & m (2) Ginger Stanley. GREGORY b DicCo; was employed as a heavy equipment oeprator; was of the Baptist faith; d at home on Sword's Ck Rd; FA Haysi, DicCo FH & bur Richard D. Deel Cem, Greenbrier. So: DicStar obit 04-20-1911 Ch: I-359aq. BRANDI MARIE FULLER (1983;) m Lance Baldwin & lived Lebanon 2011. Ch: J-213d. AVA BALDWIN.

H-556ax. GINGER LYNN (1962;) on 02-21-1987 in BucCo m Danny Earl Clevinger & lived Haysi 2011 & H-556ay. SWANNEE DEE FULLER (1964;) on 12-24-1989 in BucCo m Jack Jackson, Jr & lived Nora 2011.

G-417. CRUSOE FULLER (12-18-1923;07-13-1968) on 05-15-1945 in BucCo m Ellen Milton. NORMA, RONNIE & SHIRLEY b BucCo. Ch:

H-556az. Norma Jean Fuller (1943;1943) b&d BucCo.

H-556aaa. RONNIE FULLER (1946;) on 03-07-1970 in BucCo m Pat Asbury (1948;). Ch: I-359ar. MELINDA FULLER (1970;)

H-556aab. SHIRLEY FULLER (1947;) on 10-31-1964 in BucCo m Jack O'Quinn (11-15-1945;07-27-1980). He b&d BucCo. Ch:

I-359as. ALISHA FULLER O'QUINN (1965;) on 04-09-1982 in BucCo m (1) Randy Stiltner (04-07-1961;04-20-1982;); in June 1985 in BucCo m (2) Danny Ray McCoy (10-18-1960;10-09-1986); & in BucCo m (3) Freddie Fuller (1957;). She & Freddie b BucCo. Randy & Danny b&d BucCo. Ch: e13d. SYLVANA MCCOY (1985;); J-213e. SELENA FULLER; J-213f. BESSIE TANISHA FULLER; & J-213g. FREDERICK DAVIS FULLER.

I-359at. LESLIE FULLER O'QUINN (1967;) & I-359au. BRIDGET FULLER O'QUINN (1974;).

H-556aac. MARY (1948;twin); H-556aad. MARTHA (1948;twin) & H-556aae. JOHNNIE FULLER (1951;) on 03-02-1973 m Laverne ???.

G-418. HENRY CLEVELAND FULLER, JR (03-02-1927;02-12-1978) on 12-12-1947 in BucCo m Maxie Owens (1925;). He b&d BucCo. She b BucCo. Ch: H-556aaf. DANNY FULLER.

G-419. VIRGIL FULLER (11-22-1929;04-11-1996) on 04-01-1950 in BucCo m Mae Mullins (1932;) (b BucCo) dau of John & Louemma Willis Mullins. Ch: He b&d BucCo. She b & ch BucCo. Ch:

H-556aag. Marvin Fuller (b&d 11-16-1952).

H-556aah. EMMA LOU FULLER (1956;) on 09-18-1971 in BucCo m Elmer Wallace (1950;). He & JENNIFER b BucCo. Ch: I-359av. JENNIFER WALLACE (1973;) on 11-23-1991 in BucCo m Eddie Flemings (1971;). He b VA. Ch: J-213h. DALTON LEE FLEMINGS (1997;).

H-556aai. GARY LEE FULLER (1969;) on 07-28-1989 in BucCo m Jenny Hall.

G-420. FAYE FULLER (1931;) on 03-07-1953 in BucCo m BURNARD LEE DEEL (1930;) (G-1816f). ( b BucCo) s of Noah & Nettie Boyd Deel. (See G-1816f for ch.

G-421. THELMA FULLER (1937;) on-05-22-1958 in BucCo m (1) Howard Curtis Rose (08-11-1934;09-01-1965) s of Albert Rose & on 01-20-1968 in VA m (2) Carroll Lewis (1940;). Howard b&d BucCo. Ch:

H-556aaj. MICHAEL CURTIS ROSE (1959;) in Nov 1975 m (1) Gina Cater & on 07-05-1996 in BucCo m (2) Angie Robinson (1965;). Ch: I-359aw. MICHAEL CURTIS ROSE, JR (1976;); I-359ax. JESSICA LAUREN ROSE (1980;); & I-359ay. MELLISSA.

H-556aak. TONY LEWIS (1962;) in 1983 m (1) Mary Speed (mother of REBEL) & m (2) Carol Reidalbauch. Ch: I-359az. REBEL (1984;); I-359aaa. KELSEY (1989;twin) & I-359aab. JUSTIN LEWIS (1989;twin).

H-556aal. TAMMY LEWIS (1964;) m (1) Rex Harvaton & in 1985 m (2) Jackie Ware. Ch: I-359aac. RICHIE HARVATON & I-359aad. ASHLEY WARE (1986;).

G-422. NANCY EMELINE FULLER (1925;) on 12-16-1944 in BucCo m CEPHAS BLANKENSHIP, JR (H-556p). Ch (all except ENOS b BucCo):

H-556aam. BRENDA KAYE BLANKENSHIP (1945;) m (1) George Millard Watson; on 07-15-1964 in BucCo m (2) Tommie Milton Horn (02-23-1943;10-06-1995) s of Robert & Lula Kelley Horn; & in 1976 in VA m (3) William Bernard Smith. Tommie b BucCo & d Cedar Bluff, TazCo, VA. William b VA. Ch:

I-359aae. STEPHANIE KAYE HORN (1965;) on 10-28-1988 in Colonial Heights, VA m Steven Craig Edwards (1963;). She b Richmond, VA; he b DinwiddieCo, VA. Ch: J-213i. HOLLIE NATASHA; J-213j. TIFFANY NICOLE; J-213k. STEVEN CRAIG, JR (1991;); & J-213l. WILLIAM THOMAS EDWARDS (1994;).

I-359aaf. LORA MICHELLE (1968;) & I-359aag. MARLENA HULDA HORN (1983;).

H-556aan. EVELYN GAYE BLANKENSHIP (1947;) on 12-19-1964 in BucCo m Furrelly Lee O'Quinn (1944;) s of Acey & Laura O'Quinn O'Quinn. Ch: I-359aah. TIMOTHY JAYE O'QUINN (1968;). Ch: J-213m. MICHAEL BRIAN O'QUINN.

H-556aao. CARVEL MARCUS BLANKENSHIP (1949;) m Jean Arlene Clark (1954;). She b VA. Ch (b Richmond, VA):

I-359aai. TRACEY BLANKENSHIP (1972;) & on 06-05-1996 in Richmond m Jason Kirkland.

I-359aaj. REGINA BLANKENSHIP (1975;) on 06-24-1995 in Richmond m Dale Breeden (1969;). He b VA. Ch; J-213n. DUSTIN BREEDEN.

H-556aap. MILDRED BLANKENSHIP (1950;) on 05-09-1970 in Richmond m Charles Baker (1948;). Ch:

I-359aak. TAMMY RENEE BAKER (1971;). Ch: J-213o. TAYLOR PAIGE BAKER (1995;).

I-359aal. AMANDA DAWN (1975;) & I-359aam. CINDY CORINE BAKER.

H-556aaq. ENOS BLANKENSHIP (1952;)

H-556aar. DEAN BLANKENSHIP (1955;) on 02-08-1972 in BucCo m (1) Diane Dingus (1954;) (mother of TONYA) & m (2) Michelle McCabe. Diane b BucCo. Ch: I-359aan. TONYA (1975;); I-359aao. BRANDON DEAN (1989;); & I-359aap. MEGAN ELIZABETH BLANKENSHIP (1991;).

H-556aas. KITTY LYNN BLANKENSHIP (1958;) m (1) Douglas Chapman & in 1976 in Richmond, VA m (2) Ricky Lee Walden (1957;). Ricky b VA. Ch:

I-359aaq. NANCY LYNETTE (1978;) & I-359aar. JARED CHRISTOPHER WALDEN (1980;).

H-556aat. CONNIE DENISE BLANKENSHIP (1960;) on 07-09-1977 in Richmond m Ricky Wright Jernigan (1958;). Ch: I-359aas. STEPHEN PAUL; I-359aat. SHAWN JOSEPH (1980;); & I-359aau. SHANNA EMELINE JERNIGAN (1984;)

G-423. SADIE FULLER (05-06-1940;02-28-1999) on 03-11-1960 in BucCo m LEONARD DEEL (G-1816e) (1920;) (b BucCo) s of Noah & Nettie Boyd Deel. (See G-1816e for ch.).

G-424. DEMPSEY FULLER (04-14-1935;07-11-1984) on 04-02-1955 in BucCo m Pricey Ellen Lester (1936;). He d BucCo. She b BucCo. Ch:

H-556aau. REX DEMPSEY FULLER (1957;) on 04-05-1975 in VA m Joan Downey (1955;) dau of Edward Downey. He b BucCo. Ch:


I-359aaw. REX DEMPSEY FULLER III (1976;). Ch: J-213p. LAUREN MICHELLE KROFT (1996;).

I-359aax. NANCY MARGARET FULLER (1985;).

H-556aav. BLAINE FULLER (1960;) m (1) Clydene Downey (1957)(mother of ch) & on 07-15-1980 m (2) Delynne Syrja (1960;); & on 07-03-1993 m (3) Tara Emerson. Ch: I-359aay. KIMBERLY LYNN (1975;) & I-359aaz. ROBERT ALLEN (1978;).

H-556aaw. JEFFREY (1963;) & H-556aax. BEVERLY FULLER (1965;) on 08-04-1984 in MI m (1) Matthew Bleski (;1996) & m (2) Joseph Homer (1965;) &. Matthew d MI. Ch: I-359aaaa. JASON ??? (1992;) & I-359aaab. CHASTITY HOMER (1997;).

G-425. MARCUS FULLER (12-25-1915;04-13-1937) d BucCo.

G-426. PHERBY PHOEBE FULLER (01-19-1934;07-06-1934) d BucCo.

G-427. WILLIAM FULLER (04-02-1917;04-10-1917) d BucCo.

G-428. CARL FULLER (10-24-1928;11-04-1928) d BucCo.

F-162c10. CRECIE DIORA FULLER (1896;1951) in 1917 in BucCo) m James Thomas Shortridge (1890;1924) (b&d BucCo). Grandch: H-556aay. CAROL TURNER; H-567aaz. RUSSELL KEITH DALE m JoElla ???; H-556aaaa. CRECY m Jason Varney; H-556aaab. SHANE RATLIFF; H-556aaac. BETHEL m Blaine Owens; H-556aaad. RETHEL CHARLES; H-556aaae. LARRY DEEL; H-556aaaf. TABATHA DALES & H-556aaag. ALEXANDER VARNEY. Ch:

G-428a. SAMANTHA SHORTRIDGE (04-02-1924;06-11-2009) was b BucCo; was a homemaker; d Buchanan General Hosp, Grundy, BucCo, VA; FA Virginia FH, Grundy & bur Shortridge Cem, Haysi, VA. So: DicStar obit 06-17-2009.

G-428b. ELBERT SHORTRIDGE m Margaret ???? & lived Haysi 2009.

F-162c11 BYRD FULLER (08-12-1896;1971) m (1) Maxie Owens & in 1928 in BucCo m (2) Martha McFadden (1913;1997) (b&d BucCo). Ch:

G-428c. Buddie (;before 2008) & G-428d. Georgie Fuller (;before 2008).

G-429. RUAL FULLER ca 1933;05-02-2008). He b DicCo; was US Army Veteran; personal guard to the Queen; KY Colonel; coal operator; real estate owner; Country Club owner; active in Democratic Party; of the Presbyterian faith; loved the town of Haysi; made his home for last several years with his sister, ARLENE; d Asbury Place, Johnson City, TN; FA Haysi FH; buried Fuller Cem, Haysi; & survived by two grandch. So: DicStar obit, 05-07-2008. Ch: H-556aaah. RUAL, JR; H-556aaai. MARTHA m ??? Raulette; H-556aaaj. MELANIE ANN m ??? Arlene & H-556aaak. KIM FULLER m ??? Colley.

G-430. GEORGE lived Haysi 2009 & G-431. JACK FULLER m Pearlie ??? & lived Haysi 2009.

G-432. CLAUDIE FULLER (01-05-1935;08-29-2009) ca 1953 m Blanche ??? (;living 2009) & lived Abingdon, VA 2008. CLAUDIE b Haysi, DicCo, VA; moved to Abingdon 1979; was member Holston Regular Baptist Church; a coal miner; drove a coal truck; owned several prosperous businesses; won several awards in local dog shows; baptized 07-16-2006; d Johnston Mem Hosp, Abingdon; FA Farris FH, Abingdon & bur Forest Hills Mem Gardens. So: BHC obit 09-01-2009. Ch: H-556aaal. ROCKIE & H-556aaam. CARLIE FULLER. Grandch: I-359aaac. JESSICA; I-359aaad. WHITNEY; I-359aaae. ANNA & I-359aaaf. LANDON FULLER

G-433. ARLENE m Jerry Deel & lived Haysi 2009; G-434. PATSY m Michael Phillips & lived Haysi 2009 & G-434a. ERVIN FULLER m Jean ??? & lived Pounding Mills, VA, 2009.

F-162c12. JOHN FULLER (01-01-1901;1974) in 1923 in BucCo m Nellie Raines (1909;1984) (b&d BucCo.) Ch:

G-434b. AGNES (;before 2007) m ??? Yates; G-434c. LOIS (;before 2007) m ??? Belcher; G-434d. NANCY (;before 2007) m ??? Deel; G-434e. OAKIE (;before 2007); G-434f. LONZA (;before 2007); G-434g. TOM (;before 2007); G-434h. HENRY (;before 2007) & G-434i. DAVID FULLER (;before 2007).

G-434j. JOHN LETCHER FULLER (ca 1929;01-22-2007) was b BucCo; lived Haysi, was a miner & of the Old Regular Baptist Faith; d @ home; FA Haysi FH & burial Fuller Cem. So: DicStar obit 01-24-2007.

G-434k. GLADYS; G-434l. DIXIE m Carl Deel; G-434m. GAY m Ray Blankenship; G-434n. PAULINE m Levi Sutherland & G-434o. JOHNNY FULLER m Lisa ???. All lived Haysi 01-24-2007.

F-162c12a. CARRIE FULLER (1905;1987) in 1927 in BucCo m Auty Yates. They b&d BucCo.

F-162c13. ELVERTT "EBB" FULLER m Eura Cansis "Dude" Blankenship. Ch:

G-438. SARAH JANE FULLER (1926;) m Zachariah Christopher Deel. Ch:

Adopted: (1) Jesse Darrell m Angie Gerrard & lived Clintwood 2008 & (2) Deidre Carol Deel m Anthony Spafford & lived Haysi 2008.

H-558. CAROLYN DEEL m Tommy Ray Mullins & lived Haysi 2008;

H-559. DARRELL lived Haysi; H-560. ARBUTUS m John Edward Brown & lived OH 2008; & H-561. AUDREY DEEL m Phillip Brian Phipps & lived Clintwood 2008.

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H-562. VERSIE DEEL (1953;) m Weldon Charles Wells (1948;). Ch:

I-368. ELLIOTT CHARLES WELLS (1977;) on 07-07-2007 @ Myrtle Beach, SC, m Beth Stallard dau of Zane & Norma Stallard of Clintwood. He b Wise &. In 2007 he was a Correctional Officer @ Red Onion Prison, WiseCo & she was a Registered Nurse @ Norton Comm Hosp. The reception & honeymoon were @ the Avista Hotel, Myrtle Beach, SC. So: DicStar 04-16-2008.

H-563. GEORGIA DEEL (1954;05-22-2008) m Denver Street (05-13-1929;05-12-1998). She b Haysi; lived Raven, VA; owned & operated Hilltop Motel & Restaurant, Doran, VA; d Dickenson Comm Hosp, Clintwood; FA Haysi FH & buried Blankenship Cem, Haysi; So: BHC obit 05-24-2008. Denver d in a hosp in Richlands, VA. Ch: I-369. DAVID DEWEY STREET (1980;04-03-2011) b a Richlands Hosp & lived Raven, VA 2008 & 2011; d Clinch River Med center, Richlands; FA Haysi FH & bur Blankenship Cem, Haysi. Stepsisters: a. Tammy Dye & b. Adrianne Street. Step-brothers: a. Bryon & b. Michael Street. So: DicStar obit 04-06-1911.

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G-443. JERRY FULLER (1935;) m Helen Ruth Endicott (1938;02-05-2007) dau of Flem & Pearl Hurley Endicott. They lived in Haysi. Helen b BucCo; was a homemaker; member Russell Prater Old Regular Baptist Church; d @ home; FA Haysi FH & burial Blankenship, Cem, Rt 2, Haysi. So: BHC obit 02-07-2007. Other grandch: I-399a. ANDREW; I-399b. ALLISON & I-399c. BRITTANY. Ch:

H-582. COY FULLER (1956;) m Loretta ? lived Haysi 2007. Ch: I-400. COY HUNTER FULLER.

H-583. CARL FULLER (1958;) on 05-24-1982 m Carolyn Denise Wilson (1961:) & lived New York 2007.

H-584. DARLENE FULLER (1959;) m ? Little & lived Hollister, FL, 2007. Ch: I-401. JERRY ALLEN LITTLE (1978;).

H-585. Jerry, Jr. (12-12-1960;12-15-1960); H-586. Harold Lee (01-09-1962;08-03-1980); H-587. HERMAN (1972;) m Renee ?? & lived Wise, VA, 2007; & H-588. JIMMY RAY FULLER (1974;) lived Haysi 2007.

G-444. DEWEY BUCHANAN "BUCK" FULLER (09-04-1938;02-20-1989) on 09-26-1959 m Emma Jean Davis (1943;06-27-2007) dau of Rosey Coleman Davis. They lived in Haysi. BUCK bur Blankenship Cem, Haysi. Emma b BucCo; lived on Doe Br, Haysi, VA; was a homemaker & member of Haysi Church of Christ; d Clintwood Comm Hosp; FA Haysi FH & buried Blankenship Cem, Haysi. So: BHC obit 06-28-2007. Ch:

H-589. DENNIS RAY FULLER (1960;) on 08-05-1978 m Norma Jean Boyd (1961;) & lived Haysi 2007. Ch: I-402. ASHLEY LYNN FULLER (1986;).

H-590. VICKIE GAIL FULLER (1963;) lived Doe Br. 2007.

H-591. LISA CAROL FULLER (1964;) on 06-18-1984 m Elmer Harold Yates (1965;) & lived Haysi 2007. Ch: I-403. ALEX CODY (1986;) & I-404. AMY JORDAN YATES (1990;).

H-592. MICHAEL LEE FULLER (1967;) m Kim ??? & lived Coeburn, WiseCo, 2007.

H-593. BRADY SCOTT FULLER (1968;) on 04-08-1980 m Tina Faye Yates (1968;) & lived Vansant, BucCo 2007. Ch: I-405. KARA DANIELIE FULLER (1991;).

Page 49

E-186. HENDERSON FULLER (01-22-1858;) on 10-14-1880 in BucCo m (1) Emma Cox (1863;1885) (b&d BucCo) dau of Julian & R Cox & on 06-03-1887 in BucCo m (2) Mary Jane Matney (04- -1864;) dau of John & Mary Stacy Matney. Mary b BucCo. So: I-2623 CHERYL DILLON BELLOTTI. Ch: F-162c15a. JOHN L (07- -1881;); F-162c15b. RACHEL (08- 1884;); F-162c15c. ROBINSON CRUSOE (04- -1889;); F-162c15d. IDA M (05- -1891;); F-162c15e. SILAS S (02- -1893;); F-162c15f. LAWRENCE (07- -1897); F-162c15g. DOCK (09- -1899;); F-162c15h. GALLIE (1903;); F-162c15i. ARCH (1907;); & F-162c15j NANCY FULLER (1908;).

E-187. JOHN LETCHER FULLER (07- -1862;) m (1) Patty A Rowe & in 1895 in BucCo m (2) Mary Polly O'Quinn (01- -1876;) dau of John & Sallie Deel O'Quinn. Mary b BucCo. Ch: F-162c15k. CANDUS FULLER (07- -1899;).

Page 51

D-49. JONAS FULLER m Rodah Fuller. Ch:

E-193. MARY "POLLY" ANNE FULLER m Sparrell T Newberry. Ch:


G-472a. ESTHER (;before 2007) m ??? Owens; G-472b. LUCILLE (; before 2007) m ??? Duty & G-472c. WILLARD BURNS NEWBERRY lived Vansant, BucCo, 2007.

G-472d. FURL COLLINS NEWBERRY (ca 1931;05-14-2007)m Vickie Fleming. He lived Phoenix, AZ; was a truck driver for over 45 years; died while sleeping in his truck in Dallas, TX; FA Haysi, VA, FH; & buried Newberry Cem, Vansant, VA. So: BHC obit 05-18-2007. Other grandch: I-432a. MICHAEL, I-432b. LEIGH ANN & I-432c. MELISSA DEEL of Haysi & I-432d. VICKIE MILHOAN of Phoenix. Gr-grandch: J-235a. ALEX, J-235b. JUSTICE, J-235c. EMILY & J-235d. JADEN. Ch:

H-618a. JANET NEWBERRY m ??? Artis & lived Phoenix. Ch: I-432e. BETH ARTIS of Phoenix & I-432f. BECKY ARTIS OF Tucson, AZ.

H-618b. TERESA m ??? Lackey & lived Phoenix 2007 & H-618c. LINDA NEWBERRY m ??? Rowsome & lived Ventura, CA, 2007.

G-472e. BERNICE NEWBERRY m ??? Gilley & lived New Albany, ID, 2007.

G-473. ROBERTA NEWBERRY m WILLIAM FARRELL DUTY(H-2787) & m (2) ??? Ratliff & lived Abingdon, VA 2007. So: HSS.

F-162j. THOMAS JEFFERSON NEWBERRY m SYLVIA MELVINA DEEL (F-1175). Stepch: Fay (;before 2005); Stacey (;before 2005); Opal m ??? Williams & lived Lynchburg, VA, 2005 & Edna White m ??? Owens & lived Haysi 2005; & Pearl White (;before 2005) m ??? Hicks. Ch:

G-474. TIVIS GUY NEWBERRY (08-04-1915;03-26-2005) ca 1944 m Rona Jacobson. He native DicCo, VA; was a member Lick Cr Primitive Baptist Church; a member of Mason's Lodge; 22 year US Navy veteran WW-II surviving the sinking of the USS Yorktown; worked 8 years as civil servant; lived Pensacola, FL; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH; & survived by 3 grandch & 2 gr-grandch. So: DicStar Obit 04-06-2005. Ch: H-619. ERVIN m Sarah Ann Byrd & lived Concord, NC & H-620. DAVID NEWBERRY m Peggy Cragle & lived Owens Crossroads. AL, 2005.

G-475. RACHEL NEWBERRY (;before 2005) m MILAN SUTHERLAND (G-2092).

G-476. MARTHA FELMA NEWBERRY (03-18-1919;11-20-2005) m (2) Harold L. Richie (;before Nov 2005). She lived on Sandy Ridge near Coeburn, WiseCo, VA; was member Sandy Ridge Volunteer Fire Dept Ladies Auxiliary; was of the old Regular Baptist faith; d Norton, WiseCo, VA, Com Hosp; FA Sturgill FH, Coeburn; & bur McCoy-Stanley Cem. So: BHC obit 11-21-2005. Ch: H-621. GUY DUANE (;before Nov 2005); H-622. JIMMY DEAN m Kay ???? & lived Hackleburg, AL; H-623. KENNETH DARRELL m Colleen ??? & lived Sandy Ridge Com; & H-624. DENNY W STANLEY m Connie ??? & lived Christiansburg, VA.

G-477. MARY (03-18-1919;before 2005) m ???? Stanley & G-478. VIRGINIA HAZEL NEWBERRY m Clyde Van Dyke & lived Rising Sun, MD 2005.

E-197. EMORY T. FULLER (01-14-1862;04-05-1943) m F-162c PRICY J. Deel. Ch:

F-162j1. ALTA BELLE FULLER (02--1896;) m William Harrison Arrington Ch:

G-480. KATY JO ARRINGTON (ca 1924;) ca 1946 at Salem VA m Harold Travis Powers (ca 1924;05-01-2007) s of George Cowan & Pinkie Hall Powers. Harold was a retired Ford Dealer; Haysi Town Council member for many years; served on the Appalachian Agency Board for Senior Citizens; was instrumental in development of Breaks Park & John Flannagan Dam; life member VFW & 50-year Mason with Scottish Rites Shriners; Haysi Kiwanian of the year; member Dickenson First Presbyterian Chuch; d Ormond, FL Mem Hosp; FA Haysi FH; & buried Russell Mem Cem, Lebanon, VA. They lived in FL & at Haysi, VA. Other grandch: I-435a. CHRIS & I-435b. RACHAEL POWERS; I-435c. JENNY SUTHERLAND & I-435d. BRIDGET SYKES. Gr-Grandch: J-236a. KIRSTEN; J-236b. MATNEY; J-236c. ABBY & J-236d. LEVI. Ch:

H-628. DANNY HAROLD (1946;) m Linda ??? & lived Palm Beach, FL 2007; & H-629. GEORGE WILLIAM POWERS (1948;)m Sally ??? & lived Astor, FL 2007.

H-630. SHARON JO POWERS (1950;) m Michael Ratliff & lived Richlands, VA 2007. Ch: I-435e. AMANDA JO m ??? Cole & I-435f. BRANDON RATLIFF.


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F-162m. JAMES GRANVILLE SUTHERLAND m POLLY ANNE EDWARDS (G-1676c). Ch: G-484f. JAMES E. SUTHERLAND (ca 1926;08-01-2005) on 10-18-1951 m Leah Rasnick. He b Miama, FL; lived Joppatown, and after 1985, in Pylesville, MD; served US Navy 1944-46 (WW-II); had a 1950 BS in chemistry from Univ Miami; worked Oak Ridge National Lab, Aerojet General Corp, Monsanto Research Corp, Rorh Aircraft Corp & for 25 years as Physical Scientist at Edgewood Arsenal; enjoyed stamp collecting, woodworking, bowling, & playing the trumpet & piano; d Upper Chesapeake Med Center, Bel Air, MD; FA Harkins FH; bur Garrison Forest Veterans Cem, MD. So: DicStar obit 08-03-2005. Ch:

H-630a. JAMES E. SUTHERLAND m Natasha ??? & lived Laurel, MD, 2005. Ch: I-435g. CHRISTINA SUTHERLAND of Laurel, MD.

H-630b. DANIEL C. SUTHERLAND m Teresa ??? & lived Rockville, MD. Ch: I-435h. JOSHUA SUTHERLAND of Rockville, MD.

H-630c. RITA A. SUTHERLAND m Ronald Cooper & lived Pylesville, MD. Ch: I-435i. CHRISTOPHER & I-435j. JESSE COOPER of Pylesville.

C-9. JONAS RASNICK m Rachel Laforce (C-18--SUTHERLAND App).

D-54. ELIJAH LAFORCE RASNICK m Mary "Polly" Breeding. Ch:

E-212. SYLVIA RASNICK m Ransom Musick. Ch:


G-485. CLITUS WOODROW MUSICK (05-12-1914;02-16-2009) m (2) Mary Mollie Gibson Burns (ca 1916;07-01-2006). CLITUS b RusCo, VA; was retired from AEP, Clinch River Plant; lived Cleveland, VA; FA Owens FH, Lebanon, RusCo, VA & bur Musick Family Cem, Weavers Ck, VA. So: BHC obit 03-01-2009. Mary lived Cleveland, RusCo, VA; d RusCo Med Center, Lebanon, RusCo; FA Owens FH, Lebanon; & bur Russell Mem Cem, Lebanon. So: BHC obit 07-03-2006. Stepch: Evelyn m (1) ??? Cowan & m (2) George Taylor & lived Cleveland 2006; Amelia Gibson m ??? McFarlane & lived Tampa, FL; & Johnnie Olivia Burns m Hobart Taylor & lived Lebanon 2006.

G-486. RALPH CARMON MUSICK (09-30-1915;before 02-16-2009).

G-488. CARLILE LEON MUSICK (1920;living 02-16-2009)

G-489. ANITA GENE MUSICK (1922;before 02-16-2009) m (2) John "Jack" Milton Lalonde of Richmond

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E-218 J0SEPH HENRY RASNICK m Ida Honaker. Ch:

F-192. WOODROW GRADY RASNICK (07-07-1893;11-29-1945) m Susan Violet Sykes. So: Sykes Family by R C Sykes has more on them & their descendants. See note at end of this document.

F-193. CHARLIE HERMAN RASNICK m Margaret Anna Jessee. Ch:

G-497a. FRANCIS RASNICK (;before 12-28-2009); G-497b ASA A RASNICK (;before 12-28-2009) m HAZEL COLLEN SUTHERLAND (G-2328) dau of KERMIT RHEA & Dulcy "Alcie" Owens SUTHERLAND (F-1576 v1p231); G-497c. EDGAR m Edie ??? & lived Marion, OH 2009; G-497d. DORIS (;before 12-28-2009); G-497e. CLYDE (;before 12-28-2009); G-497f. MILDRED m Danny Thomas & lived Haysi 2009; G-497g. DEWEY (;before 12-28-2009); G-497h. MAY m Johnny Thomas & lived Louisville, KY 2009; G-497i. RAY (;before 12-28-2009); G-497j. LEIGH m James Sutherland (;before 12-28-2009) & lived Louisville 2009; G-497k. CLARA m Charles Mullins & lived Louisville 2009 & G-497l. BILL RASNICK (;before 12-28-2009).

G-497m. CHARLES "CHARLIE" HERMAN RASNICK, JR (ca 1942;12-28-2009) m Betsy ???? (Betsy lived Pikeville, KY 2009). CHARLIE b DicCo; lived Birchleaf, DixcCo; served U. S. Army; was Vietnam veteran; was of the Baptist faith; d at home; FA Haysi FH, DicCo & bur A. J. Edwards Cem, Rakes Ridge, DicCo with VFW Post 3792 military grave side rites. So: DicStar Obit 01-10-2010.

G-497n. EUGENE m Jennie ??? & lived Birchleaf, DicCo 2009 & G-497o. NOLAN RASNICK m Arbutus & lived Ocala, FLA 2009.

F-194. ESTHER MAY (07-27-1897;before 2007) m GRADY RASNICK; F-197. REBA MYTLE (08-14-1904;before 2007) m WILLARD COUNTS (F-1688) & F-198. SUSIE VIOLA RASNICK (02-17-1907;before 2007) m ARTHUR COUNTS (F-683).

F-199. HENRY TYLER RASNICK (;1962) m Nannie Lee Thomas (05-09-1921;01-03-2009) dau of Albert & Lettie Childress Thomas. Nannie b DicCo; m (2) Thomas Yates (;1977); lived Nealy Ridge, DicCo; d @ home; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood, DicCo; bur Tyler Rasnick Family Cem, Nealy Ridge, Clinchco & survived by 25 grandch, 51 gr-grandch, 11 gr-gr-grandch, 27 step-grandch, 61 step gr-grandch & 19 step-gr-gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 01-07-2009 Ch:

G-498. IDA LOIS RASNICK m Kenneth Branham & lived Clinchco 2009.

G-498a. JOSEPH m Alice ??? & lived Wixom, MI 2009; G-498b. ARLIE m Shirley & lived Clintwood 2009; G-498c. TIVIS m Kathleen ??? & lived Clinchco, DicCo 2009; G-498d. RONNIE m Shenia ??? & lived Clinchco 2009.

G-498e. FAYNE RASNICK m Alice Epling dau Gerald "Fly" & Lil Epling & lived Clinchco, 2009. Ch: H-663a. JOSHUA FAYNE RASNICK on 09-13-2008 @ the home of JOSHUA's uncle, RONNIE RASNICK (G-497a.) on Nealy Ridge, DicCo, m Jessica Faye Ratliff dau of Rusty & Missy Ratliff. So: DicStar 11-12-2008.

F-200. NANNIE JANE(04-06-1911;before 2007) m Cecil Edwards G-1435) & F-201. WOODROW WILSON RASNICK (08-11-1914;before 2007).

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F-202. LENA ALPHA RASNICK (10-12-1917;10-31-2007) ca 1945 m Theodore Raines (;06-27-2002) & lived in Vansant, BucCo, VA. She b DicCo; lived BucCo most of life; was a home maker; a member of Vansant Presbyterian Church; d Clinch Valley Med Center, Richlands, VA; buried Greenhills Mem Garden; FA Grundy, BucCo, FH; Claypool Hill, VA. So: BHC obit 11-03-2007. Ch:

G-502a. BEVERLY ANN RAINES m Paul Merritt & lived Sarasota, FL 2007. Ch:

H-663b. DAVID & H-663c. SCOTT MERRITT.

H-663d. MICHELLE MERRITT m ??? Byrant & lived Sarasota, FL 2007. Ch: I-458a. BAYLEE & I-458b. ISAIAH BYRANT.

G-502b. DEBORAH RAINES lived Vansant 2007.

G-502c. WILLIAM "BILL" DAVID RAINES m Zenobia ??? & lived Vansant 2007. Ch: H-663e. SAVANNAH & H-663f. DAKOTA DALTON RAINES.



G-507a. GAYNELL POWERS m CLAIRE SYKES (G-1489) & lived Roanoke, VA, 2005. Ch: H-669a. CHERYL SYKES m Dr. Charles Gilliland lived Roanoke, VA, 2006. Ch: I-475a. MEREDITH GILLILAND m Greg Eckle lived Richmond, VA, 2006. Ch: J-236e. ELIZABETH MEADE ECKEL (2005;). So: DicStar 10-11-2006.

G-507b. BARNUM STEPHENSON POWERS, JR (ca 1921;07-06-2005) m Elizabeth Ann Perrigan. He b DicCo; served in U S Marine Corps occupation forces in Japan 1945-46; Commissioner of Revenue DicCo; employed Kennedy Space Center & Clinchfield Coal Co; retired after 13 years DicCo Schools; lived Rose Ridge Section, DicCo; was of the Baptist faith; d DicCo Com Hosp; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH; bur Rufus Perrigan Cem, Clinchco, DicCo. So: BHC Obit 07-08-2005. Ch:

H-669b. RICHARD POWERS lived Edgewater, FL, 2005.

H-669c. CECIL POWERS m Nancy ??? & lived Titusville, FL, 2005. Ch: I-475b. CHRISTY; I-475c. CATHY; & I-475d. REBECCA POWERS lived FL.

Stepch: Melissa Fleming Deel of Clintwood & Kyle Fleming lived Clintwood 2005. Step grandch: Jason Rose m Tabitha ???; Sarah Deel; Cassandra Fleming; & Travis Fleming all of Clintwood.

G-507c. JAMES CORBETT (;before 2005); G-507d. DARRELL "SHIFTY" m Dorothy ??? & lived Clinchco, DicCo; & G-507e. FRANKLIN D POWERS (;before 2005).

F-212. AUGUSTA MAINE POWERS m Oscar Odess Garrett. Ch:

G-508. NELLIE GARRETT FRYE (;living 2004) lived Atlanta, GA, 2004.

G-509. ROBERT T GARRETT (09-30-1920;11-07-2004) m VIRGINIA MAE WRIGHT (G-2413) (1924;2003). He born Wilder, RusCo; was a lifelong resident of DicCo; served US Army in the Pacific WW-II; helped start one of the first cable TV businesses in the area; part owner of the coin laundry in Clintwood until 2002; a 1986 retired miner from Betty B Coal Co; & d Wellmont Holston Valley Hosp, Kingsport, TN; FA by Clintwood FH. So: DicStar Obit 11-10-2004. See VIRGINIA (G-2413) for Ch.

G-513. WILLIE GARRETT lived Pensacola, FL, 2004.

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E-223. WILLIAM S RASNICK m Elizabeth Mullins. Ch:

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F-234. SARAH RASNICK m Jackson Turner(E-226c--SUTHERLAND App). Ch:

G-560. BONNIE TURNER (ca 1922;06-29-2008) m Eldrige Payne (;before 2008). BONNIE was a Christian; d Mt View Regional Med Center, Norton, WiseCo, VA; FA Sturgill FH, Coeburn, WiseCo; buried Edwards Cem, Coeburn & survived by 28 grandch, 54 gr-grandch & 18 gr-gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 07-01-2008. Ch: H-684a. DIANA (;before 2008) m Duane Sears (;before 2008); H-684b. GWENDOLYN (;before 2008) m Bud Watts of NC; H-684c. PAUL m Debra ??? & lived Clintwood, DicCo, 2008; H-684d. CLAY m Carmen & lived OH 2008; H-684e. ELMER m Sue & lived OH 2008; H-684f. EDDIE m Linda & lived OH 2008; H-684g. EILEEN m Howard Love & lived OH 2008; H-684h. DELORIS m Bill Love & lived OH 2006; H-684i. PEGGY m Charlie Coopr & lived Oh 2006 H-684j. LINDA m Steve Almond (;before 2008) & lived NC 2008; H-684k. SANDRA m Mack Kiser & lived Coeburn 2008 & H-684l. SHERRY PAYNE m Joe Kilgore & lived Coeburn 2008.

G-561. PANSY LEE TURNER m Elmer McCoy & lived TX 2008.

F-238. ALABAMA RASNICK (09-01-1897;01-31-1990) on 04-01-1917 m Sherman Bise

G-567. GENOA BISE. Ch: H-688. JOLEANE lived Abingdon, WashCo, VA, 2006 m Alcieberry Mullins lived Pound, WiseCo, VA, 2006. Ch:

I-476. SHERMAN FREELING MULLINS (ca 1960;03-18-2006). He lifelong resident of DicCo; lived Clintwood; graduated Clintwood HS 1977; was a coal miner; & FA Mullins FH, Clintwood. So: BHC 03-21-2006. Ch: J-236f. ROBERT A & J-236g. DANIEL MULLINS of Wytheville.

I-477. DOREMUS DEAN m Cindy ??? & lived Clintwood 2006; I-478. KENDALE SCOTT m Carol ??? & lived Clintwood 2006; & I-478a. DENICE MULLINS m Zach Olinger & lived Galax, VA, 2006.

E-224.ELIJAH RASNICK m PHOEBE SMITH (F-463). They lived on Coon Br, near Nora on land given to PHOEBE by her father. He built a big house with 2 fireplaces & 2 chimneys. His ch were keep from school for 30 days while bricks were being made ... "in a" mold "that" held 4 bricks. The wet bricks ... set out about 2 weeks ... in the sun to dry ... were placed in rows ... and fires were keep night & day until they burned red or orange ... Neighbors hauled off their share to build their fireplaces and chimneys ... He doctored sugar diabetis, TB, pneumonia, ... typhoid fever, just everything, rheumatism, arthritis ... His medicine was put in bottles, and labels put on the bottles when he fixed it .... On 06-26-1935 he registered a Trademark in the US patent Office doing business as Dr. Rasnick's Laboratory ... His grandchildren were always on the lookout for trailing arbutus, blood root, snake root, Indian turnip, etc ... He tanned his own leather ...also made his children's shoes. So: Rasnick Family Newsletter, Winter, 2004 originally in Mountain Life & Work April 1978 with additions by MINA SUMMERTON (H-702). Ch:


G-569. MARGARET SAPHRONIA (;before 1994) & G-570. PHOEBE ELLEN RASNICK (;before 1994). So: Ed Martin, nephew of Ruby Martin Rasnick 2008.

G-571. HERBERT JEROME RASNICK (06-06-1911;04-17-1994) m Ruby Martin (09-11-1916;09-04-1975) . (So. Rasnick Family Newsletter Summer 2004). They bur Temple Hill Mem Park Cem, Castlewood, RusCo, VA. HERBERT lived Clintwood, Brushy Ridge near Nora with SOPHRONIA, in a Roanoke, VA, retirement home & Colonial Hill Retirement Center, Johnson City, TN. So: Ed Martin, nephew of Ruby Martin Rasnick 2008.

F-241. MARGARET ALAFAIR RASNICK on 01-05-1899 m Edward C Long. Ch:

G-572. EDWARD STUART LONG (06-29-1906;before 2007) m Mary Bell Bolden (1921;before 2007)). Ch:

H-690. JOAN LONG (1939;02-16-2007) in Clintwood m Billy Roosevelt McCowan (1932;before 2007), s of Elbert & Pearl McCowan. She was a lifelong resident DicCo & a member of the Lighthouse Freewill Baptist Church: lived @ Nora, DicCo; d @ home; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood, DicCo; buried Deel Cem, Brushy Ridge Section, Nora & survived by 13 grandch & 10 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 02-18-2007. Ch: I-479. CHARLOTTE DIANNE ('56;) m ??? Culbertson & lived Nora 2007; I-480. MARVIN LASETER ('58;) lived Trammell Gap, DicCo, 2007; I-481. TOKELIA ELLEEN "KATHY" ('6(8?) m ??? Helbert & lived Nora 2007; I-482 ROGER NEAL('65;) lived Bluff City, TN, 2007;& I-483 SHERRI DENISE MCCOWAN('73) m ??? Garrett & lived Blountville, TN, 2007.

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H-691. HARLON S. LONG (1942;before 2007) m Helen Wagner (1941;).

H-692. WILLIE EDWARD LONG (1943) m Sandra Mae Moffatt & lived Blacksburg, VA, 2007; H-692a. GENE lived Rosedale, RusCo, 2007; H-692b. RONNIE lived Fl 2007; H-692c. JEWELL m ??? Gilliard & lived Sweetwater, TN, 2007 & H-692d. HELEN LONG lived Arcadia, Fl, 2007.

F-242. RUTH CORDELIA RASNICK m John Collier McCoy. Ch:

G-573. RUFUS MCCOY m (2) Dema Alexander (mother of DWIGHT). Ch:

H-695. HAROLD MCCOY m (1) Mavis Tipton (mother of ch). Ch: I-504. GENE MCCOY (1966;) m ? . Ch: J-236h. SAMUEL & J-237. ACIE MCCOY.

H-701. DARIUS DWIGHT MCCOY (1947;) m Bonita Meade. Ch: I-508. CHAD MCCOY of Brushy Ridge, DiCo, m Dixie Johnson dau of Johnny & Madge Johnson of Sandy Ridge. Ch: J-239a. REAGAN ELIZABETH (2004;) & J-239b. BREALEY GRACE MCCOY (2008;) who was b Norton, VA, Comm Hosp. So: DicStar 11-19-2008.

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G-592. MARY ISABEL "BELLE" RASNICK (;before 03-20-2009) m ? Frazier.

G-593. BERTHA RASNICK (;before 03-20-2009) m ? Carter. G-594. SIDNEY ALLEN RASNICK (;before 03-20-2009).

G-595. CLIFFORD COLUMBUS RASNICK (08-02-1917;04-26-1998) m (1) America M. Puckett (ca 1921;03-15-2008) dau of Walter & Belle Branham Puckett & m (2) Nora Perrigan (mother of RETHA?). At the time of his death they had 14 grandch & 3 gr-grandch. America d Royal Oak; FA Clintwood FH & buried Presley Place Cem, Stratton, DicCo. So: DicStar obit 03-19-2008. Stepch: Bobby Puckett (;living 2008); Goldie Kiser m ??? Viers; Georgie Dodd; Joy Puckett Wellman & Cynthia Bocock. Ch: (all living 2008)

H-738. DANNY; H-739. LARRY; H-740. BRIAN; H-741. KENNETH & H-742. RANDY & H-742a. RETHA RASNICK. H-743. JILL ??? m ? Yearego (Jill may be a stepch).

G-596. WILLARD RHEA RASNICK (;before 2008) m Violet "Louise" Perrigan (;living 2008). Ch:

H-744a. THEDA JEWELL m Sidney Allen Counts (G-2229) & lived Clintwood 2008; H-744b. ALTON lived Clinchco, DicCo, 2008; H-744c. EDGAR lived Clinchco 2008; H-744d. RAYETTE m ???? Denny lived Duffield, VA, 2008; H-744e. DEBRA m ??? Bandy & lived Clintwood 2008; H-744f. MARTHA m ??? Swiney & lived Dungannon, VA, 2008; H-744g. GLORIA m ??? Shortridge & lived Oakwood, VA, 2008; & H-745. ENOS RABON RASNICK m Cherie Katherine Sechler & lived Auburn, IN, 2008;

H-745a. WILLARD C. RASNICK (09-15-1949;10-18-2008) on 08-01-1970 in Troy, MI, m Charlotte J Stout. He b Clintwood, DicCo; lived Garrett, IN since 1986; served US Army in Korea during Vietnam era; was member Garrett American Legion; was a tool & die machinist @ Hull Machine Shop, Spencerville, IN; d @ home; FA Thomas FH, Garrett; buried Rasnick Family Cem on Nealy Ridge near Clinchco, & survived by 5 grandch. So: DicStar obit 10-22-2008. Ch:

I-570a. JEFFREY C.; I-570b. JOSEPH R. & I-570c. WESLEY A. RASNICK all lived Garrett 2008.

G-597. NELLIE ORA (;living 2009) m ? Gold & G-598. ARABUTUS RASNICK (;living 2009).

G-599. JEAN "NAN" GEORGIA RASNICK (04-15-1931;03-20-2009) ca 1964 m Don Nordmayer. NAN b Nealy Ridge, DicCo, VA; lived Post Falls, ID; her home epitome of Southern hospitality; favorite pastime attending grandch athletic events & d after year long battle with cancer. So: Rasnake Newsletter. Other grandch: I-570d. BRENDA m Chris Kloer ???; I-570e. SARAH m Tyler Emery. Gr-grandch: J-255a. CALVIN & J-255b. CAMERAN KLOER. Ch:

H-745b. CARL RASNICK m Cynthia ??? & lived Rupert, ID 2009 & H-745c. PAULA FOSTER lived Jacksonville, NC 2009.

H-745d. MICHAEL NORDMEYER m Linda ??? & lived Post Falls, ID 2009. Ch: I-570f. JACOB & I-570g. ZACHARIAH NORDMEYER.

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F-260. NEWTON HOMER RASNICK on 03-16-1911 m Darla Vanover. Ch:

Page 63

G-607. CLAUDE ALLEN RASNICK (;before 2006) m Beryl Naomi Martin (1918;04-27-2006) dau Ruel H. & Pearl Phillips Martin. She bur Woodmere Cem, Detroit, MI. So: So: RASNAKE Family Newsletter No 11, Summer 2006.


G-612. ZOOLA GAY RASNICK 01-16-1921;08-29-2003 m Alfonzo C Richardson She b WiseCo, VA; graduated Madison Coll (JMC); taught VA schools for about 40 years; along with her husband taught many years at Sandlick Elementary & Haysi HS; d Chesterfield, VA; FA by Bailey FH, Richmond, VA; bur Dale Mem Park, Chesterfield, VA; survived by several grandch. So: Rasnick Family Newsletter Summer 2004. Ch: H-759a. RONALD A. m Laurie ??? & H-759b. SANDRA R RICHARDSON m William Goodman.

G-614. JOSEPH HAROLD (;before 2003); G-617. JIMMIE GRAY (;before 2003); & G-618. ROBERT RASNICK Lebanon, RusCo, 2003.

F-264. WILLIAM "BILL" ABEDNIGO RASNICK in DicCo m Nora Moore. Ch:

G-621. BYRL HARDAWAY RASNICK (08-30-1922;10-30-2004) on 11-14-1945 m Marione Louise Brace. BYRL b Flat top, VA; retired 1981 as owner & operator of C & R Plumbing Co, East Point, GA; served US Army, 94th Infantry Division WW-II; was member VFW, American Legion & St Peter's Catholic Church in LaGrange, GA; lived LaGrange; d Hospice LaGrange; was cremated with ashes spread in McCoy-Rasnick Cem, Flat Top & survived by 9 grandch & 3 gr-grandch. So: Rasnake Family Newsletter Winter 2004. Ch.

Page 64

H-766. MARIE REGINA RASNICK m Jan August Fetzer & in 2006 lived 57 Overland Trail, Mineral Bluff, GA 30559 mariefetzer@tds.net.

H-767. JOHN RASNICK m Elizabeth Steel & lived Luthersville, GA, 2004.

Page 65

G-625. BILLY RAY RASNICK (1931;01-14-2006) m Donna Jean Ryan. He Lived Huron, OH & d unexpectedly. So: RASNAKE Family Newsletter No 11, Summer 206.


G-639. JUANITA RASNICK m John Edgar Cooley (12-22-1939;12-30-2005) s of Adam (;before 2006) & Ethel Phillips Cooley. He b Dante, RusCo, VA; lived Dante & for last 20 years in Blountville, TN; veteran US Army during Vietnam era; retired from Clinchfield Coal Co with 36 years service; member UMWA local union 1259; d Johnson City, TN, Med Center; FA Carter-Trent FH, Kingsport, TN; bur Oak Hill Cem with military grave side services by American Legion Hammond Post 3 and Gate City Post 265. So: BHC obit 01-01-2006. Other grandch I-621a. KAYLE; I-621b. GABERAL; & I-621c. TANNER COOLEY lived Bluntsville, TN, 2006 & I-621d. DILLON MCCLAIN of Blountsville. Ch:

H-785a. KEENA COOLEY m Bill Rhoten & lived Blountville, TN,2006. Ch: I-621e. OLIVA & I-621f. CLAY RHOTEN of Kingsport, TN.

H-785b. JOE KERNS of Bluff City, TN. Ch: I-621g. NICK KERNS lived Blountsville 2006.

H-785c. JASON COOLEY m Kim ??? & lived Bluff City, TN, 2006.

H-785d. JUSTIN COOLEY m Jennifer ??? & lived Gray, TN, 2006.

F-268. FLORA BERNICE RASNICK (03-21-1909;10-11-1989*) m Paul Mitchell (before 2008). Ch:

G-639a. GERALD MITCHELL (;before 2008);

G-639b. ROY CLEMENT MITCHELL (01-20-1940;08-09-2008) on 04-03-1959 m Margaret A. ???. ROY b DicCo; lived Dale City, VA; had a 20 year career, 1958-1978, in the US Air Force; was employed 30 years by Pitkins Ace Home Center; d Walter Reed Army Med Center; FA Mountcastle FH, Dale City; & burial Quantico National Cem, Triangle, VA. So: BHC obit 08-13-2008. Ch: H-785e. DEBRA m Steve Barton & H-785f. RONDA MITCHELL m ??? Comer.

Grandch: I-621h. ALICIA; I-621i. TASHA; I-621j. DANIELLE; I-621k. ZACHARY; I-621l. BRIANN; & I-621m. LUCAS.

Gr-Grandch:J-262a. KAITLYN; J-262b. GRACIE ANN; & J-262c. ANDREW.

G-639c. FAYE (;before 2008) m ??? Greene; G-639d. ARENA FERN (;before 2008) m ??? Huffman; G-639e. ROGER & G-639f. DOUG MITCHELL

Page 66

E-231. JAMES HENRY RASNICK m Florence E Dotson. Ch:

F-273. CHARLES DOUGLAS RASNICK (04-17!07-07!-1895;!12- -1967!)) m MINNIE GRIZZLE (F-361 v1p68).

G-640. DOLLIE RASNICK m Wilson Douglas "Leon?" Conley (06-13-1902;11- -1974) s of Mosco Conley. He b WV & d Chapmanville, WV. So: David Grizzell (F-915--GRIZZLE App). Ch:

H-786. MAJOR JACK CONLEY (ca 1941;03-09-2009)m Joan ??? (;living 2009). JACK b Nora, DicCo, VA; was veteran & a Green Beret US Army, Vietnam War; exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam, resulting in kidney failure, heart desease & death; lived Castlewood, RusCo, VA; d Johnson City (TN) Med Center; FA Castlewood FH & cremated. So: BHC Obit 03-11-2009 & CVT 03-12-2009.

H-787. JUDY m ??? Skeens & lived Spring Hill, FL 2009; H-788. MIGE m ??? Davey & lived St. Paul, WisCo 2009; H-789. ROGER m Paula ??? & lived Sanford, NC 2009; H-790. RONALD "RONNIE" m Shirley ??? & lived Clayton, NC 2009; H-791. WANDA "HAZEL" m George Breeding & lived Castlewood 2009; H-791a. SANDRA m Gary Toot & lived Kansas City, MO 2009 & H-792. JERRY DOUGLAS CONLEY m Ethel ??? & lived Gate City, VA 2009.

G-641. ROY RASNICK (1926;) on 09-18-1947 in RusCo, VA m Thelma Dye (1929;). He b RusCo; she in TazCo, VA. PSo: for ROY & Thelma's family was MICHAEL (J-341). Ch

D-56. MARY RASNICK m William Franklin Grizzle (D-91(D-24)--GRIZZLE App). Ch:

E-233. JONAS BUCHANAN GRIZZLE (02-01-1859;03-03-1931) on 01-27-1891 in DicCo m MARY ANN FULLER (07-26-1866;06-05-1947) (F-1132 v1p165). Ch:

F-294. WILLIAM GRIZZLE (03-08-1893;ca 1967) m LIZZIE PEARL RASNICK (F-178) (12-22-1896;ca 1978). WILLIAM served WWI. They lived on a hill near Haysi, DicCo. PEARL graduated from Haysi HS; attended Berea Coll for about 2 years in nursing & worked as an Army assistant nurse for awhile. So: H-795a. GLENDA HORTON CIESLINSLI 08-31-2010. Ch:

G-645a. WILMA CLEATUS GRIZZLE (1921;living 2010) m Charles Helton. WILMA grew up in Haysi, DicCo; graduated Haysi HS; attended Berea College for 2 years & worked as nurse's assistant in army for 2 years. Ch: H-795a. GLENDA m ??? Cieslinski & H-795b. ANNA LEE HELTON m ??? Piatkowski

G-645b. GOLDIE (;before 1960)m Estil ??? & G-645c. EDRA GRIZZLE (;before 2010) m Anthony Weingarten (;before 2010) Ch H-795c. DARLENE WEINGARTEN (;before 2010).

F-295. Almeda Vesta Grizzle (04-19-1898;07-01-1906 !07-22-1901!).


F-300. BERTHA GRIZZLE (03-19-1891;11- -1981*) m Kendrick Taylor

G-647. VESTA TAYLOR (;before 2007) m (1) Charles Folke & m (2) Henry Mullins. VESTA owned & operated the Rose Petal Beauty Parlor, Clintwood until her death. Ch:

H-796. BEUNA FOLKE (1932;) m Thurman Large (1927;) & lived Clintwood 2007.

H-797. CECIL E. MULLINS (1936;) m Betty Adkins & lived Atlanta, GA 2007.

Page 67

H-798. HENRIETTA MULLINS (1938;) m Don Nicewonder & lived Bristol 2007; & H-799. GREGORY L MULLINS m Marion Bledsoe & lived Abingdon, VA 2007

G-648. BONNIE TAYLOR (1915;before 2007) m Rufus L. Lee. Ch: H-800. WANDA LEE (1931;) on 12-06-1951 m Buford Fleming & lived Mt. Dora, FL 2007.

G-651. EULA GAYE TAYLOR (05-07-1923;01-11-2007) m Willard H. King (;1980). EULA b DicCo; lived War, WV; was last surviving member of her family; a homemaker; member Emmanuel Baptist Church, War; d @ home & buried Maple Wood Cem, Tazewell, VA. So: DicStar obit 01-24-2007, submitted by H-796 BEUNA FOLKE LARGE. Ch:

H-801. KENDRICK KING (1946;) m Debbi ? & lived War 2007. Ch: I-640. JOSHUA & I-640a. BETH KING.

H-802. ROCKFORDE KING (1959;) on 05-24-1986 m Linda Gay Pugh & lived Knoxville, TN, 2007. Ch: I-640b. ELIZABETH & I-640c. RYAN KING.


G-654. MILDRED "BIDDY" HAZEL GRIZZLE(06-16-1918;11-19-2007) nm, b DicCo; lived Nancy Hollow, near Haysi; was employed by RCA Corp in Photographic record reproduction dept; attended Lick Cr Freewill Baptist Church; d Holston Valley Med Center, Kingsport, TN; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH; buried Grizzle Family Cem, Haysi. So: DicStar 11-28-2007.

G-658. LAWRENCE GRAYSON GRIZZLE, JR m Joyce Ann Reynolds (ca 1952;01-08-2006) dau Willie & Evelyn Kiser Reynolds. (G-2293 GOLDIA FAYE COUNTS was the mother of LORI GINA & KIRK So: JACKIE REYNOLDS (H-3043) 2006). She lived mostly in DicCo; moved to Conover, NC 1989; was of the Freewill Baptist faith; d Hickory, NC, FA Mullins FH, Clintwood, DicCo; bur Grizzle Family Cem, Lick Creek section, DicCo, VA. So: DicStar obit 01-11-2006. Ch:

H-804. BRIDGETT m Alberto Tenrio (2006 fiance John Haynes) & lived Conover, NC, 2006 & H-805. MARGARET lived Taylorsville, NC, 2006.

H-806. LORI GINA BALL m Timothy Grizzle & lived Haysi, DicCo, VA, 2006. Ch: (their father is David DeWayne Moore of Buffalo Cr).

I-643. COLBY DEWAYNE (1984;) & I-644. NERISSA HOPE BALL (1986;). So: JACKIE REYNOLDS (H-3043) 2006.

I-644a. SAMANTHA GRIZZLE m Jerry Green II s of Jerry "Mack" & Mary Green & the late Jeanette Haskin & lived Lick Cr, DicCo 2009. Ch: J-263a. ALILLIONNA MAJESTIC GREEN (2009;) b Norton Comm Hosp. So: DicStar 05-13-2009.

I-644b. LOGAN; & I-644c. LEAH GREY GRIZZLE (1996;) So: DicStar 05-13-2009.

H-806a. KIRK RYAN BALL (1965;). So: JACKIE REYNOLDS (H-3043) 2006.

H-807. JULIE GRIZZLE m ??? Elrod & lived Warren, MI, 2006

H-807a. TAMMY GRIZZLE m ??? Estes (2006 fiancé Don Shook) & lived Conover 2006. Ch: I-644d. HEATHER ESTES.

H-809. LAWRENCE GRAYSON GRIZZLE lived Haysi 2006.

G-660. HAROLD LEE GRIZZLE (;before 04-17-2009) m Retha [or Bertha? Rasnick who lived Lick Cr, DicCo 2009. Ch:

H-810. TIMOTHY GRIZZLE m Tina Deloach, dau Jack Deloach & lived Haysi 2007. Ch:

I-649. SAMANTHA GRIZZLE m (1) Benny LaForce, Jr son of Sheila Booher & Benny LaForce, Sr & lived Haysi 2007 & m (2) Jerry Green II s of Jerry "Mack" & Mary Green of Rose Ridge, DicCo & lived Lick Cr, DicCo 2009. Ch: J-263b. SERENITY ISABELLA DANIELLE LAFORCE (2007) & J-263c. ALILLIONNA MAJESTIC GREEN. So: DicStar 11-07-2007; DicStar 05-13-2009.

Page 68

E-235. NOAH RASNICK GRIZZLE on 05-25-1893 m Ura Kansas Swindall. Ch:

F-307. ANNETTE GRIZZLE m Raymond Felix. Ch:

G-665. JAMES lived Magalia, CA 2005

G-666. LOIS FELIX m (1) Earsey Ray Carpenter & lived Kingsport 2005. Ch: H-826. TOBY RAY CARPENER. Ch: I-667a. NOLAN CARPENTER.

F-308. PAULINE MARIE GRIZZLE (11-20-1908;12-31-2005 m A B Coleman. She b Darwin, DiCCo, VA; resided most of her life in Kingsport, TN; was member First Baptist Church where she served as President of Women's Auxiliary; served on Kingsport City School Board; was President of the American Legion Auxiliary; put in over 1000 hours of volunteer service at the Johnson City veteran's home; was an avid square dancer & taught & danced all over the area; d from cancer at home in Kingsport; FA Oak Hill FH; & bur Oak Hill Mem Park, Kingsport. So: Kingsport Times-News obit 01-02-2006 & burial obit. Ch:

Page 69

G-667. ANN CAROLYN COLEMAN STRANBERG lived at the home.

Page 70

E-238. MARTHA GRIZZLE (10-28-1874;10-17-1939) on 02-21-1909 in Morristown, TN m (2) John Wassum. John (b Marion, SmythCo, VA & bur New Gray Cem, Knoxville, TN. MARTHA bur Oak Hill Cem, Kingsport & later Highland Mem Cem, Knoxville. So: PATRICIA ROGERS (G-672a) 2003. Ch:

F-315. EVA MARY FRANCIS WASSUM (11-14-1912;04-05-2001) on 04-10-1932 in Middlesboro, KY m Leon Bayless (06-17-1912;04-08-2001). He owned & operated Gulf Service Stations in Knoxville & owned & operated several school buses for KnoxCo School System. They d as result of car accident & bur Masonic Section, Highland Mem Cem, Knoxville. Ch:

G-672. DAVID BAYLESS (1933;) on 02-19-1952 m (1) Patricia Underwood; in 1980 m (2) Earleen Spoon; & on 09-12-1981 m (3) Joyce Henry Lawson. He drafted by US Army; retired 1983 as water inspector KUB; retired 1997 as manager Westfield Apartment, Knoxville; in 2003 lived Halls, KnoxCo, TN. So: PATRICIA (G-672a) 2003. Ch:

Pages 70

H-833. WILLIAM "BILL" BAYLESS (1955;) in Knoxville m MALEAH TRIVETTE (I-91). He b Ft Benning, Columbus, GA. Ch b Chattanooga, TN. Ch:

Page 71

I-672. JONATHAN graduated Clemson Univ 2003 & I-673. BETHANY BAYLESS attended Pellissippi State, Knoxville 2003.

H-834. Debra Lawson is a stepch.

H-835. CHRIS ALAN BAYLESS m Cindy Acuff. Ch: (b Knoxville) I-674. CHRISTIAN BAYLESS in 2003 attended Univ of TN.

G-672a. PATRICIA LEE BAYLESS (1939;) on 03-08-1958 in Knoxville m Tom Rogers (1937;). PAT b Knoxville; taught piano for 18 years, studying for 6 years with Dr. John Chagy in Atlanta, GA. In 2003 she was employed at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta & he was a retired mechanical engr. Ch: H-836a. MARK THOMAS ROGERS (1965;) b Cleveland, TN, had dual GA State Univ MS degrees Marketing & Finance & in 2003 was SR Vice President & director of Strategic Planning Sun Trust Bank Co, Atlanta.

G-672b. JUDITH "JUDY" ANN BAYLESS (1945;) on 06-05-1967 m Kenneth Gilbert; div 1988. She b Knoxville; worked several years for "Word Of Living", a Knoxville Christian Ministry; & in 2003 was a self-employed bookkeeper for several Knoxville business. Ch b Knoxville. Ch: H-836b. JEFFREY SCOTT (1974;) on 05-18-2002 in Memphis, TN, m Amy Catherine Compton. He graduated Univ Tn Med School, Memphis & in 2003 was serving residency Wake Forest Univ; & H-836c. LAURA DENISE GILBERT (1976;); in 1995 in Knoxville m Erick Lickliter, div & in 2003 was employed in her father's accounting office. Ch: I-676a. Erick Snow Gilbert (1996;) born Knoxville.

Page 72

D-58 MARTHA RASNICK m John Hammond Grizzle. He served in Co E, 21st VA Cal from 05-01-1863 til the end of the Civil War.

Page 73

E-241. HENRY CLAY GRIZZEL (07-14-1864;06-28-1946) !in 1882 in RusCo! m Melvina !Lavina! Skeen (05-12-1862;07- -1930). !Their ch b VA.! So: David Grizzell (F-915--GRIZZLE App). Ch:

Page 82

(F-327) ROLFE HITE GRIZZEL m (2) Jane Varney. Ch:

G-706. ROLFE C. GRIZZEL (;living 2010) m Marie Salyer (ca 1945;11-23-2010) dau of McClallen & Kive Bellamy Salyer. Marie b St Paul, WisCo, VA; graduated Castlewood RusCo HS 1963; was of the Baptist faith; d at home in Castlewood; FA Castelwood FH & bur Temple Hill Mem park, Castlewood. So: BHC obit 11-25-2010. Ch: H-899a. MICHAEL m Rhonda ??? & lived Castlewood 2010 & H-899b. JEFFREY GRIZZEL m April ??? & lived Castlewood 2010. GrandCh: I-760a. CHELSEY NICOLE; I-760b. DAVID MICHAEL & I-760c. DAKOTA CLAY GRIZZEL.

E-243 NANCY CATHERINE GRIZZLE (10-16-1867;08-31-1932) m John Floyd McCoy (02-15-1861;02-16-1937). They lived St Paul, WiseCo, VA, RR1 on Sandy Ridge, DicCo. So: G-716a. ANDREW HOLBROOK Oct 2005. Ch:

F-337. JAMES LINCOLN MCCOY (05-15-1899;02-23-1957) d IL.

Page 83

F-339. HENRY CLAY (04-17-1908;09-02-1939)& F-341. JOHN FLETCHER MCCOY (10-13-1904;08-02-1966).

F-342. MARTHA LAVADA MCCOY (04-02-1895;03-08-1976) m George Holbrook. (F-342. NEVADA & F-342a. MARTHA L MCCOY are the same). Ch: G-716a. ANDREW HOLBROOK 10-11-2005.

Page 86

E-250. IDA ELIZABETH GRIZZEL on 01-05-1899 m Joshua Mullins. Ch:

F-390d. VERNIE LEE MULLINS m Whetsel Blair Gilliam. Ch:

Page 87

G-755. JOYCE ALLENE GILLIAM (1931;) m Dexter Byrd (1931;). Ch:

H-946. BRYAN EUGENE BYRD has a 1983 BS in Sociology Health & Recreation from Jacksonville State Univ & a 1988 Occupational Therapy degree OT R/L from Univ of AL (Birmingham). So: JOYCE BYRD (G-755) 2003.

Page 88


Page 89

G-759. EMORY MARTIN GILLIAM m Brenda Lou Cantrell (1941;10-10-2003). She d Lexington, KY, Med Center after 3 days illness with toxic shock syndrome following surgery & bur Eli Mullins Cem, near Pound, WiseCo, VA. So: JOYCE BYRD (G-755) 2003.

Page 93


Page 94

D-59. SARAH RASNICK m William Hamon Amburgey (D-60e--GRIZZLE App). Ch:

E-254. ELIJAH AMBURGEY m Catherine Phillips. Ch:

Page 95

F-404. INA AMBURGEY (ca 1906;10-12-2004) m HARVEY W POWERS (G-2612) (See pg 71 V1). She was a member of Sulphur Springs Primitive Baptist Church, Frying Pan, DicCo; d Heritage Hall Nursing Home, Clintwood, DicCo; FA by Haysi, DicCo, FH; bur Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood, RusCo; & survived by 18 grandch; several gr-grandch, & several gr-gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 10-20-2004). Ch:

G-818a. EDA m ???? Bartley & lived OR 2004; G-818b. NOEL (;before Oct 2004); G-818c. CECIL (;before Oct 2004); G-818d. DOLLIE m ???? Mullins & lived Cincinnati, OH, 2004; G-818e. EARLINE m Billy Epling & lived Columbus, OH, 2004; G-818f. HARVEY W JR lived Haysi 2004; G-818g. LEAR m Harry Mullins & lived Haysi 2004; G-818h. GLENN lived Kingston Spring, TN, 2004; G-818i. SUE m Bob Birchfield & lived Johnstown, PA, 2004 & G-818j. Trula POWERS (;before 2004).



F-411. BAZIL "BADGE" RASNICK (ca 1915;07-05-2005) ca 1944 m BEULAH MAE SMITH (1922;11-04-2010) (H-1191). BEULAH lived in Martin Town, DicCo 2010; d at home after 10 year cancer battle; retired as cook Ervinton HS 1982; member Martin's Chapel more than 50 years; FA Castlewood FH & bur Rasnick Family Cem, Martin Town. So: BHC obit 11-07-2010. BASIL was life long resident DicCo; lived Martin Town; member Martin Chapel Church; former Sunday School superintendent & deacon; lifetime member Democratic Party; member UMWA; worked in coal industry from 1930-1979; was an avid hunter & fisherman; loved to garden; d Johnston Mem Hosp, Abington, WashCo, VA; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood, DicCo; bur Rasnick Cem, Martintown; & survived by 9 grandch & 15 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 07-07-2005 & G-820 CONNIE 2006. Other grandch: H-1033a. REUBAN WAYNE & H-1033b. KEVIN RASNICK. Other Gr-grandch: I-840a. JARED STANLEY; I-840b. JILL RASNICK;; I-840c. KACIE CASTLE; I-840d. ELIN MAE RASNICK; I-840e. REUBAN RASNICK III; I-840f. SIMON RASNICK; I-840g. CODY POWERS. Ch:

G-819. LANNES RASNICK m Clara Blankenship & lived Virginia Beach, VA 2006. Ch: H-1034. LANNY RASNICK, JR. Ch: I-841. LANNY RASNICK III.

G-820. CONNIE RASNICK m Harold Schlemmer & lived Fairfax, VA 2006;

G-821. WAYNE RASNICK m Laurel Phillips & in 2006 lived St Paul, WiseCo, VA. Ch.

Page 96

H-1038. LAUREL MARIE RASNICK (1973;) m ??? Stanley.

G-822. ELIZABETH m David Powers & lived Castlewood, RusCo, 2006. Ch:

H-1041. REBECCA LYNN (1976;) m ??? Castle; H-1041a. MATTHEW & H-1041ab. MARK POWERS.

G-823. DAMON ALGER RASNICK (1951;) on 08-30-1975 at Martin Town, DicCo m BOBBI HRONYET (1954;) (I-2761) d of KATHERINE COUNTS (who was killed in a mine explosion at McClure #1 Mine in 1983) & lived Long Branch, Nora, DicCo, VA, 2006. On 1-24-2007 DAMON announced his plan to retire after four years as DicCo Superintendent of Schools. He was proud that he had worn nearly every hat in the school system; elementary teacher, bus driver, secondary teacher, athletic director, assistant principal, elementary principal & elementary supervisor. So: DicStar 01-31-2007. Ch: H-1042. JOHN DAMON RASNICK (1982;) on 08-30-2008 m Heather Nicole Powers, dau of Michael & Regina Powers of Rose Ridge, DicCo. Both are 2001 graduates of Ervinton, DicCo HS. JOHN was employed by RusCo School System & Heather by DicCo School System. So: DicStar 08-13-2008.

F-411a. ALICE RASNICK m ??? Sawyers & lived McClure, DicCo.


F-415b. AGNES LEE SUTHERLAND m (1) Clyde Ratliff m (2) John Clayton Gilliam. Stepch:

(1) Louella Frances (;living 2000) m Buford Blair,div; & (2) John Robert Gilliam (;before 2000) m Jackie ??? & lived Pound, WiseCo.

(3) Mary Ruth Gilliam (ca 1931;08-23?-2008) m Clyde Bise (;before 2008). Mary attended Peuther Chapel Church, was a bowler & an avid baseball fan; with her husband were members Seldom Kill Hunting Club; d Mt View Regional Med Center from cancer; FA Clintwood, DicCo, FH & burial Bise Family Cem, Bise Ridge, DicCo. So: DicStar obit 08-27-2008.

Ch: G-824. NORMAN CLYDELEE RATLIFF ca 1953 m Mabel "Polly" Clear (02-13-1930;09-25-2010) dau of Harve & Annie Hubble Clear was an MD & lived in Clintwood. Polly was a registered nurse graduating from both business & nursing colleges; worked with several hospitals including Marion, VA, Stuart Circle & Sutherland Clinic; d Mt View Regional Med Center, Norton, VA; FA Clintwood FH; bur Phipps Mem Cem, Clintwood & survived by 4 grandch. So: DicStar obit 09-29-1910. Ch:

H-1042a. JENNIFER LEE RATLIFF (ca 1958;01-10-2010). JENNIFER lived Knoxville TN; was a 1975 Clintwood HS graduate; a 1979 Univ VA-Wise graduate; a 1983 East TN State Univ graduate; employed as a registered nurse by Ask A Nurse, of the Baptist faith; d @ home; FA Clintwood FH & bur Phipps Mem Cem, Clintwood. So: DicStar obit 01-13-2010.

H-1042b. NORMAN RATLIFF lived Clintwood 2010.

H-1042c. REBECCA RATLIFFE m Dr. Jack Scariano. Ch: I-846a. RACHEL; I-846b. JAY & I-846c. MICHAEL SCARIANO.

E-260 REUBAN RASNICK m Fannie Hix. Ch:

F-416h. NOAH K RASNICK m Rosa E. Ramsey (ca 1927;07-30-2006) dau Elbert R "Ross" & Allie Johnson Ramsey. She b Dante, RusCo, VA; was a homemaker & member of Counts Chapel Baptist Church; lived Bloutville, TN; d at home; FA Castlewood, RusCo, VA, FH; bur Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood; & survived by 6 gr-grandch: H-1042d. CRAIG; H-1042e. ADAM; H-1042f. NOAH; H-1042g. SCOTT; & H-1042h. TABATHA RASNICK & H-1042i. ROBIN COLLIER. So: BHC obit 08-02-2006. Ch: G-825 NICK m Trecia ??? & lived Clinchco, DicCo, VA 2006; G-826. PHILLIP (;before July 2006); G-827. ROGER of Staunton; & G-828. KEVIN RASNICK m Traci ??? & lived Blountville, TN 2006.

D-61. HENRY CLAY RASNICK on 01-29-1876 m (2) Emily Musick. Ch:

Page 97

E-268 LEONARD RASNICK m CORA RASNICK Vance (F-60j). (See F-60j for CORA's Vance ch). Ch:

F-422b. HELEN m Robert Bailey & F-422d. PEGGY RASNICK all lived Cleveland, RusCo, VA, 2006.

F-422e. ALICE RASNICK (09-24-1934;01-19-2006) m Thurman Breeding (;before 2006). She b RusCo, VA; lived Cleveland, RusCo; d Johnston Mem Hosp, Abingdon, WashCo, VA; FA Combs FH, Lebanon, RusCo; bur Rasnick Family Cem, Clinchfield, RusCo. Gr-grandch: I-846d. DYLAN & I-846e. DOMINIC. So: BHC obit 01-21-2006. Ch:

G-830a. NANCY SUE m Roger Burch & lived Metairie, LA, 2006. Ch: H-1042j. RACHEL & H-1042k. BYRAN BURCH of Metairie.

G-830b. GLEN "BUTCH" BREEDING lived Cleveland 2006.

F-422f. BETTY RASNICK m Ellis Bailey & lived St Paul, WiseCo,VA, 2006.

E-272. GEORGE WASHINGTON "SCRIBE" SMITH m Virginia "Jennie" Artrip (D-80--KISER App v1p347). Ch:

F-428. CHARLES C SMITH m (1) AILY COUNTS (D-144 v1p258)& m (2) Mary Pressley. Ch:

G-831. CHESTER JOSEPH SMITH (;before 04-02-2010) Emma Atres Green (01-16-1913;04-02-1910) dau of Jesse & Cleve Green. Emma b DicCo; with CHESTER founded Freemont Freewill Baptist Church; d Lee Regional Med Center, Pennington, Gap, VA; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood; bur Counts Chapel Cem, Nealy Ridge Section, DicCo & survived by 38 grandch, 79 gr-grandch & 36 gr-gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 04-07-2010. Ch: H-842l. NORMAN (;before 04-02-2010); H-842m. IRENE (;before 04-02-2010); H-842n. CHERYL (;before 04-02-2010) m ?? Clay. H-842o. EDNA GAY m ??? Patton & lived Clintwood 2010; H-842p. PATSY m Paul Bloodgood & lived Clinchco, DicCo 2010; H-842q. CHARLOTTE m ??? Blankenship & lived Hazel Park, MI 2010; H-842r. SANDRA m Ray Barnes & lived Quebec, TN 2010; H-842s. GENOA m Mike Steward & lived Canton, MI 2010; H-842t. BILL m Brenda ??? & lived Clintwood, 2010 & H-842u. JOEY SMITH & lived Fredericksburg, VA 2010.

B-3. JOHN COUNTS (ca 1765;10-01-1843) m Margaret "Peggy" Kelly. Ch:

C-10. SARAH COUNTS in 1805 in RusCo m James "Jeams" Smith. Ch:

D-63. JOSEPH SMITH (ca 1809;02-18-1878) m Sarah "Sallie" Lockhart. Ch:

E-281. MARTHA J SMITH m George Musick. Ch:

F-438a. JOSEPH KALLAWAY MUSICK m (1) Allie B. "ALABAMA" Combs (mother of ch). Ch:

G-834. FONNIE LEE MUSICK m Major John Fuller. Ch:

Page 98

H-1047. HATTIE ELLEN FULLER (12-07-1914;07-25-2008) on 11-25-1937 in RusCo m Curtis Honaker (;01-13-1996). HATTIE was life long resident of Honaker, RusCo; graduated Honaker HS; spent last 6 years @ Mt View Retirement Home, Lebanon, RusCo; was member New Garden Baptist Church & currently 1st Baptist Church, Honaker; d Lebanon Hosp; FA Honaker FH & burial Russell Mem Cem, Lebanon. So: BHC obit 07-27-2008. Ch:

I-848. EVELYN J. HONAKER m Everett Honaker, Jr & lived Morristown, TN 2008. Ch: J-343. JENNIFER R, lived Portland, OR, 2008; J-343a. KALI m ??? Gruszewski & & lived Morristown 2008; J-343b. ADARA m ??? Perkins & lived Greeneville, TN, 2008 & J-344. MARC A. HONAKER lived New York, 2008.

I-849. JANET LEE HONAKER (1957;before 2008).

H-1048. EDNA MINNIE FULLER (1917;07-25-2007) on 06-14-1946 m Paul N. "Pat" Arnold (;before 2007). EDNA graduated Honaker HS; was RusCo school teacher prior to marriage; retired from Bristol Mem Hosp Dietary Dept; was member East Bristol Baptist Church; active in Senior Citizens, local chapter AARP & Woodmen of the Word; d Wellmont Bristol Regional Med Center; FA Akard FH, Bristol, TN & buried Mt View Cem. So BHC obit 07-27-2007. Other grandch: J-344a. CANDY ARNOLD m Billy Hurd & lived Limestone, TN, 2007 & J-344b. AMANDA ARNOLD lived Bristol, TN, 2007. Ch:

I-849a. Danny Lynn (;dy) & I-850. RANDALL ARNOLD (1948;) m Candi ? (1968;),

I-851. LINDA (1949;) ARNOLD m ??? Comer & lived Bristol, VA 2007. Ch: J-344c. HONEY L COMER lived NY 2007.

I-852. GARY (1950;) m Vicki ??? & lived Bristol, TN, 2007; & I-853. REV PAUL EDWARD "EDDIE" ARNOLD (1953;) m Denise ??? & lived Momeyer, NC, 2007. Ch: J-344d. ISSAC & J-344e. AMY ARNOLD.

H-1050. MAJOR CLARENCE FULLER m Alaska Owens & lived Rosedale, RusCo 2008.

G-836. TALMADGE MUSICK m Tina Thompson. Ch: H-1050a. IDA MAE MUSICK (ca 1917;05-13-2008) m George H. Wood, Sr. (;before 2008) She b RusCo; lived Bluff City, TN majority of her life; graduate Honaker HS; member TN Ave Baptist Church; d Johnson City, TN, Med Center; FA Oakley-Cook FH; buried Mt. Home National Cem & survived by 7 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 05-15-2008. Grandch: J-348a. MESHA ROWAN; J-348b. MELANIE JARRETT; J-348c. MARIAH ROBERTS; J-348d. MATTHEW WOOD; J-348e. VALERIE SINN & & J-348f. CARL WOOD. Ch: I-856a. JOY m ??? Jarrett & lived Bluff City, TN, 2008; I-856b. ROY m Jane ??? & lived Bloutville, TN, 2008 & I-856c. GEORGE H. WOOD, Jr m Marjorie ??? & lived Simpsonville, SC, 2008.

D-64. GEORGE WASHINGTON SMITH m Phoebe Musick. Ch:

E-289. DAVID SMITH m Priscilla Phillips (04-09-1834;01-21-1919). Ch:

F-449. MARTHA ANN MARIAH "PATSY" SMITH m (1) Samuel Keel. Ch:

Page 99

G-844. ROSA KEEL m Ed Baker. Ch:

H-1057. WALTER (;before 2008) ; H-1059. HARDAWAY (;before 2008) & H-1060. GEORGIA BAKER (;before 2008) m ??? Dishman.

H-1063. STUART C BAKER ca 1945 m Gladys Marie Miller (10-23-1919;05-26-2005) dau of C.V. & Beulah Miller. She was a member of Clintwood Baptist Church; lived on Baker Ridge (Clintwood), DicCo, VA; d at home; FA by Mullins FH, Clintwood; bur Chapel of Love Mausoleum, Temple Hill Cem, Castlewood, VA, RusCo; & was survived by 16 grandch, 26 gr-grandch, & 3 gr-gr-grandch. So: BHC Obit 05-27-2005. Ch: I-881. BOBBY m Amanda ????; I-882. JOHNNY m Vickie ???; I-883. BETTY m Amos Mooney; I-884. NANCY m Rush Martin (;before 2005) & live Antioch, TN; I-885. DONNA m Larry Fleming; I-886. BECKY m Michael Miller; I-887. PAULA m PeeWee Mooney.

H-1064. MAUDE BAKER (ca 1913;04-24-2008) m Auty Fleming (;before 2008) & in 2001 lived in Clintwood. MAUDE lifelong resident DicCo; d Heritage Hall, Clintwood; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood & burial Melvin Fleming Family Cem. Jerry's Br section of Clintwood. So: DicStar obit 04-30-2008. Ch: I-887a. RONNIE ELKINS m Susie ?? & lived Nicholsville, KY 2008. Ch: J-352a. MATT ELKINS.

H-1065. EFFIE BAKER (;living 2008) m (1) Ferd Farmer & m (2) Victor "Vic" Molinary.

H-1066. OTIS BAKER (;before 03-10-2010) m LARUE COUNTS (F-1968). See (F-1968) for ch.

Page 100

F-451. FLOURNOY (VERNOY) N SMITH (11-10-1857;) m Jane Keel. Ch:

G-847. ELIZABETH "BETTY" SMITH m Elihu Cleveland Long. Ch:

H-1074c. TOONA LONG (07-27-1914;06-20-1994) m Delmon Owens (;03-21-1988) of Smith Ridge, DicCo. Adopted: Melissa, nm. Ch:

I-890l. JED (;before 2003) m Angela "Angie" ? (;living 2007) of Germany; I-890m. JAMES "JIM" (;living 2007) m Elizabeth ? (;living 2007) of Richmond, VA; I-890o. DANNY (;living 2007) m Barbara Pullen (;living 2007) of Bristol, TN; I-890p. ELIZABETH "SHAN" (living 2007) m Charles Mumpower (;living 2007) of Bristol, TN; I-890q. RICHARD "DICKIE" (;living 2007) m Thelma ? (;living 2007) of Detroit & I-890r. SARAH MARGARET OWENS (1955;11-01-1998), nm;

I-890s. HARRIET LOU OWENS (ca 1942;09-12-2007) m Charles E. McMurray (;before 2007) of Bristol, VA, div. HARRIET b & raised DicCo; graduate Bristol TN HS; attended VA Intermont Coll; retired as office manager, Midway Med Gp & benefit administrator Bristol Compressors; was church organist Grace Baptist Church, Temple Freewill Baptist Church & Gunnings Baptist Church; former member Fellowship Chapel & current member & organist Gethsemane Baptist Church; lived Bristol, VA; d @ home; FA Akard, Bristol, TN, FH & buried Forest Hills Mem Gardens Mausoleum. So: BHC obit 09-14-2007. Ch: J-362a. GREGORY GRAYLIN "BUTCH" m Pam ?? & lived Rustburg, VA, 2007; J-362b. C. TREVOR m Dawn ??? & lived Bristol, VA, 2007 & J-362c. GARY RICHARD MCMURRAY m Melissa ??? & lived Bristol, TN, 2007. Grandch: K-48a. Specialist NATHAN, US Army; K-48b. RACHEL; K-48c. MATTHEW; K-48d. T. J.; K-48e. GRACIE & K-48f. KENNA MCMURRAY.

I-890t. JANE LYNN (;living 2007) m Fred O'Dell (;living 2007) of Bristol, TN; I-890u. KAY (;living 2007) m Fred Wright (;living 2007) of Bristol, TN; I-890x. JANET (;living 2007), nm; & I-890y. ROGER OWENS (;living 2007) m Janet Cline (;living 2007) of Clinchco.

Page 101


F-457. LYDIA JANE SMITH on 05-06-1886 m Henry Frank (Floyd?) Long. Ch;

Page 102

G-856. PRISCILLA GEORGIA LONG m Meredith Martin. Ch:

H-1085a. SHELBY JEAN lived Lebanon, RusCo, 2006; H-1085b. ALMA m Andy Phillips & lived Castlewood, VA, 2006; H-1085c. RITA m ??? Bush & lived St. Paul, WiseCo, VA, 2006; H-1085d. GERALD m Gladys ??? & lived Pikeville, KY, 2006; & H-1085e. MACK MARTIN of Fort Myers, FL, 2006.

H-1086. HELEN MARTIN (ca 1933;04-28-2006) m Howard Holifield (;before 2006). She born DicCo; lived St Paul, WiseCo, VA; d Johnston Mem Hosp, Abingdon, WashCo, VA; FA Castlewood, RusCo, VA, FH; bur Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood; & survived by 15 grandch & 16 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 04-29-2006. Ch: I-909a. DALE m Frank Capaldi & lived Warren, MI, 2006; I-909b. CAROL m Walter Neece & lived Warren 2006; I-909c. LARRY m Darlene ??? & lived Castlewood 2006; I-909d. SUE m Danny Shepherd & lived Roseville, MI, 2006; I-910. GREGORY m Palma ??? & lived Castlewood 2006; I-911. SHELIA HOLIFIELD m (2) Russell Mullins & lived Castlewood 2006.

E-290. JAMES W SMITH on 10-16-1851 m (Virginia?) Jane Mullins. Ch:

F-461. ELIZA ANN SMITH m Andrew Jackson Grizzle (D-98(D-31)-GRIZZLE App. Ch:

G-861. JAMES DAVID BRECKENRIDGE GRIZZLE m (1) Mary Kiser Reynolds & on 03-04-1908 m (2) MATTIE FLORENCE SMITH(G-846). Ch:

Page 104

H-1101. TIVIS !EARL! GRIZZLE (08-03-1915;[05-28-2001]) m Beulah Couch (02-15-1912;10-17-2008). Beulah b RusCo; lived Cleveland, RusCo; was longtime member Weavers Cr Baptist Church; attended Cleveland Baptist Church in her later years; d @ home; FA Combs FH, Lebanon & burial Ketron Mem Gardens. So: BHC obit 10-18-2008. Other gr-grandch: K-64a. PRESTON HARRINGTON; K-64b. MADISON; K-64c. HUNTER & K-64d. TYLER GRIZZLE Ch:

Step-grandch: Lisa, Tim & Will Duty. Step-gr-grandch: Mary-Kathern Abernathy, Robin Abernathy & Andrew Duty

I-929a. SUE GRIZZLE m (1) Tansel Crabtree & m (2) Bill Duty & lived Cleveland 2008. Ch:

J-407. MARTHA ANN CRABTREE m (2) ??? Brubaker. Ch: K-64e. ELIJAH BRUBAKER.


I-930. EARL MASON GRIZZLE m Sandra Davis & lived Gate City 2008.

Page 105

F-468. MORGAN T SMITH (10-18-1868;10-30-1956) m Malissa Ellen Bise

Page 106

G-875. COLONEL H SMITH m Elsie Fugate.

H-1144. LUCILLE SMITH m Roy Tiller. So: I-953 CHARLOTTE SMITH. Ch: I-952a. TREVOR TILLER m Carrey Pearson. Ch: J-445a. RENEE DANIELLE (1997;); J-445b. ANDREW NEIL (1999;); & J-445c. SAMUEL JOSEPH TILLER (2003;).

F-468a. GILBERT WALKER SMITH m (1) Caroline Powers. Ch:


Page 107

H-1150. JAMES ROLAND SMITH d in a midair plane collision serving in the US Navy. So: H-1155 2003.

H-1154. IDA ELIZABETH SMITH m Alphonse Anthony Troncone & in 2004 lived CA. So: H-1154.

I-966. KATHLEEN ANN TRONCONE m William Seymour (;before 2004) lived CA.


I-968. MARK TRONCONE m Gail Clark & in 2004 lived in WA. Ch: J-465. KRISYANA ROSE & J-466. HAYLEE DAWN TRONCONE.


I-970. PAULA JANE TRONCONE m Dirk Chapman & in 2004 lived CA.

H-1155. JUNE SMITH m Clayton Theodore McGhee.

Page 110

E-293. ELECTIOUS "LECK" SMITH on 04-01-1863 m (1) MARGARET COUNTS (E-351); on 04-18-1895 m (2) Priscilla Blair (1867;1905); & on 07-12-1906 m (3) Nancy Jane Turner Hay. Ch:

Page 112

F-482. SQUIRE ALDERSON SMITH m Hetty Evelyn Long (F-113--KEYSER App). Ch:

Page 113

G-899. VERNON (VERNER) ROOSEVELT SMITH m Mary Ann Elizabeth Hammonds. Ch:

H-1191. BEULAH MAE ELIZA BETH SMITH (1922;11-04-2010) m BAZIL RASNICK (F-411). See BASIL (F-411) for ch. So: BHC obit 07-07-2005 for BAZIL & BHC obit 11-07-2010 for BEULAH. on 01-04-2009 lived at Dante, VA.

Page 114

H-1194. MILDRED IRENE SMITH (1928;01-24-2009) on 11-06-1950 in RusCo m Andrew M Long (07-20-1919; 06-18-1981) s of Jeff & Mariah Phillips Long. MILDRED b DicCo; attended Ervington HS; in 1993 lived at Castlewood & attended Calvary Baptist Church; d Maple Grove Health Care, Lebanon, VA; FA Castlewood, VA FH; bur Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood & survived by 4 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 01-26-2009. Andrew served in the U S Army 1940-45; worked for Clinchfield Coal Corp; & d from black lung. Ch:

I-1013. Phillip Joe Long (08-26-1951;d at b).

I-1014. DENNY ANDREW LONG (1954;) m (2) Brenda Sutherland (1953;) & lived at Dante, VA 2009. Stepch: Gredel (1974;) m ??? Mullins & Kassa Baker (1977;) m ??? Andrew. Ch: J-508. SHANNON ANDREW (1976;).

I-1015. RANDY SCOTT LONG (1957;) lived in Lebanon, VA 2009. Ch: J-509. NATHAN SCOTT LONG (1978;) m Nikki ??? & J-510. TRACI LYNN LONG (1983;) m Doug Jessee.

H-1196. FRANKLIN DELANO SMITH (1934;) on 01-24-2009 lived Sherman, TX.

H-1197. JAMES HOWARD SMITH (1936;) on 01-24-2009 lived Forest, VA.

Page 115

H-1198. JUDY LOUISE SMITH (1943;) m Wayne Conti (1938;) & lived Springfield, MO 2009

Page 116

G-902. WILLIAM GORDON SMITH m Pearl Ann Hammonds. Ch:

H-1208. HATTIE MAE SMITH (ca 1935;09-01-2006) m (3) Robert Thomas McChesky. She b DicCo, VA; spent most of her life in MI; returned VA 2002; d Bristol, TN, Regional Med Center; FA Weaver FH, bur Glenwood Cem & had 3 stepch living MI 2006. So: BHC obit 09-03-2006. Ch:

I-1039. SANDRA MAE HICKS m (2) Mike Callahan. Ch:

J-528. SONYA NICOLE "NIKI" SHORT m Kenny Fielder & lived Bristol, VA. Ch: K-79a. BRADEN RAY FIELDER

J-528a. KRIS CALLAHAN lived Bristol, TN, 2006.

H-1209. RUBY SMITH (;living 03-02-2009) m (2) Warren H. Dishman (ca 1921;03-02-2011). Warren b DicCo; retired from Clinhfield Coal Co after 36 years of service as a coal miner; member UMWA Local #7950; d Heritage Hall Health Care, Clintwood, DicCo. So: DicStar obit 03-09-2011. Ch: I-1040. RITA ELLEN CHAFIN m (1) Hayman Hill & m (2) Steve Young & lived Clintwood, DicCo 2009. Ch: J-530. CHARLES ELLIOTT HILL m Leann ??? dau of Sharon Stone & lived Clintwood, DicCo, VA, 2006. Ch: K-79b. CHARLES CANNON HILL (2004;). So: DicStar 05-24-2006.

H-1210. C. W. SMITH (;before Sep 2006);

Page 117

H-1211. ETHEL (1941;before Sep 2006) m Gleason Yates & H-1213. SELMA SMITH m (2) Ron Hall & lived Bristol, TN 2006.

Page 119

E-295. EMALINE SMITH m Daniel Lewis French. Ch:

F-506. RUFUS E FRENCH (08-01-1887;07-17-1977) m Minerva Fleming. Ch:

G-921. ARLEN FRENCH (;before 03-12-2010) m Dixie ??? (;before 03-12-2010). Ch:

H-1228a. GAYE FRENCH (ca 1945;03-12-2010) m Palmer Hammons (;living 03-12-2010). GAYE was a lifelong resident DicCo; lived McClure; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood; bur French Family Cem, McClure & survived by 4 gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 03-17-2010. Ch: I-1054a. GREG m Libby ??? & lived McClure 2010; I-1054b. SHANE m Jennifer ??? & lived McClure 2010 & I-1054c. TANGELO HAMMONS lived Haysi, DicCo 2010. Grandch: J-541a. TOSHA GROVES; J-541b. NOELLE OWENS; J-541c. MEGAN HAMMONS & J-541d. MIA HAMMONS & J-541e. AZLYN HAMMONS.

H-1228b. KENNETH lived McClure 2010 & H-1228c. RAY FRENCH lived Grafton, OH 2010.

E-299. NOAH SMITH m Louisa McCoy. Ch:

F-523. LUCY JANE SMITH m (2) Lee Stanley. Ch:

G-926. CARTER STANLEY is a member of the International Bluegrass Association's Hall of Honor. So: DicStar 11-15-2006.

G-927. RALPH STANLEY is a member of the International Bluegrass Association's Hall of Honor; a member of the world famous Grand Ole Opry; & on November 9, 2006 received the National Medal of Arts, awarded through the National Endowment for the Arts, & presented by President George W Bush, at a ceremony in the Oval Office of the White House. So: DicStar 11-15-2006. RALPH was honored as a 2008 Outstanding Virginia by the Virginia General Assembly. He was honored by Lt. Governor Bill Bolling who said he had grown up in Southwest Virginia listening to the music of Stanley & the Clinch Mt Boys. State Senator William C. Wampler R-Bristol spoke of Stanley's accomplishments & contributions to Virginia. So: Dicstar 02-20-2208.

Ch: H-1233. RALPH II STANLEY (1978;). Ch: I-1054d. NATHAN STANLEY in 2007 released his 2nd compact disc, a collection of gospel songs that he & his "papaw" (RALPH) preform together. NATHAN wrote some of the songs on the CD. So: DicStar 09-26-2007.

Page 120

E-300 JOHN CHRISTIAN SMITH m Melvina Turner. JOHN C. traveled to various churches by both horse & train, which departed from Dante, RusCo. His grandson, WOODROW (MULLINS), would ride down the Mt on a horse with him, & after delivering his grandfather to the train, would take the horse back up th Mt. JOHN C did not believe that a person is predestined for heaven or hell. The hospital bill, paid by JOHN C.'s widow 3 years after his death, was $10.50. The Smith Cem, located near JOHN C's home was named for him. So: H-1255a. WAYNE RINER in Dicstar 11-21-2007. WOODROW remembered that Melvina heard a commotion & loud squealing, found a bear with a little pig in it's mouth, hollered loudly & waved her apron. The bear keep running, did not drop the pig & the last she saw of him, was headed for Wakenva.

F-536. AMY CANZADA SMITH m Samuel Mullins. Ch: G-935a. HANNAH MULLINS m William Riner. Ch: H-1255a. WAYNE RINER m Genevie ???. So: WAYNE in DicStar 11-21-2007.

D-65. ELIZABETH SMITH m Solomon Musick. Ch:

E-307. BEVERLY MUSICK m (1)Nancy McGlothlin. Ch:

F-539s. DAFFRON MUSICK (;before 2009) m Mattie Belcher (;before 2009). Ch:

G-935b. LAWRENCE THOMAS MUSICK (;before 05-02-2009);

G-935c. MOLLIE EDITH MUSICK (10-11-1917;05-02-2009) ca 1940 So. BHC obit 05-03-2009. m KYLE ARTRIP (G-2023) (02-12-1913;01-14-2007) So: BHC obit 01-16-2007. See KYLE ARTRIP for ch.

G-935d. CLARENCE ARMSTER (;before 05-02-2009); G-935e. NAOMI RUTH (;before 05-02-2009) m ??? Kiser; G-935f. ROBERT CLIFTON lived Lebanon 2009; G-935g. BERTHA DEAN m ??? Linkenhoker & lived Roanoke, VA 2009 & G-935h. PIERCE DENVER MUSICK lived Lebanon 2009.

F-539t. TAULBEE "DOCK" MUSICK (07-29-1894;02- -1978*) m Lillie Campbell (;before 2011). Ch:

G-936a. NANCY ANN MUSICK (07-15-1944;03-07-2011) ca 1975 m Carl Smith (;living 03-07-2011). NANCY b RusCo; was of the Baptist faith; lived Lebanon, RusCo; d @ home; FA Combs FH, Lebanon & bur Ketron Mem Gardens Mausoleum, Lebanon. So: BHC obit 03-09-2011. Ch: H-1255b. BELINDA m Jeff Jowers & lived Lebanon 2011 & H-1255c. CRYSTAL SMITH lived Lebanon 2011. GrandCh: I-1054e. MCKENNA & I-1054f. MONICA PARROTT lived Lebanon 2011.

G-926b. FRANCES MAE m ??? Puckett & lived Abingdon, VA 2011 G-936c.PHYLLIS m ??? Rutherford & lived Abingdon 2011 & G-936d. JEN MUSICK lived Lebanon 2011.


G-937. PILATE GUESSNOR KEN JR. MUSICK (12-01-1921;07-29-2010) on 12-21-1944 m Muriel Cantrell (;before 07-29-2010). GUESSNOR b RusCo, VA; lived Bristol, VA; served in US Army; worked for TN Eastman Co, Monroe Calculating Machine Co; served as a Commercial bank assistant cashier; was Principal of High Point Elementary School for 24 years, engaged in Public School Administration for 32 years in the Washington County School System retiring 06-30-1989; had a BA degree from Carson Newman College & MA degree from East TN Sate Univ; attended George Peabody College, The Univ of VA & Radford College; graduated from West VA Business College & Clear Creek Baptist College; was member Scenic Baptist Church, Bristol, TN; a Southern Baptist Church Supply Minister; d Roswell, GA; FA Weaver FH & bur Mt View Cem with Military Honors by the Bristol VFW Honor Guard. So: BHC obit 08-01-2010. Ch:

Page 121

H-1256. MURILLA FAYE MUSICK (1946;) m (1) Randell Pennington & m (2) Sonny Tomlin, div. m (3) ??? Fuqua. MURILLA b RusCo. Ch: I-1055. MURANDA DENISE PENNINGTON.

H-1257. JESSEE WAYNE MUSICK (1948;) m Linda Cox. Ch: I-1056. AMANDA GAYLE MUSICK m Jimmy Price.

G-944. DANIEL DAVID CLINT MUSICK (1934;) m (1) Naomi Brooks (ca 1934;08-04-1985;) (F-92--BROOKS APP) & !m (2) Margaret E. Varous! m (3) Wanda Stiltner. Ch:

H-1268. CHARISSA KAREN MUSICK (1958;) m Cecil Thomas.

H-1269. BRYAN D MUSICK (1964;) m Tamra Counts. Ch: I-1062. CASEY D (1993;).

H-1270. DARRELL P DEE MUSICK (1970;).

D-66. WILLIAM PATTON SMITH on 01-04-1855 m Matilda Kiser (ca 1822;). Ch:

E-308. CYNTHIA SMITH m William L Mullins. Ch:

Page 122


G-957. RADFORD MULLINS m Tona Elizabeth Artrip (G-447-KEYSER App) (11-03-1915;07-09-2006). She lifelong resident DicCo, VA; lived Clintwood, DicCo; member Clintwood Baptist Church; retired teacher; d at home; FA Baker FH, Pound, VA; burial Phipps Mem Cem, Clintwood; & survived by 3 gr-grandch. Other grandch: I-1065a. STUART m Penny ??? & lived Clintwood 2006 & I-1065b. DANNY MULLINS m Julie ??? & lived Kingsport, TN, 2006. So: DicStar obit 07-12-2006. Ch:

H-1282. REBECCA MULLINS m Raymond Shipp & lived Ellicott City, MD 2006. Ch: I-1065c. BRIAN SHIPP lived Ellicott City, MD.

H-1283. DEBRA m Richard Creeger & H-1284. JOHN BILL MULLINS (;before Jul 2006).

E-311. ETHAN ALLEN SMTIH m Jennie Mullins. Ch:

F-541a. MONROE SMITH (09-28-1872;09-13-1959) in DicCo m Sallie Hughes. Ch:

G-968. EVERETT SMITH (06-22-1903;09-14-1968) m Dorothy Laverne Stout Smith Mullins (11-21-1919;03-17-1991), dau of Dale & Pearl Mullins Stout of Shelby Gap, KY. His FA by Miller FH, Clintwood & bur Phipps Mem Cem, Clintwood. Her FA by Clintwood FH & bur Smith Family Cem, Rt 2, Clintwood (So: obits, HSS). Ch:

H-1292. DALE SMITH m WILMA OWENS (H-1520) dau of THURMAN G-1249) & Elma Owens OWENS of (F-813 v1p126) & lived Clintwood 2010. See H-1520 for Ch.

H-1292a. GREGORY EUGENE SMITH (04-24-1950;03-04-2010). GREGORY b Norton, VA; graduated Clintwood HS 1968; was a US Navy veteran; a heavy equipment operator; d New River Valley Med Center, Radford, VA; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood, DicCo & bur Smith Family Cem, Clintwood. So: DicStar obit 03-17-2010.

H-1292b. DONALD, SR m Deloris & lived Clintwood 2010; H-1292c. BENNY m Verna & lived Clintwood 2010; H-1292d. GLENDA m Richman Short & lived Clintwood 2010 & H-1292e. WILMA SMITH m Marvin Jessee & lived Abingdon, VA 2010

Page 123

E-312. ANDREW SMITH m Margaret Combs. Ch:

F-542d. LUCIEN HULETTE SMITH m Gertrude Ellen Dickenson. Ch:

G-968a. MARY ELIZABETH SMITH (03-12-1929;10-14-2005) m Ernest E. Ratliff (;before Oct 2005). She b Raven, BucCo, VA; lived MI, VA, & for past 40 years at Vermillion, OH; attended Harbourtown Foursquare Com Church, Vermillion; enjoyed crocheting & playing bingo; d Com Health Partners, Lorain, OH; FA Hurst-Scott FH, Richlands, TazCo, VA; bur Smith Family Cem, Raven; & survived by 2 grandch & 3 gr-grandch. Ch: H-1292f. Priscilla (;before Oct 2005); H-1292g. KAREN m ??? Jones & lived Lorain 2005; & H-1292h. ERNIE RATLIFF lived Vermillion 2005.

G-969. TRULA ELLEN SMITH m J. C. Franks & lived Marion, VA, 2005 & G-969a. JEAN SMITH m ??? Stratton & lived Raven 2005.

Page 124

D-69 HENRY SMITH m Mary J. Artrip. Ch:

E-326. JASPER NEWTON Smith m Martha Sutherland (D-104-SUTHERLAND APP). Ch:

Page 125

F-554g. RUFUS SMITH m Nora Breeding. Ch: G-979c. LLOYD GEORGE SMITH (ca 1908;02-27-2002) m Georgia Fuller (;before 2002); was last surviving child of RUFUS & Nora; lived in Abingdon area since 1950; attended Abingdon Baptist Church; retired from Appalachia Power Company; was a former Mayor of Cleveland, RusCo, VA; a 32nd degree Mason with 50 years of membership; member William Birchfield Lodge 294 AF&AM of Cleveland & Abingdon Lodge 48 AG&AM; Scottish Right Valley of the Orient, Roanoke, VA; Kazim Temple of the Shrine, Roanoke; MaCabe Lodge 56 of the I.O.O.F.; Bristol Elks Lodge 232; d Maple Grove Healthcare Center, Lebanon; FA by Farris FH; bur Colonial Chapel Mausoleum, Forest Hills Memory Garden; & survived by 5 grandch & 7 gr-grandch. Ch: H-1298a. WILMA JEAN m Berl J Hale (;before 2002) & lived Abingdon 2002 & H-1298b. HILMA ANN SMITH m Tom Clatterbaugh & lived Hampton, VA, 2002. So: Ginger Rakes-Fisher from BHC obit 03-02-2002.

E-327 FLETCHER SMITH m (1) Octavia Jessee. Ch:

F-554k1 EULIS L. SMITH m Martha Harris. Ch:

G-980a. ROBERT (;before 2005); G-980b. THOMAS (;before 2005); G-980c. MILDRED m Ralph Davis & lived Cleveland, RusCo, VA, 2005; G-980d. PATSY m Robert Combs & lived Edgewood, MD, 2005; G-980e. PAUL of Cleveland; & G-980f. JIMMIE SMITH m Nita ???? & lived Cleveland, 2005.

G-980g. HAZEL SMITH (05-27-1918;03-27-2005) m Frank "June" Breeding, JR (;before 2005). She b Rusco, VA; lived Lebanon, RusCo; member Green Valley Baptist Church; d Lewis-Gale Med Center, Salem, VA; FA Combs FH, Lebanon & bur Russell Mem Cem, Lebanon. So: BHC Obit 03-29-2005. Ch: H-1298c. ANNA lived with mother 2005; H-1298d. TRISH m David Fisher & lived Roanoke, VA, 2005; & H-1298e. FRANK BREEDING lived Christiansburg, VA, 2005.

C-11. JOSEPH COUNTS m Sarah "Sallie" Long. Ch:

Page 126

D-74. WILLIAM LEWIS COUNTS m (2) Nancy Rose. Ch:

Page 128

E-357. NANCY COUNTS m Elbert "Bird" Ramsey. Ch:


G-1004. ELSIE m ??? Adkins & lived Corbin, KY; G-1004a. GROVER (;before 2005); G-1004b. HENRY (;before 2005).

G-1005. MARTHA ALICE RAMSEY (ca 1923;10-28-2005) m (1)Earl Bise & m (2) Burl Anderson. She lifelong resident of Dicco, VA; was of the Baptist faith; lived Clinchco, DicCo; d Dickenson Com Hosp, Clintwood, DicCo; FA Clintwood FH; bur Chapel of Love Mausoleum, Castlewood, RusCo, VA.; & survived by 6 grandch & 4 gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 11-02-1005. Ch: H-1316a. DENNY RAY BISE lived Clinchco 2005; H-1316b. LINDA K BISE lived Clinchco 2005; H-1316c. JANICE ??? m ??? Greer & lived Clintwood 2005; & H-1316d. CONNIE SUE ANDERSON (;before 2005).

G-1006. MARGARET R Bennett lived Holyrode, KS, 2005) & G-1007. IRENE RAMSEY Speight lived Martinsburg, WV, 2005..

E-360. ZILPHA ANN COUNTS (ca 1859;) in DicCo m Ambrose Darrel Silcox . Ch:

F-632. DAVID TROY SILCOX ([04- -1894];04-26-1957) m Louisa Lee (01-27-1897*;02- -1972*). Ch:

G-1025a. SALLIE "MERTIE" SILCOX (02-26-1916;11-07-2009) m Sam Sutherland (;before 11-07-2009). MERTIE b Birchleaf, DicCo; resided in DicCo for 92 years; moved Mt Carmel, TN June 2008; was member Peuther Chapel Freewill Baptist Church; d Indian Path Med Center, Kingsport, TN; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood DicCo & bur Sutherland Ridge Cem. So: DicStar obit 11-18-2009. Other Grandch: I-1107a. SCOTT SAWYERS lived Mt Carmel, TN 2009; I-1107b. HEATHER ???? m Jack Riddle & lived Louisville, KY 2009. Gr-grandch: J-555a. ELI & J-555b. CALEB RIDDLE of Louisville, KY. Ch:

H-1326a. TONY SUTHERLAND (;before 11-07-2009).

H-1326b. SANDRA m John Schammel & lived Mt Carmel, TN 2009 & RITA SUTHERLAND m Craig Stanley & lived MT Carmel, TN 2009.

H-1326c. SHELBY SUTHERLAND m James Castlen & lived Hazard KY 2009. Ch: I-1107c. TIM CASTLEN m Jill ???? & Lived Baltimore, MD 2009.

H-1326d. RITA SUTHERLAND m Craig Stanley & lived Mt Carmel, TN 2009.

G-1025b. EARNEST (;before 11-07-2009) & G-1025c. OSCAR SILCOX m Peggy ??? & lived Clinchco, DicCo, 2009.

Page 129

E-362. NOAH BRUCE COUNTS m Henrietta Dyer. Ch:

F-650. MABEL BERNICE COUNTS m Robert L Arrington. Ch:(1994)

G-1031. ALMER DEWEY (;before 2008) m BLANCHE SUTHERLAND (G-2152) & G-1032. RUTH IRENE ARRINGTON Wilson lived Lansdowne, VA, 2008.

G-1033. GEORGE DOUGLAS ARRINGTON (12-10-1923;07-24-2008) ca 1946 m Marie ???. DOUGLAS b PikeCo, KY; lived Birchleaf, DicCo, VA & later Abingdon, VA; was an elder of Sand Lick Presbyterian Church for more than 50 years; secretary/treasurer district 28 UMWA; a retired coal miner; enjoyed gardening & fishing; d Wellmont Hospice House, Bristol, TN; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH & burial Edwards Cem, Birchleaf. So: BHC obit 07-26-2008. Ch: H-1327a. JANET m Michael Phipps & lived Abingdon, 2008; H-1327b. GERALD lived Abingdon 2008 & H-1327c. BRUCE ARRINGTON lived Richlands, TazCo, 2008. Grandch: I-1107d. LEEANNE & I-1107e. BRIAN SCHMID lived Holly Springs, NC, 2008; I-1107f. DOUGLAS & I-1107g. CHRISTY ARRINGTON lived Breaks, DicCo, 2008; I-1107h. MATTHEW PHIPPS lived Richmond, VA, 2008; I-1107i. SCOTT ARRINGTON lived Richlands, TazCo, 2008 I-1107j. SARAH & I-1107k. DALE FRANCIS lived Blacksburg, VA, 2008; I-1107l. LARRY ARRINTON lived Goldsboro, NC, 2008 & his fiancee, Amanda Green, lived Bristol 2008. Gr-grandch: J-555c. DYAN & J-555b. JACKSON ARRINGTON.

G-1034. ROBERT MAURICE (;before 2008); G-1035. VIVIAN CATHERINE A Goldenstar (;before 2008); & G-1036. BENJAMIN BRUCE ARRINGTON lived Harrisonburg, VA, 2008.

F-653. EDWARD WARD CARMACK COUNTS (01-28-1909;04-01-1984*)m Virginia Bright (;04-25-2009) dau John & Sally Bright. CARMAC bur Russell Mem Cem, Lebanon. Virginia taught 33 years in DicCo, RusCo & TazCo; started Coll @ age 37; recieved BS from Emory & Henry coll & M.E.D from Univ VA; lived Abingdon, VA; d Bristol Regional Med Center, Bristol; FA Combs FH, Lebanon; bur Russell Mem Cem, Lebanon & survived by 5 gr-granddau & 3 gr-grandsons. So: DicStar obit 04-29-2009. Ch:

G-1037a. SANDRA COUNTS m ??? Arrington & lived Bristol 2009. Ch: H-1330a. JEFF & H-1330b. JOHN DAX ARRINGTON.

G-1037b. GLENDA m ??? Sykes & lived Lebanon 2009. Ch: H-1330c. LAURA m ??? McCall; H-1330d. CLINT; H-1330e. SHANNON & H-1330f. SALLY SYKES.

G-2037c. GINGER COUNTS m David Kinkead & lived Bristol, TN 2009. Ch: H-1330g. JENNIFER; H-1330h. CHRIS & H-1330i. JASON KINKEAD.

G-1037d. PATRICIA m ??? Brummitt & lived Columbia, SC 2009. CH: H-1330j. LUCAS (;before 04-25-2009); H-1330k. MARK & H-1330l. MAJOR STEVEN BRUMMITT.

E-366. WILLIAM HOPKINS COUNTS m Susan Caldona Arrington. Ch:

Page 130

F-673. ERDMAN COUNTS (03-05-1902;08-02-1976) on 03-10-1927 in DicCo m Goldia Mullins (02-03-1906;09-09-1999*). Goldia was reared in Clintwood; taught school in DicCo for many years & at Bristol Highland View School for 25 years; was of the Methodist faith; d Bristol Welmont Hospice House, FA by Weaver FH, Bristol; bur Temple Hill Cem, Castlewood, VA; * survived by 7 gr-grandch. So: DicStar & BHC obits. Ch:(1999)

G-1044. ERDMAN LEE COUNTS (;living 06-03-2009) of Johnson City.

G-1045. REBECCA ANN COUNTS (ca 1941;06-03-2009) m Harold Leonard (;living 06-03-2009). REBECCA lived Bristol, TN; spent most of her life in the Bristol area; d @ home from cancer; was member Fellowship Chapel; FA Weaver FH & bur Mt View Cem. So: BHC obit 06-05-2009. Ch:

H-1349. DEBBIE LEONARD m Mark Sourbeer. Ch: I-1137a. BRITTANY & I-1137b. BROOKE SOURBEER.

H-1350. LISA LEONARD m David Myers. Ch: I-1137c. EVAN & I-1137d. MEGAN MYERS.

H-1351. KRYSTAL LEONARD m Jonathan Carrier.

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F-679. LUCILLE COUNTS m Branch Kiser (F-277b--KEYSER). Ch:

G-1056. LOIS SUE KISER ca 1956 m Paul Gray Wiley (04-11-1935;12-10-2008) s of Russell Andrew Wiley & Virgie Potter Wiley Herron. Paul b Henry Clay, KY; graduated Clinchco, DicCo, HS; enlisted in US Air Force; worked in aerospace industry in Huntsville, AL & Cape Kennedy, FL; retired 1991 from IBM in Manassas, VA; was an avid golfer & woodworker; member Masonic Fraternity for 51 years; member Clintwood Lodge # 66; d Johnson City, TN, Med Center; FA Farris FH & bur Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood, RusCo. Ch:

H-1358a. PAUL GRAY WILEY II m Beth Crouse & lived Sewanee, TN, 2008. Ch: I-1137e. KATHERINE DAILE & I-1137f. JACOB KISER WILEY.

H-1358b. JENNIFER L. WILEY m Brian Hakala & lived Katy, TX, 2008. Ch: I-1137g. RACHEL KENNEDY HAKALA & I-1137h. JOHN PAUL "JACK" HAKALA.

H-1358c. JEFFERY MARK WILEY (;before 2008).

F-683. ARTHUR C. COUNTS (01-10-1908;09-05-1995*) m SUSIE VIOLET RASNICK (F-198). Ch: G-1059a. LYMAN COUNTS m Charlene Mullins (ca 1942;12-08-2007) dau of Jarvie C. & Prudie Poe Mullins. Charlene b DicCo; dedicated worker in the Lebanon, RusCo, Lions Club; licensed agent for Counts Insurance Agency for 18 years; was a member Lebanon Baptist Church; lived Abingdon, VA; d @ home; FA Castlewood, RusCo, FH & buried Ketron Mem Gardens, Lebanon. So: CVT 12-13-2007. Ch: H-1358d. CHERI ??? m John Dickenson & lived Kingsport, TN, 2007 & H-1358e. TODD SALYER m Leah & lived Lebanon 2007. Grandch: I-1137i. BRANDON; I-1137j. SAMANTHA; I-1137k. LEVI & I-1137l. MAEGAN. Gr-grandch: J-555e. TAYLOR.

Page 132

D-79. ANDREW JACKSON COUNTS m Isabella Adams. Ch:

E-382. Max Counts m Julia Ann Scruggs. Ch:

F-699. FRED COUNTS (;before 03/1/2011) m (2) Gertrude Goad (ca 1914;03/14/2011) dau Frank Mitchell & Alice Barlow Goad. So: C.C.Counts e-mail counts@dixie-net.com. Gertrude lived Corinth, MS 2007. Gertrude graduated Adamsville HS 1933; attended Nursing School in MS; nursed at McRae Clinic; member Christian Assembly Of God; d Magnolia Regional Health Center; FA M. C. Peter's FH; bur Corinth National Cem. Ch: G-1072a. TRACY & G-1072b. RUBY J. COUNTS m ??? McDaniel & lived in a Jackson, MS nursing home 2011. Ch: H-1363a. DANNY & H-1363b. FREDA MCDANIEL m ??? Greenwall. So: Corinth newspaper obit 03/15/2011.

D-81 ELVIRA GERTRUDE COUNTS (10-13-1837;08-29-1869) on 10-12-1856 m Hiram Clarence Jacobs (12-22-1831;12-20-1916) s of William Woods & Rhoda Pruett Jacobs. He d CarterCo, KY & bur Jacobs Cem, Jacobs, CarterCo, KY. So: Hiram Jacobs Bible provided 2004 by D-81's granddau, F-705a. EVELYN MARBES, 4270 Calinda Lane, Apt 352, Niceville, FL 32578-4556. Ch: E-384a. Celetha Ann (05-21-1857;09-01-1857); E-384b. ROBERT H (08-16-1858;); E-384c. John S (04-21-1860;12-13-1869); E-384d. LOUIS J (01-29-1862;04-01-1893); E-384e. I. M. (07-22-1863;) E-384f. M.S. (01-26-1865;); E-384g. I.H. (07-06-1866;); E-384h. Julia Bell (10-10-1868;02-25-1871)& E-385. MORDECAI JACOBS.

C-12. JOHN "JACKIE" COUNTS m Phoebe McReynolds. Ch:

D-84. REBECCA COUNTS m Abednigo Kiser (1817;1892) (D-36--KEYSER App). Ch:

Page 141

E-390. ELIHU KISER m MARY KISER (E-663). Ch:

F-727i. LUTHER KISER (see V1 p 117) m Daisey ????. Ch: G-1129a. AMOS KISER m ????. Ch: H-1426a. JACKIE KISER m Gracie Wood. Ch: I-1228a. BRYAN LEE SCOTT (birth name TIMMIE LEE WOOD) m DONITA JO SUTHERLAND (1961;2012) (I-1262a.) (So: BECKY CHAFIN F-245 SUTHERLAND App 06-15-2012). So: I-1262a. DONITA 04-27-2006.

F-727m. JOHN LUKE KISER m Loma Phillips dau Meredith & Mariah Ann Blair Phillips. He served in the 108th Machine Gun Bttn, US Army in France, WW-I (1918-1919); d Dante, RusCo, VA. She b&d Star Rt, Dante. They baptised Old Regular Baptist Church (Delphia), Hazel Mt, RusCo; & bur Bob Phillips Cem, (Delphia) Old Regular Baptist Church, Hazel Mt. So: G-1133. HERBERT KISER, Sep 2004. Ch (born Trammell Gap, DicCo, RFD 1, Dante PO):

G-1130. ONA KISER (1921;) in April 1946 m James Buford Addington. Ch: H-1426b. GENE; H-1426c. JUDY; H-1426d. GLENN (twin); H-1426e. LEN (twin); H-1426f. BRUCE; & H-1426g. TRESSIA ADDINGTON.

G-1131. ANNIE MARY KISER (04-22-1926;08-29-1965) in 1942 m (1) Carl Mullins & m (2) Henry Harrison. She d St Paul, WiseCo, VA and bur Temple Hill Cem, Castlewood, RusCo, VA. Ch: H-1426h; CARL, JR H-1426i BRENDA; & H-1426j. CLIFFORD MULLINS

G-1132. CURTIS MCNEIL KISER (;living 02-22-2009) m NEVA ARTRIP GRIZZLE (I-923). Ch:

H-1429. RHONDA JEAN KISER (1958;living 2012) m Marvin McCowan (;before 03-18-2012). Ch:

I-1232. TONY MCCOWAN(1976;before 03-18-2012);

I-1233. JASON ELBERT MCCOWAN (1979;03-18-2012) JASON was a lifelong resident of DicCo; graduated Ervinton HS; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood; & bur Kiser Cem, Trammel Gap section of Dante, RusCo, VA. So: BHC obit 03-21-2012. Ch: J-638a. CIERRA & J-638b. JAYLAN MCCOWN lived Clintwood 2012

I-1234. MARK MCCOWAN (1982;) lived Dante 2012.

H-1430. SANDRA BELL KISER m Danny Lee s of Earl & Margaret Lee. Ch: I-1236. SPENCER LEE (1982;) m Autumn Coleman dau of Rick & Brenda Green Coleman of Clinchco. Ch: J-638c. CADENCE GRACE LEE (2005;) b Johnston Mem Hosp Abingdon, VA. So: DicStar 09-14-2005.

G-1133. HERBERT A. "SARGE" KISER (1932;02-22-2009) on 04-09-1962 in Berlin, Germany m (1) Gudrun Anna-Gret Schonicke (mother of ch) lived Yuma, AZ 2009 & m (2) Twila Dillow (;living 2009). Enlisted US Army, Bristol, VA, 05-26-1949; served in US 8 years (SDI & ROTC Instructor); Korea as combat infantry & instructor; Viet Nam in PSYOPS (Civilian Act Advisor, Operations & Intel Team). In Viet Nam commanded a 6 man squad in Village of Cai-Lay, Mekong Delta (26 miles to nearest US unit), made patrols, lived with natives, & gathered intelligence information which was relayed by radio to higher HQ. The village barber that sometimes shaved this squad with a straight razor and seemed friendly was found among the dead Viet Cong that attacked their bunker on 02-18-1967; retired from US Military 06-30-1969, Ft Gordon, GA. Decorations: 2 Purple Hearts (Korea), MUC Meritorious Unit Citation, CIB Combat Infantry Badge (1st Korea, 2nd Vietnam) and Bronze Star Medal. After military retirement worked for Pittston Coal Co as general inside labor & repairman. He was a UMWA safety committeeman, mine committeeman, Vice-President, & President, Local Union 1256 (Moss Mines); worked with COMPAC, organizing committee; & was UMWA District 28 Executive Board Member. In 2004 lived at 19152 Moulin St, Abingdon, VA 24210 (276 628 8224) hkiser@naxs.net. HERBERT b Dante, RusCo; d Johnston Mem Hosp, Abingdon after a brief illness; FA Castlewood, RusCo, FH & bur Kiser Cem, DicCo with military rites by Lebanon, RusCo VFW Post # 9864 So: BHC obit 03-01-2009. Ch:

H-1430a. RONALD JEFFERY KISER (1962;) in 1985 m Kristine Milius & in 2009 lived @ Mission Viejo, CA. Ch: I-1236a. JOHANNA (1991;); I-1236b. JARED (1995;); & I-1236c. ELIZABETH KISER (1999;).

H-1430b. JOHN C. KISER (1963;) in 1981 m Kimberly Pratt & lived Charleston, SC 2009. Ch: I-1236d. JOHNATHAN (1983;) & I-1236e. JESSICA KISER (1986;).

H-1430c. HERBERT H. KISER (1963;) in 1995 m Tina Appleby & lived Yuma, Az 2009. Ch I-1236f. ENYA (1997;twin) & I-1236g. BETHANY (1997;twin).

H-1430d. THOMAS G. KISER (1966;) in 1988 m Laura Allen & lived San Ramon, CA 2009. Ch: I-1236h. ALEXANDRIA (1989;); I-1236i. CATHERINE (1999;); & I-1236j. SOPHIA KISER (2003;).

G-1134. J L KISER (04-27-1934;05-18-1998. He d Cumberland, MD and bur RFD 1, Trammell Gap, DicCo. Never Married, no ch.

G-1134a. DARRELL C. (1939;) on 08-26-1957 in Clintwood, DicCo, VA m Mary Farmer & lived Cleveland, VA 2009. Ch: H-1430e. GAIL; H-1430f. JACKIE; H-1430g. MARLENE; & H-1430h. JAMIE KISER

G-1134b. MACARTHUR KISER (04-16-1942;11-27-2001) on 07-26-1967 in Lebanon, RusCo, VA m Mary Helbert. He d Hazel Mt (Star Rt 1 Dante) & bur Kiser Cem, Trammell Gap. Ch: H-1430i. ANNA; H-1430j. JUNIOR; & H-1430k. SIMON KISER.

F-727o. JOSEPH IRA KISER (09-15-1895;05-??-1999) in 1917 m Thula Byrant (02-??-1898;05-??-1969). In a newspaper interview, about 1990, JOE was living in Waritoa Nursing Home in Maynardsville, TN; he was born in Western VA; with his family about 1905, spent a night at Cumberland Gap and the next day to Liberty Hill, & walked from Liberty Hill to their new home in Hickory Valley, UnionCo, TN; his brothers drove a team & wagon with their belongings over several days; JOE spent most of his life farming in Hickory Valley, going back to work in VA coal mines for about 2 years; raised cattle & tobacco; made liquor & made stills for others, without being caught by the revenuers; said that the Kisers were long lived, most of his siblings died in their 90's with 2 brothers going over 100. Ch: (only G-1134m. ELSIE LEE living 2008) G-1134c. CLAYTON; G-1134d. Fred d ca age 19 or 20 from car accident while home on leave from the Army; G-1134e. RUTH; G-1134f. Ben Oliver (dy); G-1134g. HOYT; G-1134h. NATHANIEL "SHAN"; G-1134i. MITTIE FLORENCE m ??? Gunter; G-1134j. HOWARD "BILLY"; G-1134k. DELTON MAE; G-1134l. ELIZABETH "BETTY" (04-??-1932) m ??? Harrison; G-1134m. ELSIE LEE m ??? Booker & lived GA 2008; G-1134n. LELA MAUDE (03-??-1936) & G-1134o. JOSEPH DONALD KISER. So: I-1236k. KAREN ROBERTS 07-21-2008.

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D-85. NANCY ANN COUNTS m James Sutherland (C-19-Sutherland App). Ch:

E-396. PHOEBE SUTHERLAND m Almareen Owens (B-1a.-OWENS). Ch:

F-764. MARTHA "MATTIE" OWENS m James Wm Arrington (D-2-EDWARDSApp). Ch:

G-1172. CARL JUNIOR ARRINGTON (ca 1921;08-24-1999) m Alice Owens. Ch:

H-1448. RICK ARRINGTON m Audrey ??? he lived Haysi. Ch: I-1257a. JAMIE ARRINGTON m Amanda ???. Ch: J-650a. RICKY PAUL ARINGTON (2007;). So: Dicstar 11-07-2007.

F-767. MORGAN THOMAS BURNS OWENS m Martha Ellen Arrington. Ch:

G-1175. LELAND CHANDAS OWENS (;before 2005) ESTELLE SUTHERLAND (G-2176) (01-28-1908;03-17-2009). So: BHC obit 03-19-2009. Ch:

H-1450a. FRANK P. (;before Oct 2005); H-1450b. GARY OWENS (;before Oct 2005).

H-1450c. ESTEL C. "BUCK" OWENS (ca 1931;10-17-2005) m Kay ???. He native of Stratton, DicCo, VA; US Army Korean veteran; retired Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren, VA; member McClure, DicCo, Kiwanis Club; well-know in area as bluegrass mandolin player; lived Fredericksburg, VA; d @ home; FA Covenant FH, Fredericksburg; bur Laurel Mem Park; & survived by 11 grandch & 7 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 10-19-2005. Ch:

I-1257b. DEBBIE m (1) Steve McInnis & lived Locust Grove, VA, 2005 & 2009; I-1257c. DINA, who lived Nashville, TN 2005 & King George Co, VA 2009 m Mike Shiflett, who lived Fredericksburg 2005; & I-1257d. JIMMY W. m Sharon ??? & lived StaffordCo, VA 2005 & Caroline Co, VA 2009; & I-1257e. E. DEAN OWENS (;before 03-17-2009) m Debra S. ??? & lived SpotsylvaniaCo, VA 2005.

Stepch: Karl m Dorothy ??? & lived StaffordCo & Lori Sheibe of Alexandria, VA.

F-770. REBECCA ROSABEL OWENS on 06-04-1896 DicCo m Walker Robinson. Ch:

G-1184. SARAH ESTELLE "PEG" ROBINSON m Robert "Bob" Owens & lived Birchleaf, DicCo 2012.

G-1187. VIVIAN BLANCHE ROBINSON (ca 1920;04-07-2012) m Benford Kiser (;before 04-07-2012). BLANCHE b DicCo: was member Dickenson First Presbyterian Church; owned & operated Haysi Beauty Shop for 67 years; lived Haysi, DicCo;; d Bristol, TN; FA Haysi FH & bur Robinson Cem, Birchleaf, DicCo. So: BHC obit 04-10-2012. Ch:

H-1451a. KIT m Tammie ??? & lived Roanoke, VA 2012; H-1451b. KAY m Don Owens (;before 04-07-2012) & lived Haysi 2009 & H-1451c. PAIGE KISER m John Anderson & lived Goochland, VA 2012.

Grandch: I-1258a. JILL SUSANNE ??? m Ken Marshall. Ch: J-650b. BENJAMIN MARSHAL, J-650c. CHRISTOPHER MARSHALL.

I-1258b. DAWN REBECCA OWENS m Dennis Vicars.

I-1258c. GINA ??? m Everest Frost. Ch: J-650d. COURTNEY FROST; J-650e. DAKOTA FROST;; J-650f. NOAH FROST & J-650g. MORGAN FROST.

I-1258d. LISA ROWE; I-1258e. JON HARKLEROAD & I-1258f. CYNTHIA ??? m Michael Hubbard.

Other Gr-grandch: J-650h. KAYLAN ROWE& J-650i. ISABELL BROWN.


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G-1188a. ULIN LENORE JUDY (12-20-1897;11-12-1987) on 04-09-1927 m Arnold D Harvey & G-1188b. LIMA ETHEL SUTHERLAND (09-11-1899;10- 1992) on 12-27-1922 m Ira Byran Fuller (05-22-1900;12-05-1978).


H-1452. LANCE SUTHERLAND (1932;10-25-2002) m Patsy Fleming. He was a lifelong resident of DicCo; a graduate of from Univ VA & East TN State Univ; US Army veteran; a distinguished teacher, principal & school administrator; a member of Clintwood Baptist Church; died at Wellmont Holston Valley Med Center, Kingsport, TN; FA by Mullins FH, Clintwood, DicCo, VA; & bur Phipps Mem Cem, Clintwood. So: DicStar 10-30-2002 Obit. Ch: I-1259.DARRIN SUTHERLAND m Ruth ???? & lived Raleigh, NC.

H-1453. CONRAD lived Abingdon, WashCo, VA, 2002; H-1454. DRUSCILLA JILL m Bob Beverly & lived Annandale, VA, 2002; & H-1455. DANA SUTHERLAND lived Manassas, VA, 2002.

G-1190. MAXINE ELIZABETH SUTHERLAND (02-10-1904;05-26-1987) on 12-03-1925 m RICHARD STACY SUTHERLAND (F-812). See F-812 for ch.

G-1192. ELLA VIVIAN SUTHERLAND (09-13-1909;03-12-1977) on 06-24-1950 m Charles Junior Neaville.

G-1193. GORMAN WALKER SUTHERLAND (05-26-1912;04-22-1938) m Garnette Lucille Owens (;08-??-1979). He d in Red Jacket, Keen Mt Mine explosion. Ch: H-1455a. SHIRLEY J SUTHERLAND & Colen Spencer Crowley. Ch:

I-1262a. DONITA JO SUTHERLAND (ca 1961;2012) (So: BECKY CHAFFIN F-245 SUTHERLAND App 06-15-2012) m BRYAN LEE SCOTT (I-1228a). So: I-1262a. DONITA 02-25-2005 & 04-27-2006 (e-mail shandi1960@yahoo.com).

I-1262b. ANN SUTHERLAND So: ANN 06-15-2012

F-782. MARGARET ELLA SUTHERLAND (01-04-1884;01-03-1944) on 08-22-1906 in DicCo m Oliver Hosea Bowman (06-10-1880;04-02-1949) son of William J. & Caroline Compton Bowman. So: I-1262e. MARGARET BOWMAN 12-29-2007. Ch:

G-1194. LENA GLADYS BOWMAN (;before 06-08-2009) m Brice Arrington Sykes. Brice m (2) Allene ???? (;living 06-08-2009) So: Sykes Family by R C Sykes has more on them & their descendants. See note at end of this document. Ch:

H-1455b. HAROLD ROGER SYKES (02-19-1936;06-08-2009) m Shirley McLeod (;before 06-08-2009). HAROLD b Birchleaf, DicCo; was Vietnam War veteran with over 20 years honorable service; awards & commendations include Purple Heart w 1st OLC; Bronze Star with V device (Valor) 5th OLC & Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm; worked for Fayetteville Public Housing Authority retiring with 10 years service; worked at Ft Bragg with private security co.; retired age 62; lived Broadway, SC; d Wake Med Center, Raleigh, NC; FA Rogers & Breece FH, Fayetteville, NC & bur Cross Creek Cem #4 with full military honors. So: DicStar 06-10-2009. Ch:

I-1262c. JAMES S. SYKES m Kimberly E. ??? & lived Richmond Hall, GA 2009. Ch: J-650j. CAITLIN N. & J-650k. HANNAH R. SYKES lived Richmond Hill, GA, 2009.

I-1262d. MELINDA G. SYKES lived Garner, NC 2009.

H-1455c. MADELINE COUNTS (;before 06-08-2009); H-1455d. RAY COUNTS (;before 06-08-2009); H-1455e. SUE COUNTS lived Boone NC 2009; H-1455f. JEAN COUNTS m ??? Raines & lived Birchleaf, DicCo 2009; H-1455g. RHONDA m ??? Charping & lived Trussville, AL 2009; H-1455h. KIT lived Speedway, TN 2009 & H-1455i. JOHNNY SYKES lived Clintwood, DicCo 2009.

G-1198. CECIL BURNS BOWMAN (05-08-1916;03-21-1980) m Margaret Rasnick. Ch: H-1456a. JAMES DAVID BOWMAN. Ch: I-1262e. MARGARET S. W. BOWMAN.

Page 146




H-1461. GUY MILTON SUTHERLAND, JR.(08-11-1926;10-19-2006). He d Houston, TX. So: I-1263 GUY III Oct 2006. Ch:

I-1264. BRUCE ALAN SUTHERLAND m Cynthia Marie Solcher, div 2004.


H-1463. JACQUELINE SUTHERLAND m William Sanderson (4-21-1929;07-17-2006) s of John & Pearl Shouldice Sanderson. He d Royal Oak, MI & bur Oakview Cem, Royal Oak. Ch:

Page 147


J-656. NICHOLAS PATRICK (2001;) & J-656a. ALYSSA JACQUELINE ETHINGTON (2004;) b Flint, MI & delivered by Dr. Daddy.

I-1268.WILLIAM F SANDERSON, JR on 08-24-2002 at Beaver Creek Golf Links, Rochester, MI, m Kari Lee Carlson (1970;) dau of Tom & Cathy Carlson of Silver Creek, NY. She b Niskayuna, NY. Ch: J-656b. COREY WILLIAM SANDERSON (2005;) b Southfield, MI.

H-1464. JOYCE SUTHERLAND m Alexander Foronda. Ch b Royal Oak, MI.

H-1465. LOIS GAIL SUTHERLAND m Thomas Edison Wark. Stepch:

(5) Mark Mathias Wark on 07-26-1992 m Karen L Knopick dau of John & Ruth Labnier Knopick. Stepch: William Kuncz (1984;)

(6) Steven Elliot Wark m Dawn Denise Nieman. Ch: Christina Lorraine Wark. Ch: Tanner Michael Sweigart (his father was Robert Swiegart).

(7) Patricia Mary Wark m (1) Kenneth Ray Brooks. Ch: Logan David Brooks (01-30-1981;02-23-2005.) on the beach in Indian Shores, FL m Tracey Jane McGinley. He d at Bayfront Hosp, Tampa, FL, from an auto accident. Ch: Daniel Hugh Mark McGinley (1990;) b Huntingdon, England; Logan Kevin "LoKe" Brooks (2002;) b Clearwater, FL; & Jiana Peace Brooks (2003;) b Clearwater.

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G-1208. RALPH KERN SUTHERLAND (;1988)m LEAFY KISER (06-10-1917;03-02-2008) (G-2697). In 1940 they moved to Detroit; returned to VA in 1947; opened a five & dime store in Haysi; retired to FL in 1970, LEAFY moved to Abingdon, VA 2000; d Johnston Mem Hosp, Abingdon & FA Farris FH, Abingdon. So: BHC obit 03-03-2008. Ch b Richlands, VA, Hosp. Ch:

H-1466. PATRICIA KAY SUTHERLAND m Robert J Kuchan & lived Abingdon 2008. Ch:

Page 149

I-1272. ERIC ROBERT KUCHAN m (2) Elizabeth Gregory "Pidge" Moore & lived Christiansburg, VA 2008. Ch: J-658. TYLER KERN (1998;) b Statesboro, GA; J-658a. GARRETT DAVIS (2002;) & J-658b. ANNA ELIZABETH KUCHAN (2003;) were b Christiansburg, VA.

H-1467. TIMMY MAC SUTHERLAND m Patricia Sautter & lived Trevose, PA, 2008.

G-1209. ROLAND AUBREY SUTHERLAND m June Sutherland. Ch: H-1470. DENNY RAY SUTHERLAND in DicCo,VA m LOIS FULLER (G-1983). Ch: I-1275. CHANDRA SUTHERLAND m Jonathan Wampler. Ch: J-659. AMANDA WAMPLER m (1) Jonathan McGlothlin, div 2003; & on 11-07-2004 in RusCo, VA, m (2) Douglas Breeding (1953;) s of Arthur & Ollie Breeding.

G-1211. EDWIN STARK SUTHERLAND (02-21-1913;02-26-2005) m Chloe Clevenger. He served in US Marine Corps WW-II; was a teacher & supervisor of education BucCo, VA; retired from VA Dept of Vocational Rehabilitation; lived Fincastle, VA; grandson of a Civil War Veteran; d Brian Center Nursing Care; FA Oakley's North Chapel; bur Sherwood Mausoleum Park, Salem, VA; survived by 2 gr-granddau. So: DicStar obit 03-02-2005. Ch:

H-1472. SAMUEL SUTHERLAND lived Fincastle 2004.

H-1473. THOMAS SUTHERLAND m Jan Yeast & lived Gloucester Pt 2004. Ch: I-1276. STACY m Eric Hansen & lived Massanutten, VA, 2004 & I-1277. SHANNON SUTHERLAND m Gregory Schuler & lived Wilmington, DE, 2004.

H-1474. TERRENCE SUTHERLAND m Carol Rader & lived BathCo, VA, 2004. Ch: Stepch: Kimberly Dawn Thompson m Jay Ford & lived Hot Springs 2004; I-1278. JULIE lived Louisville, KY, 2004; & I-1279. TRAVIS SUTHERLAND lived BathCo, VA, 2004. Stepch: Kimberly Thompson m Jay Ford & lived Hot Springs.

G-1212. RUBY EMMA SUTHERLAND (1914;living 2005) of Abingdon, VA & G-1214. OLIVE JUNE SUTHERLAND TAYLOR (1918;living 2005) of Abingdon.


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G-1223. CECIL SUTHERLAND (06-03-1917;08-04-2000) m Beatrice ? . Ch:

H-1490. DEBBIE SUTHERLAND m James Vernon Stanley & lived in Clintwood 2009. Ch:

I-1292. AMY STANLEY m Richard Lindsey.

I-1293. ANDREA STANLEY m Keddy Steele s of Richard Steele & lived Clintwood 2007 & lived Coeburn, WisCo 2009. Ch: J-661a. ASHTON KEDRICK STEELE (2008;) So: DicStar 01-07-2009.


G-1225. HENRY BURNS (;before 06-30-2010) & G-1226. ZELLA INIS SUTHERLAND (;before 06-30-2010)

G-1227. GLADYS SUTHERLAND (ca 1915;06-30-2010) GLADYS b Tenso, DicCo; was an avid homemaker; member of Sandlick Primitive Baptist Church; attended Clinchco Senior Citizens; d@ home of Phillip & Sandy Owens in Haysi; FA Haysi, DicCo FH & bur Sutherland Cem, Lick Cr, DicCo. So: BHC obit 07-02-2010.

G-1228. WOODROW WILSON SUTHERLAND (12-27-1916;02-11-2007; m RUBY EMMA SUTHERLAND (1914;living 2007) (G-1212). So: LOIS WARK H-1465 11-05-2006. WOODROW retired after 38 years as a coal miner; was member Clintwood Masonic Lodge for 41 years; was of the Baptist faith; loved to hunt & fish in his golden years; FA Farris FH, Abingdon, VA & buried Russell Mem Cem, Lebanon, VA. So: BHC obit 02-14-2007. Ch:

H-1491. RONALD SUTHERLAND m Charlotte Scott & lived Abingdon, VA 2007. Ch:

I-1294. Dr. KEVIN SCOTT SUTHERLAND (1967;) m Christine Glasser & lived Richmond 2007. Ch: J-662. NOAH GLASSER (2000;); J-662a. EMMA MARIE SUTHERLAND (2003;) b Richmond, VA; J-662b. NOAH SUTHERLAND.

I-1295 KIMBERLY ANN SUTHERLAND (1970;) m Richard Kent Sturgill & lived Abingdon, VA 2007. Ch: J-663. ROBY (1995;); J-664. JACOB (1998;) & J-664a. CHARLES SCOTT STURGILL (2004;) born Bristol, TN.

H-1492. FRIEDA ANN SUTHERLAND (1941;) & lived Abingdon, VA 2007.

H-1493. MARK WILSON SUTHERLAND (1953;) m Linda Smith Tomlinson & lived Abingdon, VA 2007. Stepch:

(1) Kimberly Denise Tomlinson m Jeffrey Roark & lived Abingdon, VA 2007. Stepch:

(2) Stephanie Paige Sutherland (1971;twin) m Mark Lee Brooks & lived Bristol, VA 2007.

(3) Stacy Dawn Sutherland (1971;twin) m Mark Conard & lived Ventura, CA 2007. Ch: Stephanie Grace (1997;) b Mesquite, TX & Katie Elizabeth (1998;) b Memphis, TN; Benjamin Mark (2002;) & ISSAC IAN CONARD (2004;) were b Johannesburg, South Africa.

G-1229. BRADY SUTHERLAND (;before 06-30-2010) m Lucy McClanahan Mitchell (03-20-1930:07-28-2010), dau Dock & Flora McClanahan. BRADY entered US Navy service May 1944, trained @ Great Lakes, served as Armed Guard crew on a merchant ship across the Atlantic 3 times & served in the European area. So: DicStar July 2007. Lucy enjoyed quilting, gardening & being with her family; lived Doran, BucCo; d Clinch Valley Med Center; FA Singleton FH & bur Greenhills Mem Park, Claypool Hills, TazCo. So: BHC obit 07-30-2010.

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G-1230. DANIEL BOONE SUTHERLAND ca 12-20-1941 m IRENE EDWARDS (H-2299) @ the Court House, Clintwood & lived Lick Cr Rd, Haysi 2012. BOONE entered US Army service August 1943, trained in TX & was stationed at Ft Benning, GA as a Cpl, chauffeuring his Colonel. So: DicStar July 2007. In 2012 BOONE was a retired coal miner & an elder of Sandlick Presbyterian Church, IRENE was a wife & homemaker & they had 8 grandch, 6 gr-grandch & 2 step-grandch. Ch: H-1496a. DANIEL BOONE III m Diana ??? & lived Gallatin 2012, TN; H-1496b. BENNIE LEE m Angela ??? & lived Haysi 2012 & H-1496c. BONNIE SUTHERLAND m ??? Owens & lived Wise, WisCo 2012. So DicStar 01-25-2012.

G-1231. HELEN SUTHERLAND (;before 06-30-2010).

G-1232. FLOYD FONSO SUTHERLAND m Clara Fields, dau of Kemper & Bessie Fields. FONSO graduated Haysi HS 1944; trained at Camp Croft, SC & served in the Military Police in Italy @ the time of the surrender & lived in Haysi, 2010.. So: DicStar July 2007. Ch:

H-1496d. PHILLIP KENT SUTHERLAND m JEDDA SUTHERLAND (I-2848) & lived Haysi 2007. See I-2848 for ch. So: DicStar 11-24-2004.

H-1496e. TIM m Robin??? & lived Haysi 2007; & H-1496f. Jane Kathleen Sutherland (dy).

H-1496g. DAVID GRANT SUTHERLAND (ca 1961;04-26-2007). He b TazewellCo, VA; was honor graduate Haysi HS; graduated from UVA-Wise; was a teacher & basketball coach @ Haysi HS for past 17 years; endured 3 ˝ years of cancer with grace & dignity; d Pikeville, KY. Med Center; FA Haysi FH & buried Sutherland Cem, Lick Creek. So: BHC obit 04-28-2007.

H-1496h. AMY SUTHERLAND m Stan Hicks (;before 2007) & lived Johnson City, TN 2007. Ch:

I-1295a. THOMAS WADE SUTHERLAND (ca 1981;03-16-2007). WADE b Richlands, VA; was adopted by his grandparents, FONSO & Clara SUTHERLAND; graduated Haysi HS & East TN State Univ; lived Asheville, NC; employed as design consultant, The Home Depot, Asheville; was baptized Peuther Chapel Church, Caney Ridge, DicCo; d Asheville; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH & buried Sutherland Family Cem, Lick Creek section of Haysi. So: BHC obit 03-20-2007.

I-1295b. NICHOLE SENTER m Jeff Birdwell; & I-1295c. DERECK HICKS lived Johnson City, TN, 2007.

G-1233. ELI ODELL SUTHERLAND (;before 06-30-2010) m IVAL SUTHERLAND dau of Clyde & Elsie Sutherland. So: DicStar articles 06-29-2005 & 07-20-2005. Ch:


I-1295d. ELI RYAN SUTHERLAND (08-24-1979;11-07-2009) graduated Haysi HS 1998, The Campbell Univ School of Pharmacy, Magna Cum Laude 2005 with honors; was employed by Wellmont Hosp, Kingsport, TN; d Haysi, DicCo from cancer; FA Haysi FH; bur Counts Family Cem, Big Ridge, Haysi. So: BHC obit 11-09-2009.

I-1295e. LUKE SUTHERLAND on 06-30-2005 in Myrtle Beach, SC m Jessica Willis, dau of Bana & Sherry Willis. He was a 2005 graduate of Southwest VA Com Coll and worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers at Flannagan Dam, DicCo, VA. She was a 2002 graduate of Old Dominion Univ & worked for DicCo Behavioral Health Services, Clintwood, DicCo. Ch: J-664b. ABIGAIL SUTHERLAND.

I-1295f. SYDNEY SUTHERLAND (female).

G-1234. MAXIE JACQUELINE "JACKIE" Keene in 2010 lived in Oakwood, BucCo; G-1234a. TRULER (;before 06-30-2010) & G-1234b. GEORGE SUTHERLAND (:before 06-30-2010).


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G-1242a. GARNIE SUTHERLAND (; before 04-14-2010) m ? Novak

G-1242b. LOTTIE MABEL SUTHERLAND (ca 1921;04-14-2010) m ? Waddell. LOTTIE MABEL b DicCo; lived Vansant, BucCo; was one of the longest standing members of Vansant Baptist Church; d Roanoke Mem Hosp, Roanoke, VA; FA Haysi, DicCo FH & bur Dewey Sutherland Cem. So; BHC obit 04-17-2010. Ch: H-1512a. LARRY m Anne ??? & lived Christiansburg, VA 2010; H-1512b. DAVID m Sara ??: & lived Union, CT 2010. & H-1512c. SANDRA WADDELL lived Vansant, BucCo 2010. Grandch: I-1319a. JEFFREY lived Ft Lauderdale, FL 2010 & I-1319b. LORI WADDELL m Anthony Meridith & lived Christianburg 2010 (Anthony was serving in Irag in 2010). Gr-grandch J-676a. NATHANIEL MEREDITH of Christiansburg.

G-1242c. JUNE m (1) Enos Rakes; m (2) ??? Journell & lived Narrows, VA 2010; G-1242d. LINDEN, JR lived Bristol 2010; G-1242e. PARKIS (;before 04-14-2010); G-1242f. BROWNIE m ??? Stamp & lived Waldorf, MD 2010; G-1242g. JACK lived Okeechobee, FL 2010; G-1242h. ANN m ??? Reynolds & lived Sharon, IN 2010; G-1242i. NORMA m ??? Sherrow & lived Hobart, IN 2010; G-1242j. GLADYS (;before 04-14-2010) m Clarence Combs; & G-1242k. EVA SUTHERLAND (before 04-14-2010.)

G-1242l. GARLAND BRUCE SUTHERLAND (;before 04-14-2010) m Rachel Hess. Ch: H-1512d. FREDERICK R SUTHERLAND, SR. So: H-1512d. FREDERICK.

G-1243. FRANKIE SUTHERLAND (;before 04-14-2010) m Thomas K Fuller. Ch: H-1513. LARRY D FULLER m Corena Howard. Ch: I-1320. RITA FULLER m Jimmy Justice of Birchleaf, DicCo. Ch: J-676b. HEATHER JUSTICE m Mike Rose s of Larry & Diana Rose. Ch: K-94a. MICHAELA DAWN ROSE (2006;). So: DicStar 08-29-2007.

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G-1243a. NANNIE SUTHERLAND (;before 04-14-2010) m (1) CLYDE SUTHERLAND (G-2133) & m (2) WILLIAM FEARL COLLEY (H-2699g.)

F-812. RICHARD STACY SUTHERLAND (11-26-1900;11-11-1995) m MAXINE SUTHERLAND (G-1190). Ch: G-1243b. RONALD GLEN SUTHERLAND (02-21-1932;12-05-1995) on 12-27-1953 in St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Barberton, OH m Janet Helen Bigler (1935;) d of Dwight & Helen Yocum Bigler. He d St Thomas Hosp, Akron, OH. So: I-2623 CHERYL DILLON BELLOTTIE. Ch: H-1519a KENNETH HARVEY "ZEN"; H-1519b MARK STEPHEN; & H-1519c ROBERT TERENCE SUTHERLAND.

E-404. JAMES H SUTHERLAND on 03-20-1877 m (1) MARY "POLLY" DEEL SUTHERLAND (E-645) & on 05-25-1882 m (2) ALMEDA FULLER (F-1130). Ch:

F-813. VICTORIA SUTHERLAND m (2) Floyd Owens (D-17 EDWARDS APP). Ch:

G-1245. ELZENY "SIS" (;before 2007)m ??? McMurray; G-1246. FANNIE DELPHIA (;before 2007) & G-1248. ROBERT STUART OWENS (;before 2007).

G-1249. THURMAN WOODROW OWENS (;before 2007) m Elma Owens. Ch: H-1520. WILMA OWENS m DALE SMITH (H-1292) of (F-541a v1p95). So: HSS. Ch: I-1324a. SHAWN SMITH on 09-05-2009 in Lexington, KY m Crystal Bolling dau of Albert & Albery Bolling. Crystal graduated from J J Kelly HS, Wise & UNIV of VA Coll @ Wise & has worked 8 years for Verizon. SHAWN graduated from Clintwood HS, Univ VA Coll @ Wise & Pikeville, KY, Coll School of Osteopathic Medicine; completed Emergency Medicine WV Univ, Morgantown, WV & was Medical Director Emergency Dept, Norton Comm Hosp. They will share their time between their home in Lexington, KY & Norton. So: DicStar 09-02-2009.

G-1250. MAUDE DORA OWENS (ca 1915;12-23-2006) m Clarence Condal Mays (;12-19-1974) of Gretna, VA. She b & life long resident BucCo; lived Vansant, BucCo; member Prater Cr Primitive Baptist Church, Vansant; graduate Haysi, DicCo, HS; taught at War Fork, BucCo, Elementary School & was teacher's assistant Vansant Elementary School; employed at White Front Café, Grundy, BucCo & at Ralph's Shoe Store, Anchorage Shopping Center, Vansant; d Angel Haven Rest Home, Roanoke, VA; FA Grundy FH; & bur Owens Family Cem, Prater. So: BHC obit 12-26-2006. Ch:

H-1520a. DR. CLARENCE CONDAL, JR. m Lynn Morgan & lived Roanoke 2006 & H-1520b. JAMES E. MAYS m Susan Paulette Norris & lived Bristol, VA 2006.

Grandch: I-1324b. COURTNEY MAYS m ??? Tutwiler & lived Richmond, VA 2006. Ch: J-676c. CLARK & J-676d. REED TUTWILER.

I-1324c. TODD MAYS m Sherie & I-1324d. JENNY MAYS lived Roanoke 2006.

I-1324e. JULIA m ??? Golden & lived Kingsport, TN 2006. Ch: J-676e. ETHAN GOLDEN.

I-1324f. JOHNATHAN OWENS m Jessica & lived Kelso, WA 2006. Ch: J-676f. APRIL; J-676g. NIKKI; & J-676h. EMILY OWENS.

I-1324g. JAYMA MAYS lived Los Angeles, CA.

G-1251. ORBA ANN OWENS lived Bristol, VA, Dec 2006 & G-1252. BESSIE (;before 2007) m ??? Hull.

G-1253. DOROTHY OWENS (ca 1921;10-21-2006) m Elder Landon M. Colley. She b BucCo, VA; was a 60 year member of Prater Creek Primitive Baptist Church; lived Rosedale, RusCo, VA & later Church Hill, TN; d in Church Hill following extended illness; FA Singleton FH, Cedar Bluff, TazCo, VA; bur Greenhills Mem Gardens Mausoleum, Claypool Hill; & survived by 5 gr-grandch. Landon was a well known Old Primitive Baptist minister. So: BHC obit 10-23-2006. Ch:

H-1520c. KENNETH M. COLLEY m Sandra ??? & lived Kingsport, TN 2006. Ch: I-1324h. JOSHUA; I-1324i. JILL m ??? Marshall; I-1324j. KERRY; & I-1324k. ZOEY COLLEY.

H-1520d. SUE COLLEY m Richard Williams & lived Bluff City, TN, 2006. Ch: I-1324l. HEATHER & I-1324m. SHELLEY WILLIAMS.

F-816. ELIZABETH SUTHERLAND (12-17-1887;) m James Alderson Owens. Ch:

G-1255. LUTHER OWENS m VELVA DARE TAYLOR (G-1310). Ch: H-1522. DANIEL CLAYTON is also (H-1639) on page 165; H-1523. JACK DEMPSEY is also (H-1640) on page 165; & H-1524. SHIRLEY LORETTA OWENS is also (H-1641) on page 165.

Page 156

G-1260. MOLLY OWENS (1919;) on 01-12-1937 in BucCo m Brady Owens (09-04-1912;) (brother of Ted Owens who m MOLLY's sister ELLA MAE (G-1254) s of Billy & Caroline Deel Owens. Ch:

H-1544. BILL OWENS (1938;) on 02-07-1959 m Annice O'Quinn lived Birchleaf 2010.

H-1545. PAUL OWENS (1941;06-21-2010) on 09-16-1960 m Alice O'Quinn; (;living 06-10-2010). PAUL b BucCo; lived Aarons Drive, Birchleaf, DicCo; was retired from DicCo School System; past member Haysi Kiwanis; of the Baptist faith; d @ home; FA Haysi, DicCo FH & bur Jackson Cem, Rakes Ridge, DicCo. So: DicStar obit 06-23-2010. Ch:

I-1324n. DAVID OWENS m April ??? & lived Mt. Carmel, TN 2010. Ch: J-676i. ALLISON OWENS.

I-1324o. LISA OWENS m Scott Owens & lived Buckhannon, WV 2010.

H-1546. RITA GAIL OWENS (1953;) on 05-16-1975 m John Yates & lived Douglasville, GA 2010.

G-1261a. ROBY OWENS m Anna Rae ??? & lived Birchleaf 2010.

G-1262. ESTEL OWENS (04-21-1925;04-09-1997) (twin) m FLOSSIE EDWARDS (1927;07-30-2011) (G-1454) dau of F-902 (v1p138). They lived in DicCo, VA & Browning Park, Hazel Park, MI. FLOSSIE b DicCo: d Hazel Park, MI; FA Haysi FH; bur Edwards Cem, Birchleaf, DicCo & survived by 11 grandch, 4 step-grandch, 9 gr-grandch & 1 gr-step-grandch. So: DicStar 08-03-1911. Ch:

H-1550. LENA DIANN OWENS (1947;) m Delmer Owens (08-29-1944;07-14-1995) & lived Raven, BucCo 2011.

H-1551. THEDA KAY OWENS (1948;before 07-30-2011) on 05-16-1966 in Hazel Park, MI m (1) Melvin Calvin Berzley.

H-1553. BRENDA LEA OWENS (1956;) m Jackie Wayne Davis & lived Hazel Park, MI 2011.

H-1554. JOSEPH ALDERSON OWENS (1960;) m Kimberly Ann Twyman & lived Warren, MI 2011.

Page 157

H-1556. TIMOTHY JAMES OWENS (1965;) m Lisa Meitzner & lived St. Clair Shores, MI 2011.

F-820. MATILDA SUTHERLAND (ca 1894;) m ALMAREEN OWENS. Ch: G-1264a. ZELL OWENS (04-20-1918;05-14-1972) m Jacob Morgan Deel (03-29-1917;04-17-1973) s of Floyd & Malinda Viers Deel. Ch: H-1557a. IRIS JEANNE DEEL m Thomas Servay. (So: H-1557a. IRIS 2006).


G-1265. OMAR m Mavis ?; lived in Mt Gilead 2010, OH; G-1266. GAIL "GAYLE" m Mae ? & lived in Mansfield, OH 2010; G-1267. ADRON lived Mt Gilead 2010 & G-1268. GLENN SUTHERLAND of Mt Gilead 2010.

G-1269. ROGER D. SUTHERLAND (ca 1944;11-02-2010) m ????. ROGER lived Warren, MI; graduated Haysi HS 1963; retired from Chrysler Motor Co in MI; d @ home; FA Haysi, DicCo FH & bur William Dewey Sutherland Cem, Lick Cr, DicCo. So: BHC obit 11-08-2010. Ch: H-1565a. MELISSA SUTHERLAND m Robert Hotaly. Ch: I-1336a. BOBBY HOTALY.

G-1270. NINA SUTHERLAND m Everette Rice & lived with their ch in Newport News, VA 2010. Ch: H-1566. GARY; H-1567. TANYA; & H-1568. MELISSA RICE.


G-1271a. MERLE m ??? Fletcher & lived Abingdon, VA 2010; G-1271b. CLAYTON (;before 11-02-2010); G-1271c. MAYNARD (:before 11-02-2010); G-1271d. CAROL m ??? Breeding & lived Davenport, BucCo 2010 & G-1271e. TINA VAY SUTHERLAND (;before 11-02-2010).

G-1272. LENIS SUTHERLAND m Beldon Thomas & lived Bloutsville, TN 2010. Ch: H-1569a. JUDY THOMAS m ??? Calhoun & lived Bristol 2006. LENIS & JUDY worked in O'Quinn Dept Store, Grundy, BucCO, about the 1960's. Ch: I-1336b. HEATH CALHOUN (also shown as H-1564). So: EMMA O'QUINN (G-1282) 08-26-2006.

F-824. WINNIE BELLE SUTHERLAND m Issac Robinson. So: Ruth Pillow 09-01-2006.


Page 159

F-827. GORMAN B SUTHERLAND (11-30-1891;06-23-1953) in 1930 m Estelle Tiller (11-14-1909;01-16-1987). So: myfamily.com James & Sarah Sutherland

G-1279. PATSY SUE SUTHERLAND m Hubert Clayton Davis. PATSY taught me in the 7th grade in a big white house where Haysi Drug Center now stands, We had a middle school there. Children from all the little schools around Haysi went to school together in this white house & the black building that still stands there. The lunch room was in one end of the black building. We had dinner, not pizza, hamburgers & sandwiches. We only got to play with the boys at lunch time & recess. So: DicStar 05-07-2008 SANDLICK TIMES by Allene Sykes.

Page 160

G-1281. ROBERT KEATON "BOB" SUTHERLAND (1935;04-26-2008)) on 02-04-1956 m Betty Jean Sutherland (04-20-1935;02-06-1992). BOB b DicCo; was retired owner & operator of Sutherland Department Store, Haysi, DicCo; member Haysi Kiwanis Club, Haysi Rescue Squad, Haysi Town Council & other organizations helpful to the community; d Dickenson Comm Hosp, Clintwood, DicCo; FA Haysi FH & buried Haysi Cem. So: DicStar 04-30-2008. Ch:

H-1599. ROBERT KEATON, JR (1957;) & H-1600. GORMAN BRUCE SUTHERLAND (1959;). In 2008 both lived Haysi.

Page 161

G-1283. "JIM" JAMES DAVID SUTHERLAND (10-29-1944;03-11-2000) m MARY SUE "SUSIE" SUTHERLAND (I-3386c). In 2008 SUSIE had m ??? Craft & lived Pawley's Island, SC.


G-1285. MABEL HURST lived Newport News, VA 2007; G-1286. KERRY PLATO lived Christiansburg, VA, 2007; G-1287. OPAL ASHWORTH lived Wytheville, VA, 2007; & G-1288. KATE JOYCE SUTHERLAND lived Wytheville, 2007.

Page 162

G-1289. GRAYSON EUGENE SUTHERLAND lived Grundy, BucCo VA, 2007.

G-1290. CHARLENE MERLE SUTHERLAND (10-06-1931;07-21-2005), formally of Grundy, BucCo, VA, lived Asbury Place Retirement Home, Wytheville, VA; was a member Vansant, BucCo, Presbyterian Church; d Asbury Place Retirement Home; FA Shortridge-Ramey FH, Grundy; & bur Mt Valley Mem Park, Big Rock, BucCo, VA. So: BHC Obit 07-22-2005.

G-1291. BRENDA LEE SUTHERLAND (03-16-1940;12-25-2007) b Grundy; nm; & in 1995 lived at Grundy, VA & in 2007 lived Wytheville, VA. She retired from BucCo School Board where she taught over 30 years; was member Vansant Presbyterian Church; graduated Radford College with a degree in education with certification in library science; attended Southwest VA Comm Coll, Univ VA College, Pikeville College, Clinch Valley College & Marshall College; d Asbury Retirement Home, Wytheville; FA Shortridge-Ramsey FH, Grundy & buried Mt Valley Mem Park, Big Rock, BucCo. So: BHC obit 12-28-2007.

G-1292. LARRY CLINTON SUTHERLAND lived Myrtle Beach, SC, 2007.

Page 163

E-407. NANCY M. SUTHERLAND m Wm Floyd Sutherland (D-83--SUTHERLAND App). Ch:

F-836. EMMA CURTIS SUTHERLAND m Wm L Jackson Taylor. Ch:

Page 165

G-1310. VELVA DARE TAYLOR m LUTHER OWENS m (G-1255). Ch: H-1639. DANIEL CLAYTON is also (H-1522) on page 155; H-1640. JACK DEMPSEY is also (H-1523) on page 155; & H-1641. SHIRLEY LORETTA OWENS is also (H-1524) on page 155.

Page 168

D-89. JOHN WILEY "TOPTOE" COUNTS m (1) Lemirah Elizabeth Evans. Ch:

E-430. COLUMBUS FRANKLIN COUNTS m Flora Ellen Evans. Ch:

F-871. BEATRICE COUNTS m CLITUS WOODROW MUSICK (05-12-1914;02-16-2009) (G-485) So: BHC obit 03-01-2009. Ch:

G-1338. WILMER DUANE MUSICK (Reverent) m Janice Lynn Rasnake (11-18-1940;12-16-2006) dau Edward Lee & Myrtle Puckett Rasnake. She b McDowellCo, WV; lived Cleveland, RusCo, VA; former teacher RusCo School System; d RusCo Med Center, Lebanon, RusCo; FA Owens FH, Lebanon; & bur Ketron Mem Gardens, Lebanon. Ch: Grandch: I-1454a. MCKENNA SHEA MUSICK. Ch:

Page 169

H-1663. DAVID ALAN MUSICK m Shauna ???.

D-90. PHOEBE COUNTS m Ambrose Wilson Hay. Ch:

E-433. JOHN "LITTLE JOHN" HAY m Nancy Jane Turner. Ch:


G-1343. JOHNNIE WHETSIL HAY (11-08-1900;11-29-1965) m Mary Louise Lyle (11-23-1903;03-24-1986). Ch:

H-1668. TRULA GAY HAY (1921;;before 04-25-2012)) m George Turner, no ch.

H-1669. ELSIE FAY HAY (01-28-1924;04-25-2012) ca 1950 m Parke Wright (;before 04-25-2012). ELSIE b DicCo; moved to Lexington, KY 1994 (close to I-1455. ROSEMARY); d Lexington; FA Haysi FH. So: DicStar obit 05-02-2012. Ch: I-1455. ROSE MARY WRIGHT m ??? Colley. Ch: J-723a. KIM & J-723b. REBECCA COLLEY m Adam Speaks.

H-1670. ELLA JUNE HAY(1926;living 2012) m Arnold Reynolds. Ch: I-1456. GARY REYNOLDS.

H-1671. BEULAH MADELINE HAY (1929;before 04-25-2012)) m Othnie Rowe, no ch.

H-1672. WILLA MAE HAY (1931;living 2012) m Robert W Hootman, 2 ch.

H-1672a. PHYLLIS HAY m ???? Norris (;before 04-25-2012))

H-1673. ROOSEVELT CLAYTON "RC" HAY (1937;living 2012) m Jolene Yates, adopted Megan.

Page 170

H-1674. PHYLLIS JULIA HAY (10-01-1939;12-17-1974) m Lawrence Norris, Ch:

I-1457. ROBIN; I-1458. MARY; & I-1459. Peggy NORRIS (;before 1998).

G-1347. CLARA ELLEN HAY (03-12-1908;05-14-1978) m Herbert Yates (05-02-1902;06-20-1990). Ch:

H-1685. Donald (dy - hit by car) & H-1685a. THOMAS F. YATES (;before 04-19-2012).

H-1686. RONALD EDWARD YATES (1932;) m Theda Mae Peebles (;before 1998) & lived Jamestown, NC 2012 -2 ch.

H-1687. PATSY ANN YATES (1938;04-19-2012) ca 1961 m Bruce Kyle Robinette (;living 04-19-2012). PATSY b DicCo near Fremont; moved to Kingspot, TH @ early age; graduated Dobyns-Bennett HS; BS from Lincoln Mem Univ; was elementary & secondary school teacher in WisCo & Waynesboro City Schools for 17 years; taught St Paul HS 1961-63; was active in Trinity United Methodist Church, Big Stone Gap, WisCo as a Sunday School teacher & choir member; affiliate member State St United Methodist Church, Bristol & Suntree United Methodist Church, Melbourne, FL; last lived Big Stone Gap, WisCo; d Grace Healthcare, Abingdon, VA; FA Holding FH & survived by 4 grandch. So: CVR obit 04-26-2012. Ch:

I-1464. BEVERLY m Chip Burkholder & lived Glade Spring, VA 2012 & I-1645. JOHN T. ROBINETTE m Donna ??? & lived Henderson, NC 2012.

H-1688. REBA KAY YATES (1941;) m Howard Marshall Dale-2 ch.

H-1689. MARK STEVEN (1957;) lived Kingsport, TN 2012.

Page 171

G-1352. SAVANNAH HAY (07-01-1919;07-03-2007) m (1) Fred Greer (01-04-1911;10-19-1970) & ca 1945 m (2) m FLETCHER ERVIN COUNTS (F-1545) (09-17-1905;01-04-1984). In 1998 she lived in Elizabethton, TN. She native DicCo; was member Deliverance Church of God; a home maker; a founder & 1st employee Medicine Shoppe, Elizabethton; d Hillview Health Center, Elizabethton; FA Tetrick FH, Elizabethton & buried Mausoleum of Peace, Happy Valley Mem Park. So: BHC obit 07-07-2007. Ch:

H-1702. PEGGY SUE GREER (1938;) m Gaines Stiltner. Ch.

I-475aa. DWIGHT STILTNER m Cindy Stiltner (;before 2007) & lived Elizabethton 2007. Ch: J-732a. TANNER JAMES & J-732b. GARRETT MICHAEL STILTNER.

I-1475ab. DENISE STILTNER m ??? Hilton & lived Johnson City, TN, 2007. Ch: J-732c. BRITTANY HILTON m Stephen Williams & J-732d. CORY DAVID HILTON.

G-1356. NORA EXIE HAY m David Peter Bartley. Ch:

H-1712. MABEL LORENA BARTLEY m MACK BAER HAY (1935;) (G-1491a). Ch:

I-1475f. KERRY HAY m Norma Mullins. Ch: J-732e. TAYLOR ALEXANDRIA (1992;) & J-732f. JUSTIN KERRY HAY (1994;).

F-885. CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS HAY m (1) Casley Elmira ? & m (2) Causby Elizabeth "Sissie" Hill (ca 1889(91?);ca 1968) (mother of ch).

Page 172

G-1365. JAMES WILEY HAYES m Carrie Turner. Ch:

H-1731. ANNA SUE HAYES on 08-31-1956 m Rufus Lee "James" Taylor. Ch: I-1476a. WADE LEE & I-1476b. DAVID WAYNE TAYLOR. So: DicStar Sep 2006.

Page 173

F-891. VIOLA HAY (e-mail from H-3043 JACQUELINE COUNTS REYNOLDS on 11-15-2005 stated that VIOLA was not m to Tommy Wright.)




H-1749a. Ivel (;before 2005); H-1749b. Arlie (;before 2005; H-1750 CATHERINE ca 1957 m Jerome Miller & lived Roseville, MI, 2005; & H-1750a. Gaye Edwards (;2005). So: BHC obit 03-05-2005 & DicStar 08-15-2007.

H-1751. THELMA EDWARDS (ca 1922;01-09-2006) m Robert Roscoe Meade (;before 2006). She b DicCo, VA; lived Mableton, GA; was a homemaker; member Pentecostal Holiness faith; d Wellstar Cobb Hosp, Austell, GA; FA Castlewood, RusCo, VA, FH; bur Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood; survived by 23 grandch, 32 gr-grandch, & 2 gr-gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 01-11-2006. Ch: I-1485. EDNA m ??? Coalson & lived Franklin, GA, 2006 & I-1485a. GLENDA MEADE m ???? McKinney & lived Dallas, GA, 2006;

Page 174

I-1487. BARBARA MEADE m ??? Ballard & lived Alexandria 2006; I-1487a. HENRY lived Warrenton 2006; I-1487b. CLYDE lived Mapleton, GA, 2006; I-1487c. NORMAN lived Mapleton 2006; I-1487d. RAYMOND lived Marietta, GA, 2006 & I-1487e. DELBERT MEADE lived Villa Rica, GA, 2006.

H-1752. OMA EDWARDS Breedon lived Front Royal, VA 2005.

H-1753. JOYCE NELL EDWARDS (ca 1944;03-03-2005) ca 1969 m James Anderson. She born DicCo, VA; lived Rt 2, Haysi, DicCo, VA; was a homemaker; attended Primitive Baptist Church; d Johnson City, TN, Med Center; FA Haysi FH; bur Anderson Fam Cem, Birchleaf, DicCo. So: BHC obit 05-05-2005. Ch:

I-1487f. JENNIFER ANDERSON m Emerson Perrigan & lived Haysi 2005. Ch: J-732g. KIMBERLY PERRIGAN.

I-1487g. BETH ANDERSON m Larry Boyd & lived Haysi 2005. Ch: J-732h. CASEY; J-732i. TYLER & J-732j. MADISON BOYD.

I-1487h. KAREN ANDERSON m Louis Stiltner & lived Haysi 2005.

H-1754. STELLA EDWARDS ca 1957 m Clyde Colley & lived Bristol, TN. So: BHC obit 03-05-2005 & DicStar 08-15-2007.

H-1755. ANTHA JUNE EDWARDS (12-23-1926;12-19-2005) m Lonnie Deel (;before 2006). She b DicCo, VA; spent most of her life DicCo; moved to BucCo; moved to WashCo in 1979; lived Abingdon, VA; member Pilgrim Baptist Church; FA Farris FH, Abingdon; bur Forest Hills Mem Gardens, Abingdon. So: BHC obit 12-20-2005. Ch:

I-1487i. GLADYS m Clinton Arrington, Jr. & lived Vansant, BucCo, VA, 2005. Ch: J-732k. DAVID & J-732l. RANDY ARRINGTON.

I-1487j. KATIE m Robert Cox & lived Bristol, TN 2005; I-1487k. GARY m Leslie & lived Cleveland, OH, 2005; & I-1487l. TIMMY DEEL m Debby ??? & lived Vansant 2005.


Gr-grandch: K-95a. HALEY; K-95b. MORGAN; K-95c. RACHAEL; K-95d. AMBER; K-95e. PEYTON; K-95f. GRACE; K-95g. PIPER; K-95h. TESSA; & K-95i. VICTORYA.

H-1756. OLNEY lived OH 2006; H-1757. SALLY ca 1957 (So: DicStar 08-15-2007) m Wayne McCowan & lived Clintwood, DicCo, VA; H-1758. BETTY m ??? Deel & lived Abingdon; H-1759. FAYE m ???? Barton & lived Clintwood; H-1759a. VERNON m Helen ??? & lived Edison, OH, 2005; & H-1759b. HAROLD EDWARDS m Shirley ???? & lived Clintwood 2005.

G-1377. JONAH EDWARDS (06-29-1898;before 06-29-1970) on 02-16-1920 m VIRGIE OWENS (04-15-1904;01- -1978*) (F-926b) dau of ALMAREEN & ELMINA HAY OWENS (E-438 v1p141). Ch:

H-1760. ARNOLD ('21;before 03-26-2010); H-1761. Delphia (1922;1923) & H-1762. FLORA ELIZABETH EDWARDS ('24;)m ??? Owens & lived Rural Retreat 2010.

H-1763. LEAMON EDWARDS (11-03-1925;03-26-2010) m Barbara Jean Atkins lived Rural Retreat 03-26-2010. LEAMON b Nancy, DicCo; lived Rural Retreat, VA; d @ home; FA Lindsey FH; & bur Rosewood Mem Gardens Mausoleum with Military rites by American Legion Post #229. So: DicStar obit 03-31-2010 & BHC obit 03-28-2010. Ch: I-1490a. MICHAEL GREY m Paula ??? & lived Leesville, SC 2010; I-1490b. SELENA DEJEAN EDWARDS m Andy Warden & lived Rural Retreat 2010 & I-1490c. David Lee EDWARDS (;before 03-26-2010). Grandch: J-733a. BRETT ASHLEY EDWARDS; J-733b. DYLAN MCKENZIE & J-733c. KIERAN ELIZABETH WARDEN.

H-1764. ELLA ('27;before 03-26-2010); H-1764a. EUGENE ('29;before 03-26-2010); H-1765. Jonah, Jr (1934;1934) & H-1765a. CLAUDE ALLEN EDWARDS m Janet ??? & lived Dublin, VA 2010.


H-1766. OPAL OWENS m Tivis Leonard Church (;before 2005) (F-8ac-EDWARDS App). So: I-2623 CHERYL DILLON BELLOTTIE.

I-1491. PEGGY A. CHURCH m Bobby Earl Smith s of Rufus J. " Chester" & Velma Smith of Clintwood. They lived Clintwood, DicCo, 2005. Ch:

J-734. REGINA LENEA SMITH (ca 1981;08-16-2005) (fiance: Daniel Large of Clintwood). She 1999 Clintwood HS graduate & a lifetime resident DicCo; d Norton Com Hosp, WiseCo, VA; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood; & bur Smith Family Cem, Rt 3, Skeetrock section of Clintwood. So: DicStar obit 08-24-2005.

J-735. WILLIAM SMITH lived Clintwood 2005.

Page 175

H-1768. IVAL OWENS m CORTELLA EDWARDS (H-1839) (;before Oct 2004).

H-1769. ERIC CECIL OWENS (10-18-1925*;03-24-2001) m Edra White. Ch:

I-1499a. MARY lived NC 2004 & I-1499b. JEAN OWENS m ?? Damron & lived KY 2004.

I-1500. WAYNE OWENS lived Bee DicCo, VA, 2004.

I-1501. FAYNE OWENS (ca 1947;10-03-2004) m (1) Margaret ??? (;before Oct 2004) & m (2) Betty ???. He & Betty lived Clinchco, DicCo. He was employed by Lysable Trucking Co; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood, DicCo; & survived by 16 grandch. So: DicStar obit 10-06-2004. Ch: J-738a. RICHARD (;before Oct 2004); J-738b. JUNIOR (;before Oct 2004); J-738c. GARY LEE lived Louisiana, 2004; J-738d. STEPHEN E lived Culpeper, VA, 204; J-738e. DONNA S m ??? Plecker & lived Locust Grove 2004; J-738f. MICHELLE m ??? Blankenbaker & lived Colonial Beach 2004; J-738g. MICHAEL lived Fredericksburg 2004. J-738h. DANIEL J lived Locust Grove 2004; J-738i. DENISE K. m ??? Short & lived Culpeper 2004; J-738j MARTIN OWENS lived Colonial Beach 2004.

G-1379. CLARENCE EDWARDS (08-17-1903;05-05-1982) in April 1934 m Bertha Viers (ca 1917;living 2009) dau of Rufus & Hetty Viers. He joined the Sand Lick Primitive Baptist Church in 1968. They lived on Hurricane Rd Birchleaf DicCo. So: DicStar 02-04-2009. Ch:

H-1772. BOBBY (1936;) on 05-07-1960 m Dixie L ? (1943;) & lived Birchleaf 2009; H-1773. CARL m LENA EDWARDS (H-2294 p162) dau of TIVIS & BARBARA A COLLEY EDWARDS of (F-1096 v1p162) & lived Birchleaf 2009; H-1774. RAY lived Haysi, DicCo 2009; H-1775. RALPH lived Birchleaf 2010; & H-1776. JUNE EDWARDS lived Ballground, GA 2009.

G-1380. PRINCIE EDWARDS m FREDDIE DEEL (G-1801). Ch: H-1779. BUFORD DEEL m Thelma Jean Church. Ch: I-1525. LISA KAY DEEL m TERRY BALL (H-3174c). Ch: J-755. OLIVIA ATHENA BALL (1990;) & J-755a. WESTON CONNER BALL (2001;). So: JACQUELINE COUNTS REYNOLDS (H-3043) Dec 2006.

G-1382. BURNS EDWARDS (1909-1976) m (2)PAULINE EDWARDS Viers (1922;2006) (G-1466). So: H-1973c. DIANA J. COUNTS OWENS, 10-11-2007. Ch:

Page 176

H-1785. PAMELA KAY EDWARDS (1957;) m (2) Roy McMillan & lived Clinchco, DicCo, VA 2006. So: BHC obit 08-21-2006 PAULINE (G-1466). So: (for children) DIANA COUNTS OWENS H-1973c. Ch:

I-1527a. Allen Burns McMillan (1974;1974).

I-1527b. WENDY MCMILLAN m Thomas Marshall. Ch: J-755b. BRIONNA MARSHALL (1993;)


F-895. CLEMENTINE EDWARDS m (2) Campbell C Owens. Ch:

G-1394. STELLA OWENS m Willie Virgil Mullins. Ch:

H-1799a. RAY EDMOND MULLINS (;before 2005).

H-1799b. MARSHALL LEITH MULLINS (ca 1930;07-21-2005). He b Breaks, DicCo, VA; served US Army & US Air Force during WW-II; retired from Sysco Food Co. Detroit, as mechanic; member Detroit, MI, Masons & Haysi, DicCo, Kiwanis Club; was of the Baptist faith; lived Clintwood, DicCo; d Holston Valley Med Center, Kingsport, TN; FA Haysi FH; bur Mt Valley Mem Park, Big Rock, BucCo, VA. So BHC obit 07-23-2005. Ch: I-1527d. GARY MICHAEL MULLINS m Mary Kay ??? & lived Dryden, MI, 2005. Ch: J-755c. JESSICA MULLINS m Bryon Wilkinson (;before 2005). Ch: K-95j. BRYON CHASE & K-95k. BRANDON ANTHONY WILKINSON.

H-1799c. DWIGHT lived Moneta; H-1799d. MACK lived Elkhorn City, KY; H-1799e. DANNY lived Breaks; H-1799f. ROSS lived Saltville, VA; H-1799g. GORDON lived Taylor, MI; & H-1799h. CHARLES MULLINS lived Rogersville, TN.

Page 184

F-896. NOAH M EDWARDS m (3) RHODA ELLA FULLER Owens(G-1170a). Ch:

G-1405. CLAYTON EDWARDS (1922;02-16-2008) m (1) JUANITA WINSTON (1926;) (H-2805) & m (2) MERLE EDWARDS EDWARDS (04-21-1926;living 2008) (H-2304) (see EARL SMITH EDWARDS (G-1755) for ch of MERLE's first marriage). CLAYTON b DicCo; spent most of his life in MI after WW II; lived Warren, MI; was member Primitive Baptist faith, Warren; d @ home; buried White Chapel Cem, Troy, MI & survived by 9 grandch & 2 gr-grandch.

Page 185

F-897. AMBROSE WILSON EDWARDS on 05-28-1902 m (1) POLLY JANE COUNTS (F-1924) {& on 07-24-1904 m (2) ELIZABETH SUTHERLAND (F-825)-DicCo MR do not support this marriage}. Ch:

G-1408. ARVIL EDWARDS (10-07-1903;12-28-1998) m VERNIE LOU COUNTS (G-2212). Ch:

Page 186

H-1838. ARVIE, JR lived Havasu, AR 2006; H-1839. COTELLA IMOGENE m IVAL VINCENT OWENS (H-1768) & lived Wise, VA 2006; H-1840. LAVONIE m (2) ??? Yates & lived Birchleaf 2006; & H-1841. ROSCOE LEE EDWARDS M Joyce Nell Anderson & lived Birchleaf 2006.

H-1843. ALMA MARIE EDWARDS (1936;11-01-2006) m (3) Johnny Arrington. She b DicCo; retired DicCo, VA, School System; was of the Primitive Baptist faith; lived Birchleaf, DicCo; d RusCo Med Center, Lebanon, RusCo; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH; & bur Arrington Cem, Birchleaf, VA. So: BHC obit 11-03-2006. Ch: I-1602a. ERNEST WILSON lived Hickory, NC, 2006, 2006 & I-1602b. TIMOTHY O'QUINN m Beverly ??? & lived Lebanon 2006. Grandch: J-861a. SHANE & J-861b. KATRINA. Step-grandch: Heather & Codie Barton.

H-1844. POLLY VIOLA (;before Nov 2006) & H-1845. GARY GAINES EDWARDS lived Birchleaf 2006.

G-1409. LINDEN EDWARDS m Jettie Frances Hackney. Ch:

Page 187

H-1847. NELSON CARTER EDWARDS (1927;01-29-2006) m Minnie Ines Davis (;living 2010). He b DicCo, VA; served WW-II in US Navy & US Air Force; retired from Clinchfield Coal Co in 1987; was active UMWA officer; active in Democratic Party; lived at Birchleaf, DicCo; d at home; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH; bur Linden Edwards Cem, Rock Lick Rd, with military grave side rites by VFW 8979 & survived by 5 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 01-31-2006. Ch:

Stepch: (1) Johnny Hall (;before 2006)

Stepch: (2) Robert G. Hall (10-12-1940;03-12-2010) (father - Gilbert C. Hall) on 08-01-1964 m Ada C. Heatherly in LaFollette, TN. ROBERT b Spalshdam, DicCo; graduated East TN State Univ 1963; lived Willshire, OH; retired from Parkway Local Schools, Willshire in 1998 after teaching middle school history 37 years; coached track, basketball & cross-country track @ the school for several years; attended First Baptist Church, Van Wert, OH; d Adams mem Hosp; FA Zwick & Jahn FH Decatur & bur Woodland Cem. So: DicStar obit 04-14-2010. Ch:

(1) Robert Allen Hall of Decatur.

(2) Cheryl Hall m Corey Wolfe & lived Ft Wayne, 2010. Ch: (1). Spencer & (2). Ethan Wolfe lived Ft Wayne 2010.

I-1606. JETTY m Roger O'Quinn & lived Pulaski, VA 2010; I-1607. JANET BARBARA m Nickie Edward Brewer & lived Appalachia, VA, 2010 & I-1608. CARTER EDWARDS m Linda Stevens & lived Birchleaf 2010.


Page 189

H-1850. GEORGE EDMUND EDWARDS m Myrtle Lois Branham & lived Mt Gilead, OH, 2006.


H-1855. ROEY JEANETTE EDWARDS m Emory Zeb Tiller & lived Rosedale, RusCo, 2008.

H-1856. VERA LEANORE EDWARDS (1937;09-08-2008) m Clarence Allen "CA" Miller. VERA b DicCo; was a homemaker & of the Baptist faith; lived Rosedale, RusCo; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH & burial Linden Edwards Cem, Birchleaf, DicCo. So: DicStar obit 09-10-2008. Ch: I-1622a. DONNA JEAN m Bobby Dotson & lived Bristol, VA, 2008; I-1622b. SUSAN RENEE m Jeff Rhoten & lived Bristol, TN, 2008 & I-1622c. BRENDA CHRISTENE MILLER m Russell Kramer & lived Ft Worth, TX, 2008. Grandch: J-890a. AMBER; J-890b. DANNY; J-890c. TABATHA; J-890d. ASHLEY; J-890e. DELAINA; J-890f. CARRIE; J-890g. TORI; J-890h. OLIVA & J-890i. MEASON. Gr-grandch: K-118a. D.J.; K-118b. ZANA & K-118c. BELLA.

H-1858. JIMMY ALFORD EDWARDS (07-24-1944;02-21-2006) on 07-24-1966 m BETTY JEAN COUNTS (H-3044), div June 1992. He b DicCo, VA; served US Army; was a disabled coal miner; lived Clintwood, DicCo,; d Johnson City, TN, Med Center; & FA Haysi, DicCo, FH. So: DicStar obit 03-01-2006 & BETTY JEAN (H-3034) 10-26-2006. Ch:

I-1622d. MITZI JANE EDWARDS (1967;) on 11-24-1984 m David Edward Clevinger (1964;) s of Junior & Joyce Deel Clevinger & lived Haysi 2006. Ch: J-890j. MANDY MARIE (1986;) on 05-09-2005 m Carlos St. Clair s of Carlos St Clair & lived Anchorage, AK 2006; J-890k. RYAN KEITH (1990;) & J-890l. AMELIA LAKIN CLEVINGER (1996;).

I-1622e. ANDREW MICHAEL EDWARDS (1972;) on 07-23-1991 m Veronica Carol Stanley (1972;) dau of Reed & Carol Keith Stanley & lived Clintwood 2006. Ch: J-890m. DUSTIN COREY (1991;)& J-890n. AUSTIN BLAKE EDWARDS (1993;).


H-1863. THEDA GERALDINE('40;) m Paul Duewane Owens, 3 ch & lived Haysi 2007; & H-1864. GAYNARD NORRIS EDWARDS('42;before 2007)nm.

H-1865.GLENDA FAITH EDWARDS(05-26-1943;03-23-2007)nm. She was a 1961 graduate Haysi, DicCo, HS; employed @ Bike Athletic, Mountain City, TN; an avid reader; of the Baptist faith; d Dickenson Comm Hosp, Clintwood, DicCo; FA Haysi FH & buried Sutherland Cem, Lick Creek, DicCo. So: BHC obit 03-24-2007.

H-1866. KIMBERLY MITCHELL ('46;before 2007) m Kay Cumbow,1 ch; & H-1867. SONIA COLLEEN EDWARDS('55;) m Ronald Colley, 2 ch & lived Abingdon, VA, 2007.


G-1420. HENRY CARSON EDWARDS m (3) Venta Ratliff Anderson (ca 1912;06-25-2005) dau of Silas & Pricey Jane Raines Ratliff. Venta b Poplars Ck, VA; was a lifelong resident of BucCo, VA; charter member of Vansant Baptist Church; oldest member of Coleman United Methodist Church, Russell Prater; taught in BucCo schools for 42 years; d Buchanan General Hosp; FA Grundy, BucCo, FH; bur Owens Cem, Rakes Ridge, near Haysi, DicCo, VA; & survived by 4 grandch, 4 gr-grandch, & several step grandch & step-gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 06-28-2005. Ch:

Stepch: Marshall Anderson m Janice ??? & lived Rt 4, Grundy, BucCo.

H-1871. IMOGENE BLANCHE m Claudie Fuller & lived Meadowview, VA & H-1872. HAROLD WAYNE EDWARDS m Carnie Deel & lived Bristol, VA;

Page 190

H-1873. EUGENE EDWARDS m Phyllis Fuller & lived Haysi. Ch: I-1629. JASON BRIAN EDWARDS (1980;) on 8-20-2005 in Splashdam Freewill Baptist Church, Haysi, DicCo, VA m Amanda Leigh Viers, d of Kelly & Yvonne Viers of Clinchco.

H-1875. BARBARA ELLEN EDWARDS m ??? Dale & lived Haysi.

G-1421. GUY EDWARDS (09-13-1912;08-16-1983) on 09-18-1932 m Gladys Viers (04-06-1910;01-01-2008) dau of John & Rosabell Arrington Viers. GUY d DicCo. Gladys b DicCo: was a home maker & member Sandlick Primitive Baptist Church; d home of Phillip & Sandy Owens; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH & buried Owens Cem, Birchleaf, So: DicStar obit 01-09-2008. Other gr-grandch: J-896a. AUSTIN ODELL. Ch:

H-1876. NORMAN FAYNE EDWARDS (1936;) m (2) Catherine Johnson Woolcott & live Richmond, KY, 2008.

H-1877. PATSY ANN EDWARDS (1939;02-16-2008) on 02-23-1963 in Richmond, VA m James Clark Anderson again; div. She b DicCo: was a home maker; lived Birchleaf, DicCo; d @ home; FA Haysi FH & buried Owens Cem, Birchleaf. So: DicStar obit 02-20-2008. Clark lived Richmond 2008. Ch: I-1636. JAMES ANTHONY ANDERSON (1964;) on 03-29-1991 in Harmon, BucCo, VA m Annetta Grove. & lived Birchleaf 2008.

Page 191

G-1422. BARNEY EDWARDS m Pansy Ellen Ramsey (ca 1915;09-28-2004). She lifelong resident DicCo; member Ramsey Ridge Old Regular Baptist Church; d St Mary's Hosp, Knoxville, TN; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood, DicCo; bur Ramsey Ridge Church Cem, Ramsey Ridge section, near Clinchco, DicCo, VA; & survived by 7 grandch & 9 gr-grandch. So: DicStar Obit 10-06-2004. Ch:

H-1877a. ROSE EDWARDS m ??? Fulkerson & lived Columbia, SC, 2004. Ch: I-1636a. MICHAEL & I-1636b. SCOTT FULKERSON.

H-1878. RITA JEANNETTE EDWARDS m Charles Mellons & lived Nashville, TN, 2004. Ch: I-1637. DEBORAH MELLONS m ??? Boyd.

H-1879. PHYLLIS EDWARDS Bryant lived Knoxville, TN, 2004. Ch: I-1640. SHERRIE SMITH m ??? Shaffer.

G-1427. CURTIS EDWARDS m (1) Delores Virginia Gibson (1927;12-10-2007), div 1951. Delores b Iaeger, McDoCo, WV; was life long resident DicCo; retired Sandlick Elementary school teacher; of the Baptist faith; lived Clintwood, DicCo; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood & buried Gibson Family Cem, Davis Ridge, DicCo. So: DicStar obit 12-12-2007. Ch:

H-1885. DANNY LEE EDWARDS m Joyce Dooley, div, & lived Clintwood 2007.

H-1886. MICHAEL SHERILL EDWARDS (1949;) m Gwendolyn Jane Selfe (1955;) & lived Clintwood 2007.

Page 192

G-1428. GARMAN KEMPER EDWARDS m Lula Pauline Green (1928;). Ch:

H-1894. TIMOTHY SCOTT EDWARDS m (1) Princess Betsy Lee (1966;) (mother of 1st 3 ch), div. Ch:

I-1659. KEMPER SCOTT EDWARDS (1986;) b Norton.

I-1660. JONATHAN ROY & I-1661. JEREMY BRUCE (1989;twins) b Wise. The National Society of HS Scholars announce that JONATHAN & JEREMY had been selected for membership. Their activities included Boys Scouts of America, National Honors Society, National FFA Organization Chapter officer; Natonal FFA Organization Greenhand FFA degree & chapter; Upward Bound Trio @ UVA-Wise & Certification of Appreciation from Clintwood Lions Club. JONATHAN also received the Claude P. Varney Volunteerism Award. JEREMY also was National FFA Organization Greenhand FFA State, in the PSI Club & Who's Who Among American HS Students. They attend Counts Chapel Church. So: DicStar 04-28-2007.

Page 193


G-1435. CECIL BOWMAN EDWARDS (11-28-1911;) m NANNIE RASNICK (F-200) & lived in Gate City, VA in 1994.

G-1436. ALMA MAY EDWARDS (10-01-1913;05-09-2008) m RAYMOND ASTIR BOWMAN (G-2181) (;before 2008); lived in Dante, RusCo, VA in 1994. ALMA lived DicCo most of her life; moved to Stanley Valley, VA, 1995; lived last few years with H-1899 GENE & his family in Kingsport, TN; shared her delicious pies with everyone; FA Carter-Trent/ScottCo FH, Weber City, VA, & buried Forrest Hill Mem Gardens, Abingdon, VA. So: BHC 05-11-2008. Other granch: I-1662a. DEBBY LANE; I-1662b. MICHELLE m Kenneth Depew; I-1662c. SHANE BOWMAN m Sherrie ???; I-1662d. ANGIE m Ben Grizzle; I-1662e. MELISSA BOWMAN & I-1662f. MARSHA m Thomas Blevins. Gr-grandch; J-908a. JOSHUA BURKE m Christy ???; J-908b. DON GREGG II; J-908c. ALEX DEPEW; J-908d. MAGGIE GRIZZLE & J-908e. HALEY ELIZABETH BLEVINS. Ch:

H-1896. GAY BOWMAN m Harold Brown. Ch: I-1662g. LESA & I-1662h. PAM BROWN

H-1897. VIRGINIA m Wayne Rader; H-1898. NORMAN m May ???; H-1899. GENE m Brenda ?? & lived Kingsport, TN, 2008 & H-1899a. Betty Lou Bowman (dy).

G-1437. EMMA ELLEN EDWARDS (01-11-1916;before 2008) m Earl Smith.

G-1438. SALLY FAY EDWARDS (01-15-1918;before 2008) m WORLEY GRIZZLE(H-1103).

G-1441. GORDON LEE EDWARDS (1926;living 2008) m ELSIE ESTELLE DEEL (H-2424).


G-1443. ZORA INIS EDWARDS (06-26-1910;09-19-2006) m FREDDIE POWERS (G-2123) (01-22-1908;01-28-1998). She b DicCo, VA; lived at Bee, DicCo - then for last 7 years with her dau ZAY at Cedar Bluff, TazCo, VA; in 2006 attended the Brice Edwards reunion @ the Breaks where she won awards for the oldest person present & oldest direct descendant; @ at ZAY's home; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH; bur Hamilton Edwards Cem, Birchleaf, DicCo; & survived by 12 great-grandch & 6 great-great-grandch. So: BHC obit 09-20-2006). Ch:

H-1910. FAIRY POWERS m James Sells (;before Sep 2006) & lived Elizabethton, KY, 2006. Ch: I-1663. JAMES ALAN m Karen Kennicott & lived Coralles, NM, 2007 & I-1664.STEPHEN FRED SELLS lived Lexington, KY, 2007

H-1911. CAROL POWERS m (2) Yancy Clark & lived Danville KY 2006.


Page 194

m Arlene Raines (;living 2008) dau Slemp & Margie Raines, div. Ch:

I-1665. DENNIS LEE POWERS m Etta Deel & lived Bee, DicCo, 2010. Ch:

J-909. BRIAN KEITH m Sherry ???; J-910. ROBBIE LEE m Wendy ???; J-911. MICHAEL DENNIS m Angela ???; & J-912. JENNIFER LEIGH POWERS on 10-16-2010 m COLBY DEWAYNE BALL (1984;) (I-643) @ Splashdam Freewill Baptist Church, Haysi, DicCo. They are Haysi HS graduates. JENNIFER worked @ Dollar General, Haysi & Colby graduated from VA Intermont Coll & worked for DicCo Behavioral Health Services. Following a Pigeon Forge, TN, honeymoon trip they will live in Haysi. So: DicStar 11-01-2010

I-1666. BILLY JOE POWERS m Debbie Delaney & lived Haysi, 2007. Ch:


I-1667. JESSIE ALLEN POWERS (1957;09-28-2008) nm; was life long resident DicCo; last employed with Rasnake Enterprises; 1975 Haysi, DicCO, HS graduate; loved the great out of doors; lived Doe Br, Haysi, d @ home; FA Haysi FH, buried Hamilton-Edwards Cem. So DicStar 10-08-2008.

I-1668. ANGELITA POWERS m Jiles Branham & lived Clinchco 2007. Ch:

J-914. CLINTON JILES m Lisa ???; J-915. NATHAN WILBURN m Rosina ???; J-916. ANGELA ARLENE (1983;); & J-917. DANIELLE BRANHAM m Wade Sperow.

I-1669. DANNIE WAYNE POWERS lived Sugar Grove 2007.

H-1913. ZAY POWERS m (3) Johnny Viers & lived Cedar Bluff 2006. Ch:

I-1668a. JASON STUART WORLEY lived Prattsville, AL, 2007.

G-1447. CLINTON EDWARDS m INEZ SUTHERLAND (G-1326). INEZ lived Mt Gilead, OH, 2006.

Page 195

G-1450. VERNIE WILMA EDWARDS (1920;) m Bronson Harlow Thomas & lived Santa Rosa, CA 2011.

G-1451. CORNIE EDWARDS m Kellis Sutherland & lived Mt Gilead, OH, 2006, & Marengo, OH 2011.

G-1452. OLLIE SALLIE EDWARDS (ca 1923;12-30-2011) on 03-11-1941 m LAWRENCE DALMAIN COLLEY (H-2225) & lived Troy, MI 2011. They first lived in Radford, VA where DALMAIN worked at a powder plant; DALMAIN was drafted into U. S. Navy, WW-II, 1944 & served as a seaman 1st Class until 1946; then moved to MI, DALMAIN retired after 30 years from Ford Sterling Plant, Sterling Heights, MI. They were both members Little Zion Primitive Baptist Church, Dearborn, MI. In 2011 they had 5 grandch & 6 gr-grandch. So: DicStar March 2011. OLLIE b Colley, DicCo; was 10th of 13 children; member Little Zion Primitive Baptist Church since July 1958; d Troy, MI & FA A. J. Desmond & Sons FH. So: DicStar obit 01-04-2012. Grandch: I-1678a. JENNIFER m Brian Gluck; I-1678b. MARK COLLEY m Karen ??? I-1678c. BETH m Shane Emmons; I-1678d. MICHAEL PATTON m Breanna ???; I-1678e. JONATHAN PATTON & I-1678f. SARAH JO PATTON (;before 12-30-2011). Gr-grandch: J-918. IAN GLUCK; J-919. AIDEN GLUCK; J-920. CECELIA COLLEY; J-921. MAXWELL COLLEY; J-921a. EVELYN COLLEY; J-921b. VIOLET EMMONS & J-921c. MATTHEW PATTON. So: DicStar obit 01-04-2012. G-1454. FLOSSIE EDWARDS (1927;07-30-1911) on 06-27-1945 in PikeCo, KY m ESTEL OWENS (04-21-1925;04-09-1997) (G-1262) s of James Alderson & ELIZABETH SUTHERLAND Owens (F-816 v1p127). Ch: See G-1262. So: DicStar obit 08-03-2011.

G-1455. SYBIL EDWARDS (1930;)m (1) Clarence Farmer; m (2) John Morgan Mullins (04-29-1905;) & lived Green Cove Springs, FL 2011.

Page 198

F-905. WATSON EDWARDS m WINNIE SUTHERLAND (G-1325). PSo: DIANA J. COUNTS OWENS (H-1973c) 10-11-2007. Ch:

G-1466. PAULINE EDWARDS (03-22-1922;08-17-2006) m (1) Elliott Milton Viers (1920;1945) & m ca 1950 (2) BURNS EDWARDS (G-1382) (1909;1976). See BURNS for his & PAULINE's children. She b DicCo, VA; retired home maker; member Sandlick Primitive Baptist Church; d Heritage Hall Nursing Home, Clintwood, DicCo; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH; bur Robinson Family Cem, Neely Ridge, DicCo; & survived by 17 grandch, 7 step grandch; 24 gr-grandch, 19 step-gr-grandch, 4 gr-gr grandch, & 1 step-gr-gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 08-21-2006. Ch:

H-1969. ELLIOTT MILTON VIERS, JUNIOR (1944;2004) m Kathy Damron. Kathy lived Vansant 2006. Ch: I-1715a. LORA m Dallas Owens; I-1715b. ANDREA LYNN & I-1715c. AMANDA VIERS m Teddy Lane.

H-1970. JAMA SUE VIERS m Joe Carter Arrington (1939;2006) & live Haysi, DicCo, 2006. Ch:

I-1715d. DONNA ARRINGTON m (1) ???? & m (2) ??? Schatzberg. One ch from 1st marriage.


H-1971. JOYCE VIERS m Louie Looney (;before 2007)& lived Vansant, BucCo. VA 2006. Ch: I-1715f. MIKE; I-1715g. BRIAN; I-1715h. ROBIN & I-1715i. CHRIS LOONEY.

H-1972. JANET VIERS m (1) Herman Church & in 1941 m (2) Frank Edwards & lived Vansant, VA, 2006. Ch:

I-1715j. LINDA CHURCH m (1) Burnis Viers & m (2) William "Bill" Turner. Ch:

J-942d. SHASTA & J-942e. BRANDI VIERS.


I-1715l. KELLI EDWARDS m Chris Estep & had 3 children 2007.

H-1973. DR. JIMMY WAYNE VIERS m Virgina "Ginny" McDavid & lived Blacksburg, VA 2006. Ch: I-1715m. DAWN & I-1715n. ???? VIERS

G-1467. IRENE EDWARDS (1924;) m Howard Counts (1914;1983) & lived Lick Creek, Birchleaf, DicCo, 2006. Ch:

H-1973a. SIDNEY C. COUNTS (1942;) m Janice Thomas (1943;). Ch:

I-1715o. Suzette Michelle Counts (1965;1965).

I-1715p. GREGORY S. COUNTS (1967;). Ch: J-942f. J. HEATH COUNTS (1991;).

I-1715q. TERRIE G. COUNTS (1972;).

H-1973b. Carolyn Counts (1954;1954).

H-1973c. DIANA J. COUNTS (1957;) m Willard R. Owens (1949;). Stepch: (1) Heather & (2) Anthony Owens. Step grandch: (1) Andrew, (2) Savannah & (3) Cierra Owens.

Page 199

E-436. REBECCA HAY (10-28-1862;11-17-1947) m (1) Charles A Willis. Ch:


G-1482. ALPHA COLLEY (ca 1910;) m Noah Yates (;Sep 1992). Ch:

H-1986. SIDNEY ROBERT {HAROLD) YATES (1926;) m Eula Sutherland & lived TX 2010.

H-1987. JAMES CAUDLE YATES (1928;04-19-2010) m Ruth Anne Hill (ca 1935;05-10-2010) dau of George & Dessie Lee Hill. JAMES b Haysi, DicCo, VA; served in U. S. Army in the Philippines during WW-II; was a retired miner; attended Emmanuel Old Regular Baptist Church; lived Wagon Trail Rd, Haysi, DicCo; d Johnson City Med Center, Johnson City, TN; FA Haysi FH & bur Bartley Hill Cem, Haysi with military rites conducted by DicCo Honor Guard & National Guard Team. So: DicStar obit 04-21-2010. Ruth b DicCo; lived Wagon Trail Rd, Haysi, DicCo; attended Emmanuel Old Regular Baptist Church; was an excellent seamstress; d @ home of dau, I-1722 CHARLOTTE, Gray, TN; FA Haysi FH & bur Bartley Hill Cem, Haysi. So: DicStar obit 05-12-2010). Ch: I-1721. LARRY m Betty ??? & lived Haysi 2010; I-1722. CHARLOTTE m Allen Starnes & lived Gray, TN 2010; & I-1723. JAMES ALLEN (;before 1993); I-1723a. Gary Dale YATES (;before 04-19-2010). Grandch: J-942g. ROBERT LEE YATES; J-942h. LACIE LEIGH YATES; & J-942i. JARED LEE YATES all of Gray; J-942j. SETH YATES of Haysi & J-941k. DANA ALLEN STARNES (;before 04-19-2010). Gr-grandch: K-118d. Noah Douglas (;before 04-19-2010); K-118e. SAMANTHA; K-118f. HANNAH; K-118g. SAVANNAH & K-118h. GAVEN YATES.

H-1988. BETHLEEN YATES (1932;before 02-10-2009) on 06-07-1952 in Clinchco, DicCo, VA m Doyle W Dingus (;living 2009).

Page 200

H-1989. NEVA LEE YATES (1934;between 02-10-2009 & 04-19-2010) on 11-19-1952 in Ferndale, MI m Ira Dee Osborne & lved Clintwood 2010.

H-1990. LURA JUNE YATES (1936;) m William G "Fred" Phillips & lived Clintwood, DicCo 2010.

H-1991. TRULA MAY YATES (1937;) m Billy J Edwards & lived Wise, WisCo 2010.

H-1992. PATSY MERLE YATES (1941;) ca 1961 m Chad Morris Barton (ca 1936;02-10-2009). PATSY lived Haysi, DicCo 2010. Chad b DicCo; was member Duty View Primitive Baptist Church; lived Haysi; worked in family logging business until 1964; owned & operated Haysi FH for past 45 years; was President Southwest VA Funeral Directors; partner Barton Trucking Co & Chad Barton Monument Co; founding member Haysi Rescue Squad; one of first members Haysi Volunteer Fire Dept; helped organize Haysi Comm Clinic, Stone Mt Health Services Clinic Complex, Haysi; member St Charles Health Council; founding member Board of Directors Dickenson-Buchanan Bank (now BB&T Bank); member Haysi Kiwanis Club for 37 years & was President of the Club 3 times; member DicCo School Board Selection Committee; member Haysi Town Council; member Haysi Merchants Assoc; d @ home; bur Rebecca Willis Cem, Haysi. So: DicStar obit 02-18-2009. Ch:

I-1737. IRA MORRIS m Sandra ??? & lived Haysi 2009 & I-1738. ROCKY DART BARTON lived Haysi 2009.

I-1739. JANET LYNN BARTON m Shane Hillman of Haysi, DicCo, VA, s of Max & Nell Hillman of Clintwood; DicCo & lived Haysi 2009. Ch. J-942l. COLLIN CHAD & J-942m. RACHEL GRAYSON HILLMAN (2001;).

H-1993. DINAH MARGARET YATES (1945;) m Willard Ferl Deel & lived Haysi 2010.

H-1994. NORMA REBECCA YATES m William Mondrage, Jr (1942;before 2008) s of William Earl & Rose Marie Mullins (ca 1922;10-17-2008) Mondrage. So: BHC obit 10-19-2008). REBECCA lived Clinchco, DicCo 2010.

G-1483. BETTY COLLEY m Elmer Edwards (;before 2006) & lived Clintwood 2010. Ch:

H-1994a. BEULAH EDWARDS m Doug Prater s of James & Marie Prater of Clinchco, DicCo & lived Clintwood, DicCo 2010. Ch: I-1744a. HEATHER PRATER m Joshua Wright s of Marc & Monica Wright. Ch: J-942n. PAUL HUNTER WRIGHT (2006;). PAUL b @ 6:58PM, weight 8 # 11 ounces, 19˝ " long. So: DicStar 05-02-2007

H-1994b. ELVIS G. EDWARDS (11-26-1958;01-17-2010) on 11-19-1997 m Mary H. Bedwell. ELVIS b Grundy, BucCo; lived Brockway Township; FA Haysi FH & bur Colley Cem, Haysi. So: DicStar obit 01-27-2010. Other grandch: J-942o. BROOKELYNN &; J-942p. FARRAH EDWARDS. Ch:

I-1744b. TONYA EDWARDS m Justin Onstott & lived Port Huron 2010. Ch: J-942q. JACOB ONSTOTT.

I-1744c. AMY EDWARDS lived Port Huron 2010.

I-1744d. CINDY EDWARDS m Tony Arnold & lived Port Huron 2010. Ch: J-942r. MAKENNA & J-942s. HUNTER ARNOLD.

H-1994c. ROY EDWARDS m Paula ??? & lived Haysi 2010.

H-1994d. GLENNA EDWARDS m (1) Sammy Nelson, Jr s of Wheeler & Delphia Nelson of Jacksboro, TN & m (2) Junior Senter & lived McClure, DicCo 2010. Ch:

I-1744e. BRIAN G. NELSON (ca 1980;01-25-2010). BRIAN b Centerline, MI; lived Rose Ridge, DicCo; was last employed as a flagman; was of the Baptist faith; FA Haysi FH & bur family cemetery, Trammel Gap MT. So: DicStar obit 01-27-2010 .

I-1744f. CHRISTINE m Shannon Witt & lived Clinchco, 2010; I-1744g. MICHAEL m Belinda & lived Clinchco 2010; I-1744h. SAMMY m m Tara ??? & lived Jacksboro, TN 2010; I-1744i. RYAN lived Dante, RusCo 2010 & I-1744j. JEFFREY NELSON m Beth ??? & lived Caney Ridge, DicCo 2010.

H-1994e. SHIRLEY EDWARDS lived Clintwood 2010.

F-911. EDDIE FRENCH WILLIS m Sarah Jane Wiggins. Ch:

G-1483a. ARNOLD (;before 2005); & G-1483b. EARL WILLIS (;before 2005).

G-1483c. EDITH WILLIS (ca 1917;10-05-2005) m Riley Bartley (;before Oct 2005). She lived Haysi, DicCo, VA; owned & operated, with her family, the Haysi Exxon Station; was on Haysi Town Council for 12 years; member Dickenson First Presbyterian Church; d Grace Health Care, Abingdon, WashCo, VA; FA Haysi FH; bur Jane Bartley Cem, Haysi; & survived by 6 gr-grandch. Other grandch: I-1744k. JEWANNA WALLACE. I-1744l. SARAH; I-1744m. JOHNNY; I-1744n. STEVEN; I-1744o. JAMIE; I-1744p. TODD; I-1744q. AARON; & I-1744r. ADAM BARTLEY Ch:

H-1994f. JOE lived Haysi 2005; H-1994g. JIM m Cleta ??? & lived Haysi 2005; H-1994h. DWIGHT m Linda ??? & lived Haysi 2005; H-1994i. LOWELL BARTLEY m Rose ??? & lived Spicewood, TX, 2005.

H-1994j. ANNA BARTLEY m Gordon Netherland & lived Mechanicsville, VA, 2005. Ch: I-1744s. MARK & I-1744t. BEN NETHERLAND

H-1994k. Benny Bartley (dy).

G-1483d. LOIS (;before Oct 2005); G-1483e. PAULINE (;before 2005) m ???? Perusek; G-1483f. CARL (;before 2005); G-1483g. BERT (;before 2005); G-1483h. OLIVE m ??? Clair & lived St Albans, WV; G-1483i. HOMER DAVID lived Richmond, VA, 2005 & G-1483j. NEIL WILLIS m Ginger ??? & lived Orville, OH, 2005.

F-915. EMILY REBECCA WILLIS m James Singleton. (See page 139 V1) So: H-502t. CHARLOTTE TILLER 07-21-2004. Ch:

G-1483k. HATTIE FAYE SINGLETON (12-13-1912;09-10-1993) m JOHN BRANCH RASNAKE (F-106) (see F-106 for ch.)

G-1483l. ELMER SINGLETON m Maggie Viers. Ch: H-1994l. ROBERT DAN; H-1994m. CAROLINE; & H-1994n. MARGORET SINGLETON.

G-1483m. IOLET SINGLETON m Edd Maxfield. Ch:

H-1994o. TONY m Barbara Jessee & H-1994p. PAUL MAXFIELD.

H-1994q. RITA JEAN MAXFIELD m Ira McClanahan. Ch: I-1744u. SANDRA & I-1744v. TIMOTHY MCCLANAHAN.

H-1994r. POLLY MAXFIELD m Fred Honaker. Ch: I-1744w. PATRICIA HONAKER.

H-1994s. LINDA MAXFIELD m Thomas Smith. Ch: I-1744x. PATRICIA & I-1744y. KAREN SMITH.

H-1994t. NINA MAXFIELD m Bernard Jessee. Ch: I-1744z. CHAD & I-1744aa. VICKIE JESSEE.

G-1483n. GERALDINE SINGLETON m ??? Vaughn. Ch: H-1994u. TONZEL VAUGHN.

G-1483o. MADICE "MADIE" SINGLETON m Fuzzy Compton. Ch: H-1994v. NORMAN; H-1994w. JANET m Jimmy Hay; & H-1994x. BRENDA COMPTON m ?? Kiser.

G-1483p. VONEVA SINGLETON m Wade "Fred" Aaron. Ch: H-1994y. WANDA GAIL AARON.


G-1483r. JOANNA SINGLETON m Casey Adkins. Ch: H-1994aa. DONNA & H-1994ab. SUZIE ADKINS.

G-1483s. JAMES COY SINGLETON m Pat ???. Ch: H-1994ac. JAMES; H-1994ad. JODY; & H-1994ae. REBECCA SINGLETON.

G-1483t. HAZEL SINGLETON m Herman Ashby. Ch: H-1994af. SHIRLEY ASHBY.


Page 201

F-921. ALTA PEARL HAY (03-20-1899;01-28-1978) m Avon Burton Sykes. So: Sykes Family by R C Sykes has more on them & their descendants. See note at end of this document. Ch:

G-1488a. LUTHER BONSALL SYKES (;before 2007) m Annette Stanley (07-16-1916;03-04-2007) dau of James Matthew & Vena Clay Stanley. Annette b DicCo; lived in Clintwood, VA, & Abingdon, VA; was a member of Clintwood Baptist Church & was active in the Eastern Star; graduated from Clintwood HS, Radford State Teachers College &, in 1942, Emory & Henry College; taught in Clintwood; d Abingdon; FA Farris FH, Abingdon & buried Forest Hills Mem Gardens. So: BHC obit 03-07-2007.

G-1488b. ANITA FLORENCE SYKES (ca 1922;06-02-2009) m Jasper "Jack" Anderson (;living 06-02-2009). ANITA b Clintwood; lived Roanoke, VA; was active member of Clintwood Baptist Church; sang in the choir; member Virginia Heights Baptist Church, Roanoke, VA; graduated Hiwassee Coll, Madisonville, TN; taught school for many years; FA Oakey South Chapel; & bur Evergreen Burial Park. Other Grandch: I-1746a. MATTHEW; I-1746b. ROSS & I-1746c. JEREMY ANDERSON. Step-grandch: (a) Heather; (b) Chase & (c) Samantha Aldridge. So: BHC obit 06-05-2009. Ch:

H-1996a. JACQUE ANDERSON m Warren Kitts & lived Roanoke 2009. Ch: I-1746d. DANA KITTS m Jeff Lane & I-1746e. KELLY KITTS m Tim Dooley; Ch: J-942t. NOEL DOOLEY.

H-1996b. JIMMIE m Pat ??? & lived Manakin Sabot, VA 2009; H-1996c. KERRY m Kandi ??? & lived Mechanicsville 2009 & H-1996d. KENNY ANDERSON m Donna ??? & lived Augusta, GA 2009.

G-1489. CLAIR SYKES (;living 2009) m GAYNELL POWERS (G-507a). See GAYNELL (G-507a) for ch.

G-1489a. RITA m Kenneth Bailey; G-1489b. ALTON m Beth & G-1489c. CAROL SYKES m ??? Mays (;before 2009) all living 2009.


G-1491a. MACK BAER HAY (01-30-1935;12-07-2006) ca 1962 m MABEL LORENA BARTLEY (;living 2006) (H-1712). He b in a Mountain home above Spashdam, DicCo, VA; moved to Backbone Ridge, near Haysi, DicCo in infancy; graduated Haysi HS 1951; taught at Turner & Bear Ridge elementary schools shortly after graduating HS; enlisted US Air Force 09-06-1955 & retired 08-01-1977; served in Japan, Greenland, Thailand, & several US Bases; worked 20 years as Clinchco, DicCo, Elementary School head custodian; lived Backbone Ridge; enjoyed gardening, cooking, reading & old time & bluegrass string music; d at home; & FA Haysi, DicCo FH. So: BHC 12-09-2006. Ch:

H-1996e. KERRY SCOTT HAY m Norma Mullins. Ch: I-1746f. TAYLOR & I-1746g. JUSTIN HAY.

H-1996f. APRIL DAWN HAY m David Owens.

G-1491b. THETA m John Artrip; G-1491c. JANICE m Bill Patton; G-1491d. TERRY m ??? Fortney; & G-1491e. KERRY "FONNIE" HAY m Sula Fields.

E-439. RACHEL AUDELLA HAY m John B Turner. Ch:

F-931. PHOEBE VADNA TURNER (03-16-1899) m Randolph "Rannel" "RD" Viers (01-05-1888;03- -1969*). Ch:

G-1492. PRIDEMORE VIERS on 07-06-1946 m Laura ? & lived Haysi 2009. They had their 40th wedding anniversary on 07-06-1986 at the Clinchco Senior Citizens Building. So: DicStar 09-03-1986. Ch: H-1997. CHARLOTTE m ? Chress ; & H-1998. GLORIA m ? Turner.

G-1492a. MAGGIE VIERS (02-01-1920;06-28-2009) m (1) Sidney Dewey Singleton (;before 06-28-2009) & m (2) Clyde Rasnake (;before 06-28-2009). MAGGIE lived Backbone Ridge, Haysi, DicCo; was a homemaker, farmer and avid quilter; last employed Jim Robins & Elicon; lived Backbone Ridge DicCo; FA Haysi FH; bur R.D. & Vadna Viers Family Cem, Backbone Ridge & survived by 5 grandsons, 5 granddau, 3 step-grandch & 10 gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 07-01-2009. Ch: H-1998a. ROBERT DAN (;before 06-28-2009); H-1998b. BARBARA m Norman Carico & lived Haysi 2009; H-1998c. MARGARET m Marion Durnil & lived Lewiston, MI 2009; H-1998d; CAROLYN m ??? Green & lived Commerce Township, MI 2009 & H-1998e. KEVIN SINGLETON lived Walhalla, SC 2009.

G-1492b. WALTER LEE (;before 06-28-2009); G-1492c. CHARLIE (;before 06-28-2009; G-1492d. TRULA (;before 06-28-2009) m ??? Colley; G-1492e. EDITH (;before 06-28-2009); G-1492f. PATSY (;before 06-28-2009); G-1492g. JOHNNY lived Haysi 2009; G-1492h. OLIVE m ??? Watson & lived Bristol 2009; G-1492i. ELSIE m ??? Compton & lived Haysi 2009; G-1492j. FANNIE m ??? O'Quin & lived Haysi 2009 & G-1492k. MARY SUE VIERS m ??? Woods & lived Haysi 2009.

E-440. WILEY BUNYAN HAY (06-24-1870;05-04-1940) m ARIZONA POWERS (F-1976) Ch:

Page 202

F-940. HAVANA HAY m (2) BURNS EDWARDS (G-1382). Ch:

G-1497. MARGARET RUBY EDWARDS (;before 2005)m (1) Perry J Fuller (;before 2005) & m (2) Paul J Owens. Ch:

H-1999. SUSAN m ??? Mullins & lived Coeburn, WiseCo, VA, 2005; H-2000. CHERYL m ??? Mullins & lived Clintwood, DicCo, 2005; H-2001. SANDRA m ??? Mullins & lived Coeburn 2005; H-2002. DIANA m ??? Yates & lived Coeburn 2005; H-2003. PAULA m ??? Pope & lived Coeburn 2005; H-2003a. SHERRY m ??? Vandyke & lived Harmon, BucCo, 2005; & H-2003b. JILL FULLER m ?? Collins & lived Cleveland, OH, 2005.

H-2004. PERRY J. FULLER, JR (ca 1980;07-07-2005) m Jessica ???. He lived Coeburn, WiseCo, VA; was employed by OK Construction; d Coeburn; FA Estes FH, Coeburn; & bur Greenwood Acres Mem Gardens, Coeburn. So: BHC obit 07-11-2005. Ch: I-1746h. BRIE (female); I-1746i. JAXON; & I-1746j. CHASE (male) FULLER all lived Coeburn 2005.

G-1498. MILDRED EDWARDS (;living 2005) m JAMES DEEL (H-1777) & lived Clinchco, DicCo, 2005.

F-943. STANFORD DANIEL HAY (;before June 2006) m Fannie Dutton (06-02-1904;06-21-2006). She lived all her life in DicCo, VA; lived Clintwood, DicCo, 2006; d at home; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood; bur Dutton & Hay Cem, Wildcat Ridge section of Clintwood; & survived by 21 gr-grandch & 21 gr-gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 06-21-2006. Ch:

Other grandch: H-2004a. DANNY MULLINS m Diane & lived Wise, VA, 2006; H-2004b. SAMMY MULLINS m Bonita ??? & lived Clintwood 2006 H-2004c. NICKEY MULLINS m Michelle ??? & lived Norton, VA, 2006; H-2004d. TERRI JOAN m Nickie Wagner & lived Clintwood 2006; & H-2004e. NATHANIEL COTY MULLINS (;before June 2006).

G-1499. PAULINE HAY m James Ray Branham (;before June 2006). Ch: H-2004f. JIMMY DARRELL (;before June 2006) H-2005. LINDA B m ??? Damron & lived Hellier, KY, 2006; H-2006. PETER RAY m Melody ???? & lived Roanoke, VA, 2006; H-2007. PAMELA B m Tom Horne & lived Nora, DicCo, 2006; H-2008 PAUL GENE (;before June 2006); H-2008a. JIMMY DARRELL (;before 2006); & H-2009. SUSAN BRANHAM m Steve Wright & lived Clintwood 2006.

G-1500. EMMA GENE HAY m Tennell Mullins & lived Clintwood 2006; G-1501. KATHLEEN "LORENE" (;before June 2006) & G-1502. WILMA "BILLIE" ANNETTE HAY m George Mullins Jr. & lived Clintwood, 2006.

G-1502a. BRENDA HAY m ??? Shortt & lived Alexandria 2006. Ch: H-2009a. BRENDA SHORTT.



G-1504. WALTER LESTER EDWARDS (;before 12-30-2011) m PEARL VALLEY ANDERSON (G-1877) (ca 1921;01-07-2005). PEARL b DicCo; lived Rt 2, Lebanon, RusCo; was a DicCo teacher for several years; was a member Dickenson First Presbyterian Church for over 60 years; d RusCo Med Center, Lebanon; survived by 18 grandch, 6 gr-grandch, & 2 step-grandch; FA Haysi FH, DicCo,VA; bur Anderson Cem, Birchleaf, DicCo. So: BHC obit 01-08-2005. Ch: H-2014. YVONNE CAROLE EDWRADS m Raymond Puckett & lived in Clinchco, VA 2005.

Pages 203

H-2015. LARRY EUGENE EDWARDS (01-20-1951;10-15-2010) on 10-21-1972 in Hazel Park, OaklCo, MI m Belinda Joy Riddell (1952;) dau of Lowell & Faira Kniespeck Riddell of Ferndale MI. LARRY b Haysi, DicCo. They lived in Murray, CallCo, KY from Nov 1972 until July 1985 where they worked for Trucks, Trailers, Buses, Inc. In 1993 they lived in Davison, GeneCo, MI & he worked as a Diesel Technician at C & S Motor, Flint, MI. In 2001 they had 1 grandch. EUGENE d @ home in Davison, MI; FA Allen FH & bur George Anderson Cem, Sandlick, DicCo. So: DicStar obit 10-20-2010. Ch:

I-1753. KENNETH NEIL EDWARDS (1975) m Tiffany Love & lived Fenton, MI 2010.

I-1754. MIRANDA ELIZABETH EDWARDS (1978;) m Eric Stolz & lived San Antonio, TX 2010. Ch: J-942u. HALEY & J-942v. FAITH STOLZ.

I-1755. JENNIFER SARA EDWARDS (1985;) m Michael Newll & lived Davison, MI 2010.

H-2016. DAVID WAYNE EDWARDS (1952;) m (1) Rosemary Camarda (1954;) & m (2) Debra Kaye Szumlinski & lived Davison, MI 2010.

H-2017. JANE MARIE EDWARDS (1954;) m Clarence David Prater & lived Abingdon, VA 2010.

H-2018. DONNA ALICE EDWARDS (1958;) m James Edward "Jim" Hale & lived Bristol, TN 2010

H-2018a. CAROLE EDWARDS m Raymond Puckett (;before 10-15-2010) & lived Clinchco, VA 2010.

G-1505. JUNIOR CLAYTON EDWARDS (;2003) m Virginia Lee "Gin" Honaker (11-24-1928;03-01-2006) dau of Nick & Nannie Stump Honaker. She b DicCo, VA; member Mansfield Freewill Baptist Church; enjoyed crocheting; lived near Mansfield, OH, for last 50 years; d at home after a long illness; FA Finefrock-Williams FH, Mansfield; bur Oak Grove Mem Park; & survived by 21 grandch & 10 gr-grandch. So: DicStar 03-08-2006. Adopted: Ronnie Edwards Jr. lived Mansfield 2006. Ch:

Page 204

H-2020a. Joey (;1948); H-2021. NICK lived Mansfield 2006; H-2022. DONALD LEE on 08-16-1975 m Karen Bond & lived Mansfield 2006; H-2023. LOUISE on 10-04-1970 m Stoney Turner & lived Shiloh, 2006; H-2024. RONNIE m Cynthia Arndt & lived Mansfield 2006; H-2025. JEFFREY ALLEN on 07-24-1982 m Lorrie Williams & lived Mansfield 2006; H-2026. JOHNNIE on 07-16-1980 m Regina Kiser & lived Mansfield 2006; H-2027. HAROLD WILLIAM "BILL" m Sarah Hilson & lived Shiloh 2006; H-2028. TOMMY CARL (;2001) m Robin Floro, Robin lived Mansfield 2006; & H-2029. REBECCA LYNN EDWARDS m Glen Browning & lived Mt. Gilead 2006.

G-1507. TRENTON EDWARDS (ca 1930;10-09-2006). He b DicCo, VA; lived last several years in DicCo; was of the Baptist faith; d Heritage Hall Nursing Home, Clintwood, DicCo; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood; & bur A.J. Edwards Cem, Sandlick section, Haysi, DicCo. So: DicStar 10-11-2006.

G-1508. ELMA JEAN EDWARDS (ca 1933;09-14-2011) m (2) Billy Rasnick (;before 09-14-2011) & lived FL 2006. ELMA b DicCo; lived Walker Ave., Hollister FL; was a homemaker, was of the Primitive Baptist faith; d Kindred Hosp, Greencove, FL; FA Haysi, DicCo FH & bur O'quinn Cem, Bee, DicCo. So: Dicstar obit 09-21-2011. Ch: Other grandch: I-1760a. MICHAEL RASNAKE; I-1760b. CRYSTAL RASNAKE; I-1760c. BRETT RASNAKE;.

H-2030. RITA JO STEVENS m Leonard Ray Powers & lived Bee 2011. (RITA JO was adopted & reared by ARTHUR & MARGIE HAY (F-951c) EDWARDS.) Ch: I-1761. TIMOTHY m Jennifer ? ; I-1762. TRACY LILA; & I-1763. LARRY LEON POWERS.

H-2031. FRANK RASNAKE (;before 09-14-2011);; H-2032. RALPH RASNAKE m (1) Sherry ?, 1 dau; & m (2) Debbie ??? & lived Interlachen 2011; & H-2033. JOHNNY RASNAKE m Angela & in 2001 had 3 ch & lived Hollister 2011.

G-1509. Rev ALLEN CLIFFORD EDWARDS (;living 12-30-2011) m Zelphia Woods (;before 2004) & lived Haysi, DicCo 2011. Ch:

H-2034. SHARON EDWARDS (08-28-1955;10-30-2009). SHARON lived Haysi, DicCo; was of the Old Regular Baptist faith & member of Little Sarah Church; d Indian Path Med Center, Kingsport, TN; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood & bur A. J. Edwards Cem, Rakes Ridge, DicCo. So: DicStar obit 11-04-2009. Grandch: I-1763a. Travis Edwards (;before 10-30-2009).

H-2035. RUTH EVELYN EDWARDS m Brady Deel & lived Haysi, DicCo 2009 - 4 ch.

H-2036. RICKY EDWARDS m Teresa Jo Powers dau of Calvin Lee Powers & Susie Lee & lived Birchleaf, DicCo 2009. So: DicStar obit 09-01-2004. Other grandch: J-942w. IVY & J-942x. CHANCE EDWARDS. Ch:

I-1763b. CANDIDA EDWARDS m Jeff Turner (s of Johnny & Carolyn Turner of Clinchco) & lived in Abingdon, VA. Ch: J-942y. MACKENZIE & J-942z. COLTON TURNER (2006;) So: DicStar 09-24-2008).

I-1763c. RICKY, JR & I-1763d. DERRICK EDWARDS of Birchleaf, DicCo.

I-1763e. Travis Allen Lee Edwards (ca 1985;08-26-2004) b WiseCo, VA; 2003 graduate Haysi, DicCo, VA, HS; was a logger; d at home in Birchleaf, VA; FA by Haysi FH; & bur Edwards Family Cem, Frying Pan Ck, DicCo. So: DicStar 09-01-2004.

H-2037. RONALD LEE m Connie Frontz & lived Haysi, DicCo 2009 - 3 ch; & H-2038. VONDA MARIE EDWARDS m Calvin Powers, Jr & lived Haysi 2009 - 3 ch.

G-1512. ELVA FRANCES EDWARDS (01-27-1939;12-30-2011) m Donald Rasnake (;before 12-30-2011) & lived Mansfield, OH 2006. ELVA b DicCo; lived E. Beale St Bucyrus, OH; retired from Crystal Lakes; was of the Primitive Baptist faith; l E. Beal Ave, Bucyrus, OH; d @ home after mlong illness; FA Hayi, DicCo FH; bur O'quinn Cem, Bee, DicCo & survived by 8 gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 01-04-2012. Ch:

H-2039. TERRY RAY RASNAKE m Michelle Poth, div & lived Mansfield 2011. Ch: I-1763f. KRISTA & I-1763g. TERA RASNAKE.

H-2040. ELIZABETH RASNAKE m Clark Tolley & lived Mansfield. Ch: I-1763h. JUSTIN & I-1763i. JACOB TOLLEY.

H-2041. MELINA MONA RASNAKE in 1992 m Jim Davis & lived Bucyrus, OH 2011. Ch: I-1763j. JENNIFER & I-1763k. AYNDRIA DAVIS m Jesse Lacey.

G-1513. BOB m Sandra ??? & lived Mansfield 2011; G-1515. MACK m (3) Ethel Tucker lived Lexington, KY 2006 & lived Mansfield, OH 2011; G-1517a. RITA JO EDWARDS m Ray Powers & lived Bee, DicCo 2006.

Page 205

C-13 JAMES COUNTS m Ev(ey)a Banner. Their cemetery is on Rt 666 - take Rt 63 from St Paul to Hamlin, RusCo, VA, turn right, go about 1.5 miles on Rt 615 (toward Carbo), and turn tight on Rt 666 toward Clinch River. Following are bur there: C-13 JAMES & wife Evey Banner COUNTS; D-100 JAMES MONROE & wife Eliza Jesse COUNTS; E-492 SILAS & wife Dacy Elmira Jessee (F-546) Counts, F-1029 WILEY EPHRIAM COUNTS & (E-98 KISER App) Andrew Benjamin & his wife Malissa Ellen Wilson KISER. So: Vernon & Pauline Salyers 02-03-2005.

D-92. JOHN COUNTS (02-09-1815;03-24-1899) m Elizabeth Smith (05-20-1819;

E-454. JAMES J COUNTS (ca 1841;11-22-1870) m Sarah Elizabeth Johnson (ca 1853).

Page 206

F-959. ELBERT R. COUNTS m (1) Hannah Frances Porter (mother of PECK {G-1539a}. COUNTS) & m (2) Sarah Smith (mother of all other ch). Ch:

G-1539a. PECK (;before Sep 2005) & G-1540 HELEN COUNTS (;before Sep 2005).

G-1541 ELIZABETH COUNTS (ca 1923;06-28-2011) m Earnest Kiser (;before 06-28-2011). ELIZABETH lived Coeburn, WiseCo; retired from Piggly Wiggly & Food City after working 55 years; d @ home; FA Estes FH, Coeburn & bur Greenwood Acres Mem Gardens. So: BHC obit 07-01-2011. Ch: H-2072a. CHARLES EDDIE KISER m Diana & lived Coeburn 2005 & 2011. Ch: I-1763l. CHARLES E. Kiser, JR.

G-1542 MILLIE COUNTS (;before Sep 2005) m ??? Bise.

G-1542a. RUBY EVELYN COUNTS (;09-13-2005) m Howard M. Collier (;before 2005). She lived Fleming-Neon, KY; employed 38 years by LetcherCo, KY, School System in the Fleming-Neon Area; d Whitesburg, KY; FA Estes FH, Coeburn, WiseCo, VA; bur Greenwood Acres Mem Gardens, Coeburn. So: BHC 09-30-2005. No Ch.

G-1542b. OAKLEY (;before Sep 2005) m ???? Boggs; G-1542c. JAMES (;before Sep 2005); G-1542d. RUTH COUNTS(;before Sep 2005) m ??? Edwards & G-1542e. HELEN (;before 06-28-2011) & G-1542f. BESSIE COUNTS (;before 06-28-2011) m ??? Boggs.

F-960b. JAMES COUNTS m Frances Fortner. So: BOBBY HAMILTON (H-2073). Ch:

G-1547. VERA COUNTS m Claude Moore. Ch:

H-2072b. HENRY (;before 2007); H-2072c. FAYE m Earl McGlothlin & lived Afton, VA, 2007; H-2072d. JIM lived Castlewood, RusCo 2007; H-2072e. BOB m Dorothy ??? & lived Nickelsville, VA, 2007 & H-2072f. BILL MOORE lived Inksten, MO, 2007.

H-2072g. MARY SUE MOORE m ???? Castle. MARY b RusCo; graduated from Castlewood, RusCo, HS; attended Sabre Chapel Church; d Wellmont Holston Valley Med Center, Kingsport, TN; FA Castlewood FH & buried Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood. Ch: So: BHC obit 03-27-2007, Grandch: K-118i. WHITNEY PHILLIPS

I-1769a. ???? (;before 2007) & I-1769b. ???? (;before 2007).

I-1769c. CAROLYN Fields.

G-1550. EDNA COUNTS m Eulis "Bud" Hamilton. Ch:

H-2073. BOBBY HAMILTON (ca 1939;08-26-2006) m Rebecca Sue LaForce (F-237h-SUTHERLAND-APP). So: CVT Obit 02-10-2005 for Virginia Jackson Ferguson (F-237 SUTHERLAND APP). He b St Paul, WiseCo, VA; retired from Chrysler Corp; lived Lebanon, RusCo, VA; member Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Lebanon; d RusCo Med Center, Lebanon; FA Castlewood, RusCo, FH; bur Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood. So: DicStar 08-30-2006. Ch: I-1769d. HOPE of Huntington Beach, CA; & I-1769e. SAMUEL HAMILTON (ca 1983;03-11-2007) lived Lebanon 2005. SAMUEL b Warren, MI; was member Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; d RusCo Med Center, Lebanon; FA Castlewood, RusCo, FH & buried Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood.

H-2073a. JERRY (;before Aug 2006); H-2073b. LINDA m ??? Kittrell & lived McComb, MI,2006; H-2073c. PEGGY m ??? Austin & lived St Paul 2006; H-2073d. SANDRA m ??? Puckett & lived Richmond 2006; H-2073e. PATTY m ??? Carpenter & lived Charlottesville, VA, 2006; & H-2073f. BUDDY LEE HAMILTON lived St Paul 2006.

Page 210

D-95. DAVID COUNTS (03-04-1822(1821?);04-17-1881) m Nancy Howard. Ch:

Page 214

E-486. SILAS H COUNTS m Joanna "Jeannah" C Alley. Ch:

F-1005. WILLIAM GARNETT COUNTS m Mamie Steed Stover. Ch:

G-1606. JOANNE CATHERINE COUNTS (05-22-1928;04-19-2007) lived Blackford Section, Honaker, RusCO; was life long resident Honaker area; graduated Honaker HS; was member Honaker First United Methodist Church; member Order of the Eastern Star; had been employed in medical records @ several area hosps; d in Council, BucCo, VA; FA Honaker FH & buried Counts family cem, Blackford area. So: BHC obit 04-20-2007.

G-1607. WILLIAM GARNETT COUNTS, JR. (;before 2007) m Sylvia ????. In 2007 Sylvia lived Honaker Ch: H-2189a. WILLIAM GARNETT COUNTS, III m Kim ??? & lived Honaker 2007. Ch: I-1924a. TREVOR DALE COUNTS.

Page 219

C-14. CHRISTINA "CRISSA" COUNTS m Richard "Fighting Dick" Colley. She is buried on the knoll in the curve @ Malloy Counts store @ Sandlick across from the mouth of Lick Cr. So: I-2271a. STUART COLLEY 11-28-2007. Ch:

D-102. JAMES COLLEY m Emma Ferrill. They are buried on the hill to the right of Richard Edwards home @ Sandlick where "Fighting Dick" Colley had hais cabin.

E-495. MARTHA COLLEY m George Washington Powers. Ch:


G-1638a. ROMA FRANCES POWERS (;before Aug 2005) m WALTER RUSH COLLEY (;before Aug 2005) (G-1996). Ch:

H-2220a. ZEPHYR (;before Aug 2005) m ???? Taylor; H-2220b. WALTER R (;before Aug 2005); H-2220c. GEORGE B (;before Aug 2005); H-2220d. GAYLE m Cora ????; & H-2220e. JOY COLLEY m ???? Myers.

H-2220f. JUNE JEANNETTE COLLEY (ca 1920;08-23-2005) m Custer Arnett (;before Aug 2005). She was a home maker; lived Nicholsville, KY; FA Betts & West FH; & survived by 4 grandch & 1 gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 09-07-2005. Ch: I-1956a. RONALD (;before 2005) & I-1956b. BARRY ARNETT (;before 2005).

E-496. JOSEPHINE COLLEY m Jonathan Linder Sifers. Ch:

G-1639. BELVA SIFERS m Zackary Lee South. Ch:

H-2221. JAMES "JIM" SOUTH on 08-14-1943 m Rita Artrip (G-446--KEYSER App) Ch: I-1956c. GREG SOUTH m Patty ??? & lived Richmond, VA 2010. Ch: J-977a. JASON SOUTH lived Charleston, SC 2010. So: Rita's obit DicStar 12-08-2010.

Page 220

E-497. RICHARD JOHNSON COLLEY m Mary Ellender Hill. Ch:

F-1056. NOAH "C" COLLEY (05-09-1874;03-26-1949) m Mary McFarland. Ch:


H-2225. LAWRENCE DALMAIN COLLEY (1920;) m OLLIE SALLIE EDWARDS (ca 1923;12-30-2011) (G-1452) So: DicStar obit 01-04-2012.

G-1641. CARSON COLLEY (;before Oct 2002) m DELPHIA DEEL (G-1801a) (ca 1907;10-19-2002). She b DicCo; was a well know painter; member Sandlick Primitive Baptist Church for over 30 years; d Maple Grove Health Care, Lebanon, RusCo; FA Haysi, DicCo, VA, FH; bur Russell Mem Cem, Lebanon; & survived by 9 grandch, 22 gr-grandch, & 18 gr-gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 10-21-2002. Ch:

H-2225b. HAZEL COLLEY (;before Oct 2002).

H-2225c. CARMA COLLEY (ca 1925;04-09-2009) ca 1954 m Banner Sykes (;living 2009). CARMA b Greasy Cr, KY; lived DicCo, VA most of her life; was member Primitive Baptist Church; lived Carma Circle, Bee, DicCo; d Holston Valley Med Center, Kingsport, TN; FA Haysi, DicCo FH; bur Russell Mem Cem, Lebanon, RusCo & survived by 17 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 04-11-2009 & DicStar obit 04-15-2009. Ch: I-1960a. BETTY m Danny Smith (before 04-09-2009) & lived Arlington, VA 2009; I-1960b. DEBBIE m Paul Gallucci & lived Orlando, FL 2009; I-1960c. SANDY m Wayne Powers & lived Clinchco, DicCo 2009; I-1960d. CHARLES m Barbara ??? & lived Milton, PA 2009; I-1960e. JOHNNY m June ??? & lived Clintwood, DicCo 2009 & I-1960f. GARNIE SYKES m Linda ??? & lived Bee 2009. Grandch: J-980a. PAMELA HEMPHILL; J-980b. MATTHEW SYKES; J-980c. SUSANNAH SYKES; J-980d. TARA GEARY; J-980e. CARRIE SMITH; J-980f. JOHN S. SYKES; J-980g. BRIAN SYKES; J-980h. CHRISTINA HUDSON; J-980i. NICK GALLUCCI; J-980j. LISA SEAMON; J-980k. SHANE SYKES; J-980l. DOVE POWERS & J-980m. CLAY POWERS.

H-2226. KATHLEEN COLLEY Duty (;before 04-09-2009) lived Birchleaf, DicCo 2002.

E-500. BARBARA COLLEY (ca 1849) m (1) Wm C Owens (ca 1848) (C-16--OWENS App) & m (2) Solomon Osborne Sutherland (D-81--SUTHERLAND App). Ch:

Page 221

F-1070. ELIHU OWENS m (1) R EMELINE FULLER, age 18, (E-200) & m (2) ISAMAINE EDWARDS (F-1127). Ch (known 1st m):

G-1645. WILLIAM OWENS (;before 2008) m FLORA OWENS (F-1337)); G-1646. MAUDIE (;before 2008) m ? Puckett; G-1647. FANNIE (;before 2008) m ? Looney; G-1648. HARMAN (;before 2008) m Matilda Arrington & G-1648a. NORMA JEAN OWENS m ??? Hanrick & lived TX 2007.

Ch: (2nd m)

G-1649. ELIHU JUNIOR OWENS (ca 1927;11-18-2008). ELIHU, JUNIOR was b BucCo; member Cranesnest Primitive Baptist Church; d NHC Health Care, Bristol, VA; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH; bur Forest Hills Mem Park, Abingdon, VA & survived by 16 grandch & 11 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 11-20-2008. Ch: H-2237a. RONNIE (;before 2008); H-2237b. DON (;before 2008); H-2237c. BARBARA (;before 2008); H-2237d. DARLENE m Brian Phelps & lived Bristol 2008; H-2237e. NONA m Derek Penley Sutherland & lived Bristol 2008; H-2237f. IDA m Rick Yates & lived Bristol 2008; H-2237g. RICK m Regina ??? & lived Jonesboro, TN, 2008; H-2237h. DEVIE m Crystal ??? & lived Kingsport, TN, 2008; H-2237i. DIXIE m ??? Reynolds & lived Kingsport 2008; H-2237j. LORA m ??? Looney & lived Abingdon 2008 & H-2237k. SANDRA OWENS m Dean Duty & lived Lebanon, RusCo, 2008. Stepdau: Melissa Sue Baker lived Coeburn, WisCo, 2008.

G-1650. CLINTON OWENS (;before 2008).

G-1651. FRED F. OWENS (ca 1924;10-20-2007) m Ollie ??? (;before 2007). He lived Greenbrier & later with his son @ Grundy, BucCo; was b BucCo; a retired coal miner; d @ his son, GLENN OWEN'S, (H-2237n.) home; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH & Owens Cem, Paw-Paw; BucCo. So: DicStar obit 10-21-2007. Other grandch: I-1969a. REBECCA ANN OWENS. Ch:

H-2237l. EDDIE F. OWENS (;before 2007).

H-2237m. FANNIE JANE OWENS m Edison Baker & lived Haysi 2007. Ch: I-1969b.CHRISTY; I-1969c. BRANDON m Lisa ??? & I-1969d. SHAUN BAKER.

H-2237n. GLENN EDWARD OWENS m Debbie ??? & lived Grundy 2007.

G-1652. LAWRENCE OWENS (;before 2008).

Other siblings listed in G-1649, ELIHU JUNIOR's, obit without parents being indicated: Eddie (Female) (;before 2008); Ray (;before 2008); & Carvele (;before 2008).

F-1071. HOLIDAY SUTHERLAND (;04-27-1917)m Hettie Owens (10-15-1893;1930) (D-0a-OWENS APP) dau of Andrew (C-14-OWENS APP) & Mary Catherine Deel. So: I-2623 CHERYL DILLON BELLOTTIE. Ch: The family, except PAUL & RUBY, d from TB.

G-1652a. Myrtle (ca 1910;); G-1652b. Uria (ca 1912;); G-1652c. Faye (ca 1914;).

G-1652d. RUBY SUTHERLAND (;before 2008) m Luther Viers.

G-1653. PAUL EARNEST SUTHERLAND (10-27-1916;12-28-2007) m Mary Jane Deel (ca 1917;05-08-2005) dau of James & Sarah Emaline Blankenship Deel. She was a native of DicCo, VA; a homemaker; lived Ringold, VA; d Danville, VA, Regional Med Center; FA by Haysi, DicCo, FH; & survived by 28 grandch & a host of gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 05-10-2005. PAUL b BucCo; d Heritage Hall Health Care, Clintwood, DicCo; was of the Old Regular Baptist Faith; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH; buried Issac Deel Cem, Haysi & survived by several grandch, gr-grandch & gr-gr-grandch.. So: BHC obit 12-30-2007. Ch:

H-2237o. DONALD "Duck" (;before 2005); H-2237p. CLELL m Betty ??? & lived Haysi 2008; H-2237q. LEVI m Pauline ??? & lived Haysi 2008; & H-2237r. EDDIE SUTHERLAND m Marie ??? lived Ringold 2005 & lived Haysi 2008;

H-2237s. GLORIA "FAYE" SUTHERLAND m (1) Donald Earl Crihfield & lived Langdon, AZ 2005 & m (2) Jack Langdon & lived UT 2008. Ch:

I-1969e. CHRISTINA LEE CRIHFIELD m Peter Joseph Schmeltzer & lived AZ. So: I-1969e. CHRISTINA 04-29, 10-11 & 10-12-2006.




I-1969i. KATHY ANN CRIHFIELD m ??? Perry.

H-2237t. THELMA m Verlin Deel lived Sutherlin, VA 2005 & Clintwood, DicCo 2008; H-2238 SHELDA m Luther Wallace & lived Clintwood, DicCo 2008; & H-2238a. LOIS SUTHERLAND m (1) ???? Rose & lived Bristol 2005 & m (2) Dailey Bucklen & lived Abingdon, VA 2008.

D-103 MARY ANNE COLLEY m David Widener Deel. Ch:

E-506. NANCY J. DEEL m John B. Wright. Ch:

F-1085. SOLOMON E WRIGHT m (1) Vitoria Gibson. Ch:

G-1653c. JOHN WRIGHT m LYDIA SUTHERLAND (F-1471). See LYDIA (F-1471 for their ch. Ch:

H-2238b. THELMA m Lewis Ennis & lived Troy, MI, 2005; H-2238c. JEANNETTE m Roy Sutherland & lived Nowell, MI, 2005; & H-2238d. EDITH WRIGHT m Palmer Edwards & lived Haysi, VA, 2005. So: EDITH (H-2238d) 2006 & SSo: H-2917ai. ALLETA JO LAFORCE Johnson.


H-2238e. CHARLIE (;before 2007); H-2238f. ESTUS (;before 2007); H-2238g. WALTER (;before 2007); H-2238h. NORA (;before 2007) m ??? Meininger; H-2238i. JUNE m ??? Polos & lived Mansfield 2007; & H-2238j. ALLEN WRIGHT lived Mansfield 2007.

H-2239. V. INIS WRIGHT (03-25-1910;01-28-2007) on 07-21-1930 m (1) Nathan Kiser (F-27-KEYSER APP) (;1971) & on 08-22-1980 m (2) Ralph Ratliff (;1982). INIS b DicCo, VA; lived on Flat Spur before moving to Ashland County, OH,wehere she spent most of her life; lived Savannah, OH; was member Stone Valley Church of the Church of Jesus Christ of United Baptist, Koogle Rd, Mansfield, OH; enjoyed quilting & won several awards; d The Good Shepard Home, Ashland; FA Heyl FH, Ashland; burial Ashland County Mem Park & survived by 17 grandch, 18 gr-grandch & several gr-gr-grandch. So: H-702. MINA SUMERTON 01-30-2007. Ch: I-1969j. RUSSELL (;before 2007); I-1969k Ruth Eller (;before 2007) I-1969l. RICHARD m Carolyn ??? & lived Mansfield 2007; I-1969m. ROLEY m Barbara ??? & lived Ashland 2007 & I-1969n. RUBY KISER m David Heltzman & lived Savannah 2007.

F-1086. LAFAYETTE "L M C" MCMULLEN WRIGHT m (1) Mary Branham & m (2) Lydia (Arrington?). Ch:

Page 222

G-1655. CORA JANE WRIGHT m Brice Sykes (D-6--EDWARDS App.) Ch:

H-2246. FRED SYKES (03-18-1907;06-23-2005) m Bessie Yates (;before 2005). FRED lived on Tarpon, DicCo, most of his life; was a retired coal miner; member Old Regular Baptist Church for many year; d Dickenson Com Hosp; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood, DicCo; bur Temple Hill Mem Park Cem, Castlewood, RusCo, VA; & survived by 18 grandch, numerous gr-grandch & gr-gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 06-24-2005. Ch:

1991. LAUNA m (1) Fred Noel Fletcher & (2) ??? Mullins & lived Belleview, FL, 2008. Ch: J-982. PRISCILLA FLETCHER m Benny Brown & lived Cintwood 2005. Ch: K-120a. MELISSA BROWN on 05-28-2005 at Clintwood Baptist Church m Elijah Owens s of Rex & Jayne Fuller Owens. So: DicStar 09-28-2005.

1993. BETTY JANE SYKES (1932;12-03-2008)ca 1966 m M. Ray Edwards. BETTY b DicCo; spent the last 42 years in Abingdon, WashCo; retired from WashCo Schools, working in the Abingdon Elementary cafeteria; was member Victory Baptist Church, Brisrol, VA; d Johnston Mem Hosp, Abingdon; FA Farris FH, Abingdon & bur Forest Hills Mem Gardens, Abingdon. So: BHC obit 12-05-2008. Other gr-grandson: L-6. JOSHUA EDWARDS lived Clifton Forge, VA, 2008. Ch:

J-989. RITA EDWARDS m Dean Price & lived Abingdon 2008. Ch:

K-120b. ??? AMANDA BETH PRICE m JOSH PRICE & live Abingdon 2008. Ch: L-7. ALONA RAYNE & L-8. EDEN GRACE PRICE.

J-990. JERRY EDWARDS m Iris ??? & lived Damascus, VA, 2008. Ch:

K-120c. RICKY WAYNE m Erica ??? & lived Damascus 2008 & K-120d. BRIAN WAYNE EDWARDS m Holly ??? & lived Damascus 2008.

I-1994. ELMER FRED m Fay Bailey & lived Palm Coast, FL, 2008; I-1995a. DURWARD m Margie ??? & lived Gray, TN, 2005 & I-1997. FRANKLIN SHERL SYKES m Sophia ? & lived Alexandria, VA, 2008.

Page 223

H-2248. REUBAN GERALD SYKES (08-11-1911;before 02-08-2010) m Stella Davis (ca 1915;02-08-2010) dau of Marion & Nancy Jane Viers Davis. Stella b DicCo; lived Travis Stanley Rd, Haysi, DicCo; was a homemaker; attended Tarpon Freewill Baptist Church; d Heritage Hall Heathcare, Clintwood, DicCo; FA Haysi FH; bur Sykes-Frazier Cem, Clintwood & survived by 20 grandch, 32 gr-grandch; 9 gr-gr-grandch & 8 step-grandch. So: DicStar obit 02-10-2010. Ch:

I-2001. LILLIAN m Jim Counts & lived Haysi 2010; I-2002. VIVIAN m Bill Kandratos & lived Greeneville, NC 2010; I-2003. LEON m Dinah ?? & lived Abingdon, VA 2010; I-2004. RUTH ALLENE m Curtis Sullivan & lived Clintwood 2010; I-2005. EDNA (;before 02-08-2010) m Jimmy Mullins (before 02-08-2010); I-2006. LEON; I-2007. GLEN m Linda ??? & lived Haysi 2010 I-2007a. DALLAS m Bobbye ??? & lived Canton MI 2010 & I-2007b. MURRELL SYKES (;before 02-08-2010) m James Vanover (;before 02-08-2010).

H-2249. CLARENCE RALPH SYKES (12-01-1913;03-??-2008) m (1) Easter Phillips (;before 2008) (mother of 1st 3 ch); m (2) Beulah Farmer (mother of RALPH) ; & m (3) Ruth King. CLARENCE b DicCo; lived Quintas Ave, Burlington, NC; served in US Army WWII with the 283rd Combat Engineers; retired from Western Electric; was member Jehovah's Witness West Congregation Burlington; d Alamance Regional Med Center; FA Lowe FH; buried Alamance Mem Park & survived by 12 grandch, 17 gr-grandch & 1 gr-gr-grandch. So: DicStar 03-26-2008).

I-2008. JAMES LEE (; before 2008) m Louisa ??? who lived Crooked River Ranch, OR 2008. Ch: J-1003a. Jamie Sykes (;before 2008); I-2009. EDDIE m Joyce ??? & lived Woodbridge 2008; I-2010. LORETTA S. m Bill Thomas & lived Burlington 2008; & I-2011. CLARENCE RALPH SYKES, JR m Jennie ??? & lived Burlington 2008.

Page 224

F-1088. ELI WRIGHT m (1) Rosa Branham. Ch: G-1675a. WILLIAM JAMES RILEY WRIGHT m EMMA COLLEY (F-1266) (see EMMA for ch). So: BHC obit 04-03-2005.

E-507. CHRISTINA DEEL m Andrew Edwards (C-18--EDWARDS App.). Ch:

F-1091. VINA JANE WRIGHT (see v1 p 161) (03-24-1867;04-04-1933) m (1) George Goff (1881-1912) & m (2) Drury E Mullins (1858;1891). So: I-2623 CHERYL DILLON BELLOTTIE. Ch: G-1676ba. Dora (05-07-1884;ca 1885); G-1676bb. Florence (1886;1887); & G-1676bc. Butler MULLINS (1890;).

G-1676bd. FANNIE MULLINS (03-20-1888;07-17-1945) on 02-25-1907 m James Blaine Lee (10-04-1884;10-16-1952) s of William & Mary Woods Lee. He b Birchleaf, DicCo & they d Clintwood, VA. Ch:

H-2286a. BESSIE (05-08-1911;06-23-1989) & H-2286b. ARTHUR LEE (1917;08-??-1989) both d Detroit, MI.

H-2286c. THEODORE LEE (08-24-1907;10-06-1975) in 1926 m (1) Alta Hutchinson (1910;1928)(mother of ALMA & JAMES) & on 06-02-1943 in Elko, NV m (2) Vada Lenore Gwyther (06-07-1915;11-06-1982) dau of Benjamin & Sarah Powell Gwyther. He b Caney Ridge, DicCo & Vada in Price, UT. They d Salt Lake City, UT. Ch:

I-2026a. ALMA; I-2026b. JAMES PIPER; I-2026c. SANDRA m John Burke; & I-2026d. LENORE LEE m David Ponce.

I-2026e. VICKIE LEE m (1) Gerald Michael Fogarty & m (2) Lawrence K Jacob. Ch: J-1006a. REBECCA LEE & J-1006b. ELIZABETH FOGARTY; & J-1006c. PATTY JACOB.

I-2026f. THEODORE LEE, JR m Dee Ann Powell. Ch:

J-1006d. STEPHANIE MISTY LEE m Jason Hunley. Ch: K-121a. NICHOLAS TYLER.



H-2286d. EARL (1918;1980); H-2286e. CHESTER (1922;1987); H-2286f. IDA m Perry Cassimus; H-2286g. GOLDA; & H-2286h. MARGARET LEE.

Page 225

F-1096. JEREMIAH EDWARDS on 10-20-1883 in DicCo m MARGARET YATES (F-1107. Ch:


H-2286i. James Ayers (;before 2008) & H-2287. LEONARD EDWARDS lived Vansant, BucCo, 2008.

H-2288. WALTER "BURNS" EDWARDS (09-17-1931;08-17-2008) on 09-01--1956 in Warren, MI, m Marie Annette Davis. BURNS b Birchleaf, DicCo; lived in Warren, MI, until they moved to Roscommon, MI, ca 1994; worked 44 years as a crane operator for LTV Steel, Ferndale, MI; enjoyed Blue Grass music & palyed fiddle, guitar & banjo; honorably discharged US Amry as Sergeant serving in Korean War; FA Walsh FH, Roscommon & burial in Pioneer Cem with military honors by Charles M. Engle VFW Post 4159 where he was a life member. So: DicStar obit 08-27-2008. Ch: I-2026g. PAMELA lived MI 2008; I-2026h. MARK lived MI 2008; I-2026i. ERIC lived MI 2008; I-2026j. POLLY m Jimmie Henderson & lived MI 2008 & I-2026k. ANGELA EDWARDS lived MO 2008. GrandCh: J-1006g. JACKLYN; J-1006h. JENNIFER; J-1006i. ANDREW & J-1006j. MICHELLE. Gr-grandch: K-121c. JASMINE & K-121d. JACOB.

H-2290. EDGAR m Ethel ???; H-2293. JANICE E m Jackie Brock & H-2295. JOANN EDWARDS m Connie Counts & lived MI 2008.


G-1679. COWAN EDWARDS m Bonnie M Arrington. Ch: H-2300. MARIE EDWARDS on 07-19-1946 m Douglas Arrington. So: DicStar 07-26-2006. Ch: I-2029. LARRY (;before 1998); I-2029a. GERALD; I-2029b. JANET m ???? Phipps; & I-2029c. BRUCE ARRINGTON.

G-1680. CHARLIE EDWARDS m Carrie Ethel Arrington. Ch:

H-2301. OMA EDWARDS (ca 1921;11-01-2005) m Cline Mullins (;before Nov 2005). She native DicCo, VA; lived in MD for 13 years before moving to Glade Spring, VA, in 1972; was member of Denton Valley Baptist Church; d SmytheCo, VA, Hosp; FA Farris FH Abingdon, VA; bur Forest Hills Mem Gardens; & survived by 17 grandch & 25 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 11-03-2005. Ch:

I-2029d. RUTH ANN MULLINS (;before 2005) m ??? Pringle. Ch: J-1006k. EDWARDS PRINGLE JR. (;before 2005).

I-2029e. BILL m Stephanie ??? & lived Glade Spring 2006; I-2029f. GARY m Patty ??? & lived Meadowview, VA, 2006; I-2029g. KATY m ??? Jones & lived Glade Spring 2006; I-2029h. DORIS m James Horn & lived Glade Spring 2006; & I-2029i. NANCY MULLINS m James Keen & lived Glade Spring 2006;

I-2029j. PEGGY LYNN MULLINS (ca 1955;05-31-2006) m Larry Parris. She lived Meadowview, VA; BS degree from VA Highlands Com; worked as a registered nurse Johnston Mem Hosp, Abingdon, WashCo for more than 25 yers; attended Denton Valley Baptist Church. So: BHC obit 06-01-2006. Ch: J-l006l. LISA PARRIS m Jon Adkins & lived Meadowview 2006. Ch: K-121e. JARRETT & K-121f. TRINITY ADKINS

H-2302. ONNIE ALLENE EDWARDS (ca 1923;02-14-2011) m (1) RAY CLINTON COUNTS (G-2235) (;before 2011) & m (2) Brice Arrington Sykes (;before 2011). ALLENE lived Birchfield, DicCo, VA, 2005. ALLENE b DicCo; was former manager Sandlick Elementary School lunch program; treasurer A. J. Edwards Cem; attended Sandy Basin Primitive Baptist Church; d Indian Path Hosp, Kingsport, TN; FA Haysi FH; bur A. J. Edwards Cem, Birchleaf, DicCo & survived by 16 grandch, 23 gr-grandch & 4 gr-gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 02-16-2011. Ch: (See G-2235 for Counts Children). Grandch: J-1006m. CHRISTOPHER CHARPING (;before 02-14-2011). Ch.

I-2029k. ROGER (;before 02-14-2011); I-2029l. RONDA m ??? Charing & lived Trussville, AL 2011; I-2029m. ELIZABETH m John Slaski & lived Roanoke, VA 2022; I-2029n. KIT lived Speedwell, TN 2011 & I-2029o. JOHNNY SYKES m Jan ??? & lived Clintwood 2011.

H-2303. HELEN m ??? Harlow lived Miamisburg, OH, 2005 & 2011; H-2304. MERLE m (2) CLAYTON EDWARDS (G-1405) lived Warren, MI, 2005 & 2011; H-2305. PARKIS (;before 2005); H-2306. JOSH (;before 2005) & H-2307. BILL EDWARDS lived Bristol, TN, 2005 & 2011.


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G-1681. MEREDITH MARTIN EDWARDS m (1) Ellen Mullins & m (2) Eliza Mae Powers (F-79d--COUNTS). Ch:

H-2308. SUSIE DARLENE EDWARDS m (1) Calvin Lee Powers & (2) m ?? Lee. Ch:

I-2030. TERESA POWERS m Rick Edwards & lived Birchleaf. Ch: J-1006n. Travis Edwards (;before 2006).;

I-2031. HOLLY LEE m Ryan Werner & lived Big Rapids, MI; I-2032. HEATHER POWERS m ??? Fuller (2005 fiance James Sutherland) & lived Haysi, DicCo; & I-2032a. LISA POWERS of Lewiston, ID.

I-2033. CALVIN POWERS, JR. (ca 1956;08-10-2005). He b OH; lived Birchleaf, DicCo, VA; last employed as a logger; was of the Baptist faith; d VCU Med Center, Richmond, VA; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH; & bur Powers-Edwards Cem, Birchleaf. So: DicStar obit 08-17-2005. Ch: J-1006o. JAMIE of OR; & J-1006p. MEGAN; J-1006q. COURTNEY; & J-1006r. HALEY POWERS all of Haysi.

G-1682. FLORA MCIVORY EDWARDS m (2) Henry Owens. Ch:

H-2311a. RAY OWENS of Breaks, DicCo, VA, 2004; H-2311b. GAY m ??? O'Quinn & lived Prater, VA, 2004; H-2311c. ALICE m ??? Arrington & lived Birchleaf, DicCo, 2004; & H-2311d. FAYE m ??? Anderson & lived Birchleaf 2004.

H-2311e. EARL OWENS (ca 1919;11-12-2004) ca 1942 Ona ???? (;03-16-2001). He born DicCo where he lived all his life; attended Primitive Baptist Church; was a retired miner & member UMWA Local #7025; d Maple Grove Health Care, Lebanon, RusCo, VA; FA by Haysi, DicCo, FH; bur Ketron Mem Gardens, Lebanon; & survived by 14 gr-grandch, 1 gr-gr-grandch, 4 step-grandch. So: DicStar Obit 11-17-2004. Ch: I-2033a. DANNY m Debbie ??? & lived Haysi 2004; I-2033b. DONALD m Dean ??? & lived Bee, DicCo, 2004; I-2033c. CLAYTON m Barbara ??? & lived Bee; & I-2033d. Kenneth Ray OWENS (;before Nov 2004). Grandch:

J-1006s. DANNY, JR; J-1006t. BEVERLY; J-1006u. DAVID; J-1006v. DENVER; J-1006w. REVA; J-1006x. LARRY; & J-1006y. GARY OWENS; J-1006z. CHERRY ARRINGTON; J-1006aa. TRISH BOSTIC; & J-1006ab. TERESA TILLER.

G-1685. LAWRENCE HADLEY EDWARDS (07-27-1905;07-31-1962) m (1) Eva Powers (mother of ch)& m (2) Estelle Tiller Sutherland, widow of GORMAN SUTHERLAND (F-827). Ch: H-2311f. PHANE; H-2311g. GARNIE, H-2311h. PALMER, H-2311i. FREEMAN, H-2311j. KELLY & H-2311k. L. H. EDWARDS. So: January 1987 obit Estelle Tiller Sutherland Edwards.

G-1688. VERNA EDWARDS m (1) VICTOR ANDERSON (G-1870a)& m (2) Walter Adkins. Ch:

H-2314. PAUL M. ANDERSON (1934;12-15-2009) on 07-14-1954 in Clintwood, DicCo, VA m Betty Lou Mullins (1939;living 2009) dau of Mantas & Mahala Slone Mullins. They lived in IN for a short time but lived mostly in the Haysi, Birchleaf, Splashdam area. In 2002 PAUL was a retired Hardware Store Manager & Betty a retired Bank Executive. PAUL b DicCo; lived Anderson Lane, Birchleaf; last employed Haysi Hardware & Furniture for 49 years; was member Spashdam Freewill Baptist Church since 1999; d Norton, WisCo, Comm Hosp; FA Haysi FH & bur Edwards Cem, Rakes Ridge, DicCO. So: DicStar obit 12-16-2009. Ch:(2002)

I-2034. JOHNNY P ANDERSON (1955;) m Madelene Webb & lived Clintwood 2009. Ch:

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J-1007. CHRISTOPHER PAUL ANDERSON (1981;) m Belinda Fleming & lived Clintwood 2009. Ch: K-121g. ALISON ANDERSON.

J-1008. NATHAN STUART ANDERSON (1984;) in 2009 was engaged to Jalisa ??? & lived Clintwood.

I-2035. CHARLENA SUE ANDERSON (1958;) lived Emory, VA 2009. Nm.

H-2315. BILLY VICTOR ANDERSON m Desal Lambert. Ch:

I-2036. BILLY VICTOR ANDERSON, JR (1959;) m Rhonda Daniels.

J-1010. RHEA KAYE ANDERSON (1989;) attended Riverview School; graduated Grundy HS 2007; was freshman majoring in mechanical engineering Bluefield State College, named to Dean's list fall 2007; now one of 5% of freshmen nationally eligible for membership in Phi Eta Sigma, National Honor Society for freshmen.

G-1689. CECIL (03-17-1916;09-26-1973) m (1) Phillipa Wallace Mullins; m (2) Mabel Omstead; & m (3) Florence Leah Viers Mattics (ca 1918;06-11-2012) dau of Noah & Elizabeth Deel Viers. Florence b DicCo; lived Sandlick Rd, Bee, DicCo; was President of Friend Finders for several years; a past member Haysi Rescue Squad; sold Tupperware for many years; d Norton, VA, Comm Hosp; FA Haysi FH; bur Ketron Mem Gardens, Lebanon, RusCo & survived by 12 grandch, 21 gr-grandch & several gr-gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 06-13-2012.

G-1690. EUNA EDWARDS (;living Aug 2006) in summer 1936 m (1) Milford O'Quinn (;before Aug 2006) & m (2) Silas Hay (;before Aug 2006). Ch:

H-2315a. JAMES of Bee 2006 & H-2315b. DARRELL O'QUINN m Jean ??? & lived Bee, DicCo 2006.

H-2315c. ROBERT "BOB" O'QUINN (ca 1943;08-29-2006). He b BucCo, VA; lived Haysi, DicCo, VA; 1960 graduate Haysi HS; was a coal miner and of the Baptist faith; d his brother's home, Bee, DicCo; FA Haysi FH; bur A.J. Edwards Cem, Birchleaf, DicCo; & survived by 6 grandch. So: DicStar 09-06-2006. Ch: I-2037a. RICKY of NC 2006; I-2037b. JAMES ROBERT of AL; & I-2037c. DEBBIE O'QUINN m ???? Grubb & lived NC 2006.

H-2315d. GARY HAY of Bee.

H-2315e. CHARLES HAY m Linda Mullins dau of Vilous & Thelma Mullins of Clintwood, DicCo, VA, & lived of Haysi 2006. So: DicStar 05-24-2006. Ch: I-2037d. CHRISTY Hay m Landon Johnson s of Gobel & Gaynell Johnson of Clintwood. Ch: J-1010a. JEREMIAH ALEXANDER JOHNSON (2005;),

H-2315f. BETTY O HAY (ca 1940;11-25-1994) m J C Fletcher (;before Aug 2006). She was employed by Tupperware Home Parties for 22 years; a member of Yates Chapel Freewill Baptist Church; died DicCo Med Center, Clintwood; FA by Mullins FH, Clintwood; bur Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood, RusCo, VA; & survived by 9 grandch. So: DicStar obit 11-30-1994. Ch:

I-2037e. TERESA m ??? Lyall & I-2037f. LEISA both of Clintwood; I-2037g. RANDALL of Wise, WiseCo; I-2037h. JOHNNY of Clintwood; & I-2037i. TIMOTHY FLETCHER of Haysi.

E-508. MARY "POLLY" ANNE DEEL m Jeremiah Yates. Ch:

Page 228

F-1113. LUCRETIA "CRISSA" YATES m Floyd M Arrington (D-3--EDWARDS App). Ch:

Page 229

G-1704. BONNIE ARRINGTON (09-20-1920;03-23-1991) m O J Dickerson (ca 1919;02-15-2007)). BONNIE was a livelong resident of DicCo & a member of the Clintwood Missionary Baptist Church, the Order of the Eastern Star, Chapter No 144 (30 years), the DicCo School Board & the Clintwood Senior Citizens. She d DicCo Med Center; FA by Clintwood FH; bur Arrington Cem Rt 1, Clinchco; & survived by 5 grandch. O. J. lived Clintwood & later Duffield, VA; was member McClure United Methodist Church; owner Mountain Ford Sales, Clintwood for over 20 years; past president Wise County Shrine Club; devoted Shriner over 35 years; member Clintwood Masonic Lodge 66 over 50 years; served US Marine Corps WW-II for 3 years in the Pacific Theater; member Clintwood Town Council for 16 years; d Wellmont Lonesome Pine Hosp, Big Stone Gap, WiseCo; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood with Masonic Rites by Clintwood Masonic Lodge 66; buried Nicklesville Cem, next to 1st Baptist Church, Nickelsville with Military grave side services by American Legion Color Guard Hammond Post 3, Kingsport, TN & VA National Guard Post 265; & survived by 8 grandch & 1 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 02-17-2007. Ch: H-2328. MARY D Dotson lived Meadowview, VA, 2007; H-2329. DEBRA D Watson lived Jonesville, VA, 2007; H-2329a. PENNY DICKERSON m ??? Lenormand & lived Atlanta, GA, 2007.

E-509. SINDUSTA "DUCK" DEEL m (1) Lorenzo Dow Owens & m (2) Benjamin Howell Edwards (C-21--EDWARDS App). Ch:

F-1117. DAVID EDWARDS m (1) Isabelle Compton. Ch

G-1716. MATILDA EDWARDS m HOLLY HAMPTON COUNTS(F-1925)(See F-1925 for ch).

F-1118. NANCY JANE EDWARDS m Albert "Ab" Hackney. Ch:

G-1721. MAUDIE EDITH HACKNEY m William Lee O'Quinn (D-9--OWENS App). Other grandch: I-2056a. PATRICIA PASCUAL, I-2056b. JUDY GILLESPI, I-2056c. JUDY GALLEGOS, I-2056d. RITA KAY JACKSON; I-2056e. JANET HARDY; I-2056f. SHERRY SUTTON & I-2056g. ROGER GOOD. Ch:

H-2332a. ONI(E)A O'QUINN (;before June 2006) m (1) Otto Owens (E-3--OWENS App) & m (2) ???? Workman.

H-2332b. OLLIE O'QUINN (;before June 2006). Ch: I-2056h. DANNY; I-2056i. DOROTHY SUE (;before June 2006); I-2056j. BOBBY & I-2056k. SCOTTIE O'QUINN (;before June 2006).

H-2332c. GLORIA JEAN O'QUINN m Clemon Jackson & lived Bee 2006.

H-2332d. DEWEY EDMUND O'QUINN (ca 1922;06-06-2006). He b Bee, DicCo, VA; was a Haysi, DicCo, HS graduate; retired Navy veteran (WW-II) serving in the Pacific; loved his dogs; lived Bee; d at home; FA Haysi FH; & bur Forest Hill Mem Gardens, Abingdon, WashCo, VA. So: BHC obit 06-08-2006.

F-1119. MATILDA EDWARDS m Floyd Deel. Ch:

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G-1724. BASIL DEEL m CRISSIE EDWARDS (G-1676d). He moved his family from DicCo to BucCo to an area known as Nickelsville and established the Deel Post Office.

H-2333. VIRGIE MAE DEEL (11-08-1913;before 2004) m George Carl Vandyke.

H-2334. EDNA DEEL (12-10-1915 before 2004) m (2) Bogle Lee Shortridge.

H-2336. ALICE FERN DEEL (1920;before 2004)) m John B Scott.

H-2337. KATHLEEN DEEL (1922;09-26-2004) m Edeam Marshall Matney (;09-03-1999). She b DicCo, VA; lived BucCo, VA, most of her life, served as post mistress at Deel, VA for several years; was a member Grundy, BucCo, Church of Christ; d Grace Health Care Center, Abingdon, WashCo; FA Grundy FH; & bur Mt Valley Mem Park, Big Rock, BucCo. So: BHC obit 09-27-2004. Ch: I-2076. LOIS ANN MATNEY m Keaster Dawson. Ch: J-1023a. JENNIFER LEIGH m Brian McGough & lived Norton, VA & J-1023b. KEVIN LEE DAWSON lived Richmond, VA.

Page 231


G-1726a. GARLAND EDWARDS (;12-21-1989). So: G-2398f. WAYNE FLEMING 2005. m HATTIE COUNTS (F-1674). See (F-1674) for ch.

G-1728. EMILY FRANCES EDWARDS (ca 1906;07-08-1995) m Beldon Perrigan. Ch:

H-2355. BEULAH PERRIGAN (;living 2011) ca 1953 m Hollie Land (ca 1934;03-01-2011) s of Charlie & Graci Land. Hollie b Richmond, KY; served in Korean War 1953-1955; was a pilot who loved to travel & a business owner of H&B Land Inc, Detroit, MI; lived @ Maple Drive, Clinchco, DicCo; d @ home, FA Haysi FH & bur Edwards Cem, Edwards Ridge, DicCo with VA Army National Guard Team & DicCo Honor Guard. So: DicStar obit 03-02-2011. Ch:

I-2087a. CATHERINE LAND lived Clinchco 2011. Ch: J-1038a. HOLLY m ??? Kuss. Ch: K-121h. TAYLOR KUSS; K-121i. KAYLA Webb & K-121j. JOHNATHAN MARTINEZ.

I-2087b. GREG LAND (;before 03-01-2011) m Debbie ???. Debbie lived MI 2011. Ch: J-1038b. CHRISTOPHER m Jennifer ???; J-1038c. BRANDON; J-1038d. CAMERON & J-1038e. MIA LAND.

I-2087c. KENNY LAND m Barb ??? & lived MI 2011.

I-2087d. STEVE LAND m Kim ??? & lived MI 2011. Ch: J-1038f. JENNIFER LAND m Aaron Secondino.

I-2087e. SHELIA LAND m Vince Gismonde & lived MI 2011. Ch: J-1038g. ANTHONY m Chelsea ??? & J-1038h. RACHEL GISMONDE.

F-1121. ANDREW JACKSON EDWARDS m (2) Sarah Ann James. Ch:

G-1730. FLOYD EDWARDS m Sylvia O'Quinn. Ch: H-2358a. VIRGINIA MAE (02-23-1926;02-15-2005) m James W Mullins (;before 2005). She b DicCo; spent most of her life in the Haysi, DicCo, area; was of the Baptist faith, attending Lick Cr Baptist Church; d in a Lebanon, RusCo, VA nursing facility; FA by Honaker, RusCo, FH; bur Ketron Mem Gardens, Lebanon. So: BHC obit 02-16-2005. H-2358b. EUGENE (;before 2005); H-2358c. GONION (before 2005); H-2358d. MABEL m Bud Rose & lived Tampa, FL; H-2358e. ESTELLE m ??? Dillard & lived Chester, VA; H-2358f. GENEVA m ???? Harris & lived Honaker; H-2358g. HELEN m Don Barnhart & lived Honaker; H-2358h. GLEN m Annette ???? & lived Clinchport, VA; & H-2358i. WAYNE EDWARDS m Nora ???? & lived Honaker.

G-1736. AMANDA "MANDY" ESTELLE EDWARDS (05-13-1916;;10-26-2002) m HENRY STUART RASNICK (F-89) (;before 2002) (See F-89 for ch) She was a lifelong resident DicCo; attended the Primitive Baptist Church; died Norton, VA, Com Hosp after extended illness; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood, DicCo, VA; bur Grizzle Rasnick Cem, Dante, RusCo, VA; & was last surviving member of her immediate family.

F-1122. LUNDY EDWARDS (;1962) m Pricey Jane James (;1936). Ch:

G-1738. Delman Edwards.

G-1740. JOSEPH; G-1741. MINNIE BELLE m William Linkous Perrigan & G-1742. MATILDA EDWARDS m Charles Gilbert.

G-1743. ROXIE EDWARDS (;before 2010) m George Puckett (;before 2010). Ch:

H-2358j. HELEN MARIE PUCKETT (09-21-1942;11-02-2010) ca 1963 m Walter Wayne Thurston. HELEN b Grundy, BucCo, VA; lived Inwood, WV; was a retired cook for Loudoun County, VA, School District; d @ home & FA Brown FH. So: DicCo obit 11-17-2010. Ch:

I-2087f. SCOTT THURSTON lived Raleigh, NC 2010. Ch: J-1038i. KEATON SCOTT & J-1038j. KALEB KADE THURSTON.

I-2087g. JANET LYNN THURSTON m ??? Grooms & lived Inwood 2010.

H-2358k. RAYMOND (;before 11-02-2010); H-2358l. TONY (;living 2010); H-2358m. GOLDIE (;living 2010) m ??? Wood; H-2358n. DOLLIE (;living 2010) m ??? Owens; H-2358o. SHIRLEY (;living 2010) m ??? Stanley; H-2358p. RUBY PUCKETT (;living 2010) m ??? Bryson.

G-1744. GRACE EDWARDS m Elbert Turner. Ch:

H-2358q. CURTIS (;before 2007); H-2358r. CORBETT (;before 2007); H-2358s. CHARLIE (;before 2007); H-2358t. JOHNNY MORGAN m Mae ??? & lived Louisville, KY 2007; H-2358u. GLENN m Peggy ??? & lived Wakeman, OH 2007 & H-2358v. BILLY TURNER lived Bristol, VA, 2007.

H-2358w. BOBBY TURNER (1934;12-16-2007) m Edna Izetta ???. BOBBY b DicCo; raised their family in OH, KY & Bristol, VA; was a steelmaker for US Steel for 30 years; member United Steel Workers of America; drove a school bus for 5 years after retirement; member Gunnings Baptist Church, Blountville, TN; member Volunteer Seedline Ministries @ Gunnings Baptist Church; BOB & Izetta volunteered with Kingsway Charities & were foster parents for 10 years; Bob had a wonderful sense of humor & was a colorful story teller; d Johnston Mem Hosp; FA Blevins FH, Bristol, VA, & buried Mt View Cem Mausoleum. So: BHC obit 12-18-2007. Other grandch: J-1038k. NICOLE m Adam Sexton & lived Norton, VA, 2007; J-1038l. BRANDON m Ashley ??? & lived Wise, VA, 2007; J-1038m. WESLEY lived Pound, VA, 2007 & J-1038n. ANGELA TURNER lived Pound 2007. Gr-grandch: K-123a. AVERY THRONE lived Palm Coast, FL, 2007 & K-123b. ANDREW & K-123c. LILY SEXTON lived Norton, VA, 2007. Ch:

I-2087h. DONALD KEITH COCHRAN m Denise & lived Christiansburg, VA, 2007. Ch: J-1038o. BRITTANY & J-1038p. JUSTIN COCHRAN.

I-2087i. JOHNNY WAYNE m Jennifer ??? & lived Pound, VA, 2007; I-2087j. LARRY DEAN m Pat ??? & lived Wise, VA, 2007; I-2087k. JAMES ROBERT lived Bristol, VA, 2007 & I-2087l. LINDA ALICE TURNER lived Bristol, VA, 2007.

I-2087m. CANDICE LYNN m ??? Brown & lived Charleston, SC, 2007. Ch: J-1038q. Justin Brown (dy).

G-1745. DORA EDWARDS m Randolph Charles. Ch:

H-2358x. OPAL FERN CHARLES (ca 1936;10-24-2002) m Otis Deel (;01-23-1975). She lived most of her life in BucCo; attended Old Regular Baptist Church; died at home following extended illness; FA by Grundy FH; bur Deel Cem, on Old Airport Rd near Vansant, BucCo; & survived by 17 grandch & 5 great-grandch. So: DicStar 10-30-2002 Obit. Ch: I-2087n. THELMA m Earnest Gartin & lived Hazel Park. MI; I-2087o. RHONDA m Roger Deel & lived Vansant; I-2087p. WILMA m ??? Stiltner & lived Hickory, NC; I-2087q. LANA PAULINE m ???? Sykes & lived Claremont, NC; I-2087r. EVELYN m Tony Hercula & lived Benton, KY; I-2087s. TRACY m John Sykes & lived Buckingham; I-2087t. RICKY m Loretta ??? & lived Vansant; I-2087u. RANDY m Jean ??? & lived Davenport, BucCo; & I-2087v. TOMMY DEEL m Cindy ??? & lived Bluff City, TN.

H-2358y. WILLIAM JEFF DEEL of Lezerne, MI.

Page 232

G-1746. LYDIA m ? Edwards & G-1747. BASIL EDWARDS.


G-1748. AUTY EDWARDS (12-24-1922;07-25-2005) m Elizabeth Mullins (;1992). He b Clinchco, DicCo, VA; last living ch of LUNDY & Pricy James EDWARDS; long-time resident LorianCo, OH; retired 1985 with 30+ years @ US Steel Corp's Lorian-Cuyahoga Works; champion horseshoe player and highly skilled pool player; gardener & card player; d EMH Regional Med Center, Elyria, OH following an extended illness; FA Gluvna-Shimo-Hromada FH, Lorian; bur Evergreen Cem, S. Amherst, OH; & survived by 4 gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 08-03-2005. Ch:

H-2358z. LINDA (;before Jul 2005); H-2358aa. DORLA EDWARDS (;before Jul 2005); H-2358ab. SHIRLEY m ??? Taylor & lived Sheffield Township 2005; H-2358ac. BRENDA EDWARDS m ??? Tausch & lived Sheffield Township 2005; & H-2358ad. KATHY EDWARDS m ??? Dennis lived Sheffield Village.

Grandch: I-2087w. DAVID NEWSOME & I-2087x. JEFFREY RIPKING.

G-1749. NANNIE EDWARDS m ??? Lyons. So: DicStar obit 08-03-2005.

G-1750. NOAH KILBY EDWARDS m Elsie Barton. Ch:

H-2358ae. BUFORD EDWARDS (;before 2005).

H-2358af. ROBERT L. W. EDWARDS (ca 1941;04-13-2005). He born DicCo; worked as a coal miner; was of the Baptist faith; d Johnson City, TN, Med Center; FA Haysi, DicCo, VA, FH; bur Viers Cem, Rt 1 Clinchco, DicCo; survived by granddau: J-1038r. SARAH EDWARDS. So: BHC obit 04-15-2005. Ch: I-2087y. KEVIN EDWARDS m Mary ??? & lived Haysi 2005 & I-2087z. WAYNE EDWARDS lived Clintwood, DicCo, 2005.

H-2358ag. DIXIE of Birchleaf, DicC, 2005o; H-2358ah. LOIS m ??? Mullins & lived Louisville, KY, 2005; H-2358ai. DANNY lived Clinchco 2005; H-2358aj. ELMER lived Lorraine, OH, 2005; & H-2358ak. HANSEL EDWARDS lived Lorraine 2005.

F-1126. BENJAMIN HOWELL "BENNIE" EDWARDS JR (12-19-1882;11-23-1966) on 01-02-1908 in DicCo m MARY MAGDELINE SUTHERLAND (F-814 v1p127). Ch:

G-1751. ALVESTA EDWARDS (04-07-1909;) m Corbett Egel Cochran. Ch:

H-2359. PAUL RAY COCHRAN (1928;) on 08-22-1949 in Pikeville, KY m Helen Joyce McFarland & lived Lake City, FL 2009.

H-2360. BILLY GENE COCHRAN (1930;01-11-2009) on 05-16-1951 in Clintwood, DicCo, VA m JOY LYNN POWERS (1932;) (H-2866)(Photo p290) dau of GEORGE MONROE & OLLIE BLONDALL ROBINSON POWERS of (F-1452 v1 p204). JOY b Bee, DicCo, VA. So: BILLY & JOY COCHRAN in 1992 lived at 804 W. Duval St, NW, Live Oak, FL 32060-5030. BILLY b DicCo; was 1950 graduate Haysi HS; lived Live Oak, FL; d Live Oak; FA Daniels FH, Live Oak & survived by 5 grandch & 3 gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 01-28-2009). Ch:

I-2091. JEFFERY KEITH COCHRAN (1952;) on 12-31-1984 in Hawaii m (1) Anice Anderson, div & m (2) Chai ??? & lived Beavercreek, OH 2009. JEFFERY b Ramey AFB, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

I-2092. SHARON THEA COCHRAN (1953;) on 07-12-1980 at Purdue Univ, W Lafayette, IN m Albert Gerard Bennard Zdilla (1954;) s of Albert & ? Tony Zdilla & lived Olney, MD 2009. SHARON b Ramey AFB. Her 1992 tel # (301-774-1016). Ch:

J-1042. KATHERINE MARIE "KATIE" ZDILLA (1988;) b Olney, MontCo, MD.

I-2093. THERESA DIANE COCHRAN (1955;) on 02-17-1973 in Kokomo, IN m Danny Andrew Taylor (1955;) s of Carrol Ray & Loletta ? Taylor & lived Kokomo, IN 2009. THERESA b Ft Campbell, KY. Ch: J-1043. TRINE LEA (1973;) & J-1044. SCOTT ANDREW TAYLOR (1985;) b Kokomo, HowaCo, IN.

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I-2094.Gary Eugene Cochran(07-16-1959;07-18-1959) b&d Schilling AFB Hosp, Salina, KS.

H-2361. DOROTHY SUE COCHRAN (1936;) in 1956 m Hillard Counts & lived Groveport, OH 2009.

H-2364. LINDA LEE COCHRAN (1946;) on 11-22-1969 in Arlington, VA m John Steven Fox & lived Haymarket, VA 2009.

E-510. MATILDA DEEL m Thomas Fuller. So: I-2623 CHERYL D BELLOTTIE. Ch:

F-1136. NOAH FULLER m (2) ZERELDA "NANNIE" OWENS. Ch: G-1766. GARNIE FULLER ca 05-20-1956 m Rena ?? & lived in Galion, OH.

F-1139a. JONAS W FULLER (ca 1871;).

E-511. JOHN HENRY DEEL m Isabella Lovina Wright. So: Negatha Gourley's (H-2286)) Wright Connections.

E-512. JAMES HARVEY DEEL m Margaret Jane Robinson. Ch:

F-1149. LYDIA ANN DEEL m Kenas F Fleming. Ch:

Page 238

G-1780. LEONARD FLEMING (10-05-1901;02-26-1944) m HATTIE COUNTS (F-1674). So: G-2398f. WAYNE FLEMING.

E-513. SARAH DEEL m John Anderson (C-45-OWENS App). Ch:

F-1151. NANCY ANDERSON (11-25-1854;) m (1) Issac Blair & on 03-01-1887 in MorganCo, KY m WAITSEL A WRIGHT. So: I-2623 CHERYL DILLON BELLOTTIE ca 2004 & I-2136a. RON WRIGHT gr-grandson of NANCY & Waitsel 08-27-2005. Another NANCY ANDERSON, dau of Charles & Martha Anderson, on 12-23-1858 m Issac Blair in BucCo (now RusCo), VA.

F-1154. DAVID V ANDERSON (07-12-1870;08-11-1937) on 03-23-1896 in DicCo m MARTHA A COUNTS (04-04-1878;02-10-1964) (F-1526 v1p226). Ch:

G-1780a. ARTHUR ANDERSON m MARGARET AILY "MAGGIE" COUNTS HALL, div, (F-1540 v1p227). See F-1540 MARGARET for ch:

G-1783. GRACE LENORE ANDERSON (04-06-1911;alive 04-06-2011) on 12-16-1938 in London, KY m Thurman Keene s of Fred & Ida ? Keene. GRACE b DicCo @ the Middle Of the World; lived on Lick CR & moved to Lincolnton, NC, Nursing Home. So: DicStar 94-15-2011 Ch:

H-2389a RALPH KEENE lived NC 2011.

H-2390. CLEMENT RAY KEENE (1944;) in 07-01-1963 m Barbara Jo Deatherage (1948;) dau of Fred London & Shirley Lacoursiere Deatherage & lived NC 2011. Ch: I-2137. ROBERT MICHAEL "BOB" KEENE (1964;) m Dawn Helsey dau of Jerry & Peggy Shillingburg Helsey. So: BOB lived at 103 Teacher Ct, Guyton, GA 31312; I-2137a. KELLY & I-2137b. RANDY KEENE. So: DicStar 04-13-2011.

F-1156. MORGAN T ANDERSON m EUNICE SUTHERLAND (11-05-1880;) (F-796). Ch:

G-1784. VIRGIE ANDERSON (12-28-1896;09-13-1984) on 08-24-1914 m (1) Carlon Augustus Taylor (06-24-1896;06-02-1933) s of Absalom & Elizabeth Hopson Taylor & m (2) Rene Edwards. Ch:

H-2392. AMOS ELLIOTT TAYLOR (;before 07-12-2010) m Hattie Colley (;before 07-12-2010). Ch:

I-2138. GRETHEL KAY m ??? Bunk & lived Sofia, NC 2010 & I-2139. JUDY TAYLOR.

I-2140. EVELYN ELAINE TAYLOR (ca 1940;07-12-2010) ca 1959 m Paul Edward Rowe of Clintwood. EVELYN was a lifelong resident DicCo; was of the Baptist faith; d Clintwood; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood & bur Rancy & Drucilla Rowe Cem, Clintwood. So: DicStar obit 07-14-2010. Ch: J-1071a. DREMA DARLENE ROWE. Ch: K-123d. DANIELLE & K-123e. DAKOTA ROWE.

I-2141. DEAN (;before 07-12-2010); I-2142. ALBERT lived Bluefield, WV 2010; I-2143. KATHY m ??? Stacey & lived Trinity, NC 2010; I-2144. LARRY lived High Point, NC, 2010; I-2145. TOMMY (;before 1991); & I-2146. EMORY LEE TAYLOR (;before 1991).

H-2394. INEZ MCCARTHY TAYLOR (05-23-1919;before 06-05-2011) m Elliott Ray Edwards (;before 06-05-2011). Ch:

I-2147. ELMER CLAY (1935;) m Veronica Campbell Willis & lived Lexington, NC 2011; I-2148. GLADYS JEARLENE(1937;) m Walter K Counts & lived Clintwood 2011; I-2149. JUANITA (1939;) m Frederick Sneeuwjagt & lived Clintwood 2011;I-2150. KILBY JOE (1942;) m Dorothy Stockhorst & lived Locust Hill 2011; I-2151. GENE ROGER (1944;) m Frances Turner & lived Clintwood 2011; I-2152. JENNETTE SNODA(1946;) m Bobby Mullins & lived Hollister Fl 2011; I-2153. CASEY DENVER (1948;) m Beth Hudison & lived Brunswick, OH 2011; I-2154. KEDRIC CONN (1950;) m Patricia Little & lived Castlewood, RusCo 2011 & I-2155. DEBORAH LYNN EDWARDS (1955;) m Rick Adkins & lived Cape Coral, FL 2011.

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I-2156. JEFF TAYLOR EDWARDS (06-09-1957;06-05-2011) m Pat ??? (;living 06-05-2011). JEFF b & raised on Backbone Ridge, Clinchco, DicCo; lived Brooklin, OH; d @ home; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood & bur Edwards Family Cem, Backbone Ridge. So: DicStar obit 06-08-2011. Stepch: Leslie Meszaros; Ch: Jamie Meszaros. Ch: J-1087. JEFF TAYLOR II lived Houston, TX 2011.

I-2157. VONDA CAROL (1959;) m Larry Mullins & lived Clintwood 2011 & I-2158. TODD CHAN EDWARDS (1962;) m Charlotte ??? & lived Clinchco, DicCo 2011.

G-1786. JULIA ANDERSON (;before 2008) m Delmon Edwards. Ch:

H-2408. LENA NELL EDWARDS (1929?;) lived Shelby Township, MI 2007. H-2408a. DANIE GRAY EDWARDS (ca 1939;11-24-2007) m Cheryl Lynn Mullins dau of ??? & Nina C. Mullins. DANIE b DicCo: graduated Haysi, DicCo, HS; was a US Army veteran 1964-1966 in the 1st Calvary Div; member & deacon Faith Bible Church, Clinchco, DicCo; a coal operator 1974-1997 with Trinity Coal Co, Grace Coal Co & Dan's Trucking; owner & operator White Ridge Carryout from 1998; lived Birchleaf, DicCo; d @ home; FA Haysi FH & buried Anderson Cem, Birchleaf with military grave side services by DicCo VFW 8979, DAV Chapter 35 & American Legion Post 227. So: BHC obit 11-26-2007. Ch: I-2174a. ANGELA m ??? Watkins & lived Birchleaf 2007; I-2174b. BRETT m Kenna ??? & lived Birchleaf 2007 & I-2174c. DANIEL EDWARDS lived Birchleaf 2007. Grandch: K-123f. DUSTIN; K-123g. CAMERON & K-123h. PEYTON EDWARDS & K-123i. COLTON RATLIFF.

H-2408b. BUFORD (;before 2008); H-2408c. BILLY (;before 2008); H-2408d. BRUCE lived Haysi 2007; H-2408e. LARRY lived Haysi 2007; H-2408f. MACK lived Haysi 2007; H-2408g. THEDA m ??? Childress & lived Haysi 2007 & H-2408h. GAY m ??? Anderson & lived Palatka, FL 2007.

G-1786a. MAUDIE; G-1786b. TROY KILBY (;before 2008); G-1786c. KENT BANNER (;before 2008); G-1786d. ELIJAH SHELBY (;before 2008); G-1786e. ROLAND STANFORD (;before 2008); G-1786f. GALLIE (;before 2008); G-1786g. LENA ; G-1786h. AUBREY LEE (;before 2008); G-1486i. NANNIE (;before 2008) m ??? Farmer & G-1786j. MORGAN ANDERSON, JR (;before 2008).

G-1787. HALLIE ANDERSON (ca 1920;11-01-2008 m CLAY TAYLOR (G-2244). HALLIE lived Birchleaf 1993. So: BHC obit 11-03-2008. See G-2244 for family.

F-1157. JOHN HENRY ANDERSON m Mallie V. Owens. Ch:

G-1787a. TRIGG ANDERSON (;before 04-03-2010) m FANNIE OWENS ROBINSON (F-1486). See F-1486 FANNIE for Ch:

G-1787b. MYRTLE MAE ANDERSON (;before 2007) m RICHARD SUTHERLAND (F-833).

G-1787c. CLAUDE (;before 2007); G-1787d. KELSEY (;before 2007); G-1787e. ALBERTA m ??? Smith (;before 2007) & G-1787f. RUTH ANDERSON m ??? Ramelies (;before 2007).

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G-1789. JUNE A ANDERSON (ca 1917;11-20-2007) m Earl Viers (;before 2007). JUNE b Birchleaf, DicCo; retired as postmaster in Birchleaf after 32 years service; was a member of Sandlick Presbyterian Church, Birchleaf; lived in Abingdon, VA; d @ home; FA Frost FH, Abingdon; buried Forest Hills Mem Gardens & survived by 4 grandch & 3 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 11-22-2007. Ch:

H-2414a. KAY lived Abingdon 2007 & H-2414b. JUDY V. ANDERSON m Ronnie Carter & lived Huntsville, AL 2007.

H-2414c. FRANK GRAY ANDERSON (;before 2007). Ch I-2174d. MICHAEL ANDERSON (; before 2007).

G-1790. FAYE m ??? Owens (;before 2007); & G-1791. ZELLA ANDERSON King of Orlando, FL.

G-1792. GAYNELL (;before 2007) m James Worley Fletcher & G-1794. MARY KATE ANDERSON Gilliam of Breezewood, PA in 1993 & lived Taylor, MI 2007 & 2010.

G-1795. BILLIE M ANDERSON (08-30-1932;04-03-2010) of Richmond, VA in 1993. BILLIE b Birchleaf (Sandlick), DicCo; spent part of her childhood in Clintwood when her farher was High Sheriff of DicCo; moved back to her families home on Lick Creek, DicCo, in 1939; graduated Haysi HS 1950; was of the Protestant Faith; moved to Richmond 1962 for a career in banking; retired from what is now Wells Fargo Bank; moved to Abingdon, VA, 2008; d Valley Health Care Center, Chilhowie, VA; FA Frost FH, Abingdon. So: DicStar obit 04-14-2010.


F-1161. NOAH DEEL m (1) Jane Viers dau of Larkin & Mary Viers Viers & m (2) Mary Jane Deel. So: I-2623 CHERYL DILLON BELLOTTIE.

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F-1163. CHARLES A DEEL m (1) Nellie Lee & ca 1920 m (2) Hettie Viers. Ch:

G-1801a. DELPHIA DEEL (ca 1907;10-19-2002) m CARSON COLLEY (G-1641) (;before Oct 2002).

G-1801b. VADNA (;living 2002) m ??? Barton & lived Abingdon, WashCo, VA; G-1801c. BLAINE (;before Oct 2002); G-1801d. WILLARD (;before Oct 2002); G-1801e. EFFIE (;before Oct 2002) m ???? Powers; G-1801f. CARRA(;before Oct 2002) m ??? Willis; & G-1801g. CHLOE DEEL (;before Oct 2002).


G-1810. HOMER RAY DEEL (1926;) m MERLE EVON EDWARDS (H-1915) (1935;before 2007) Ch: H-2420. DEBORAH DEEL (1957;) ca 07-03-1982 m Roger Ramey s of Ralph & Pauline Ramey of Haysi & lived Haysi 2007. So: DicStar 10-03-2007. Ch: I-2176a. SUSAN m ???? Wagner & lived Jacksonville, NC 2007 & I-2176b. DEREK RAMEY lived Haysi 2007.


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F-1172. NOAH MORGAN DEEL in 1904 m (1) LYDIA ELLEN GRIZZLE (F-298)& in 1920 m (2) Nettie Jane Boyd (mother of 1816b-1816f). So: I-2623 CHERYL DILLON BELLOTTIE. Ch:

G-1815. LESTER DEEL (1906;)m LILLIE POWERS (F-76). Ch:

Page 243

H-2423. ARCHIE VERN DEEL (1928;) m RITA DEEL (1932;) (G-1831) & lived Hampton 2011.

H-2424. ELSIE ESTELLE DEEL (1929;) m GORDON LEE EDWARDS (1926;) (G-1441) & lived Blueridge 2009 & 2011. Ch:

I-2181. HENRY VERN EDWARDS m Linda ?? & lived Blueridge 2009.

I-2182. WANDA FAYE EDWARDS (ca 1950;09-16-2009) m ??? Moore. WANDA's FA Mullins FH, Clintwood & bur Patton Edwards Cem. So: DicStar obit 09-22-2009. Ch: J-1098a. DANIEL K., Sr. & J-1098b. KEVIN V. MOORE both lived Blueridge 2011. Grandch: K-123j. DANNY KENNETH MOORE, JR; K-123k. SERRIA ANN HOPE BLACKNER; K-123l. ELIZABETH FAYE MOORE; K-123m. GORDAN LEE EDWARDS; K-123n. LANDON ERIC MOORE; K-123o. ALEXANDRIA BETH MOORE; K-123p. AARON STORM MOORE & K-123q. PATRICK MOORE.

I-2183. ERIC LEON (;before 09-16-2009); & I-2184. MARY LOU EDWARDS (;before 09-16-2009)m ??? Arnold.

H-2425. BARBARA ELLEN DEEL (;06-20-2011) m CHARLIE HAMILTON DEEL (;before 2008). BARBARA attended Haysi HS & Ervinton HS; was member Trinity Baptist Church, Hampton; d 29 W. Preston St, Hampton, VA; FA Park-Wood FH, Hampton; bur Parklawn Mem Park, Hampton & survived by 9 grandch & 13 gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 06-29-2011. Ch:

I-2185. JENNIFER CHARLENE DEEL m Michael Justice s of Al & Alyce Justice of Hampton, VA & lived Newport News, VA, 2008 & Hampton 2011. Ch: J-1098c. DESIREE JUSTICE m Michael Anderson. Ch: K-123r. ALEXIS HOPE ANDERSON (2003;); K-123s. JASON ANDERSON (ca 2005;). So: DicStar 10-01-2008.

I-2186. MICHAEL CHARLES DEEL lived Charlottesville, VA 2011. Ch: K-123t. Michael Charles Deel, Jr. (;before 2011).

I-2187. LORI MICHELLE DEEL m ??? Allison & lived Hampton 2011.

H-2426. ARLEN GARNER DEEL m Shirley Hale, div & lived Hampton 2011.

H-2427. VINA DEEL m Barney Reilly & lived Clinchco, DicCo 2011. Ch:

I-2194. DENISE REILLY m Tommy Lewis in 2005 lived Saleville, OH. Ch: J-1101. BENJAMIN LEWIS m Amy McGaughy dau of David & Linda McGaughy of Newark, OH. Ch: K-123u. AINSLEY KATE LEWIS (2005;) b Ft Campbell, KY. So: DicStar 08-24-2005.

I-2196. DANIEL REILLY m Pamela Watts. Ch: J-1104. MICHELLE JENNIFER REILLY on 06-04-2005 in Bellevue, NE m John Larkin Whisler s of John & Mary Lou Whisler of Omaha, NE. So: DicStar 08-24-2005.

H-2428. MERRIEL DEAN DEEL m Sandra Anderson & lived Clinchco, DicCo 2011. Grandch: J-1107a. SHANNON ADKINS & J-1007b. ANDREW DEEL. Ch:

I-2200. BRENT KEVIN DEEL on 06-25-2005 at Splashdam, DicCo, VA, Freewill Baptist Church m Jessica Rae Adkins dau of Larry & Sharon Adkins of Russell Prater, BucCo, VA. So: DicStar 07-27-2005. Ch: J-1107c. BRAXTON COLT DEEL (;2008). So: DicStar 11-17-2010

I-2201. RANDALL CRAIG DEEL m Wendy Maloney dau of George & Rose Maloney of Wise & lived in Wise, WisCo 2011. Ch: J-1107d. ANDREW (;2001) & J-1107e. TANNER DEEL (;1999). So: DicStar 03-06-2010 & July 2011.

H-2429. CARTER BYRD DEEL (1941;) m SUSIE COUNTS (G-2258) & lived Lick Cr, DicCo 2011.

Page 244

H-2430. CORNEAIL ELIZABETH DEEL (1943;) m Ronald Wayne Michael & lived TN 2011.

H-2431. DWIGHT ERVIN DEEL m Cloris Ann Hardwick & lived TN 2011.


H-2432. SHARON LOUISE DEEL (1947;) m Ronald Patton & lived LA 2011.

H-2433. DAVID KIM DEEL m Carolyn Benge & lived Blue Ridge 2011

H-2434. HUBERT JESSEE DEEL (1952;) m Richie Willis, div & lived Lick Cr, DicCo, 2011.

H-2435. DEBBIE PATRICIA DEEL (1956;) m Lonny Deel (1955;) & lived Copper Hill 2011.


G-1816e. LEONARD DEEL (1920;) on 03-11-1960 in BucCo m SADIE FULLER (05-06-1940;02-28-1999) (G-423) dau of HENRY & Hulda Blankenship FULLER. They & ch b BucCo. She d BucCo. Ch:

H-2435a. BARNEY KEITH DEEL (1961;) on 06-05-1983 in BucCo m Sherry Baker (1967;). She b BucCo. Ch: I-2217a. AMANDA KAREN (1984;); I-2217b. MORGAN KEITH (1987;); & I-2217c. KENDRA J DEEL (1992;)..

H-2435b. LARRY (1963;) in BucCo m Bernice Hill; H-2435c. Teresa (08-21-1964;08-30-1964); H-2435d. SCOTT (1968;) on 09-17-1988 in BucCo m Tammy Robinson; & H-2435e. PAM DEEL (1975;).

G-1816f. BURNARD LEE DEEL (1930;) 03-07-1953 in BucCo m FAYE FULLER (G-420) dau of HENRY & Hulda Blankenship DEEL. They & ch b BucCo. Ch:

H-2435f. Tony Deel (09-21-1954;1955) b&d BucCo.

H-2435g. RODNEY DEEL (1956;) on 10-20-1978 in BucCo m Jennifer Hayes (1963;). They b BucCo. Ch: I-2217d. JESSICA NICOLE DEEL (1988;).

F-1175. SYLVIA MELVINA DEEL m (1) T J NEWBERRY (F-162j) See F-162j for ch. & m (2) William White (;before 2005). So DicStar Obit 04-06-2005 TIVIS NEWBERRY (G-474) & BHC obit 11-21-2005 for MARTHA NEWBERRY RICHIE (G-476). Ch: G-1816g. FAY (;before Nov 2005) & G-1816h. STACEY (;before Nov 2005); G-1816i. OPAL m ??? Williams & lived Lynchburg; & G-1816j.EDNA WHITE m ??? Owens & lived Haysi, DicCo.

Page 246

D-104. JOHN COLLEY m Annie Davis. John is buried on Edwards Ridge with stones piled over his grave. So: I-2271a. STUART COLLEY 11-28-2007.

E-518. JASPER S COLLEY m MARGARET "PEG" SUTHERLAND (E-399). They & their ch: SUMPTER (F-1183), PELHAM (F-1185), CAMPBELL (F-1189) & KILGORE (F-1190), with their wifes, are buried on the right hand side of the road heading out of Clintwood just past the elementary school. So: I-2271a. STUART COLLEY 11-28-2007. Ch:

F-1183. SUMPTER J COLLEY (11-06-1867;) m Martha Ellen Baker. Ch:

G-1837b. STUART COLLEY m SOPHIA COUNTS (F-1655). He is buried on Big Ridge near where the Hill Top & Pink Room used to be. So: I-2271a. STUART COLLEY 11-28-2007. Ch: H-2475a. JACK COLLEY. Ch: I-2271a. STUART COLLEY.

G-1838. CHLOE HANNAH COLLEY m Leonard T Younce. Ch:

H-2477. BETTY LOU YOUNCE (ca 1928;03-17-2005) m Everette Walker Morris, Jr (;before 2005). She lived 2515 Buckingham Drive, Sanford, NC; d at home; FA by Bridges-Cameron FH; bur Cornatzer United Methodist Church Cem, Mocksville, NC; & survived by 2 grandch. So: BHC obit 03-19-2005. Ch: I-2274a. JEFFERY SCOTT lived Sanford 2005 & I-2274b. TERRY MORRIS m ??? Clemmer & lived Sanford.

H-2478. ELMER GRAY Younce lived Bristol, VA, 2005.

Page 247

F-1184. FLORRA MCIVOR COLLEY m Joseph Bradford Baker. Ch:

G-1840. ROBERT HENDERSON KILGORE BAKER (WW-I) m Dorothy Mullins. Ch:

H-2480. FLORA JOSEPHINE "SIS" BAKER (1922;11-29-2010) on 07-14-1947 in Clintwood m Woodrow C "Woody" Fleming (02-27-1922;06-30-2007) s of George & Sallie Stanley Fleming. Woody b PikeCo, KY; lived Clintwood, DicCo & Rockville, MD; served US Army-Air Force WW-II; d @ home, Rockville; FA info from Clintwood FH; burial Parklawn Mem Park, MD, & survived by 11 grandch & 16 gr-grandch. So: DicStar 07-14-2007. JOSEPHINE d Frederick, MD. So: H-2481 VIVIAN BAKER PITTS 11-29-2010.

H-2481. VIVIAN ESTELLE BAKER (1925;) m Max Leon Pitts (09-19-1919;12-26-1987). VIVIAN worked for Veteran's Administration Hosp, Ft Lyon, CO, & Pueblo Army Depot, Pueblo, CO; & has visited Hawaii, Puerto Rico & Mexico. So: VIVIAN 2008.

H-2483. NAOMI FAYE BAKER m Pete Wynn (1914;08-25-2004). He born HarlanCo, KY; was a retired miner with UMWA Local #2274; d Arbors of Gallipolis Rehabilitation Center, Gallipolis, OH; FA Clintwood, DicCo, VA, FH; bur Colley Cem, Rt 3, Clintwood. So: BHC obit 08-29-2004. Stepch: (1) Charles B (;before Aug 2004) m Herta ???, Herta lived Appomattox, VA, 2004; (2) James E m Pam ??? & lived Columbus, OH; (3) Jerry W m Abbie ??? & lived Isom, KY; (4) Dorothy F. m ??? Amburgey & lived Columbus, OH; (5) Barbara J (;before Aug 2004); (6) Thelma Sue m Denver Peters & lived Darbyville, OH; & (8) Gladys R Wynn m Harold Thomas & lived Leon, WV.

Page 248

G-1844. JOHN WILLIAM "TED" BAKER m Parkie Tackett. Ch:

H-2496. JOE LEE BAKER m LEMA COUNTS (H-2680). Ch:

I-2289. JANET BAKER on 11-27-1992 m David Hayes s of Wendell Bolling of Nora, VA.

I-2289a. SETH BAKER m Melonie Stone dau of Sammy & Retha Stone. Ch: J-1144a. RHETT CORBETT BAKER (2011;) b Norton Comm Hosp weighing 8 lbs & 21 inches long.

H-2496a. OUIDA (;living 2008) m ??? Kennedy.

H-2497. ROBERT BYRAN BAKER (09-27-1927;02-04-2008) m Sadie E ??? (;before 2007). He b Clintwood, DicCo; spent free time hunting & fishing; loved gardening; was a gifted story teller; d Richmond, VA; services held in Richmond; & survived by 7 grandch & 14 gr-grandch. So: DicStar 02-13-2008. Ch: I-2289b. William Byran (dy); I-2289c. RICHARD B. m Vivian ???; I-2289d. HARRY V. m Sandra ???; I-2289e. STEVE & I-2289f. KAREN B. BAKER m James Ward.

F-1188. MARGARET VIOLET COLLEY m Floyd Fleming. G-1849i MONA was only ch living 2006. So: H-2502p. LARRY SIMMONS 02-09-2006. Ch:

G-1849. AGNES FLEMING (;1988?) m JAMES C. "Jim" Mullins (;1972) from the Clintwood, DicCo, VA area (father of JAMES) & m (2) Herbert Mullins (;before 2006) (father of dau). Jim was a B&O railroad conductor & they lived im the Chillicothe, OH rural area. Ch:

H-2502a. JAMES MULLINS (;2003) m Katy (living 2006) Ch: I-2289g. PAUL & I-2289h. NEIL MULLINS.

H-2502b. HUBERT MULLINS (;before 2006). Ch: I-2289i. DAUGHTER.

G-1849a. AUBREY FLEMING (;before 2006) m Alcee Stanley (;before 2006). Ch: H-2502c. SHERRILL (;before 2006); H-2502d. LORETTA; & H-2502e. IRENE FLEMING.

G-1849b. Ernest Fleming (;ca 18 years old) d from appendicitis.

G-1849c. CLIVE FLEMING (;ca 1956) m Virginia Holt (;before 2006). He served merchant marines & then moved to Chillicothe, OH area. Ch:

H-2502f. RAMONA FLEMING (;before 2006) had several ch.

H-2502g. ROGER m Rose Hamner. Ch: I-2289j. ELAINE (;before 2006) & I-2289k. DWIGHT FLEMING.

H-2502h. BRENDA m Keith Skeggs no ch.

H-2502i. RONALD FLEMING. Ch: I-2289l. BRENT; I-2289m. MALE & I-2289n. FEMALE FLEMING.

G-1849d. RAYMOND FLEMING (;before 2006) m ??? ???. Ch:

H-2502j. DUANE & H-2502k. MARLENE FLEMING (;before 2006).

G-1849e. GORDON FLEMING m Mary ??? (adopted 1 son).

G-1849f. EMIL FLEMING (;before 2006) m Euna ??? (;before 2006). Ch:

H-2502l. EARL & H-2502m. FEMALE FLEMIMG

G-1849g. ANDREW FLEMING (;before 2006) no ch.

G-1849h. ALMA FLEMING m (2) Ray Valasquez. Ch:

H-2502n. NORMAN & H-2502o. CAROL ??? (Ch from 1ST marriage).

G-1849i. MONA FLEMING (1921;) m Curtis Harrison Simmons (11-16-1922;10-10-1988) from E Monroe, HighlandCo, OH. Mona left Clintwood, DicCo, VA area about 1940; worked NY City Hosp about 1 year; returned to Clintwood; moved to Chillicothe, OH near sister AGNES's home; & later moved to a house on brother CLIVE's property. Ch:

H-2502p. LARRY WAYNE SIMMONS (1948;) on 10-03-1981 m ??? ???. In 2006 all the ch were in school & unmarried. Ch: I-2289o. AUDREY RENEE (1982;); I-2289p. KATHERINE GRACE (1983;); I-2289q. JEREMY MICHAEL; (1984;); I-2289r. JONATHAN DAVID (1986;); I-2289s. TIMOTHY JOSEPH (1989;); & I-2289t. REBECCA CHRISTINE SIMMONS (1990;).

H-2502q. VICKI LYNN SIMMONS (04-13-1952;07-18-1971).

Page 250

F-1191. MARTHA ALICE COLLEY (05-24-1887;03-11-1976) m Ira H Short. Ch

Page 251

G-1861. IRA BANNER "CHUCK" SHORT (ca 1917;06-23-2005) m (1) Elizabeth ??? (;before 2005) & m (2) Lorriane ??? who lived Santee 2005. He lived Santee, CA; served US Army WW-II; was a retired insurance broker; d regional hosp, Santee, CA; bur Ft Rosecrans National Cem; FA Featheringill Mortuary, San Diego, CA; & survived by 1 grandch.. So: BHC Obit 06-30-2005. Stepch: Michael & Lynn Brown both of Santee.

D-105. MATILDA COLLEY m Charles Anderson. Ch:

E-527. MARY "POLLY" ANDERSON m Geo Washington Anderson. Ch:

F-1208. HIRAM ANDERSON (01-18-1883;12-23-1950) m Arnettie Gilbert. Ch:


H-2532. BEULAH ANNE ANDERSON (1939;) in Detroit m Carl Duane Owens (1940;) & lived Beaverton, MI 2010.

H-2533. PEGGY CAROL ANDERSON (1939;) on 08-20-1966 in Detroit m Stanley Wise (1929;) & lived Warren, MI 2010.

H-2534. MARY RUTH ANDERSON (1945;) m Roy Michael Hurt & lived Warren, MI 2010.

Page 253

H-2535. DENNIS KEITH ANDERSON (07-07-1948;01-07-2010) on 09-21-1983 in Grundy, BucCo, VA m Audrey Mae Adams (1941;before 2010) dau of Lawrence & Ellie Ruth Holland Adams. Audrey b Athens, LimeCo, AL. DENNIS b DicCo; graduated from Haysi HS 1966; served in the US Army from April 1967 to Dec 1969; was a Vietnam Veteran; in 1993 worked for Chrysler Corp in MI; enjoyed fishing and hunting; lived Warren, MI; FA Hopcroft FH Madison Heights, MI; bur George Anderson Cem, Birchleaf, DicCo & survived by 5 grandch & 2 gr-grandch. So: DicStar 08-25-2010. Stepch: (1) Charles Adams Watts (1964;) m Angela Chalkee & lived MI 2010. Ch: Charles Watts ('85) & (2) Keven Dewayne Adams ('65;) m Julie Clark ('60;) & lived MI 2010. Ch: Jeremy & Jason (1987;twin); & Trisha Adams (1991;). So: KEITH. Ch:

I-2326. CURTIS WAYNE ANDERSON (1979;) b Madison Hts, MI & lived Hazel Park, MI 2010. Ch: J-1157. GAGE VIRGINIA ANDERSON (2000;).

G-1875. CARRA ANDERSON (07-16-1916;before 2005). So: DicStar Obit 01-12-2005.

Page 254

G-1876. RUBY ANDERSON(09-30-1918;before 2005).

G-1877. PEARL VALLEY ANDERSON (1921;01-07-2005) on 10-25-1946 m WALTER LESTER EDWARDS (02-15-1923;07-04-1966) (G-1504) s of Arthur & MARGIE ALICE HAY Edwards (F-951c v1p144). PEARL b Birchleaf, DicCo, VA; taught in DicCo School System for several years, was a homemaker; member Dickenson First Presbyterian Church over 60 years; lived Rt. 2, Lebanon, RusCo; d RusCo Med Center, Lebanon; FA Haysi FH; bur Anderson Cem,, Birchleaf, DicCo & survived by 18 grandch, 6 gr-grandch & 3 step-grandch. So: DicStar 01-12-2005. So: WANDA SUE CODDINGTON (H-2013). See WALTER EDWARDS (G-1504 for ch).

G-1877a. DOUG (;before 2005) & G-1877b. ARTHUR ANDERSON (; before 2005).

D-106. JOSHUA COLLEY m Didame Mullins. Ch:

E-534. KING SOLOMON COLLEY m Ellen M Anderson. Ch:

F-1225. AMANDA TENNESSEE COLLEY m Dave Lockhart Ch:

G-1883. SOPHRONA LOCKHART (09-17-1901;04-20-1978) m JAMES ARTHUR COLLEY (G-1837). So: H-2475. PATSI MCCORMICK, DicStar 10-17-2007. Ch:

H-2548a. CHRIS LOCKHART on 12-26-1960 (So: DicStar 10-22-2010) m LOIS FRENCH (G-2209) dau of Newton & EDNA SUTHERLAND French (F-1503 v1p221).

Page 255

E-536. MARY "POLLY" JANE COLLEY m (1) Lewis Clevinger. Ch.

F-1242. MARTHA CLEVINGER m FLOYD DEEL (see F-1161 v1p167). So: HENRY (G-410) OPAL DEEL (G-1925). Ch:

G-1884a. MARTHA DEEL m ISAAC OWENS (F-1355 v1p182).

G-1884b. BERTIE DEEL (03-09-1908;01-05-2011) on 03-26-1927 m Tyra Montague Kiser (;07-01-1968) s of Fullen & Catherine Kiser of Colley, VA. They joined Salem Regular Baptist Church 08-05-1945. BERTIE b Prater, DicCo; d Columbia, MD: FA Haysi FH; bur A.F. Deel Cem, Haysi, DicCo & survived by 17 grandch, 25 gr-grandch & 9 gr-gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 01-12-2011. Ch: H-2151b. GLENNA m ?? Gray & lived Pasadena, MD 2011; H-2151c. GARY lived Largo, FL 2011; H-2151d. CLARA m ??? Eanes & lived Roanoke, VA 2011 & H-2151e. LYNDA KISER m ??? SILVA & lived Glenelg, MD 2011.

Page 257

E-540. JOSEPH COLLEY (04-18-1857;08-18-1920) m (1) MALISSA POWERS (F-1032) Ch:


G-1899. RAYMOND (;before 2005); G-1899a. MAY m ???? Cogar (;before 2005); G-1899b. ALENE m ???? Onstott (;before 2005); & G-1899c. NORA WRIGHT (;before 2005) m ???? Damron;

G-1899d. GEORGE WILLIAM WRIGHT (ca 1911;04-01-2005) m Kathryn ???? (;before 2005). He was a lifelong resident of DicCo; member Sandlick Presbyterian Church; member & past-president of Haysi Kiwanis Club; past commissioner Breaks Interstate Park; past Board Member Cumberland Bank & Trust Co; 50-year member Masons & Shriners; retired coal mine owner & operator in DicCo & BucCo for over 40 years; an avid horseman; d Johnson City, TN, Med Center; FA Haysi, DicCo, VA, FH; bur Forest Hills Mem Gardens, Abingdon, WashCo, VA; & survived by 7 grandch & 15 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 04-03-2005. Ch: H-2566a. SUE m Jack Hay & lived Johnson City 2005; H-2566b. RITA m Norman Fleenor & lived Johnson City 2005; & H-2566c. CAROLYN WRIGHT m James Hay (;before 2005) & lived Lebanon, VA, 2005.

G-1899e. BRUCE; G-1899f. EDNA m ???? Bradley; G-1899g. JEAN m ???? Mathery; & G-1899h. MARY WRIGHT m ???? Ratliff

E-544. BARTLEY BELCHER COLLEY m (2) Nannie E Deel. Ch:

Page 258

F-1287. MINNIE "SIS" COLLEY (03-06-1894;05- -1980*) on 07-05-1919 at Princeton, W Va m Ross Coulter Miller (11-15-1883;06-05-1945). Ch:

G-1904. ROSS COULTER "RC" MILLER (ca 1920;12-03-1992) m (1) ABBY LOU DAMRON (H-2756) & m (2) Judy Gayle Mooney (ca 1942;04-13-2011) dau of George Denver & Georgiana Farmer Mooney. JUDY was lifelong resident Clintwood, DicCo; employed 43 years @ Dickenson Clinic; member Clintwood United Methodist Church since 1960 & taught Sunday School for many years; fought & lost a long battle with Parkinson's disease; d Norton Comm Hosp, Norton, WisCo; FA Clintwood FH & bur Phipps Mem Cem, Clintwood. So: DicStar obit 04-20-2011.

D-107. MARGARET JANE COLLEY m (1) Ephriam Pressley & m (2) Jacob Fuller, Ch:

Page 259

E-548. HENRY HAWKINS FULLER m Elizabeth Kiser (E-129e--KISER App v1p337).

Page 260

F-1322. SYLVIA OCTAVIA BOND "COOS" FULLER (01-05-1885;07-15-1968*) (photo p303) in DicCo m Jerry Ancil Compton. Ch:

G-1929. WILLIAM FLOYD "BILL" COMPTON (01-03-1904;07-31-1985) on 03-05-1909 m Lacie O'Quinn. Ch:

H-2597. LOLA MAVIS COMPTON m Robert Honaker & lived Honaker, RusCo 2009.

H-2598. CONNIE RUTH COMPTON (11-04-1934;05-12-2009) on 01-29-1948 m Lindon Woodrow Viers (;before 05-12-2009). CONNIE b DicCo; resided most of life in BucCo; was a homemaker; member Trinity Freewill Baptist Church; lived Gilbert Rd, Vansant, BucCo, d @ home; FA Haysi FH; bur Sutherland Cem, Bee, DicCo & survived by 12 grandch & 10 gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 05-20-2009. Ch:

I-2364. PATSY m Ronnie Tiller & lived Council, BucCo 2009; I-2365. DARLENE (;before 05-12-2009) m Bruce Rice who lived Sterling, VA 2009; I-2366. PATRICIA m Freddie Wilson & lived Jacksonville Fl 2009; I-2367. DEBBY m Roger Barton & lived Davenport, BucCo 2009; I-2368. DONNA m Tony Viers & lived Leemaster, BucCo 2009; I-2369. RANDY (;before 05-12-2009); & I-2370. KEITH VIERS lived Davenport & affianced to Jenifer Barton 2009.

H-2599. PARKIS BILLY COMPTON m (1) Sue Hammons & m (2) Linda ??? & lived Clover, SC 2009.

H-2600. BOBBY RENE COMPTON m Ruby Mullins & lived Fairborne, OH 2009.

H-2601. DONALD WALTER COMPTON (;before 05-12-2009) m Snoda Lockhart.

H-2602. WALKER RAY COMPTON m Betty ??? & lived Tavarress, FL 2009.

H-2603. PEGGY JOYCE COMPTON m (1) ? Keith & m (2) Herb Gherke (;before 05-12-2009) & lived Fairborne, OH 2009. Ch:

Page 261

E-551. DIDEMA FULLER m James Manuel Owens (C-22--OWENS) Ch:

F-1332. MARGARET JANE OWENS m Benjamin Franklin Deel. So: I-2623 CHERYL DILLON BELLOTTIE. Ch:

G-1940. LULA (LOULIE) DEEL (;living May 2002) m Trigg Church (F-6l-EDWARDS App) (;before May 2002). Ch:

H-2628. ROY (;before May 2002) & H-2629. JACK CHURCH (;before May 2002).

H-2630. PARK E CHURCH (ca 1939;05-10-2002) m Dora ???. He b DicCo, VA; was a miner & a farmer; member Russell Prater Old Regular Baptist Church; d at home, Birchleaf, DicCo; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH; & bur Church Fam Cem, Birchleaf. So: DicStar obit 05-15-2002. Ch: I-2408a. BENNY m Linda ??? & lived Birchleaf; I-2408b. VICKIE m Rick Whitner & lived Ft Collins, CO; I-2408c. APRIL m Ken Looney & lived Birchleaf; I-2408d. CONNIE CHURCH m Dennis Owens & lived Birchleaf. Grandch: J-1169a. BRYAN; J-1169b. JARROD; J-1169c. RICHARD; J-1169d. MANDY; J-1169e. HANNAH; J-1169f. JON; J-1169g. CANDACE; & J-1169h. CHRIS.

H-2631. VIVIAN (;before May 2002) m ??? Owens; & H-2632. JEAN (;before May 2002) m ??? Deel; & H-2633. PAULINE CHURCH m ??? Chapman & lived Pulaski, TN.

G-1941. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN DEEL m Eva ???. Ch: H-2632a. CAROL "LORENE" DEEL (ca 1932;05-17-2005). She was a life long resident of Greenbrier, DicCo, VA; owned & operated Deel's Grocery; d at home from cancer; FA by Haysi, DicCo, FH; & bur Patton Deel Cem, Rt 2, Haysi. So: BHC obit 05-19-2005. Ch: I-2408e. DEXTER DEEL (;before 2005). Ch: J-1169i. SARAH MELISSA DEEL m Jeffrey Weygandt & lived CO 2005. Ch: K-125a. HUNTER REECE WEYGANDT lived CO 2005. Ch. L-9. PIPER KINSLEY WEYGANDT lived CO.

G-1942. MARY DEEL (12-08-1910;11-23-1928) m Phinas Church (F-6j--EDWARDS App).

G-1945. SYLVIA CHURCH m (2) Roscoe Deel. Ch:

H-2632b. BARBARA ANN DEEL m (1) ??? O'Quinn, m (2) Truman Counts (;before Nov 2006) s of Zora & Jennings Counts, & m (3) Joe Lineberger. Ch:

(Stepch: Katrina Yarbro lived MO 2006, Michael (Joni) Lineberger lived Kings Mountain 2006; & Jason Lineberger lived Charlotte, NC 2006.)

I-2408f. DAVID O'QUINN of Birchleaf, DicCo, VA 2006; I-2408g. AMANDA COUNTS lived Birchleaf 2006; I-2408h. DOUGLAS COUNTS lived Birchleaf 2006; & I-2408i. CHRISTOPHER COUNTS lived Birchleaf 2006.

I-2408j. RICHARD DEWAYNE COUNTS (ca 1976;11-05-2006). He b Madison Heights, MI; lived Davenport, BucCo, VA; was a lineman for Ramey Enterprises; d at home; & bur Sutherland Cem, Lick Cr, DicCo. So: BHC 11-07-2006. Ch: J-1169j. ANDREW DWAYNE COUNTS lived Kings Mountain, NC 2006 & J-1169k. BRIAN CHARLES OWENS lived Iron Station, NC 2006.

G-1946. LONA DEEL m Howard Hackney. Ch: H-2632c. AVERY HACKNEY m Denise Yates dau of Chester & Lucy Yates. Ch: I-2408k ASHLEY DAWN HACKNEY on 08-20-2005 at Russell Prater Old Regular Baptist Church, Haysi, DicCo, VA m Johnathan James Keen s of Chester & Rita Keen. ASHLEY graduated 2005 Southwest VA Com Coll radiography program & worked for Medical Imaging, Fredericksburg, VA. Johnathan graduted 2004 VA State Police Academy & worked in Stafford County, VA. So: DicStar 11-16-2005.

G-1947. LUCY VIOLA DEEL (ca 1917;12-25-2011) m (1) Floyd Hackney (;before 12-25-2011) & m (2) Albert Compton (;before 12-25-2011). LUCY lived at Tildy Br, Birchleaf; b BucCo; was a homemaker; of the Old Regular Baptist Faith; d Mt View Med Center, Norton, WisCo; FA Haysi FH; bur Hackney Cem, Hackney Ridge, DicCo & survived by 16 grandch, several gr-grandch & 2 gr-gr grandch. So: DicStar obit 12-28-2011. Ch: H-2632d. EARNEST HACKNEY m Barbara ??? & lived Baltimore, MD 2011; H-2632e. LAWRENCE HACKNEY (;before 12-25-2011); H-2632f. EDGAR HACKNEY m Linda ??? (;before 12-25-2011) & lived Haines City, FL 2011; H-2632g. MICHAEL COLEMAN m Sue ??? & lived Birchleaf 2011; H-2632h. JOHNNY COLEMAN m Dorothy ??? & lived Birchleaf 2011; H-2632i. JOYCE m Wayne Boyd & lived Grundy, BucCo 2011 & H-2632j. EDITH m Tim Thomas (;before 12-25-2011) & lived Haysi, DicCo 2011. Stepch: (1) Birchie McClanahan & (2) Goldie.

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G-1949. OPAL (OAKEL?) DEEL m Frenchman Boyd-2 ch. Ch:

H-2632k. DEWEY WAYNE BOYD (07-10-1950;12-06-2007). DEWEY was a life long resident of DicCo; a long time member of Sandlick Primitive Baptist Church; lived @ Birchleaf, DicCo; d @ home; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH; buried Deel-Hackney Cem, Hackney Ridge, Birchleaf. So: DicStar obit 12-12-2007.

H-2632l. GLORIA JEAN (;before 2007); H-2632m. DALE m Nancy ??? & lived Bartlick, DicCo, 2007; H-2632n. RANDY m Maria ??? & lived Davenport, BucCo, 2007; H-2632o. TIMOTHY lived Haysi 2007; H-2632p. JOEY m Patty ??? & lived Breaks, DicCo, 2007; H-2632q. GORDON lived Haysi 2007; H-2632r. CAROLINE m Arthur Hall & lived Bartlick 2007; H-2632s. SANDRA K. m J.D. Bailey & lived Bartlick 2007 & H-2632t. ALTHEA BOYD m Doug Fleming & live Bartlick 2007.

F-1333. HENRY CLEVELAND OWENS m Sarah Evaline O'Quinn. Ch:

G-1949b. ALTA (;before 2006) m ??? Bailey; & G-1949c. MAXIE m ??? Hess lived Kingsport, TN, 2006. G-1949d. BARNEY OWENS(;before 2003) lived Abingdon, WashCo 1999.

G-1949f. BERTHA OWENS (ca 1910;07-28-1999) m Bertie M Owens (;before 1999). She b DicCo, VA; was a home maker; member Old Regular Baptist Church; lived Rt 2, Haysi, DicCo; FA Haysi FH; bur Bailey Cem, Haysi; & survived by 8 grandch; 11 gr-grandch, & 5 gr-gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 07-30-1999. Ch: H-2632w. PEARLIE m ??? Fuller & lived Haysi; H-2632x. DOROTHY m ??? Edwards & lived Clintwood, DicCo; & H-2632y. STELLA m ??? Newberry & lived Clintwood.

G-1949g. PINKIE OWENS (;before 1999) m ??? Deel.

G-1949j. IMAL OWENS (ca 1922;09-04-2006) m Leonard Fuller (;before 2006). She b DicCo; lived Haysi, DicCo; was a housewife and of the Old Regular Baptist faith; d Buchanan General Hosp, Grundy, BucCo; FA Haysi FH; bur Blankenship Cem, Haysi; & survived by 14 grandch, 2 step-grandch, 16 great-grandch, & 4 step-great-grandch. So: BHC obit 09-05-2006. Ch: H-2632z. JOE (;before Sep 2006); H-2632aa. ROGER (;before Sep 2006); H-2632ab. ROBY C m Linda ??? & lived Haysi; H-2632ac. VAUGHN m Dianna ??? & lived Haysi; H-2632ad. PHYLLIS m Eugene Edwards & lived Haysi; H-2632ae. MYRNA m Bill Campbell & lived Grundy, BucCo; H-2632af. JUDY m ??? Lampkin & lived Birchleaf, DicCo;; H-2632ag. KAREN m Jeffrey Lane & lived Vansant, BucCo; & H-2632ah. SANDY m ??? Lingle & lived Louisville, KY.

G-1949k. DELLA OWENS (ca 1918;02-20-2003) m (1) Witten Yates & lived Haysi 1999. Ch:

H-2632ai. CHESTER YATES m Lucy ??? & lived Haysi. Ch: I-2408l. MARK YATES m Diane Boyd dau of Felix & Vandora Boyd of Haysi. Ch: J-1169l. TONYA CARRIE YATES on 06-15-2007 at Council, BucCo, Recreation Park m Anthony Keith Gilbert s of Lynn & Denise Tiller Gilbert of Davenport, BucCo. Following a Gatlinburg, TN, honeymoon they resided at Haysi. So: DicStar 09-05-2007.

F-1334. MARY EMILY OWENS (05-22-1890;) m John Harvey Oquinn. Ch:

G-1950. FRENCHMAN O'QUINN (;before 12-11-2000) m Effie ???. So: DicStar 03-12-2008. Ch: H-2632aj. WANDA O'QUINN m Kenneth Turner (;before 2008) s of Jeff & Earlene Turner. Ch:

I-2408m. RONALD TURNER (03-15-????;).

I-2408n. MORGAN TURNER (01-13-????;). Ch: J-1169m. WADE & J-1169n. QUINLAN TURNER.

G-1951. RUFUS O'QUINN (;before 12-11-2000) m (1) Lettie Blankenship (mother of LAWRENCE) (;before 12-11-2000) & m (2) Polly McClanahan (;before 12-11-2000). Ch:

H-2634. LAWRENCE O'QUINN (ca 1929;08-11-2011) ca 1949 m Dolly ???? (living 08-11-2011). LAWRENCE b DicCo; lived Rakes Ridge Rd, Birchleaf, DicCo; was a retired coal miner; member UMWA local 7170; member Russell Prater Old Regular Baptist Church; d Holston Valley Med Center, Kingsport, TN; FA Haysi, FH; bur Conaway Cem, Birchleaf, DicCo & survived by 18 grandcgh & 14 gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 08-17-2011. Other grandch: I-2408o. ASHLEY ELIZABETH PUCKETT (;before 2011) & I-2408p. MARK CASEY (;before 2011). Ch: I-2409. BEATRICE O'QUINN m William Casey & lived Talford, TN 2011. So: BEATRICE. I-2409a. DIANA m Warren Puckett & lived Birchleaf 2011; I-2409b. DEBBY m Mike Puckett & lived Birchleaf 2011; I-2409c. MONA m Donald Duncan & lived Birchleaf, 2011; I-2409d. ROCKY m Linda ??? & lived Haysi, DicCo 2011; I-2409e. SCOTTY m Melissa ??? & lived Haysi 2011; I-2409f. DENNIS m Regina ??? & lived Birchleaf 2011 & I-2409g. JEFF O'QUINN m Allison & lived Birchleaf 2011.

H-2634a. CHARLOTTE m Carl Rose & lived Clintwood, DicCo 2011; H-2634b. FERN m Bill Rose & lived Clintwood 2011; H-2634c. PATTY m Goldie Baber & lived Crozet, VA 2011; H-2634d. NEWTON m Lois ??? & lived Abingdon, VA 2011; H-2634e. TED O'QUINN m Loetta & lived FL 2011; H-2634f. JAMES (;before 2011); H-2634g. JESSEE (;before 2011); H-2634h. CLELL (;before 2011); H-2634i. EUGENE (;before 2011); H-2634j. FRANK (;before 2011); H-2634k. DANIEL (;before 2011) & H-2634l. PLINA O'QUINN (female) (;before 2011) m ?? Deel.

G-1954. LOUANNA (;before 05-22-2010) m ??? Yates of Haysi & G-1955. ROSA O'QUINN (;before 05-22-2010) m ??? Mitchell of Blacksburg, VA

G-1956. WILLIAM WALTER O'QUINN (09-30-1924;05-22-2010) ca 1949 m Trinnie Charles (;living 2010). WILIAM b Haysi, DicCo; served in U. S. Navy WWII aboard U.S.S. McDougal; left Haysi early 1950's to move to Hollister FL; retired from Central States, Palatka, FL, as machine operator; member Masonic Lodge Pineland #86, Palatka; lived Hollister; d Haven Hospice Roberts Care Center, Palatka; FA Watts FH & bur Pinelawn Cem, Mannsville, FL. So: DicStar obit 05-26-2010. Ch:

H-2635a. JAMES O'QUINN m Cheryl ???; div; & lived Hollister 2010. Ch:

I-2411a. MANDY O'QUINN m ??? Daniels & lived Interlachen, FL 2010. Ch: J-1171a. JOSH & J-1171b. KAMERON DANIELS.

I-2411b. KIM O'QUINN lived Interlachen 2010.

G-1957. BERTHA MAY of Haysi 2010; G-1958. CORA JANE (;before 05-22-2010) (twin) of Haysi; & G-1959. EMILY GAY (twin) O'QUINN Yates of Haysi 2010.

E-556. RICHARD MORGAN FULLER m (1) Rosa Belle Compton. Ch:

F-1338. JAMES K FULLER m Aurora Mullins. Ch.

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G-1959a. BILLIE (;before 2007) m ??? Miller; G-1959b. NANCY (;before 2007) m ??? Rainey; G-1959c. LYNN (;before 2007) & G-1959d. TRINKLE (;before 2007) & G-1959e. GAYE FULLER (before 2009).

G-1960. RICHARD "ARVILLE" FULLER (ca 1917;08-06-2007) m Sally ??? (;living 2007). ARVILLE b DicCo; lived Breaks Park Rd, Haysi, DicCo; was a WW-II veteran serving in the US Army & Air Force; worked 44 years as a coal miner & inspector; was a member of UMWA 7190; was of the Church Of God faith; d Heritage Hall Nursing Home, Clintwood, DicCo; FA Haysi FH; buried Phipps Cem, Clintwood & survived by 3 grandch & 2 gr-grandch. So: DicStar 08-08-2007. Ch: H-2635b. MICHAEL m Wilma ??? & lived Haysi 2007 & H-2635c. JOE FULLER m Jenni ??? & lived Haysi 2007

G-1961. MYRTLE FULLER (ca 1921;07-29-2009) m Clarence Owens (;before 07-29-2009) lived Haysi. MYRTLE b DicCo; lived Breaks Rd, Haysi; was a homemaker; was of the Baptist faith; FA Haysi FH; bur Mullins Cem, Breaks, DicCo; & survived by 19 gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 08-05-2009. Ch: H-2635d. FAYE m ??? Orr (;before 07-29-2009); H-2635e. GAYE m ??? Brown (;before 07-29-2009); H-2635f. KIPPIE (son)(;before 07-29-2009); H-2635g. REBA m Wayne Stanley & lived Haysi 2009; H-2635h. JENNY m ??? Justus & lived Hurley, BucCo 2009; H-2635i. JACK lived Haysi 2009; H-2635j. Claude m Sue ??? & lived Haysi 2009; H-2635k. TERRY lived Scottsville, KY 2009 & H-2635l. ROBERT OWENS lived Troy, MI 2009. Grandch: I-2411c. MELISSA; I-2411d. BOBBIE; I-2411e. MICHELLE; I-2411f. CINDY; I-2411g. LISA; I-2411h. GREGG; I-2411i. DAVID; I-2411j. CHRIS; I-2411k. JESSEE; I-2411l. DAVID; I-2411m. ANDY; I-2411n. AMANDA; I-2411o. BECKY; I-2411p. SONNY; I-2411q. MARY & I-2411r. JAMIE.

G-1961a. LORA m ??? Woods & lived Haysi 2007 & 2009; G-1961b. IMOGENE m ??? Anderson & lived Pikeville, KY 2007 & 2009 & G-1961c. DON FULLER (;before 2009) lived Columbus, OH 2007.

F-1342. MAUDE FULLER (01-05-1902;08-03-2006) m James Mullins (;before Aug 2006). She b DicCo; was last descendant of RICHARD & Rosa Compton FULLER; & last charter member Splashdam Freewill Baptist Church; lived last 8 years with her dau, SHARON, in Galloway, OH; d Galloway; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH; bur Fuller Cem, Haysi; & survived by 24 grandch, 53 great-grandch, & 38 gr-gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 08-05-2006. Ch: G-1970a. VIOLET (;before Aug 2006) m ??? Pressley; G-1970b. JUNE (;before Aug 2006) m ??? Colley; G-1970c. LOIS (;before Aug 2006) m ??? Mullins; G-1970d. ROY (;before Aug 2006); G-1970e. RONNIE (;before Aug 2006); G-1970f. HAL THOMAS (;before Aug 2006); G-1970g. JOHN EDMOND (;before Aug 2006); G-1970h. LOCKIE m Charles Bowman & lived Columbus, OH; G-1970i. SALLY m Charles Damron & lived Columbus; G-1970j. EARLENE m Ira Mullins & lived Columbus; G-1970k. SHARON m Harry Mullins & lived Galloway, OH; G-1970l. JAMES m Mary Lou ??? & lived Grove City, OH; & G-1970m. LARRY MULLINS m Zetta ??? & lived Abingdon, VA.


G-1971. RALPH LARRY FULLER (;before 2007) m Anna May Kilgore (;before 2007). Ch:

H-2645. LARRY DEAN FULLER (1956;04-21-2007) born DicCo; lived J&M Belcher Drive, Haysi, DicCo; d @ home & FA Haysi FH. So: DicStar obit 04-25-2007.

H-2646. VELMA FULLER (1957;) (twin) m ? Sykes & lived Haysi 2007. Ch: I-2416. BRIAN SYKES.

H-2647. DELMA (1957;) (twin) lived San Antonio, TX 2007 & H-2648. RICHARD MORGAN FULLER (1963;before 2007). Ch: I-2416a. RICHARD DAVID FULLER.

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G-1975. BOBBY ALLEN FULLER (1939;) in 1963 in Raton, NM m Patricia Catrina Cortinaz (1939;). Ch:

H-2656. RICHARD ALAN FULLER (1963;) in Asheville, BuncCo, NC m Lisa Gaylene Sherlin (1966;) & lived Lexington, KY 2009.

H-2657. BRIAN FREDRICK FULLER (1967;) m Laura Miller & lived West Chester, OH 2009.

H-2658. LESLEY DENISE FULLER (1970;) on 06-18-1994 in Lexington, FayeCo, KY m Stephen Douglas Crump (1969;) & lived Lexington, KY 2009.

H-2659. LISA MARIE FULLER (1972;07-16-2009) b Key West, MonrCo, FL. LISA b Key West, FL; was of the Catholic faith; lived Winchester, KY; d Clark Regional Med Center, Winchester, KY; FA Haysi FH & bur Fred M. Fuller Cem. So: DicStar obit 07-22-2009).

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G-1980. GARY JACKSON FULLER (1949;) m Supaph "Monta" Hongsavadee, div. GARY graduated from Haysi HS in 1967; entered the US Air Force 09-25-1968; served in IL, Thailand, NC, NH, CA, & Japan; was promoted to Chief Master Sergeant 06-01-1989; received the Meritorious Service Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Air Force Commendation Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Air Force Achievement Medal with 2 Oak Clusters, the Presidential Unit Citation, the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with "V" & 11 Oak Leaf Clusters, the National Defence Service Medal with 1 Device, the Vietnam Service Medal with 2 Devices, the Humanitarian Medal, the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm & the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal. Monti b Chang Mai, Thailand. In 2002 he lived in Belleville, IL. So: GARY - 2003. Ch:

H-2672. SALINYA DENYSE FULLER (1976;) b Portsmouth,NH. So: GARY - 2003. .

E-557. NOAH CALHOUN FULLER m Belle Stanley. Ch:

F-1353. NOAH CAUDLE FULLER m Ada Counts (09-05-1917;12-25-2006) dau of Lot & Eura Deel Counts. She b DicCo, VA; lived Haysi, DicCo; was a home maker; member Bartlick Presbyterian Church; d at home; FA Haysi FH; bur Noah C. Fuller Cem, Bartlick, DicCo; & survived by 31 grandch, 52 gr-grandch, & 5 gr-gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 12-27-2006, All her ch lived Haysi 2006. Ch:

G-1981. LONNIE FULLER m Agnes Mullins dau of Angelean Mullins & lived Haysi 2011. Ch: H-2672a. ARLENA FULLER on 07-03-2000 m Hosea Stiltner s of Hosea L. Stiltner & Jean Kendrick of Clintwood, DicCo. Ch: I-2435a. CHEYENNE ??? & I-2435b. GEORGE STILTNER. So: DicStar 08-08-2007.

G-1982. MAVIS m (1) ??? Boltz & m (2) Earl Fields & lived Haysi 2011; G-1983. LOIS m DENNY SUTHERLAND (H-1470) & lived Haysi 2011 & G-1983a. EURABELL m Stoney Fields & lived Haysi 2011.

G-1983b. KENNETH DARRELL FULLER (01-15-1939;06-05-2011) m (1) SUSIE ??? (;living 2011) (mother of TERESA, JULIE, CINDY & KAREN) & m (2) Gloria ??? (;before 06-05-2011) (mother of other ch. KENNETH b Bartlick, DicCo; was a retired coal miner; member Bartlick Freewill Baptist Church; lived Haysi, DicCo; d @ home; FA Haysi FH; bur Noah C. Fuller Cem, Bartlick & survived by 20 grandch, & 5 gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 06-08-2011. Ch: H-2672b. KELLY DAN (;before 06-05-2011); H-2672c. TERESA m ??? OWENS & lived Interlachen, FL 2011; H-2672d. JULIE m Dean Deel & lived lived Interlachen, FL 2011; H-2672e. CINDY m Wallace Stragner & lived Interlachen, FL 2011; H-2672f. KAREN lived Interlachen, FL 2011; H-2672g. GLORIA LEANN m ??? Marcum & lived Haysi 2011; H-2672h. CRIS lived Haysi 2011; H-2672i. AVERY m Rachel ??? & lived Haysi 2011 & H-2672j.KENNETH DARRELL FULLER, Jr. lived Haysi 2011

G-1983c. DANNIE m Andria ??? & lived Haysi 2011; & G-1983d. NOAH FULLER m Linda Lou ??? & lived Haysi 2011.

D-108. SARAH COLLEY m John Preston Mullins. Ch:

E-560. JAMES P. MULLINS m Elizabeth Branham. Ch:

F-1359. MALISSA MULLINS m Turner Dorton. Ch:


H-2675. W C m Ann ??? & lived Haysi 2007 & 2012; H-2676. RONNIE m Rita ??? & lived Haysi 2007 & 2012 & H-2677. DONNIE COUNTS m Patti ??? & lived Pound, WiseCo, 2007 & 2012.

H-2678. LOIS COUNTS (ca 1931;06-03-2012) m Otis "Burhead" Barton ( (before 06-03-2012) & lived Haysi 2007. LOIS b DicCo; lived Burhead Dr, Haysi; was a home maker; was of the Baptist faith; was married to Otis for 60 years; d Norton Comm Hosp; FA Haysi, DicCo FH & bur Barton Cem, Haysi. So: DicStar obit 06-06-2012. Ch: I-2435c. Ronald Wayne (dy); I-2435d. JEFF lived @ home 2012; I-2435e. TONY lived Clintwood 2012 & I-2435f. JIMMY m Marsha ??? & lived Madison Heights, MI 2012 & I-2435g. SUSIE BARTON lived @ home 2012. Grandch: J-1171c. JAMES FLOYD BARTON m Anna ??? & J-1171d. SALLY KATHERINE m Lee Belcher. Gr-grandch; K-125b. SARAH GRACE BARTON & K-125c. AMELIA KATHERINE BELCHER.

H-2679. COLLEEN COUNTS m H-1496f. BOB SUTHERLAND & lived Haysi 2007 & 2012. (See BOB for ch.)

H-2680. LEMA m JOE LEE BAKER (H-2496) & lived Clintwood 2007 & 2012; H-2681. LILLIAN C m Kester Ratliff & lived Abingdon, WashCo, 2007 & 2012; H-2882. BEULAH FAYE C m ??? McKenny & lived Abingdon 2007 & 2012;

H-2683. PATRICIA "PAT" ANN COUNTS (ca 1942;04-09-2007) m ??? Addison of Abingdon. PAT b DicCo; lived Abingdon, VA; worked for Nationwide Insurance, Grundy, BucCo, for 20 years & was last employed as an agent @ Triple A Insurance, Abingdon; was of the Baptist faith; d @ home; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH & buried Clyde Counts Cem, Haysi. So: DicStar 04-28-2007. Ch:

I-2435h. CAREY ADDISON m Liz ??? & lived Lebanon 2007. Ch: J-1171e. CAREY, JR & J-1171f. NICK ADDISON.

I-2435i. MELISSA ADDISON m Jimmy Hess & lived Abingdon 2007. Ch: J-1171g. JAKE; J-1171h. JOSH; & J-1171i. GRACIE HESS.

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E-564. JAMES HARVEY COLLEY m Elizabeth Powers. JAMES was a Capt, Co. E, 21st VA Calvary, of the Confederacy & s of JAMES COLLEY (D-102). So: BHC obit 07-17-2005. Ch:

F-1380h. CALVIN M COLLEY m Susie J Moore. Ch: G-1995a. JAMES HARVEY COLLEY m POLLY ANN EDWARDS (F-1556 v1p229). Ch:

H-2699a. TOLBY (;before 05-28-2009); H-2699b. RAY. (;before 05-28-2009); H-2699c. CAUDIL (;before 05-28-2009); H-2699d. NOAH CALVIN (;before 05-28-2009); H-2699e. ALTA (;before 05-28-2009); H-2699f. GRACIE (;before 05-28-2009); H-2699g. CORA (;before 05-28-2009); H-2699h. RUBY (;before 05-28-2009); H-2699i. HAZEL (;before 05-28-2009); H-2699j. BARBARA (;before 05-28-2009); H-2699k. GENOA (;before 05-28-2009); H-2699l. VERNA COLLEY (;before 05-28-2009) & H-2699m. FRED COLLEY lived Palm Beach, FL 2009.

H-2699n. KELSIE PEARL COLLEY (ca 1917;05-28-2009) m George Vance "China" Willis (;before 05-28-2009). KELSIE PEARL lived Haysi, Dico: was last employed as owner operator Willis Market; was member Dickenson First Presbyterian Church; lived last 5 months with niece Brenda & Brenda's husband Don Fuller on Nealy Ridge, DicCo; d Bristol, TN, Regional Med Center; FA Haysi FH & bur Patton Willis Cem, Haysi. So: DicStar obit 06-03-2009. Ch: I-2451a. Helen K. Willis (dy).

F-1380i. TIVIS COLLEY m Elvina Artrip. Ch:

G-1995da. FITZHUGH LEE COLLEY (;1982) m Zenna McCowan (;1993). Ch:

H-2699o. TIVIS HINES (;1979); H-2699p. Lura (;dy); H-2699q. Lantha (;dy) & H-2699r. Mary Ann Colley (;dy).

H-2699s. LAMAR STEPHEN COLLEY (04-19-1928;07-15-2005) ca 1970 m Phyllis Bush. He lifelong resident DicCo, VA; worked for Clinchfield Coal Co (later Pittston Co) as lab technician until retirement; member UMWA; very successful baseball coach at Tarpon, Caney Ridge, & Clintwood; County Supervisor for Willis District, DicCo; intrumental in beginning garbage pickup in DicCo; d home in Tivis, DicCo; FA by Mullins FH, Clintwood; bur Fitzhugh Lee Colley Family Cem in the Tivis Ridge section, DicCo. So: BHC obit 07-17-2005. Ch:

I-2451b. MARLON VAN COLLEY m Sally Coyne. Ch: J-1171j. TREVOR; J-1171k. MARY SARAH; & J-1171l. TREY MILES FITZHUGH COLLEY.

I-2451c. JOHN STEVEN COLLEY (;1995) m Denese ???. Ch: J-1171m. JERRY STEVEN & J-1171n. AMANDA COLLEY m ??? Townsend.

Stepch: Will Hartsock. Ch: Nora Rose, Henry & Lucy Hartsock.

Stepch: Brenda ??? m ??? Sands. Ch: April, Suzanne & Denise Sands.

H-2699t. WARREN GREY COLLEY m Barbra Hall.

F-1380k. JOHN COLLEY m Pernetta Mullins. Ch:

G-1996. WALTER RUSH COLLEY m ROMA FRANCES POWERS (G-1638a). (See G-1638a for ch).

G-1997. JOSHUA COLLEY m Octavia Damron. Ch:(1994)

H-2699u. WILLIAM FEARL COLLEY (01-27-1915;04-17-2007) m (1) THIRZA SUTHERLAND (G-2132) (03-04-1920;04- -1987) (mother of I-2451d. BILLIE) & m (2) NANNIE SUTHERLAND (G-1243a) (;living 2007). FEARL was b Skeetrock, DicCo; member Primitive Baptist Church; Clintwood Masonic Lodge over 50 years; the Shriner Kazim Temple; life long member Democratic Party; d Dickenson Comm Hosp; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood; buried Stone Cem, Skeetrock & survived by 12 step-grandch & 20 step-gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 04-19-2007. Ch: I-2451d. BILLIE COLLEY m Larry Branham. Ch: J-1171o. LAUREN BRANHAM m Jeremiah Sluss.

H-2700.COY G. (;living 2012) m Lavon ????. & H-2702. DENVER COLLEY (;before 2007) of Rogersville, TN & H-2702a. FEARL COLLEY (;before 2012).

H-2703. VIVIAN COLLEY (06-18-1926;01-18-2012) m (1) GAINES C. SUTHERLAND, SR (G-2135)(;before 01-18-2012) & m (2) Maynard Beverly of Clintwood (;before 01-18-2012). VIVIAN b Skeetrock (under the hill) DicCo; baptized into the Cumberland Church of the Brethren 1960; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood; bur Phipps Mem Cem, Clintwood. So: BHC obit 01-20-2012 & DicStar 01-26-2012. Ch:

Ch: I-2451e. ELAINE SUTHERLAND (;before 01-18-2012); I-2451f. JUDY m ??? Kennedy & I-2451g. GAINES C. SUTHERLAND, JR m Carol ???.

Grandch: J-1171p. STEPHEN KENNEDY m Callie ???; J-1171q. ANDREA m Greg Goins; J-1171r. LINDSEY m Jason Compton & J-1171s. PAULA m Nathan O'Quinn.

Gr-grandch: K-125d. HANNAH m Kyle Amer; K-125e. CLAYTON COMPTON; K-125f. CALISTA COMPTON & K-125g. BURKELI O'QUINN.

Gr-gr-grandch: L-10. BRAXTON & L-11. COLTON PRATER.

H-2704. MARIE COLLEY (;living 2012) m ??? Fleming of Chicago.

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C-16. ELIZABETH COUNTS (10- -1799;07-11-1880) m George Lea (Lee) Jessee. Ch:

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D-120. MARGARET JESSEE m George Washington Puckett. Ch:

E-591. ELIZABETH C. PUCKETT m Axley G. Lewis. Ch: F-1398j. MARGARET "MAGGIE" LEWIS (1884;1959) m ??? Porter. Ch: G-2017a. CARRIE THURMAN PORTER (1913-1986) m G-2486a. CHARLES KERMIT FRALEY (1911-1980) (see G-2486a. for ch) MAGGIE had 3 other dau & G-2017b. Paul Stewart Porter (1915;1915). So: H-3417b. CAROL JEAN FRALEY Laferty 08-02-2008.

D-122. NOAH JESSEE m Elizabeth Kiser (E-78--KISER App). Ch:

E-599. MARY JESSEE m Bailey Musick. Ch:


G-2020. URIS (;before 2007) m LILLIAN GRIZZLE (H-1098); G-2021. DELESE (;before 2007) m ??? Zink; G-2021a. BERT (;before 2007); G-2021b. CLIFF (;before 2007) & G-2022. MALLIE ARTRIP (;before 2007) m ??? Carlton.

G-2023. CLIFTON KYLE ARTRIP (02-12-1913;01-14-2007) ca 1940 m MOLLIE EDITH MUSICK (10-11-1917;05-02-2009) (G-936). KYLE b Cleveland, RusCo & was a farmer on Weavers Cr. KYLE was a member Weaver Creek Baptist Chuch; lived Cleveland, RusCo; d RusCo Med Center, Lebanon; FA Owens FH, Lebanon; buried Artrip Musick Cem, Cleveland. So: BHC obit 01-16-2007. EDITH b RusCo, VA; lived Cleveland, VA; FA Owens FH, Lebanon, RusCo; bur Musick & Artrip family Cem, Lebanon. So: BHC obit 05-03-2009. Other grandch: I-2460a. TERESA m ??? Bates & I-2460b. CAROL (;before 10-11-2009) m ???? Cooper. Other gr-grandch: J-1171t. BRITTANY; J-1171u. NICHOLE & J-1171v. MICHAEL BATES & J-1171w. CHRISTOPHER ??? (;before 2007) Ch:

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H-2715. EARNEST CARROL ARTRIP m Karen ??? & lived Windsor, MS, 2007. Ch: I-2460c. ERNEST ARTRIP (;before 10-11-2009).

H-2716. WILMA ARTRIP m ??? Sutherland & lived Cleveland 2007.

H-2717. NANCY ARTRIP m Pete Breeding & lived Cleveland 2007. Ch:

I-2460d. AMY Breeding. Ch: J-1171x. ADAM BREEDING.

G-2024. AVA ARTRIP (;before 2007) m (2) Claude Shifflet.

Page 273

D-127. WILLIAM LEA JESEEE m Elizabeth Peeples Cross. Ch:

E-630. MARTHA ELLEN JESSEE m Jahile Fallen Amburgey. Ch:

F-1430. MAGGIE MYRTLE AMBURGEY m DEWITT TALMADGE COUNTS (03-24-1914;05-01-2011) (E-810 1v1p290). So: Obit. (See DEWITT E-810 for ch.)

Page 274

C-17. JOSHUA COUNTS m (1) Martha Kiser (D-14--KEYSER App); m (2) Rebecca Kelly & m (3) Margaret Fannin. Ch: (C-17, Joshua & (1) Martha Kiser COUNTS)

D-130. SYLVIA COUNTS m William Sutherland (C-22--SUTHERLAND App). Ch:

E-638. JASPER SUTHERLAND m Louisa Dyer (C-9--DYER App). Ch:

Page 276

F-1437. WILLIAM FLOYD SUTHERLAND m (1) Didame Sutherland (D-73-SUTHERLAND App). Ch:

G-2061. ALEXANDER SUTHERLAND m Maudie Mullins. Ch:

H-2727. VELVA VIVIAN SUTHERLAND (ca 1913;10-27-2005) m Charles M. Stanley (;before Oct 2005). She b DicCo, VA; lived DicCo all her life; member Dyers Chapel Church since 1964; member Ladies Auxiliary where she quilted in the home of Aunt Bea Kiser to raise money for the church; d Heritage Hall Healthcare, Clintwood, DicCo; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood; bur Pressley Place Cem, Sutherland Ridge section, Stratton, DicCo; & survived by 7 grandch, 10 gr-grandch, & 1 gr-gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 11-02-2005. Ch: I-2460e. LARRY (;before Oct 2005); I-2460f. CHARLENE m ??? Lothery & live Rt 2, Coeburn, WiseCo, VA; & I-2460g. RITA STANLEY m ???? Lothery & lived McClure, DicCo.

H-2727a. MAUDIE SUTHERLAND m ???? Fleming & lived Clintwood.

G-2065. FRED PALMER SUTHERLAND m Myrtle Silcox. Ch:

Page 277

H-2735. PARCUS H SUTHERLAND (;before 2008).

H-2736. WILMA JANE SUTHERLAND (ca 1928;01-27-2009) m ??? Danley of McClure, DicCo. WILMA d Heritage Hall, Big Stone Gap, WisCo; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood, DicCo & bur Presley Place Cem. So: DicStar obit 02-04-2009.

H-2737. EULA MAE SUTHERLAND 10-29-1924;10-24-2008) m Marce Jordan. SUE born Clintwood, DicCo; lived Charleston; was member of Bellefonte Baptist Church since 1975; longtime member Chapter 187, Calhoun, TN, Order of the Eastern Star; longtime member Asabi Court # 36, Ladies Oriental Shrine of America, Inc; d from stroke @ a Chattanooga, TN, hosp; FA Ralph Buckner FH, bur Sunset Mem Gardens with a White Dove release ceremony during the service. So: BHC obit 10-28-2008. Ch:

I-2467. CHERYL HOOK m Harold Kilburg & lived Libertyville, IL, 2008 & I-2468. DALE PRINCE m Cathy ??? & lived Charleston 2008 &

Grandch: J-1171y. SHAUN HILLMAN m Tara ??? & lived Cleveland 2008; J-1171z. KIRBEY HOOK m Caryn ??? & lived Fox Lake, IL, 2008; J-1171aa. SABRA m Shawn Foss & lived Cleveland 2008; J-1171ab. MARZ HOOK m Michael Courrier & lived Libertyvillle 2008 & J-1171ac. RYLAN Hook lived Park City, IL, 2008.

Gr-grandch: K-125h. AMBER; K-125i. KYLEE & K-125j. CIERRA STOKES lived Cleveland 2008; K-125k. AUSTIN HOOK lived Atlanta, GA, 2008 & K-125l. SUMMER CURRIER lived Libertyville 2008.

F-1438. RITTER F SUTHERLAND m Alexander Sutherland (D-71-SUTHERLAND APP). Ch:

G-2068. MORGAN SUTHERLAND m Nannie Fleming & in 1974 lived in Nora. So: ANNETTE (I-2469) 1988. Ch:

H-2737a. DEWEY lived Mansfield 2009; H-2737b. JACK (twin;before 12-03-2008); H-2737c. GEORGE (;before 12-03-2008); H-2737d. ELMER (;before 12-03-2008); H-2737e. DELMER (;before 12-03-2008); H-2737f. AGNES ;before 12-03-2008) m ??? Trivette. & H-2737g. IRENE SUTHERLAND (;before 12-03-2008)

H-2737h. MACK N. SUTHERLAND (twin 01-07-1923;12-03-2008). MACK b DicCo; served U.S. Navy WWII, was a Sea Bee or Construction Battalion; moved to Mansfield 1952; worked as a crane operator for Ideal Electric; was member & former church treasurer of Mansfield Freewill Baptist Church; enjoyed hunting, Cleveland Indians & motorcyles; FA Snyder FH & d MedCentral Mansfield Hosp. So: DicStar obit 01-14-2009. Ch: I-2468a. THERESA m Clyde Dick & lived Bellville 2009 & I-2468b. RITA SUTHERLAND m Ben Wallace & lived Mansfield 2009. Grandch: J-1171ad. AMBER ROSTON J-1171ae. TERRY ROSTON; J-1171af. MATTHEW MARSH; J-1171ag. BRIAN WALLACE & J-1171ah. MCKENZIE WALLACE. Gr-grandch: K-125m. COLTON SUTHERLAND; K-125n. NOAH MARSH & K-125o. KATELYN ROSE ROSTON.

H-2738. BILLY SUTHERLAND m Dollie Milam & lived Mansfield 2009. Ch: I-2469. ANNETTE SUTHERLAND m ? McCoy.


H-2741. CARL BANNER SUTHERLAND (;before Oct 2006) m (1) Mae Elizabeth Queen (;before Oct 2006) & m (2) Linda ??? (mother of I-2469e. J.W.) Who lived Lebanon 2011. Ch:

Other grandch: J-1171ai. CALLI ELIZABETH ??? m Michael Shell. Ch; K-125p. CAITLYN ELIZABETH SHELL.


Stepch: Mike Akers m Becky ??? & lived Lebanon 2006. Ch: (1) Brian; (2) Lance; & (3) Kelsey Akers.

I-2469a. VICKIE SUTHERLAND m ??? Fields lived Castlewood, RusCo, VA, 2006 & 2011. Ch: J-1171al. HEATH FIELDS

I-2469b. TAMMY SUTHERLAND (08-06-1960;09-01-2011) m Doson Nunley & lived Abingdon, VA. TAMMY was 1978 graduate Lebanon, RusCo, HS; member Lebanon Baptist Church; lived Abingdon, VA; d Johnson City, TN, Med Center; FA Combs FH, Lebanon & bur Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood, RusCo. So: BHC obit 089-02-2011. Ch:

J-1171am. BRANDON NUNLEY m Shelia ??? & lived Abingdon 2011. Ch: K-125q. DIEDRA NUNLEY.

J-1171an. JOSH NUNLEY lived Abingdon 2011.

I-2469c. CARL BANNER "SONNY", JR lived Dante, RusCo 2006 & 2011; & I-2469d. JASON SUTHERLAND m Kim ??? & lived Lebanon 2006 & 2011.

I-2469e. JAMES W (J. W.) SUTHERLAND (11-04-1962;10-14-2006). He was US Army veteran; employee of Highlands Ambulance Service, Lebanon, RusCo; of the Baptist faith; d RusCo Med Center, Lebanon; FA Combs FH, Lebanon; & bur Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood, RusCo, with military grave side honors by Lebanon VFW Post 9864. So: BHC obit 10-16-2006.

F-1439. SYLVIA SUTHERLAND m Edom Kiser (E-142-KISER App). Ch: G-2072. Rev. ELIHU CLOVIS "JACK" KISER (;before Oct 2005) m BEATRICE BOWMAN (G-2179) (12-12-1906;10-20-2005). She b Stratton, DicCo, VA; founding member Dyers Chapel Church; loved raising a garden; gave loving care to her mother for 25+ years; lived with son-in-law Kennith Kowalski in Fayette, OH for last 2 years; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood, DicCo; & bur Pressley Place Cem, Sutherland Ridge section, Stratton. So: DicStar obit 10-26-2005. Ch: H-2743a. MARIA KISER (;before Oct 2005) m Kennith Kowalski. Ch: I-2469f. CHANDRESS & I-2469g. CHA??? KOWALSKI.

F-1441. ABIGAIL SUTHERLAND m Dora Leftwich. Ch: G-2077. FRANCES SUTHERLAND m George Lambert. So: DENNIS SUTHERLAND (I-2469i) Jan 2006. Ch:

H-2748. NORMAN SUTHERLAND. Ch: I-2469h. CAROL lived Radford, VA, 2006 & I-2469i. DENNIS SUTHERLAND lived Abingdon, VA, 2006.

F-1442. SIMPSON HOLLIDAY SUTHERLAND m Pearl Harrison Rush. Ch:

Page 278

G-2084. BENJAMIN FULTON SUTHERLAND (02-19-1918;02-13-2011) ca 1944 m Sarah Neal Cothron (1918;05-19-2008) dau of Elzie Clovis and Laura Marshall Cothron. BEN was life-long member Clintwood United Methodist Church; 1938 graduate BS Berea College; 1940 graduate MS Univ KY; drafted U S Army 1941; served WWII with 44th Engineer Battalion during the 1944 Normandy campaign; in the Battle of the Bulge; retired as Captain 1945; 1949 graduate Univ VA School of Law; member Delta Theta Phi law fraternity; assistant district attorney in Roanoke 1954-56; worked for Clinchfield Coal Co 1956-1970's; served as DicCo Commonwealth Attorney; practiced law for over 60 years; member VA Bar & DicCo BAR associations; d Winston-Salem, NC after long illness; FA Clintwood FH & bur Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood, VA. So: BHC obit 02-16-2011. BEN was among 3 recipients of the 2007 Appalachian Service Award given by the Appalachian School of Law, Grundy, BucCo. The award is given to recognize lawyers or judges residing in KY, NC, TN, VA & WV who have displayed throughout their careers distinctive service to their profession and/or humanitarian community service. His cases have helped to establish law in the areas of mining law & property law. He was active in establishing Dickenson County's public library. So: DicStar 04-04-2007. Sarah b Beach Grove, TN; resided Clintwood, DicCo, since 1949; member Clintwood United Methodist Church; in past years active in Cub Scouting & Girl Scouting; retired teachers aide Clintwood Elementary School; enjoyed sewing, crafts & painting; was an avid quilter & gardener; d Dickenson Comm Hosp, Clintwood; FA Clintwood FH & buried Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood, RusCo. So: BHC obit 05-21-2008. Ch:

H-2758b.SARAH BRADLEY SUTHERLAND m Bruce Foulkrod & lived Jamison, PA, 2008 & 2011. Ch:

I-2471d. CHARLES MATTHEW FOULKROD m Betty Jane Hinden lived Denver, PA, 2008 & Cranberry Twp, PA 2011. Ch: J-1171ao. NICHOLAS & J-1171ap. CALLIEGH FOULKROD.

H-2758c.DOUGLAS FULTON SUTHERLAND m Sally Beth Timms lived Charlotte, NC, 2008 & Mooresville, NC 2011. Ch:

I-2471e. STEPHEN DOUGLAS was a Furman Univ student 2008 & 2011. & I-2471ea. BENJAMIN DANIEL SUTHERLAND was a student @ Univ NC 2011.

H-2758d. CAROLYN FRANCES SUTHERLAND m Col. Steve Winters lived Colorado Springs, CO, 2008 & Goodlettsville TN 2011. Ch: I-2471eb. GREG lived White House, TN, 2008 & Chandler, AZ 2011; I-2471ec. LESLIE lived Chandler, AZ, 2008 & I-2471ed. JARED WINTERS lived Chandler, AZ, 2008 & 2011.

G-2085. CATHERINE ALLEN SUTHERLAND (1920;07-14-2009)m Joseph Cooney Gilbert (1921;1974). CATHERINE graduated Berea College, Berea, KY; did post-graduate studies @ Radford Univ; was longtime member faculty Ervinton HS & Clintwood HS; later became librarian Clintwood HS; lived Clintwood, DicCo; FA Clintwood-Colley FH & bur Phipps Mem Cem. So: BHC obit 07-16-2009.

Page 279

G-2087. FREDERICK GRAY SUTHERLAND (1926;)m Ardath June Kincheloe & lived Sandston, VA 2011.

G-2088. JOHN MINOR SUTHERLAND (1930;before 07-14-2009) m (1) Ann Phillips & m (2) Hildegarde Reeves Clemmer.

G-2089. JANE HARRISON SUTHERLAND m James Travers Lyon s of James Nathaniel & Isabella Travers Lyon. So: G-2083 LOUISE SUTHERLAND.


Page 280

G-2091. GAINES SUTHERLAND m Jessie G Kelly. Ch:

H-2765. KELLY D. SUTHERLAND m Sue Carol Stanley (ca 1941;01-26-2008) dau of Nolan Stanley. Sue lived Clintwood, DicCo; was lifelong resident DicCo; member Clintwood United Methodist Church; retired Special Ed teacher; member Pioneer Art League, Democratic Party & the Red Hatters; d Orange Park Med Center, Orange Park, FL; FA Mulllins FH, Clintwood & buried Phipps Cem Clintwood. So DicStar obit 01-30-2008. Other grandch: J-1177aa. RACHEL ??? m Shane Patterson & J-1177ab. NICK MULLINS. Ch:

I-2477aa. PAMELA SUTHERLAND m Mike Hubbard. Ch: J-1177ac. EMILY HUBBARD.

I-2477ab. PRESSLEY SUTHERLAND m David Bedella.

G-2092. MILAN OGDON SUTHERLAND (ca 1912;12-26-2004) m RACHEL POLLY ANN NEWBERRY (G-475) (;before 2006). He was a lifelong resident of Dicco, VA; a US Army Veteran WW-II; in the wholesale business with his father; attended Berea Coll; member DicCo Board of Supervisors for Ervinton Dist; d DicCo Com Hosp, Clintwood, DicCo; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood, DicCo, VA; bur Dyers Cem, Stratton, DicCo, with graveside services by Clintwood VFW Post 8979, DAV Chapter 35, & American Legion Post 227. So: BHC obit 12-27-2004. So: DicStar 01-11-2006. Ch:

H-2765a. LARRY SUTHERLAND (;before 2005)

H-2765b. ANNA LAURA SUTHERLAND (01-22-1943;01-05-2006) m Billy Joe Blanton (;before 2006) & lived Locust, NC. She b Clintwood; lived most of her adult life in NC; donated to the Animal Rescue League; worked 20 years in the medical community; d at home; & FA Hartsell FH. So: DicStar Obit 01-11-2006. Ch:

I-2477ac. BILLIE JOE BLANTON JR. lived Oakboro, NC, 2006. Ch: J-1177ad. BILLY JOE BLANTON, III & J-1177ae. CHRISTOPHER DEVIN BLANTON.

I-2477ad. CINDY DEANN m Blanton Helms & lived Orlando, FL, 2006; & I-2477ae. MICHAEL DAVID BLANTON lived Charlotte, NC, 2006.

H-2765c. SHARON KAY SUTHERLAND m ??? Flack & lived Charleston, WV, 2006. Ch: I-2477af. ADAM DANIEL & I-2477ag. JOHN CLAYTON FLACK.

G-2093. FERRELL CAMERON SUTHERLAND (04-11-1919;09-17-2004)m Ruth Smith. He served in Italy & North Africa in WW-II; had a 1950 BS degree from Emory & Henry Coll; taught math & was assistant principal Ervinton HS 1954-1982; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood; burial Sutherland Cem, Hatchett, DicCo, VA; & survived by 11 stepgrandch. So: H-2759 HUGH SUTHERLAND 2005 & BHC obit 09-22-2004. Stepch: (1) Laura Culpepper; (2) Carl Nichols; & (3) Jo MacKenzie.

G-2094. PAUL SUTHERLAND m CLARA LUCILLE LONG (H-1074e). Ch: H-2766d. MICHAEL SUTHERLAND m Regina Lambert d of Edgar & Goldie Lambert of Sandy Ridge. Ch: I-2477i. MICHAEL DILLON; & I-2477j DEREK WADE SUTHERLAND on 08-05-2005 in N Myrtle Beach, SC m Diedra Sharon Sauls dau of Fred & Karen Sauls of Clintwood, DicCo, VA. They live in Winchester, VA. So: DicStar 09-14-2005.

F-1445. GEORGE SUTHERLAND m Bertha McFall. Ch:

Page 281

G-2094a. PAULINE SUTHERLAND (03-22-1913;12-02-1985) m James Skeen (;before 1985), s of John?? & Lithia Skeen. Her FA Clintwood, DicCo, VA FH; bur Phipps Mem Cem, Clintwood. So: FH obit & HSS. Ch: H-2766e. MARISUE SKEENS.

E-639. NEWTON SUTHERLAND m Elizabeth "Betsy" Dyer. Ch:

F-1448. HANNAH DYER SUTHERLAND m John Hammond Duty. Ch:

G-2096. NEWTON FLOYD DUTY m (1) Alafair Keen, & on 06-07-1939 m (2) Pearl May Lockhard Stacy. Ch:

H-2769. QUEENIE MAE DUTY (04-19-1908;06-21-1977) m William Carlton (06-06-1904;04-24-1970). So: HARRY CARLTON (I-2477p) 2006. Ch:

I-2477k. HAROLD (03-29-1928;10-18-1998); I-2477l. DONALD (1931;) lived Rogersville, TN; I-2477m. PAULINA (1935;) m ??? Price lived Merritt, NC; I-2477n. THELMA (1938;) m ??? Bennett & lived Bristow, VA, 2006 & I-2477o. GEORGE CALVIN CARLTON (12-08-1940;11-15-1996);

I-2477p. HARRY LEE CARLTON (1943;) lived Panama City, FL. Ch: J-1177k. CATHY CARLTON m ??? Harris & lived Blue Springs, MO, 2006

I-2477q. JAMES ORVILLE (1944;) lived McComb, MS; I-2477r. ROGER GREAR (1947;) lived Wayneboro, VA; I-2477s. BILLY FRANKLIN (03-10-1950;11-08-1995); I-2477t. CLIFFORD DEAN (1952;) lived Roanoke, VA; & I-2477u. IDA RACHEL CARLTON (1954;) m ??? Merrix lived Woodbridge, VA, 2006.

Page 282

G-2098. WINFIELD SCOTT DUTY WW-I (04-16-1890;11-05-1965) m (1) Della Compton (mother of WINFIELD, JR), dau of William & Naomi O'Quinn Compton; & on 05-27-1925 m (2) LILLY MAE TILLER. Ch:

H-2785. WINFIELD SCOTT DUTY, JR (1919;).

H-2786. RANNY CLIFFORD DUTY (04-18-1926;01-28-1998) b Bradshaw, WV; in 1952 lived with his father at Haysi, DicCo, VA; & d Haysi.

H-2787. WILLIAM FARRELL DUTY (1929;02-14-2009) in DicCo m (1) ROBERTA LUCILLE NEWBERRY (02-25-1929;1970) (mother of DEBORAH & DAVID) (G-473) dau of JESSEE & Fannie NEWBERRY (F-162i v1p47) of Cannady, VA; & in DicCo m (2) Peggy Wallace (12-25-1934;07-07-1974) (mother of LILLIAN & WILLIAM, JR.) dau of Cleveland & Dora Wallace of Bartlick, DicCo. WILLIAM b Bucu, DicCo VA; graduated from HS in Detroit; and in 1952 was in the US Army; later employed as a Chicago Police Officer (33 year veteran); member F.O.P & American Legion; lived Bloomington, IL; d in IL; FA Haysi FH & bur Sutherland Cem, Bee, DicCo. So: DicStar obit 02-25-2009. Ch b BucCo, VA. Ch:


I-2483. DAVID DUTY m Rebecca Robinson dau of Collin & Justine Robinson of Birchleaf.

Page 283

I-2484. LILLIAN DUTY (1957;) & in Chicago m George Ludkowski s of Edward & Shirley Ludkowski & lived Niles, IL 2009. Ch: J-1178. CHRISTOPHER LUDKOWSKI (1985;) b Chicago.

I-2485. WILLIAM F. DUTY, JR. (1958;) in Chicago m Patricia Hansen & lived Birchleaf, DicCo 2009. Ch:

J-1179. JENNIFER DUTY (1988;) b Chicago.

H-2788. RICHARD LEE DUTY (1939;) on 11-11-1963 in ClarkCo, NV m Kathleen E Kinney & lived Newberg, OR 2009

G-2100. ROBERT LUNDY DUTY on 03-21-1925 m Goldie Ethel Rose. Ch:

H-2799. VIRGINIA ALLENE DUTY (02-29-1928;08-03-2008) m (1) Fred Stevens (;before 2008) & m (2) ??? Hale. VIRGINIA b BucCo, VA; spent most of her life in that area; was member Duty Pentecostal Church, Indian Cr, VA; d @ home in Castlewood, RusCO; FA Honaker, RusCo, FH; burial Duty Cem, Indian Ck & survived by 6 gr-grandch. She was preceded in death by 7 brothers & 2 sisters, So: BHC obit 08-05-2008. Other grandch: J-1179a. JAMIE BURNS of Johnson City, TN & J-1179b. JESSICA DAVIDSON of Council, BucCo. Ch:

I-2510a. TERESA ANN STEVENS (;before 2008) m ??? Harris.

I-2510b. DEBI STEVENS m Roger Osbourne & lived Lebanon, RusCo 2008.

I-2510c. DENISE STEVENS m Ronnie Thomas (;before 2008) & lived Castlewood 2008. Ch: J-1179c. BRADLEY & J-1179d. AARON THOMAS.

I-2510d. JEFFREY STEVENS m Carol ??? & lived Cleveland, RucCo 2008. Ch: J-1179e. BRIAN of Rosedale, VA; J-1179f. MATTHEW of Cleveland & J-1179g. JOSHUA STEVENS of Cleveland.

H-2801. BOBBY CLIFFORD ('32;); H-2801a. RICHARD; H-2891b. RANDALL & H-2891c, RODNEY all lived Bee, DicCo, 2008 & H-2891d. NORMA DUTY m ??? Gilliam & lived Gray, Tn, 2008.

H-2802. GENE GARRETT DUTY (;before 2005) m Shirley Temple McCoy. She lived Hastings, MI 2005 & 2011. Ch:

I-2510e. DANIEL DUTY (ca 1955;08-18-2005) m Linda ??? (;before Aug 2005). He b Richlands, TazCo, VA; served in US Army; last employed as factory worker; lived Citra, FL; d at home; FA Haysi, DicCo, VA, FH; & mem service Duty Cem, Bee, DicCo. So: DicStar obit 09-21-2005. Ch:

J-1179h. TINA MARIE DUTY of Detroit, MI.

J-1179i. JOHN RANDEL DUTY of Detroit. Ch: K-125r . NINA LUCIA DUTY.

I-2510f. SANDRA LEAH m Andy Jacobson & lived Clinton Township, MI 2005 & I-2510g. DAVID DUTY (;before Aug 2005).

I-2510h. GENE GARRETT DUTY II (08-10-1970;12-04-2011) b Mt. Clemens, MI; lived in East Detroit, Port Huron, White Cloud & Hastings, MI; was a metal fabricator for the automobile industry; primary hobby was fishing; d Ann Arbor, MI, Univ Hosp; FA Girrbach FH & cremated. So: DicStar obit 12-21-1011. Ch: J-1179j. LUCAS JOHANN lived Big Rapids, MI 2011; J-1179k. ERIN ANN lived Chandler, TX 2011 & J-1179l. TREVER ADAM DUTY lived Chandler 2011.

I-2510i. PATRICK IAN GENE DUTY of Clinton Township 2005.

Page 287

F-1450. GEORGE LUNDY SUTHERLAND on 03-13-1902 m Dona Mornia Taylor. Ch:

G-2112. BERTIE SUTHERLAND on 07-03-1925 m (1) Silas "Sigh" W. Miller. Ch:

H-2830. THELMA IRIS MILLER (05-20-1926;10-10-2010) m Glenn Elmer Ullom (05-03-1924;07-29-2005) s of Glenn D. & Cecil A. Drum Shively. Glen b Marysville, OH; served US Navy WW-II 1943-1946; member Masonic Lodge #637 F&AM since 1959; retired from Timken Roller Bearing Co with 39 years service; member Buckeye Christian Church, serving as trustee, deacon, & elder; lived Grove City, OH; d at home; FA Schoedinger-Norris FH; & bur Oakdale Cem, Marysville, OH. So: DicStar 08-10-2005. THELMA graduated Haysi HS 1943; relocated to Columbus Oh; attended Officer Training School; retired from Westinghouse after 33 years; longtime resident Grove City, OH; member Buckeye Christian Church; served in women's ministries; volunteered @ Worthington Christian Village; FA Schoedinger FH; bur Oakdale Cem, Marysville, OH. So: DicStar obit 10-13-2010. Ch:

I-2547. JACQUELINE SUE ULLOM m (2) Rick Scott & lived Columbus, OH 2005. Ch:

J-1236. CRAIG LOUIS VEACH (1966;) on 04-23-1989 m Mary Frances Braithwaite (1970;). Ch: K-126. KYLA LEE (1989;) & K-127 CAMRON LOUIS VEACH (1992;)

J-1237. KACY LYNN SCOTT m Matt Brown.

I-2548. PATRICIA ANN ULLOM m (2) Earl Stepp & m (3) Greg Eckert & lived Thornville, OH 2005. Ch: J-1238.ROBIN MIKAEL STEPP m Jeff Leppert. Ch: K-127a. AUTUMN & K-127b. JULIAN LEPPERT.

H-2833. MAVIS GAYNELL MILLER (1932;before 10-10-2010) m (1) Gerald James Rossiter, div & m (2) Edward Shipley (1924;).

Page 288

G-2115. JERRY FINIS SUTHERLAND m RUBY COMPTON ((G-1927b) He bur Compton Cem. She lived 921 Chambers Rd, Columbus, OH 23212-1342). Ch:

H-2841. FRELAND CLEO SUTHERLAND (1934;11-18-1996) m Opal Honeycutt. So: RUBY COMPTON SUTHERLAND (G-1927b). He bur Columbus, OH. Ch: I-2568. JERRY LEE SUTHERLAND m Donna Baker & lived Columbus, OH.

Page 289

F-1452. ELIZABETH SUTHERLAND m Samuel Jahile Tilden Powers (E-87--SUTHERLAND App). Ch:

G-2119. ISA MAINE POWERS (11-23-1898;12-23-1980) m Evans Compton. Ch:

H-2850. ROXIE m ??? Viers & lived Radford, VA, 2007; H-2851. GERALD; H-2852. DONALD DEE (;before 2007); H-2853. THIRZA ALICE (;before 2007); H-2854. INA m ??? Southall & lived Roanoke, VA, 2007; H-2855. FATE lived Stafford, VA, 2007; H-2856. Major FRELIN RAY lived Lebanon, RusCo, 2007; H-2857. BETTY m ??? Hess & lived Davenport, BucCo, 2007; H-2858. JEAN m ??? Gilbert & lived Davenport, 2007; H-2858a. JEWELL (;before 2007) & H-2858b. EULAH MAE COMPTON (;before 2007).

H-2859. HARRY BYRD COMPTON (10-30-1934;10-17-2007) ca 1954 m Phyllis Jean Tiller. BYRD b Bee, DicCo; was a retired carpenter; lived most of his life in the Council, BucCo, area; owned & operated a Council hardware; d @ home; FA Honaker, RusCo FH; buried Frank Smith Cem, Big A Mt, BucCo & survived by 16 grandch & 5 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 10-19-2007. Ch:

I-2585a. RANDY m Barbara ??? & lived Rosedale, RusCo, 2007; I-2585b. LARRY A. m Carol ??? & lived Council, 2007; I-2585c. KENNY m Becky ??? & lived Council 2007; I-2585d. JERRY m Diane ??? & lived Honaker, 2007 & I-2585e. SHEILA COMPTON m ??? Ramsey & lived Council 2007.

H-2860. LOWELL CHALMER (;before 2007); & H-2861. ETTA COMPTON m ??? Tiller & lived Council 2007.


Page 290

H-2863. JEAN MARIE POWERS (05-09-1927;09-26-2006) m Wilbur W. Haack (1920;living 2006). They lived Allen Park, MI. She b DicCo, VA; lived her adult life in Allen Park; was an active member Mt Hope Lutheran Church; FA Farris FH, Abingdon, WashCo, VA,; & bur Forest Hills Cem, 19415 Lee Hwy, Abingdon, VA. So: BHC obit 09-30-2006. Ch:

I-2589. GAIL m (2) Arthur LaFaye & lived Dearborn Hts, MI, 2006; I-2590. CHERYL m Kim Toms & lived Belleview, MI, 2006; I-2591. MELLANI ANN HAACK m Michael Zajac lived Spring Lake, MI, 2006.

Gr-grandch: K-128a. COLIN & K-128b. AVA.

H-2864. BOBBIE POWERS m (4) ? Thong & lived Fairbanks, AK 2006;

Page 291

H-2865. MYRL POWERS m (2) Fred Clevinger & lived Abingdon, 2006.

H-2866. JOY POWERS m BILLY COCHRAN (H-2360) (1930;01-11-2009) & lived Live Oak, FL 2006 & 2009. Ch: See H-2360.

H-2867. GEORGE m (2) Judith Kyle & lived Charleston, WV, 2006; H-2868. VON P. m Betty Owens & lived Tallahassee, FL, 2006; H-2869. SAMUEL lived Bee, DicCo, 2006; H-2870. LOLA ANN m Guy Ray & lived Davenport, BucCo, 2006; H-2871. DEANA m James McClanahan & lived Abingdon 2006; H-2872. RICHARD of Warwick, RI, 2006; H-2873. PATRICIA m George Bronner & lived Abingdon 2006; & H-2874. PAMELA POWERS m (3) Haley T. Chese & lived Saratoga, WY, 2006.

G-2122. BESSIE MARGARET POWERS m Omri Ray. She b&d Bee, DicCo, VA & he b Flag Pond, UnicoiCo, TN & d North Detroit, WayneCo, MI, General Hosp. So: GLENNA (H-2877) 2004.

H-2877. GLENNA BEATRICE RAY (1929;) in August 1947 in Berea, KY m Joe Patton (02-27-1925;05-15-2005) s of Harry & Rhoda Salisbury Patton. GLENNA b Calderwood, BlountCo, TN; had a 1949 Education BA, Berea Coll & 1963 MLS from Peabody Coll for Teachers; was a teacher & librarian; & in Aug 2005 lived 437 Sunset Dr., Mount Juliet, TN,. Joe b Garth, FloydCo, KY & d in Home, Mt, Juliet, WilsonCo, TN. So: GLENNA (H-2877). Ch:

I-2620a. MARY ELIZABETH PATTON (1950;) in 1969 m (1) James Paul Roberts (1950;), div, & on 09-05-1981 m (2) Charles Richard DeBusk (1954;). She & James b Clarkesville, MontgomeryCo, TN, Mem Hosp. Ch:

J-1282a. AMY LYNN ROBERTS (1969;) m (1) Michael Jeffrey Smith (1967;) & m (2) Benjamin John Henderson (1973;). She b Vanderbilt Hosp, Nashville, DavidsonCo, TN & Benjamin b Harlow, Essex, England. Ch: K-130a. JEFFREY DYLAN SMITH (1989;) & K-130b. LAUREN CHERIE ELLEN SMITH (1993;) both b Baptist Hosp, Nashville; & K-130c. WILLIAM JAMES HENDERSON (2001;) b WilliamsonCo Mem Hosp, Franklin, TN.

J-1282b. JAMES PAUL ROBERTS, JR (1974;) b Vanderbilt Hosp. m Brenda Gonda.

J-1282c. MARGARET AMELIA DEBUSK (1976;) m Byran Paul Monroe. Ch: K-130d. HUNTER ELIJAH MONROE (2004;).

I-2620b. DAVID JOE PATTON (04-28-1952;12-19-2002) in May 1974 m (1) Jerre Winters (mother of ch), div, & on 04-09-2000 m (2) Rebekah Walker . DAVID b Lady Ann Hosp, Livingston, OvertonCo, TN & d at home, Nashville, TN. Jerre b Ashland City, CheathamCo, TN. Ch: J-1282d. KATHRYN FAYE PATTON (1984;) b Baptist Hosp, Nashville.

H-2878. OTHLE WAYNE RAY (1933;) in Lemaster, BucCo, VA, m Barbara Stines (1935;). He b Flag Pond, attended Coyne Electical School, Chicago, IL, served US Army 1953-195(7?), lived TN, VA, MA & KY,was an electrician for Western Union. Barbara b Lemaster. They lived Lancaster, KY Ch: I-2620c. MARGARET ELLEN (1957;) & I-2620d. GREGORY WAYNE RAY (1960;) were b Detroit, WayneCo, MI.

H-2879. FARLEY GAINES RAY (1935;) on 01-20-1961 in WayneCo, MI, m (1) Joan Mary Van Slanbrock (09-08-1936;01-19-1986) (mother of ch) & m (2) Mary Jane Bloquiere (1948;). He b Flag Pond; served US Army Airborne (paratrooper); graduated Grundy, BucCo, HS; lived TN, VA, & MI; was a Chrysler factory worker; & lived Hazel Park, WayneCo, MI in 2004. Joan Mary b WayneCo, MI & d at home Hazel Park, MI. Mary Jane b Thassalon, Ontario, Canada. Ch:

I-2620e. VICKY LYNN RAY (1961;) m Robert Muccino (1945;). She b OaklandCo, MI. Ch: J-1282e. JACOB PAUL (1983;) J-1282f. JENNIFER & J-1282g. ROBERT MUCCINO.

I-2620f. TAMARA 'TAMMY" SUE RAY (1962;) m James Ross Barnes. She b WayneCo, MI. Ch: J-1282h. JAMES FARLEY (1986;) & J-1282i. AMBER MARIE BARNES (1987;) were b WayneCo, MI.

I-2620g. KRISTINE ANN RAY (1964;) m Robert Gerald Garmany (1956;). She b WayneCo, MI. Ch: J-1282j. AMANDA NICOLE (1982;) b WayneCo; J-1282k. AARON ROBERT (1989;) b OaklandCo; J-1282l. DYLAN JAMES (1991;) b OaklandCo; & J-1282m. HAILA JOAN GARMANY (1996;).

FARLEY's (H-2879) Stepch:

(1) Rosemary Jarrell (1952;) b WayneCo m Paul Louis Dowell (1951;). Ch: Katie (1978;) m Wayne Scott Fusco & Kirsten Dowell (1983;)

(2) Richard Dale Jarrell (1954;) b WayneCo m Susan Karen Spackman, div.

(3) Karen Marie Jarrell (1957;) b WayneCo m Mark Robert Schlorff. Ch: David Mark (1983;) & Amanda Ray Schlorff (1984;)

(4) Janice Maureen Jarrell (1959;) b WayneCo m Larry Lewis Monte. Ch: Tara Maureen (1975;), Brandi Michelle (1979;) & Nathan Todd Monte (1984).

(5)Annette Muers (1967;) m Darin Jordan (1969;). Ch: Daniel Michael Jordan (1999;)

(6)Edward Muers (1969;).

H-2880. DORAN OMRI RAY (1937;) on 01-10-1959 in WayneCo, MI m Donna Jean Combs (1940;). DORAN b Bee, DicCo, VA; lived VA, TN & MI; served in US Army & was a carpenter, builder. She b WayneCo, MI. In 2004 they lived Durand, MI. Ch:

I-2620h. DEWAYNE "DWAYNE" EDWARD RAY (1959;) m Colleen Engler. He b WayneCo, MI. Ch: J-1282n. Sharcy Rose (1987;) & J-1282o. TYLER JOHN RAY (1990;).

I-2620i. DARRIN WESLEY RAY (1960;) m Stephanie Gregg. He b WayneCo. MI. Ch: J-1282p. KAYLI MARIE (1998;) & J-1282q. HUNTER WESLEY RAY (2000;).

I-2620j. DURAN WADE RAY (1962;) m Tammy Strome. He b Fairbanks, AK. Ch: J-1282r. WADE OMRI (1992;); J-1282s. DYLAN TAYLOR (1994;); & J-1282t. TAYLOR MORGAN RAY (1996;).

G-2123. FREDDIE COLUMBUS POWERS m ZORA EDWARDS (G-1443) (06-26-1910;09-19-2006). So: BHC obit 09-20-2006.

G-2124. CARRIE FAY POWERS (06-05-1910;01-08-1979) m Fletcher Davis. Ch:

H-2881. NORMA DAVIS lived Bountville, TN 2012.

Page 292

H-2882. DARRELL DAVIS in 2000 was elder (minister) for the Sulphur Springs Primitive Baptist Church; was clerk of the Original Washington District Primitive Baptist Association; & lived at 620 Cherry St, Bristol, TN 37620. So: 1999 minutes of the Original Washington District Primitive Baptist Association.

H-2883. THANNA m ???? Kelly & lived Roanoke, VA 2012 & H-2884. EDITH DAVIS m ??? Bentley & lived Bristol, TN 2012;

H-2885. MARY DAVIS (ca 1938;01-22-2012) m Jim Deel (;living 2012) s of Minnie Deel. MARY b DicCo; lived Birchleaf, DicCo; was a homemaker; was of the Baptist Faith; d Buchanan General Hosp, Grundy, BucCo; FA Haysi FH & bur Owens-Jackson Cem, Birchleaf. So: DicStar obit 01-25-2012.

F-1453. JOHN EZRA LINKOUS SUTHERLAND m Dora E. Artrip (F-358-KISER App). Ch:

G-2131. CLAUDE A SUTHERLAND (05-07-1907;10-07-1991) m MARIE FLEMING (G-1847). He native DicCo, VA; former DicCo school teacher; lived Baltimore, MD; d at home; FA Clintwood, DicCo, FH; bur Stone Cem, Rt 3, Clintwood. So: FH obit. Ch:

H-2893a. JEAN SUTHERLAND m ??? Suter & lived Baltimore 1991. Ch: I-2620k. PAULA lived Baltimore 1991 & I-2620l. JAN SUTER m ??? Weyer & lived State Coll, PA, 1991.

G-2132. THIRZA SUTHERLAND m WILLIAM FEARL COLLEY (01-27-1915;04-17-2007) (H-2699g.). So: BHC obit of WILLIAM FEARL COLLEY (H-2699g) 04-19-2007).

G-2133. RAY CLYDE SUTHERLAND (;before 06-11-2012) m NANNIE SUTHERLAND (;living 2012) (G-1243a). Ch:

H-2893b. JANIS m Marvin Senter & lived Clintwood 2012 & H-2893c. ROGER m Audrey ???? & lived Grundy, BucCo 2012..

H-2893d. DENNY SUTHERLAND (ca 1942;06-11-2012) m Joyce Holbrook. DENNY b & raisded Clintwood, DicCo; attended Clinch Valley Coll, Wise, VA; graduated Univ of VA, Charlottesville 1963; received master's degree from Univ WI, Milwaukee; retired from McDermott International, Alliance, OH; lived in Alliance for past 40 years; d Heritage Hall Health Care, Wise; FA Sturgill FH, Wise & bur Holbrook Cem, Wise. So: DicStar obit 06-13-2012. Ch: I-2620m. DENNIS m Caryn ??? & lived Manassas, VA 2012; I-2620n. PATRICIA m ??? Mauldin & lived Brandon, FL 2012 & I-2620o. MICHAEL m Kelly ??? & lived Sydney, OH 2012. Grandch: J-1282u. KAYLA; J-1282v. JOSHUA; J-1282w. KYLIE; J-1282x. KATIE; J-1282y. BECKY; J-1282z. LEXIE; J-1282aa. JAYDE; J-1282ab. JORDAN & J-1282ac. ETHAN. Gr-Grandch: K-130e. JADEN.

G-2134. NORMA B SUTHERLAND (ca 1919;05-29-2001) m Farley J. Mullins & lived Clintwood 1991.

G-2135. GAINES SUTHERLAND ca 1963 m Vivian ???. Ch: H-2896a. JUDY SUTHERLAND m Arnold A. Kennedy, JR. (ca 1945;12-07-2008) s of Arnold & Vergie Potter Kennedy. Arnold lived Blountsville, TN; was employed by Sear Roebuck as an appliance technician for 35 years; d @ home; FA Farris Fh, Abingdon, VA & bur Forest Hills Mem Gardens, Abingdon. So: BHC obit 12-10-2008 & Robert Swindall. Ch: I-2620p. STEVEN KENNEDY m ??? ???. Ch: J-1282ad. HANNAH KENNEDY m ??? Prater. Ch: K-130f. BRAXTON PRATER.

F-1454. WILLIAM TECUMSEH SUTHERLAND m Margaret Elizabeth Selfe dau of Andrew & Mary Catherine Deel Selfe. Ch:

G-2137. CHLOE CATHERINE SUTHERLAND m Lemuel Earl Dillon. Ch:

H-2897. BILLY EARL DILLON m Bonnie Church (F-8aa-EDWARDS App). Ch:

Page 293

I-2622. DEB DILLON m Larry Alten s of Adelbert & Audrey Busser Alten. Ch: J-1283.BRIAN (1978;) & J-1284 CHRISTOPHER ALTEN (1980;).

I-2623. CHERYL DILLON m Ron Bellotti. Ch b Oberlin, LorainCo, OH Ch:

J-1285. JOY MELODY BELOTTI (1975;) on 10-17-1998 in Norwalk, HuronCo, OH m Jeremy Alan Nickoli (1974;) b in Norwalk, s of Richard & Pamela Smith Nicoli. Ch: K-131. NOAH BELLOTTI (1999;).

J-1286. JADE FAWN (1978;); & J-1287. JESSICA DAWN (1978;) BELLOTTIE.

I-2624. CYNTHIA DILLON m Donald Hribar. Ch: J-1288. HAYLEY (1989;) & J-1289. SAMUEL HRIBAR (1993;).

I-2625. LESA DILLON. Ch: J-1290 DREW DILLON (1985;).

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H-2898. BETTY DILLON m James Scott. Ch:

I-2625a. MELINDA LEE SCOTT (1947;) on 10-17-1966 m Billy Ray Calhoun. Ch: J-1290a. MARC SHANE (1970;); J-1290b. BILLY RAY, JR (1971;) & J-1290c. SEANCEE SCOTT CALHOUN (1975;).

I-2625b. James Christopher Scott (b&d 02-22-1948)

I-2625c. JOHN GREGORY SCOTT (1949;) on 03-01-1969 m Lynda Ann Ervin. Ch: J-1290d. TONYA LACEY SCOTT (1969;).

I-2625d. JIMMIE RANDOLPH SCOTT (1952;) on 07-21-1971 m Kathie Teresa Dotson. Ch: J-1290e. BARBREY ALLEN TERESA SCOTT (1973;).

I-2625e. DONNA CAROL (1953;) & I-2625f. JEFFREY LEMUEL SCOTT(1961;).

H-2899. JACK RAYMOND DILLON m Lydia Layne. Ch: I-2625g. SCOTT RAY (1964;); I-2625h. JACK DAVID (1965;twin); I-2625i. JENNIFER LEE (1965;twin); & I-2625j. TOMMY EARL DILLON (1966;).

H-2900. CHARLES GILLIS DILLON m (1) Betty Hataway (mother of RONALD & BETTY) & m (2) Barbara McGruder (mother of other ch). Ch: I-2625k. RONALD GILLIS (1956;); I-2625l. BETTY DARLENE; I-2625m. ROBEY GRANT (1964;); I-2625n. MATTHEW TODD (1969;); & I-2625o. NOLA CHLOANNA DILLON (1971;).

H-2901. TOMMY DEAN DILLON m Alice Powell. Ch: I-2625p. DOUGLAS DEAN DILLON (1968;).

G-2138. CHARLES UTAH SUTHERLAND (1909;1965) m Anna L Nichols (1911;1991). CHARLES b in Grundy, BucCo, VA & Anna in Greenup, KY. So: H-2902d. CHARLES M. SUTHERLAND Dec 2004. Ch: H-2902a. LILLIAN L. (1931;2004) m Jack Garriott; H-2902b. GLENNA M. (1934;1996) m Frank Elias; H-2902c. DONNA L. (1936;1959); H-2902d. CHARLES M. (1938;) m Roberta VanOrder; H-2902e. WILLIAM E (1940;) m Nellie Williamson; & H-2902f. CAROL A. SUTHERLAND (1943;) m Harold Boyd.

F-1455. LOUISE VADNA SUTHERLAND m Thomas Ratliff. Ch:

G-2143b. VELVA GERTRUDE RATLIFF (11-24-1908;02-23-1990) m HERBERT ELLIS "BUD" POWERS (;before 1990) (G-2144b.). Her FA Haysi, DicCo, VA FH; bur Ratliff Family Cem, Bee, DicCo. So: FH obit. No Ch. Adopted: Lexie Mullins.


F-1461. AILY ALAFAIR SUTHERLAND m Floyd Powers. Ch:

G-2144. STELLA POWERS m Ira Jasper Deel (D-10-Dyer App). Ch:

H-2903a. LEONARD DEEL (;before 2007).

H-2903b. LUCILLE ELLEN DEEL (ca 1926;03-22-2007) m Maynard E. Cumbow (;03-11-2007). She lived Bristol, TN; was a member Euclid Ave Baptist Church; long time teacher Ladies' Sunday school class; member Eastern Star; retired from Univac, Bristol, TN; d Bristol Regional Med Center; FA Farris FH & buried Forest Hills Mem Gardens. So: BHC obit 03-23-2007. Gr-grandch: K-132a. SPENCER ???. Ch: I-2625q. WAYNE CUMBOW m Andrea ??? & lived Talbott, TN, 2007. Ch: J-1290f. JARROD m Christy ??? & lived Morristown, TN, 2007 & J-1290g. VICTORIA CUMBOW lived Auburn, AL, 2007. Step-gr-grandch: Kristopher, Kyler & Clai.




F-1469. TIVIS COLLEY "DOC" SUTHERLAND m Emma Burns Yates. Chg:

G-2148. ANGUS AYERS "BUSTER" SUTHERLAND (;before 2007).

G-2150. JOSHUA PRICE SUTHERLAND (ca 1914;02-16-2000) m Nell Smith (ca 1916;07-26-2009) dau of Frank & Myrtle Davis Smith. NELL b Pike Co, KY; lived BucCo most of her life; lived Grundy, BucCo; was member Grundy Church of Christ for over 50 years; member ladies Sunday School Classs; active member Grundy Church of Christ Butterfly Organization; worked with American Cancer Society; school teacher BucCo & Pike Co; bookkeeper Sutherland Clinic, Grundy; d @ home; FA Grundy FH & bur Mt Valley Mem Park, Big Rock, VA. So: BHC obit 07-28-2009. Ch:

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H-2905. ELIZABETH SUTHERLAND had an BS from VA Poly Inst; an MS in Nutrition from Univ of NC; & was Administrator of the Sutherland Clinic & lived Cynthiana, KY 2009.

H-2906. WILLIAM COLLEY SUTHERLAND m Corrie Heuvel dau of Jan Heuvel. Ch: (1994)

I-2626. ELIZABETH JANE took graduate nursing at Eastern KY Univ, m Robert Barnes, & lived in Lexington, KY;

I-2627. AMY KATHRYN SUTHERLAND m Tyler Yaugo. Ch: J-1290h. EMMA YAUGO & J-1290i. ANNA PAIGE YAUGO.

I-2628. DOUGLAS SUTHERLAND (ca 1984;).

H-2907. EMILY RUTH SUTHERLAND m Robert Jason Biddle & lived Cynthiana, KY 2009. Ch:(1994)

I-2629. ROBERT JASON II m Julie ??? & I-2630. CHAD BIDDLE m Micki ???.

H-2908. JOSHUA PRICE SUTHERLAND, JR. m Kathy Smith. Ch: (1994) I-2631. JOSHUA; & I-2632. ERIC SUTHERLAND m Liliya ???.

H-2909. FRANKLIN JOEL SUTHERLAND m Karen Deitz & lived Grundy 2009. Ch: I-2633. ASHLEY SUTHERLAND m Chris Earle. Ch: J-1290j. LINCOLN EARLE.


Other Gr-grandch: J-1290k. DALTON BARNES; J-1290l. BLAINE BIDDLE; J-1290m. ANNA MARIE BIDDLE & J-1290n. KACEE BIDDLE.

G-2151. VIRGINIA RUTH SUTHERLAND (ca 1917;06-10-2007) m (1) E Shelburne Orr (;before 2007) of Jonesville, LeeCo, VA & m (2) Ralph W Watkins (;before 2007) of Grundy. She was originally from Haysi, DicCo; taught in Farmville, VA Haysi; lived Golden Age Retirement Home, Claypool Hill, TazCo; was a member of Eastern Star, Rebecca's, Daughters of the American Revolution, Dickenson County Historical Society, First Presbyterian Church of Grundy, BucCo; was president Big Sandy Historical Society, & her ashes were buried Clinch Valley Cem, Richlands, TazCo. So: BHC obit 06-13-2007.

G-2152. VIVIAN BLANCHE SUTHERLAND (04-08-1911;06-30-1919) in 1952 m ALMER D ARRINGTON (G-1031)(09-25-1920;06-22-1999) & lived Dade City, FL 2009. BLANCHE b Sutherland homestead, Frying Pan, DicCo; raise Haysi, DicCo; graduated Mary Washington Coll; taught school @ Ervinton, DicCo; worked for H. E. Harmon; d Tampa, FL. So: DicStar obit 04-13-1911). Ch: H-2911. HUGH ARRINGTON m Cathy Weihle & lived Dade City, FL 2011; H-2913. PAUL ARRINGTON m Judy ??? & lived Madison, MISS 2011. Grandch: I-2635. JANE CARROLL; I-2636. CLARA ARRINGTON; I-2636a. HANNAH; I-2636b., ETHAN; I-2636c. LAUREL; I-2636d. GRANT & I-2636e. EMMA.

G-2153. TIVIS COLLEY SUTHERLAND, JR (;01-18-1992) m Gaynell Mullins dau of A. J. & Velva Mullins of Haysi. Ch;

H-2914. TIVIS COLLEY "CHIP" SUTHERLAND III (ca 1940;06-30-2011) m Deborah ??? . CHIP formally of Haysi lived Osprey, FL; FA Haysi FH & bur Davis Cem, Clintwood, DicCo. So: DicStar obit 08-17-2011. Ch:

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I-2636f. TIVIS COLLEY SUTHERLAND IV m Tracy Margaret ??? & lived Columbia, SC 2011. Ch: J-1290o. TIVIS COLLEY V; J-1290p. JOSHUA PRICE & J-1290q. ANGUS JACOB SUTHERLAND.

H-2915 PATRICIA SUTHERLAND m ??? O'Quinn & lived Haysi 2011. Ch: J-1290r. CYNTHIA LEIGH & J-1290s. CANDACE JADE O'QUINN both lived Pikeville, KY 2011.

H-2916. TAMARAH H JANE SUTHERLAND m (1) Jack Mullins & m (2) ??? Victor & lived New York 2011.

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F-1471. LYDIA SUTHERLAND m JOHN WRIGHT (G-1653c.). SSo: H-2917ai. ALLETA JO LAFORCE Johnson. See JOHN WRIGHT (G-1653c.) for his other ch. Ch:

G-2153a. MYRTLE (;before 2005) m (1) John Henry Davis & m (2) Steve Tomich & & G-2153b. DELMON WRIGHT (;before 2005) m (1) Enola Irene Osborne & m (2) Helen Walters;

G-2153c. EIVENS WRIGHT (;before 2005) m Mary Louise Williams. Ch: H-2916a. JOHNNY K WRIGHT.

G-2154. JOSHUA WRIGHT (;before 2005) m Edith Estella Raines.

G-2154a. CORBETT C. WRIGHT (;before Aug 2005) m Opal Moore. Ch: H-2916a. PATTI (;before 2008) m Roger Heman (;before 2008) & lived Ft. Myers, FL, 2005; H-2916b. WAYNE D. lived Aurora, CO, 2005; H-2916c. CORBETTA m Don Barrett (;before 2008) & lived Whitestown, IN, 2005; H-2916d. MICHAEL S. lived Indianapolis, IN, 2005; H-2916e. SUSAN A. lived Indianapolis 2005; & H-2916f. CHRISTINA m ??? Cunningham & lived Greenfield, IN, 2005. So: CORBETTA (H-2916c) 12-20-2005.

G-2155. RUBYE BURNS WRIGHT (1914;08-12-2005) m (1) Prentice Ward (;before 2005) & in 1939 m (2) Worley Bane LaForce (;1993). RUBYE b Tiny, DicCo, VA; played basketball at Haysi, DicCo, HS; attended WV Business Coll; retired from teaching DicCo schools with 30 years service; awarded 2 gold medals in 1994 VA Senior Olympics, Williamsburg, VA; was member Pilgrim Baptist Church; lived Abingdon, WashCo, VA; d Baptist Hosp, Winston-Salem, NC; FA Castlewood, RusCo, VA, FH; bur Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood; & survived by 14 grandch & 19 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 08-16-2005. Ch:

H-2916g. PAULA WARD m Russ Axsom & lived Kitty Hawk, NC, 2005. So: PAULA (H-2916g) 12-05-2005. Ch:

I-2640a. Dr. DANNY K AXSOM m Dr Laura Clark & lived Blacksburg, VA. Ch: J-1292a. KATHERINE LYDIA &; & J-1292b. JESSIE ELIZABETH AXSOM lived Blacksburg, VA.

I-2640b. TIMOTHY W AXSOM m Tammy Crabtree & lived Poquoson, VA. Ch: J-1292c. JOHN ZACHARY AXSOM graduated Hampton-Sydney Coll 2005 & lived Hampton, VA.

H-2916h. R. DOUGLAS WARD m (1) Corene Johnson (mother of ch) & m (2) Eleanor "Ellie" Fleenor & lived Bristol, VA, 2005. Ch: I-2640c. DELAINE & I-2640d. Lt. Col. WARD D. WARD.

H-2916i. ALLETA JO LAFORCE m Harold Donald Johnson & lived Elkin, NC, 2005. So: ALLETA (H-2916i) 2005. Ch:

I-2640e. LOWELL MASELL JOHNSON lived Elkin 2005. Ch: J-1292d. NICHOLAS MACE JOHNSON lived Staten Island, NY, 2008.

I-2640f. WADE LAFORCE JOHNSON m Tina Martin & lived Mt Airy, NC, 2005. Ch:

J-1292e. CANDICE BROOKE m Danny Whitaker & lived Mt. Airy, NC, 2008. Ch: K-132b. MALORIE BROOKE WHITAKER.


I-2640g. ALLETA SELENE JOHNSON lived Winston-Salem, NC, 2005.

H-2917a. RITA LAFORCE m L. CRAIG SUTHERLAND ((H-3718) & in 2005 had a home in Abington, VA & lived in Cape Charles, VA. She was a grant writer for Bon Secours Maryview Foundation, Portsmouth, VA; & he worked in radio in DicCo & Abingdon and in 2005 taught senior government at Princess Anne HS, Virginia Beach, VA. Ch: I-2640h. RYLAND CRAIG-ASHLEY (ca 1972;) had a communication & french degree from VA Tech and worked in radio at Lebanon, RusCo, VA; & I-2640i. LARISSA SUTHERLAND (ca 1974;) had a studio art degree from Hollins Univ, Roanoke, VA & was Public Relations Manager, Hermitage Foundation Museum, Norfolk, VA. So: RITA (H-2917a) 12-21-2005.

H-2917b. CAROLYN LAFORCE (1945;) m (1) Joey Litton & m (2) Richard Duff (09-26-1938;ca 11-21-2007) & lived Winchester 2005. He was a marketing teacher @ Martinsburg, WV, HS & died from a blood clot. She was a retired teacher & lived Winchester, VA. So: H-2916g. PAULA WARD 12-12-2007 & CAROLYN Oct 2008. Ch: I-2460j. JOHN CHRISTOPHER (1967;) & I-2460k. ANA LANE LITTON (1972;).

H-2917c. L. MANSEL LAFORCE m Judy West & lived Dungannon, VA, 2005. Ch: I-2640l. REINA, I-2640m. WARREN & I-2640n. TERESA LAFORCE m ??? Kieffer.

RUBYE's other gr-grandch: J-1292h. THOR; J-1292i. KATELYN; J-1292j. RUBY; J-1292k. GRAY; J-1292l. CODY; J-1292m. SAVANNAH; J-1292n. CHANDLER; J-1292o. KAITLYN; J-1292p. ALLYSA; J-1292q. CODY; J-1292r. CASEY & J-1292s. JESSICA.

F-1472. MAE SUTHERLAND m GARLAND OWENS (G-1172a). PSo: H-2923k. MICHAEL OWENS 05-30-2005. Ch:

G-2156. STEWART OWENS (;before 2007) m ELVA FRANCIS SUTHERLAND (G-1210) Ch:

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H-2921. JANICE OWENS m James Sergent. Ch:

I-2642. TERRI LYNN SERGENT m Terry Green. Ch: J-1292t. ELSPETH MORGAN GREEN (2002;) b San Diego, CA.

H-2922. BARRY OWENS in Shelby Twp, MI m (2) Sue MacDuff. Ch:

I-2644. SCOTT OWENS m Michelle Morisi in Roseville, MI. Ch: J-1292u. DANIEL SCOTT OWENS (1999;).

I-2646. FRANCES OWENS m Scott Smith, div 1998. Ch: J-1292v. JARED SCOTT SMITH (1997;).

I-2647. BRIAN OWENS b Rochester, MI.

G-2157. ARNIE T OWENS (;before 2007) m Nola Silcox. Ch:

H-2923a. DENNY RAY & H-2923b. PATSY SUE OWENS.

G-2157a. RAY C OWENS (;before 2007) m Betty "Joan" ????. Ch:

H-2923c. RAY COLLINS & H-2923d. JOAN OWENS.

G-2158. PAUL T OWENS (;before 2007) m ARABUTUS COUNTS (G-2294). See G-2294 for Ch.

G-2158a. FRANCIS H "DOC" OWENS (ca 1920;02-27-2007) m Marie Richardson (;before 2007), lived Birchleaf, DicCo, VA. DOC b Finney, RusCo; was a retired coal miner; member UMWA; of the Baptist Faith; lived Crooked Br. Rd, Birchleaf, DicCo; d Johnson City, TN, Med Center; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH; buried Sutherland Cem, Birchleaf & survived by 11 grandch & 21 gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 03-01-2007. Ch:

H-2923e. BARBARA m ??? Johnson & lived Maynardsville, TN, 2007; H-2923f. THOMAS m Clara ??? & lived Galion, OH, 2007; H-2923g. TERRIE m Don Simonson & lived IA 2007 & H-2923h. CHERYL OWENS m ??? Gibson lived Clintwood, DicO, 2007.

H-2923i. MARK OWENS (01-14-1950;12-28-2009) m Karen ??? & lived Wake Forest, NC, 2007 & 2009. MARK b Frying Pan, DicCo; was regular attendee Faith Baptist Church, Youngsville, NC; an accomplished guitarist; ardent follower Tennessee Volunteers Football; founded Old Dominion Constuction Co, Raleigh which is still active after 25 years; d Wake Forrest; FA Haysi FH & bur Sutherland Cem, Frying Pan. So: BHC obit 01-03-2010 & DicStar obit 01-10-2010. Ch: I-2651a. BROOKE OWENS. Stepch: Megan m Dustin Eils.

G-2159. BUFORD OWENS (;living 2007) m LOIS V. OWENS & lived Wayne, MI 2007.

G-2160. MAYNARD OWENS (;before 2006) m NELL BROWN ANDERSON (G-2167) (ca 1930;10-11-2006). She b DicCo, VA; member DicCo Democratic Party for 40 years; was of the Baptist faith; lived Frying Pan, Birchleaf, DicCo; d Johnston Mem Hosp, Abingdon, WashCo, VA; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH; & bur Anderson Cem, Sandlick, DicCo. So: BHC obit 10-12-2006. Ch:

H-2923j. ROBIN LEIGH OWENS lived Frying Pan 2006.

G-2160a. MILTON A OWENS (;before 2007) m Joe Ann Mullins. Ch:

H-2923k. MICHAEL; H-2923l. SANDY & H-2923m. Dr. GREG OWENS lived Abingdon 2006.

F-1475. JOSHUA HOGE TYLER SUTHERLAND m Emma Burns Chase. Ch:

G-2161. HOGE TYLER SUTHERLAND on 04-28-1962 @ Clintwood, DicCo m Laura Margaret Healy (1931;). Laura b Brooklyn, NY. So: HOGE (G-2161) Dec 2008 & H-2925 ALLISON 2007. Ch:

H-2924. TYLER SEAN SUTHERLAND (1963;) on 04-09-2005 @ Fairfax, VA m Lisa Alberse (1966;). TYLER b New York, NY & Lisa & children b Falls Church, VA. Ch: I-2651b. SEAN THOMAS (2006;twin) & I-2651c. BRENDAN TYLER (2006;twin).

Page 298

H-2925 ALLISON CHASE SUTHERLAND (1964;) b New York, NY.

H-2926. APRIL TARA SUTHERLAND (1967;) on 10-22-1994 @ Fairfax m Dr. Olmedo Villavicencio. APRIL b Dover, DL, Olmeda b Washington, DC, ch b Falls Church, VA.

I-2652. AIDAN PATRICK (1998;); I-2653. MARCELO SEAN (2000;); I- 2653a. LIAM RYAN (2005;) & I-2653b. VANESSA SHANNON ALEXIS VILLAVICENCIO (2007;).

G-2162. MARIBEL SUTHERLAND(twin) (1928;) on 04-04-1959 in Clintwood m Charles Shoemaker Elton. So: H-2925 ALLISON SUTHERLAND. Ch:

H-2927. CATHERINE BURNS ELTON (1963;) on 09-29-1996 in Washington DC m Dale Victor Grossman (1955;). CATHERINE b Abingdon,VA & Dale b Los Angeles, CA. Ch:

I-2654. DANIEL ELTON GROSSMAN (2001;) b Newark, DE.

E-642. PHOEBE SUTHERLAND m Andrew "Andy" Owens. (C-9--OWENS App). Ch:

Page 299

F-1486. FANNIE OWENS m (1) Robert Robinson & m (2) TRIGG ANDERSON (G-1787a). Ch:

G-2166a. MYRTLE ROBINSON (;before 2007) m Arthur Charles. So: H-2923j. ROBIN OWENS June 2008. Ch:

H-2942a. WAYNE CHARLES (;1984).

H-2942b. GLEN RAY CHARLES was married twice. Ch:(1st marriage). I-2654a. MICHAEL; I-2654b. DAVID; & I-2654c. BOBBY CHARLES.

G-2166b. MARIE ROBINSON (01-17-1919;01-19-2007) m George Roscoe Robinson. MARIE b DicCo; attended Walnut Grove Presbyterian Church; was a member Spring Cr Presbyterian Church; retire from Raytheon after 25 years service; d NHC Health Care Center, Bristol, VA; FA Farris FH, Abingdon, VA; buried Forest Hills Mem Gardens Cem & survived by 3 gr-gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 01-21-2007. Ch: H-2942c. DONALD ROBINSON (;before 2007) m Barbara ???. Ch: I-2654d. RANDY m Carla ??? & lived Bristol, VA, 2007; & I-2654e. JOHN SCOTT m Shirley ??? & lived Bristol, VA, 2007 & I-2654f. JULIE m Shyam Venkat & lived New Canaan, NH, 2007. Gr-grandch: J-1292w. HANNA SUTHERLAND; J-1292x. CHELSIE SUTHERLAND; J-1292y. JOHN EDMUND SUTHERLAND; J-1292z. ADAM HAWTHORNE; J-1292aa. NIKKI HAWTHORNE; J-1292ab. MICHAEL HICKS; J-1292ac. MATTHEW HICKS; J-1292ad. KATHY ARTRIP; & J-1292ae. WENDY TOWNSEND.

G-2166c. REBA ROBINSON (ca 1922;03-19-2007) m John Rowe (;1960's). REBA b DicCo; lived Abingdon, WashCo, VA; was of the Presbyterian faith; d Wexford House, Kingsport, TN; FA Farris FH, Abingdon & burial Forest Hills Mem gardens. So: BHC obit 03-20-2007. John died Charlottesville, no children. SSo: H-2923j. ROBIN OWENS June 2008

G-2166d. PONZELL ANDERSON (12-28-1925;05-01-2007) in 1942 m Andrew Trimble Salyers (;before 2007) & settled in Clinchco, DicCo. PONZELL b Birchleaf, Dico; taught school for over 20 years in DicCo; was a caregiver for over 20 years; d Johnson City, TN, Med Center; FA Haysi, DicCo, FH & buried Salyers Cem, Clinchco. So: BHC obit 05-03-2007. Ch: H-2942d. DANNY MICHAEL (;before 2007); H-2942e. RONNY m Alma Alverez & lived Ida, MI 2007 & H-2942f. TIMOTHY SALYERS m Becky Barton & lived Clinchco 2007. Grandch: J-1292af. HOLLY m Glenn Fuller; J-1292ag. ANGIE m Scott Childress; J-1292ah. CRYSTAL m Brad Moore; J-1292ai. JOHN m Sarah ???; J-1292aj. SAMANTHA; J-1292ak. AUDREY JANINE m ??? Erand; J-1292al. KIMBERLY m Greg Cole & J-1292am. ALISON Salyers. Gr-grandch: K-132c. NICHOLAS FULLER; K-132d. GRACIE FULLER; K-132e. ISSAC CHILDRESS; K-132f. ELIJAH CHILDRESS; K-132g. HANNAH MOORE; K-132h. ANDRE ERAND; K-132i. KENNETH ERAND; K-132j. BRIELLE GABE; K-132k. GABY GABE & K-132l. AVA COLE.

G-2166e. HELEN PRINCE ANDERSON m Clayton Sutherland & lived Bristol, VA, 2007. So: H-2923j. ROBIN OWENS June 2008. Ch: H-2942g. PAULA; H-2942h. PAM & H-2942i. KIM SUTHERLAND.

G-2167. NELL BROWN ANDERSON (ca 1930;10-11-2006) m MAYNARD OWENS (G-2160). So: BHC obit 10-12-2006. See MAYNARD (G-2160) for ch. They buried Anderson Cem, Sandlick, DicCo. So: H-2923j. ROBIN OWENS June 2008.

G-2167a. JOHN HENRY "JOHNNY" ANDERSON (;before 2007) m Sharon ??? (;1979?). They buried Anderson Cem, Sandlick. So: H-2923j. ROBIN OWENS June 2008. Ch: H-2942j. SHANE & H-2942k. WADE ANDERSON.

E-644. DANIEL BOONE R SUTHERLAND on 04-08-1876 m Tennessee Dyer. Ch:

F-1487. NOAH COLUMBUS SUTHERLAND m Louise Fleming. Ch:


H-2943. JAMES CARROLL SUTHERLAND (1941;11-22-2005) m Iretta Jane Hale (ca 1942;11-11-2005). He b Clinchco, DicCo, VA; retired US Air Force as SMSGT with 20 years+ service; served in Vietnam; employed by Lear Corp, Lebanon, RusCo, VA; member St Paul Masonic Lodge 343 A.F. & A.M; & d Bristol, TN, Regional Med Center. She b Fremont, DicCo, VA & d RusCo Med Center, Lebanon, RusCo, VA. Their FA Castlewood, RusCo, VA, FH & bur Hale Family Cem, Fremont. So: DicStar obit 11-16-2005 & BHC obit 11-24-2006. Ch:

I-2655. MATTHEW WAYNE SUTHERLAND (1963;) m Jennifer Anne Tippner of Bristol, VA (mother of KAYLA, TRANQUILITY & NOAH). MATT was an army veteran; before being disabled, worked for Bill Graham Presents & traveled with rock band "The Grateful Dead" for the ten years before Jerry Garcia's death. So: I-2655 MATTHEW. Ch: J-1293. MATTHEW ADAM SUTHERLAND (1987;) (mother was Harriet Ruth Bays of Guyandotte, WV & J-1293a. NOAH SKY SUTHERLAND (born @ home, delivered by I-2655 MATTHEW. Stepch: (A) Kayla & (B) Tranquility.

Page 300

H-2945. GWENDOLYN JANE SUTHERLAND m Jackie Hale & lived Nora, DicCo, VA, 2007.

Page 301

F-1488. FRANK CAMERON SUTHERLAND on 10-26-1904 m Gertha Bowman. Ch:

G-2176. ESTELLE VIRGINIA SUTHERLAND (01-28-1908;03-17-2009) So: DicStar 02-21-2007 m LELAND CHANDAS OWENS (G-1175) (;before 03-17-2009). ESTELLE lived Rt 1, Haysi, DicCo, 2007; was married for almost 50 years; sspent most of her life in DicCo; d Washington & Lee Home for the Elderly, Montross, VA; VA Haysi FH; bur Mt View Cem, Bristol, VA & survived by 7 gr-grandch, 9 gr-gr-grandch, 5 step-grandch & numerous step-gr-grandch & step-gr-gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 03-19-2009 & DicStar obit 03-11-2009. See G-1175 for ch.

G-2177. KERMIT SUTHERLAND (12-29-1910;01-12-1968)) m ELLA COUNTS (09-15-1913;). ELLA lived Baltimore Md 2009.

G-2178. BESSIE SUTHERLAND (04-05-1912;12-11-2010) m THOMAS WILLARD COUNTS (;before 12-11-2010) (G-2214) BESSIE b DicCo; lived Bristol, VA 2009; d Wellmont Hospice House, Bristol, VA; FA Farris FH, Abingdon, VA; bur Forest Hills Memory Gardens, Chapel of Memories Mausoleum & survived by 13 grandch, 21 gr-grandch & 5 gr-gr-grandch. So: BHC obit 12-12-2010). Ch: H-2953a. JOLETTA lived Meadowview, VA 2010; H-2953b. TRACY lived Rochester, NY 2010; H-2953c. LARRY lived Wilmore, KY 2010 & H-2953d. THOMAS COUNTS, JR lived Morena Valley, CA 2010.

F-1489. AILSY BESSIE SUTHERLAND (02-16-1885;12-09-1985) m ELIHU DANIEL SUTHERLAND (F-1444). BESSIE's FA by Miller FH, Clintwood, DicCo & bur Sutherland Cem, Star Rt, Dante, VA. So: FH Obit.

F-1490. NELLIE LUCRETIA SUTHERLAND (09-01-1888;1982) m Shadrach Marion Bowman. Ch:

G-2179. ELSIE BEATRICE BOWMAN (12-12-1906;10-20-2005) m ELIHU CLOVIS KISER (G-2072). (See G-2072 for ch). So: DicStar obit 10-26-2005 & G-2182e. NELLIE JOYCE 2005.


H-2953e. CARROLL B BOWMAN (08-24-1946;03-16-2006) ca 1967 m Marzella ???. He b Dante, RusCo, VA; retired 1995 after 33 years service as a press operator with Quebecor, Kingsport, TN; was a member SullivanCo, TN, Sherriffs Dept Auxillary; served 1 year at Indian Springs Elementary School as a member SullivanCo, TN, Sheriffs Dept; member W. Colonial Hills Baptist Church where he taught Sunday School, sang in the choir, taught in senior Bible study, & preached when God led; lived Kingsport, TN; d accidental drowning; FA East Lawn FH; & bur East Lawn Park Mausoleum. So: BHC obit 03-22-2006. Ch:

I-2670a. SUSAN BOWMAN m ??? Mercer. Ch: J-1297a. DREW MERCER.

I-2670b. JOHN DAVID BOWMAN m Katina ???.

H-2953f. DENNIS m Lois ???? & H-2953g. CONNIE SUE BOWMAN m Steve Powers.

G-2180a. BEULAH BOWMAN (;before Oct 2005) m Lawrence Fletcher.

G-2181. RAYMOND ASTIR BOWMAN (;before Oct 2005) m ALMA MAY EDWARDS (G-1436) (01-01-1913;05-09-2008). See G-1436 for ch.

G-2182. THELMA GRACE CAROLINE m Doyal Buchanan; G-2182a. OLIVER HOSEA (;before 2006) m Joyce McCoy, had 3 ch in 2006 & lived in OR; G-2182b. GERTHA MAY (;before Oct 2005) m Clyde Burke & had 3 ch & G-2182c. THELMA GRACE CAROLINE BOWMAN m Doyal Buchanan, had 3 ch & in 2006 lived FL.

G-2182d. NOAH COLUMBUS BOWMAN (;before 2006) m Betty Smith & in 2006 she lived Johnson City, TN. Ch: H-2953h. JAMES BOWMAN.

G-2182e. NELLIE JOYCE m Ralph Burke & in 2006 lived St. Paul, WiseCo, VA & adopted H-2953i. NOEL DEAN FLETCHER after his mother's death.

G-2182f. MADELINE m Dr. James Amburgey, had 4 ch (1 deceased 2006) lived Hiwassee Coll, Madisonville 2006; & G-2182g. VIRGINIA BOWMAN (;before Oct 2005).

Page 302

E-646. WILLIAM SUTHERLAND m ELIZA JANE COUNTS (03-12-1863;11-07-1942) (E-676). Ch:

Page 306

F-1494. FITZHUGH LEE SUTHERLAND m EMMA COUNTS ((F-1519). So: DicStar 1966, courtesy Hampton Osborne. LEE attended his 1st school at Sulphur Springs & had to walk a long distance from nis home. His teachers there were NOAH GRIZZLE (E-235), NOAH's wife Ura, Richard B. Sutherland, Lacy Sutherland, & (at Abners Gap - 3 miles from home) Parrot Kiser. The School Board would not have school every year at the same school, but would alternated them. Ch:

G-2186. ETHEL AGNES SUTHERLAND (11-01-1908;12-01-2004)) m Calvin Hughes (;before 2004). She was a member of the Clintwood Bible Church; d Lakeland, FL, Regional Med Center; survived by 12 grandch, 32 gr-grandch, & 6 gr-gr-grandch; FA by Mullins FH, Clintwood, DicCo, VA; bur Phipps Mem Cem, Clintwood. So: BHC obit 12-16-2004. Ch: LILLIAN HUGHES KRAUSE lived Lakeland, FL, 2004.

Page 309

G-2187. GUY SUTHERLAND 9;before 2008) m (1) Kathleen Estelle Marsh & m (2) Elma Fern Wiles (mother of GUY). Ch:

Page 310

H-2965. GUY KENNETH SUTHERLAND m Pam Hudgens, Ch:

I-2691. NATALIE R SUTHERLAND m ??? Grubbs 2006 & lived Grapevine, TX 2005. So: G-2190 IMOGENE DAVIS 2005.

G-2188. DOROTHY SUTHERLAND (01-17-1914;1938) in 1937 m Haskell Arrington (09-16-1913;11-06-2004). So: DicStar obit 11-10-2004. Both worked in the Cumberland Bank & Trust Co, Clintwood, DicCo. Haskell born Cannady; BucCo, VA; attended V.P.I. on an agriculture scholarship; worked with Cumberland Trust Co in banking joined US Army WW-II 1940, trained recruits in GA, in 1942 joined Counter Intelligence, honorably discharged 1946; returned to banking; in 1980 organized Dickenson-Buchanan Bank which he sold in 1990; moved to Bristol, TN; d Wellmont Bristol, TN, Regional Med Center; FA Oakley-Cook FH, Bristol, TN; bur Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood, RusCo, VA.

G-2189. KERMIT PERRY SUTHERLAND m NORMA KISER (G-2352). He graduated from King Coll, Bristol. Ch:

Page 311

H-2969. RUSSELL SUTHERLAND in 2002 was Project Engineer, VDOT, Wise,VA; in 2003 was Assistant Coalfields Expressway Project Manager, VDOT. So: Russell 2003.

Page 312

G-2190. IMOGENE DIXIE SUTHERLAND (05-06-1918;11-13-2008) m (1) CLINTON COMPTON (G-1935) & on 10-05-1946 in Pikeville, KY m (2) Howard Davis (;1992). IMOGENE b Tiny, DicCo; lived Knightstown, IN; had worked for Burma Manufacturing, Greenfield, IN, Country Kitchen, Knighstown & Corner Bakery, Knighstown for many years; member Curves, member Faith Chapel Independent Baptist Church, Knightsville; loved bluegrass music; d Hancock Regional Hosp, Greenfield; FA Hinsey-Brown FH, Knightstown; bur Glen Cove Cem & survived by 14 gr-grandch.. So: DicStar 121-26-2008 Ch:

H-2970. RAYMOND COMPTON m Eveline Bayer & lived Fairfax, VA, 2008. Ch: I-2699. MARKUS COMPTON m Megan ??? & lived Richmond, VA, 2005. So: IMOGENE

Page 313

H-2971. EVELYN DAVIS m Norman Peyton & lived Anderson 2008.

H-2972. DENNIS DAVIS m Carol Wyatt. Ch: I-2701. DANA J DAVIS m Eric Stensrud & lived Fisher's, IN, 2006.

G-2191. EDSEL GAVIN SUTHERLAND (05-10-1922;07-21-1993) on 12-09-1947 m Katherin Jones (07-09-1925;07-28-1986). Edsel served 27 years in the U S military (Army WWII, later Marines & Air Force). Both bur Goldsboro, NC where he retired. Ch:

H-2974a. GAYNOR ANNE LONGLEY (1944;) (mother was Ruth Beach Longley (1922;) on 12-07-1963 m Allan Wagstaff (1943;). GAYNOR b England. They attended the 2011 Counts Reunion with Monica & lived @ 6 Elson Drive, Hyde, Cheshire SK145DZ England. So: GAYNOR & Monica 08-09-2011. Ch:

I-2704a. ALLAN GARY WAGSTAFF (1964;) on 05-14-1990 m Jane Whittaker. Ch: J-1336a. MICHAEL (1991;) & J-1336b. SARAH (1993;) WAGSTAFF.


Stepch: Monika Sutherland m Martin Fleming. So: Monika 2003. Monika was recognized in 2007 as the "outstanding facity member" & awarded The Keihen Faculty Chair (1 of 3 Chairs in the State in a Community Coll) @ the Community College where she had worked 26 years. She worked with Community Coll as Director of the Historic Preservation Program that trains artisans to restore historic buildings. She has been active with the Twin County Area Hall of Fame Board in the Rocky Mount Railroad Depot. The Edgecombe Genealogical Society & the Arts Council keep her busy with guided walking tours of the Historic District. The "Ghost Walks" for annual local history day drew over 300 with Martin helping. She does a popular monthly history column in the Tarboro paper. In 2007 Martin was an announcer for national events in Virginia Beach & Myrtle Beach wrestling & was commentator for TV coverage of the HS state finals & for web casting of some college matches & will be an educator with the NC Dept of Juvenile Justice & Delinguency Prevention in a new facilty opening in the spring of 2008. In 2010 he worked @ Williamson HS, Martin Co, as Special Education Teacher. So: E-mail from Monika Fleming 01-18-2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011.

G-2191a. (See page 218 V1) BERNARD SUTHERLAND (;before 2008)m Ann Leonard. Starting in 1943 he served in the US Army in WW-II; Korea; Formosa; Athens, Greece, & Viet Nam. Ch: H-2974b. VICTOR 2000 lived Leesburg, VA & H-2974c. JONATHAN SUTHERLAND 2000 lived Virginia Beach, VA. So: G-2190 IMOGENE DAVIS 2005.

Page 314

F-1497. LILLIE MAY SUTHERLAND on 11-20-1915 in DicCo m Perry Compton. Ch:

Page 315

G-2194. MAXINE COMPTON (1921;) m David Thompson Fuller Jr. MAXINE & a friend took a 14 day trip to Alaska a few years back, got within 35 miles of Mt. McKinley, rode the domed train & cruised back to Vancouver. So: G-2194 MAXINE 02-12-2007. MAXINE has ridden the American Queen & the Mississippi Queen on the Mississippi River several times. So: MAXINE 02-14-2010. Ch:

Page 316

H-2982. SHIRLEY JO FULLER (1951;) m (1) James Brodeur (1950;), div & in Oct 2004 m (2) Col. Robert "Bob" D. M. Allen & lived @ 68 Hornshireway, Fishersville, VA. SHIRLEY teaches special education in Charlotteville, VA. Ch:

I-2722. KARA DUGAN BRODEUR (1980;) in Aug 2005 m William David Phillips III. Ch: J-1345a. WILLIAM DAVID "WILL" PHILLIPS IV (10-30-2006.

Page 317

F-1498. DANIEL ELLYSON "DAN" SUTHERLAND. He was baptised in Frying Pan Cr & was united with his father's old church at Sulphur Spring in the fall of 1984. So: DicStar Article 09-05-1984. Ch:


H-2984a. MICHAEL EDWARD DEEL (1950;) (his mother was NINA COUNTS DEEL H-3419i) on 06-30-1978 m Shirley Darlene Williams. Ch: I-2728a. KATHERINE DARLENE (1980;)on 02-11-2000 m Jason Willard Howell; I-2728b. MICHAEL DAVID (1982;); I-2728c. SHIRLEY DANIELLE (1994;); & I-2728d. Timothy Edward Deel (01-03-1996;02-28-1997).

G-2196. BILLIE JANE SUTHERLAND (1927;) m James Durand (1928;) Ch:

Page 318

H-2987. JAMES VICTOR DURAND (1958;) m Michelle McGarry. Ch: I-2729. JAMES JARED "J J" (1991;) visited the 2011 Sutherland Reunion with his mother; I-2730. ZACKARY D (1994;) in 2011 was a Senior, was Captain of his HS football team & was on the baseball team & the wrestling team. So: G-2196 BILLIE 09-21-2011; & I-2731. HALEE K DURAND (1997;).

F-1499. JUDGE SUTHERLAND m IDA RUTH POWERS (F-214) (02/21/1900;01/06/1971).

RUTH buried Temple Hill Cem, Castlewood, VA; FA Huff-Cook FH, St Paul, VA. So: Obit. Ch:

G-2197. VIRGINIA DARE SUTHERLAND m Thomas V. Kirkman, Jr, Ch: H-2989. PATRICIA KIRKMAN (1942;Mar 2006) m Norris Paul. She died in PA from lung cancer. So: G-2199 SHARON.

Page 319

G-2198. CLIFFORD JEWELL SUTHERLAND (07-06-1922;07-22-2011) in (Saltsville?), VA m Thelma Rebecca "Becky" Jones (06-03-1913;02-16-1999). JEWELL was a retired coal miner; member UMWA Local #2245, Birmingham, AL; WWII Navy veteran; life member Barns-Beavers V.F.W. Post #7136 and American legion Post #133 both of Tazewell, VA; member & Sunday School Teacher @ Main Steet United Methodist Church, Tazewell; lived @ Golden Age Retirement Home; d Clinch Valley Med Center, Richlands, Tazco; FA Peery St Clair FH & bur Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood, RusCo with military rites by Barns-Beavers V.F.W. Post #7136. So: Bluefield Daily Telegraph obit. Gr-grandch; J-1345b. LILLY PAYNE; J-1345c. JACOB PAYNE; J-1345d. GABRIEL PAYNE & J-1345e. LORELEI JEWELL HOGGLE.

H-2991. MARTHA JO SUTHERLAND (1946;) on 08-28-1965 in NC m (1) George L Robertson & m (2) Douglas W Taylor. MARTHA & Doug lived Tuscaloosa, AL 2011. Ch:

I-2736. TARA REBECCA (1985;) m ??? Hoggle & I-2737. PAUL DAVID TAYLOR (1987).

Page 320

G-2199. SHARON SUTHERLAND m John Baldwin Catlett (1922;02-17-2006) s of Richard Henry & Martha Barton Catlett & in 2011 lived @ 1600 Westbrook Ave, Apt 439, Richmond Va 23227-3318 John graduated Hampton Sydney Coll & Univ of VA Med School; served as pilot US Army Air Force WW-II; was a Richmond, VA, physician & allergist for almost 50 years; lived Westminster-Canterbury, Richmond; practiced McGuire Clinic, St. Lukes Hosp 1955-1986 when he established Catlett Allergy Associates from which he retired 2001; former president Southeastern Allergy Assoc, the Asthma & Allergy So. of VA, the Richmond Society of Internal Med & the VA Society of Internal Med; responsible for establishing the Oscar B. Swinford Allergy Fund to endow a faculty chair @ Univ of VA Med Coll; former vestryman St. James Episcopal Church; avid golfer; had Parkinson's disease; & d at home after a long illness. So: Richmond Times -Dispatch 2006. Ch:

H-2993. JANE CATLETT m Michael Schwarz & lived Arlington, VA.

H-2994. JOHN BALDWIN "JACK" CATLETT, JR m Mary Katharine Spong. Ch:

Page 321

I-2739. KATHARINE SHELBY in 2008 was a Univ VA chemistry student, was in France & England for 2 weeks & was majoring in Bio-chemistry to be a Doctor; in 2010 graduated with distinction & in 2011 entered Univ Of VA Med School & I-2740. JOHN BALDWIN CATLETT III in 2008 was 6' 3" tall was a Junior @ St Christopher HS was an exchange student in Perth, Australia for 2 months & in 2011 entered Washington & Lee Coll. So: G-2199 SHARON 2008, 2010 & 2011.

Page 322

F-1500. SYLVIA AILY SUTHERLAND m George Thomas Dye. Ch:

G-2201. ELIZA HOPE DYE (1934;) LEONARD JAMES BYERS (1930;) (H-2537). ELIZA b Coalwood, VA, near Finny, RusCo; moved to Fairview on Frying Pan Ck @ her mother's old home place; she & her sister's walked about 2 miles to Sulphur Spring (1 room) Elementary School; her jobs @ home were to milk the cow & work with tobacco (nasty work, leaves so sticky) & draw water from a 80 foot deep well. LEONARD's family moved from Birchfield to Haysi, to Prater, to Lick Cr, to Big Ridge & back to Lick Cr. LEONARD walked 3 miles to & from elementary school. After finishing 11 years of school he worked @ George Wright's coal tipple for 20 years. In 1951 Leonard spent 105 days in the hospital from a car wreck on the way home from Detroit. He worked with Rual Fuller for 13 years & retired. So: Sandlick Presbyterian Church Senior Profile 2006. Ca 2011, LEONARD had a pacemaker procedure. So: ELIZA.

H-2997. COLLEEN BYERS in Nov 1996 m Shannon Clay Duncan. Ch: I-2743a. AUTUMN HOPE DUNCAN (2005;) born at Carolina Med Center, Charlotte, NC. So: G-2201 ELIZA DYE BYERS 2006.

Page 323

G-2202. LILLIE IMOGENE DYE (1937;) m Robert "Bob" Paul Colby. Adopted:

(1) Barbara Elaine Colby (1961;) on 11-15-1980 in Roanoke, VA m William Orr Fisher Jr. (1956;). Grandch: Gabriel Fisher. So: G-2202 IMOGENE.

(2) Scott Douglas Colby m Exie Diane Patterson. Ch: (a) Taylor Elaine (1995;) & (b) Aleesha Colby (ca 2002;) in 2010 lived in TX. So: G-2202 IMOGENE.

G-2203. PATTY FAITH DYE (1943;) m Charlie Lee Conner (1940;). Ch:

Page 324

H-2998. CYNTHIA LEE CONNER (1964;) on 12-02-1989 at Waynesboro m Clifford Emmett Mahone III (1964;). Ch: I-2744. CLIFFORD EMMETT MAHONE IV (1999;) in 2010 CLIFF IV played trumpet in 6th grade band & in 2011 CLIFF IV was in the 7th grade & was in scouts as a Star. So: G-2203 PATTY

F-1501. TROY KILBY SUTHERLAND m Elizabeth "Bess" Hattie* Malone. Ch:

Page 325

G-2204. NANCY ANN SUTHERLAND m Paul Frank Honto (1928;09-05-2005). He b Dante, RusCo, VA; US Army veteran, Korea; worked Clinchfield Coal Co; moved to MI; lived Harper's Woods, MI; retired after 30 years with General Motors, Detroit, MI; d St John Hosp, Detroit; FA by A. H. Peters FH, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI; & bur Temple Hill Mem Park, Castlewood, RusCo, VA. So: DicStar obit 09-22-2005 & NANCY ANN (G-2204).

G-2205. CAMERON BAIRD SUTHERLAND m Margene Shelton. In 2008 CAM was active in the Atlanta Airport Rotary Club; Boy Scouts; American Legion; VFW; Airport Area Chamber of Commerce; Hillcrest Cem Mem Associatio; Family Life Ministries & Church. In 2011 they lived in Cummings, GA & were member of the First Redeemer Church, Cummings. So: CAM 03-21-2-08 & Dec 2011. Ch: H-2999. CAMERON BAIRD SUTHERLAND, JR. m Deborah McAllister & in 2005 lived Gainesville, GA. Ch: I-2744a. CARSON BLAKE (2003;twin) & I-2744b. CHASE BRADLEY SUTHERLAND (2003;twin) in 2011 had received Bobcat Awards in their Cub Scout Pack. So: G-2205 CAM 2003, DicStar 11-17-2005 & G-2205 CAM Dec 2011.

F-1502. WILLIAM GREEAR SUTHERLAND m Dixie Lee Selfe (01-07-1909;10-23-2004) (G-452--KISER App). He attended Frying Pan school through the 7th grade; had to go to Clintwood for high school where he roomed with Profesor Remines, Rube Wright & E J Sutherland; attended Hiwassee Coll for 2 years; taught at Nealy Ridge & Frying Pan schools; retired from the mines; was a member of UMWA Local #8939; then taught 5 years at Clintwood Elementary and Mt View schools; was of the Baptist faith; a member of Chase Encampment #19, Coeburn, VA; member of Chase Lodge #21 I.O.O.F; attended Clintwood Senior Citizens; FA Clintwood FH; & bur Phipps Mem Cem, Clintwood. So: DicStar 03-09-1983 Obit & DicStar 11-02-1988 article courtesy Dixie. She was lifelong resident of Clintwood, DicCo; schoolteacher DicCo School System for 37 years; member VA Extension Homemakers Club, VA Retired Teachers Assoc, & Seniors Citizens; d at home; FA Clintwood Colley FH; bur Phipps Mem Cem, Clintwood; survived by 8 gr-grandch & 1 gr-gr grandch. So: BHC 10-24-2004 Obit. Ch:


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H-3000. CHARLOTTE CRUM m Donald Wright & lived Clintwood & H-3001. LLOYD ERIC CRUM m Kimberli ??? & lived Elizabethton, TN.

G-2207. BOBBY RAY SUTHERLAND (1935;03-09-2010) m Marjorie Counts. BOBBY lived last several years in Clintwood; d Norton Comm Hosp; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood; bur Sutherland Family Cem, Frying Pan Section DicCo & survived by 7 grandch & 8 gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 04-21-2010. Ch:

H-3002. BOBBY RAY, JR lived Royal Oak, MI & Berkley, MI 2010; H-3003. RICHARD "RICKY" lived Harrison Twp, MI & Mount Clemens, MI 2010; & H-3004. PAMELA SUTHERLAND m Wilson Webb & lived Buchanan 2010.

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H-3005. MARTHA "MARTY" LYNN SUTHERLAND m (1) John Seeman of Roanoke, VA & m (2) Earl Cahoon. They lived Fincastle 2010.

E-648. GEORGE WASHINGTON SUTHERLAND m (1) Rosina Ellen Skeen. Ch:

F-1503. EDNA SUTHERLAND m Newton Bishop French. Ch:

G-2209. LOIS FRENCH on 12-26-1960 (So: DicStar 10-22-2010) m CHRIS LOCKHART (H-2548a) in 1997 moved to Bridgewater,VA to be near their dau & grandch. So: LOIS G-2209. Ch:

H-3006. LESLIE LOCKHART m Brad Intermann. Ch: I-2753. ASHLEY (ca 1988;) in 2008 was a sophomore @ UnivVA & I-2754. HANNAH INTERMANN (ca 1991;) was a junior in HS. So: G-2209. LOIS 03-15-2008.

F-1504. HERBERT MAYNOR SUTHERLAND m Irene Draper. Ch: G-2209a. ROSE ELLA SUTHERLAND in 2006 supervised the special education program for Army ch, in Germany. She had been in Germany for 28 years and lived at Heidelberg, Germany. So: G-2209 LOIS 2006.



F-1507. SAMUEL GRAHAM COUNTS (2) MARTHA JANE SUTHERLAND (G-2067a). Ch: G-2214. THOMAS WILLARD WALKER (; before 12-11-2010) m BESSIE SUTHERLAND (G-2178) (see BESSIE G-2178 for ch). So: BHC obit 12-12-2010; G-2215. HAZEL GRAHAM HAY; G-2215a. PRICEY JANE (1918;); G-2215b. CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS (1922;); G-2215c. CHARLES LINDBERGH (1927;); G-2215d. THOMAS EUGENE; G-2215e. ORVILLE EDGAR SANDY; & G-2215f. LESSIE LAURA COUNTS.


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F-1508. on 12-09-1908 m (2) CELIA ADELINE HAY(F-889). DAVID did black smith work & pulled teeth on the side. So: G-2302. JAMES COUNTS 01-06-2008. Ch:

G-2219. DOROTHY BELL COUNTS (05-08-1907;before 2008). Ch:

H-3018. KATHERINE COUNTS. Ch: I-2761. BOBBI HORNYETZ m DAMON RASNAKE (G-823). BOBBI's father was George Hronyetz of Nora, DicCo. So: DicStar 08-13-2008.

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G-2222. ELLA COUNTS m KERMIT SUTHERLAND (G-2177) & in 2006 lived Baltimore County, MD. So: H-3043 JACQUELINE COUNTS REYNOLDS 2006.


H-3028. SHELBY JEAN COUNTS (1937;) m BILLY COUNTS (F-1676) & lived Baltimore, MD, 08-30-2008. So: H-3028 SHELBY JEAN Ch:xx

I-2770. DONNA COUNTS (1957;) m Leonard Keller (;08-14-1985). Ch: J-1354. REBECCA KELLER (1982;) m Jonathan Brunelle (1981;).

I-2771. DOUGLAS COUNTS (1961;) m Patricia Rode (1967;). Ch: J-1355. SHAUN (1987;) & J-1355a. BRIAN COUNTS (1990;).

H-3029. CLARENCE BURKE COUNTS (03-13-1939;04-14-2007) m Lynda Walters. He b DicCo; served 7 years in 557th Engineering Transport Co, US Army Reserves; owned & operated an Alexandria Texaco Station; was employed by Clinchfield Coal Co.; spent the rest of his career as an auto body repairman & mechanic before retiring; moved to WV to raise his family; d Princeton, WV, Mem Hosp after a lingering illness; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood, DicCo; buried Kay Counts Cem, Clintwood with military grave side services by Clintwood DAV Chapter 35, VFW post 8979 & American Legion Post 227; So: DicStar obit 04-18-2007. Ch:

I-2773. TRAVIS LEE COUNTS m Allison ??? & lived WV 2007. So: H-3031 MILDRED WESTFALL 08-30-2008. Ch: J-1355b. TRAVIS COUNTS, JR (2006;).

I-2774. JESSIE HARLOWE COUNTS lived WV 2007.

H-3030. SILAS FRED COUNTS (1941;) lived Clintwood, DicCo, 2007.

H-3031. MILDRED RUTH COUNTS (1944;) m Ronald Westfall (1938;) & lived Baltimore 2008. So: H-3031 MILDRED 08-30-2008. Ch:

I-2776. KENTON WESTFALL (1964;). Ch: J-1355c. KENTON WESTFALL, JR (1983;) & J-1355d. TIFFANY WESTFALL (1991;)

I-2777. JACK WESTFALL (1965;)

I-2778. RUTH ANN WESTFALL (1966;) m (1) James Barley & m (2) John Readmond. Ch: J-1355e. JAMES (1984;) & J-1355f. CHRISTINA BURLEY (1986;).

H-3032. GEORGE HUGH COUNTS (1945;) m Patricia Yeager (1947;) & lived Baltimore, MD 2008. So: H-3032 GEORGE 08-30-2008. Ch: I-2779. GEORGE HUGH COUNTS, JR. (1969;). Ch: J-1356. JORDAN COUNTS (1996;) & J-1356a. CHASE COUNTS (2008;).

H-3033. ROY CARL COUNTS (1959;) m Alice Pauline Lee & lived Clintwood 2007. Ch:

I-2781. ROY CARL COUNTS, JR m (1) Lisa Witt & m (2) Shawna Perrigan dau of Thomas Perrigan & Brenda Lowery of Taylorsville, NC. Ch: J-1356b. JENNA BETH COUNTS (2003;). So: DicStar 12-14-2005.

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G-2225. ANDREW JACKSON COUNTS (1921;01-04-2008) on 03-02-1942 m NELLIE GAY BALL (09-08-1924;01-31-2010) (G-2297). ANDREW attended Dog Br, DicCo, school (So: G-2302. JAMES COUNTS 01-6-2008); was b DicCo; lived Clintwood, DicCo; was a retired coal miner & mechanic; was a US Army veteran; d Johnson City Med; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood; buried Pressley Place Cem. Stratton, DicCo & survived by 11 grandch & 15 gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 01-09-2008. NELLIE b & raised DicCo; b @ home DicCo; was of the Freewill Baptist faith; d @ home; FA Mullins FH, Clintwood; bur Pressley Place Cem, Clintwood & survived by 11 grandch, 24 gr-grandch & 2 gr-gr-grandch. So: DicStar obit 02-03-2010. Ch:

H-3041. VIRGINIA ALICE COUNTS (1942;) m (3) ??? Genco & lived Rogersville TN 2010.

H-3043. JACQUELINE COUNTS (1945;02-02-2009) on 09-18-1965 m Terry Lee Reynolds (;living 2010) s of Wilson Leroy & Olive Mae Terrell Reynolds & lived TN 2008. JACQUELINE b & raised DicCo; graduated Haysi HS 1963; lived Airville, PA; d @ home; FA Harkins FH, Delta, PA & bur Mt. Nebo Cem in PA. So: DicStar obit 02-11-2009. Ch: So: JACQUELINE July & Sep 2006.

I-2787. ANGELA LEE REYNOLDS (1966;) on 05-17-1985 m Jeffrey Andrew Welch (1965;) s of Andrew Francis Jr & Naomi M. "Sue" Thompson Welch. Ch: J-1357ga. BRITTANY JADE (1986;); J-1357gb. RACHEL NICOLE (1990;); & J-1357gc. IAN NICHOLAS WELCH (1999;).

I-2788. TERRI LYNN REYNOLDS (1969;) on 08-11-2006 m Thomas Michael Smith (1972;).

H-3044. BETTY JANE COUNTS m JAMES ALFORD EDWARDS (H-1858) & lived Clintwood 2008 & 2010.

H-3045. DANNY MICHAEL COUNTS (1950;before 2008) m Lynn Dingus (;living 2010).

H-3046. DEBORAH "DEBBIE" DIANE COUNTS (1958;) m (1) Brack Cumbo, div m (2) ??? Counts & lived Clintwood 2008 & 2010.

G-2226. ALICE ANNABELLE COUNTS m Claude Swanson Hogan, Jr & lived MD 2008.

G-2228. BAYLESS NAVARRO COUNTS (12-08-1931;01-04-2005)m (2) Janice Hayes (1939;living 2005). He b DicCo, VA; served as expert rifleman US Army in France; lived Cedar Bluff, VA; d @ home; FA Mullins FH Clintwood, DicCo; Military grave side services by Clintwood DAV Ch 35, VFW Post 8979 & American Legion Post 227; bur Kay Counts Cem, Rose Ridge, Clintwood So: DicStar Obit 01-12-2005). Ch: H-3052a. Sarah Counts (;before 2005); H-3053. SHERRI HAYDEN in 2005 lived in Saltville, VA; H-3054. MITZI M EVANS in 2005 lived in Rural Retreat, VA; & H-3055. LINDA M RASNAKE in 2005 lived in Belfast, VA.

G-2229. SIDNEY ALLEN COUNTS (1937;) on 06-04-1966 in Troy, MI m THEDA JEWEL RASNICK (1947;) (H-744a) & lived Clintwood 2008.

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G-2230. WALTER KAY COUNTS (1929;) on 06-11-1955 m Gladys Geraldene Edwards (1937;) & lived Clintwood 2008.


G-2235. RAY CLINTON COUNTS (;before 2011) m Onnie Allene Edwards (ca 1924;02-14-2011) (H-2302). Allene lived Rakes Ridge Rd, Birchfield, DicCo; was manager Sandlick Elementary School lunch program; treasurer A. J. Edwards Cem; attended Sandy Basin Primitive Baptist Church; d Indian Path Hosp, Kingsport, TN; FA Haysi FH; bur A. J. Edwards Cem, Birchleaf, DicCo & survived by 16 grandch, 23 gr-grandch & 4 gr-gr-grandch. So. DicStar obit 02-16-2011. Ch: